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"Escape" by Godd  

God =

  Common Numerator < { ( infinity ) } >
I.Q. Total Population of Planet Earth.
Michaelangelo's Adam

G =

Cn < { ( I ) } >

More explicitly, this "God Algorithm", when brought into further focus, reveals that the words, "Common Numerator",
be expanded to the words "The Most, Greatest, Common Numerator,
without [< >] using the Word 'Infinity', directly [ ( ) ] , or indirectly [ { } ]."


  Payroll 2008-2012    
  The diagram above is for those obstinate republicons who continue to deny the truth revealed above, that the economy here in the USA has indeed improved since President Obama took command of the Bush Depression of 2008.    
    Factory decline graph usa   According to, factories in the United States reached its peak in 1997 with around 370,000 factories.

Timothy Aeppel of the Wall Street Journal reported on March 15, 2006 that as of that date around 10% of the factories were lost, bringing the total number of factories to 336,000.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt) reports that more than 60,000 factories have been lost in America in the past 10 years, i.e. since early 2002.
Therefore, at the present rate, all of the U.S.A. factories will be theoretically moved out of the country by around the year 2060.
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  Huntsman-Romney 2012  
[Dream Ticket on the republican side of the aisle, only....]
Gov. Jon Huntsman
Barack-Hillary will be victorious
in November if the Unemployment Rate
drops from the current 8.3% ....
@ .100% a month, ending at/or below 7.89%.


America needs the next 1, 2, 3, 4 5 appointments
to the U.S. Supreme Court to be.... progressive, democratic,
liberal, and socialistically holy! This is, by far, the most important reason to re-elect BHO, Barack Hussein OBAMA. He is a Democrat and will more likely make those inspired, progressive, judicial appointments!

Gov. Mitt Romney

//30 Second Tell-A-Vision commercial for Jon Huntsman:

Audition script, below:

//A georgeous young female reporter, holding an 8" mic, is standing in front of_________________________.

// Zoom in: from Establishment full-body pic... to head/shoulder pic//

Ms. Reporter speaks:

"In the past ten years, more than 60,000 American factories in the United States have been closed-down and moved oversees by Vulture-Venture Capitalists and their cronies. How many of these factories were shut down by Mitt Romney of Bain Capital .................... 'Brain Capitalism'? Hundreds of factories? Thousands of factories? Most of the factories?

How many Vulture-Venture-Capitalist Groups were responsible for the liquidation and moving of those 60,000 factories oversees? Probably, surprisingly few wolf-packs groups were and still are, on the prowl.

Looks like the Big Lie Scape-Goat-Group of this Current American Generation is none other than the "Factories"! [During World War 2 the principal Scapegoat Group were the Jews. Now, they are the Factories, in the U.S.A. and World Wide.]

These Vulture Venture Leaders led the dismantling of those 60,000 Factories, which resulted in filling millions of 40'x10'x10' shipping containers. Where upon landing on the shores of China and Latin America, those component parts were transported via 40' box-cars, not to Concentration Camps, but to Capitalization Camps; not for Slave Labor, but for Love
, wherein one is paid as little as possible, but to the avoidance of their total, mental, physical, emotional, psychological, rational/reason self-destruction and "self-reduction".

Consider all of the hundreds of manufacture suicides in China. They force their employees, mainly younger girls in garment and computer assembly plants, to attend weekly orgies with their managers. or risk being fired and thrown out of their cramped but comfortable dormatories". The authorities even strung huge fish-nets to safely catch those who jump after becoming too depressed with having to work 12-18 hours a day.

Questions: 1) How many factories are there left in the United States today? [Answer: according to my phone call to the Census Bureau in D.C. a few days ago, I was told that ".... didn't know for sure but would quess around 200,000 factories presently left in America."] 2) Having lost around 60,000 factories in the USA in the past ten years.... at the present rate, in what year would America run out of the rest of our factories? [Answer: Only 33 more years. The year 2045! What do We the People really need: A job creator not a
job cremator! 3) Are these the most profound and penetrating questions that have been recently raised by the candidate Jon Huntsman, et al, concerning Mitt Romney of Bain Capital .................... "Brain Capitalism"?

This is ___________.... _________________of The Pulitzer Post, reporting."

// Zoom out: from head/shoulder pic to full-body pic //

// cut //

When ready for verbal audition, please call my Audition Line at: 1-310-581-8060 and record your reading. (You can leave up to 4 attempts/rehersals/auditions per call.)

(No need to memorize it until you are chosen as one of the 4 finalists, two boys and two girls. All 4 will be used for World Wide Web propagandistic (but not paganistic) propagation!

Also, please send me an email announcing that your audition
was just left on my Land line voicemail. Previous contest auditioneer finalists all had the interest, time, courage and focus to do this without my begging and/or reminding them. Now, let's see if you also have the "talent".

Thank you very much. Now, don't forget to preemptively smile, take in a big inhale/breath first; Ready? 4-3-2-1- Action! ....



  Syria map     Operation OVERGODD:
The DamnAssCuss Code
    Syria population map  

In this movie, see the implementation of the most powerful cell-phone towers ever erected... with cell-satellite-antennaes having 400 times more watts than any previously manufactured cell-phone tower antenna wireless connectors.

See these retractable or stationary antennas positioned on ships, submarines with 2 pontoons for balance and stability, under and on water, boats of all varieties and sizes, and peaceful, non-explosive, spherical, floating "Mind Mines" at sea. On land, see them installed on 40 foot telephone poles, 40 foot industrial crains, tall trees, 40+ foot buildings, huge step-ladder fire trucks, tanks and/or backpacks.

In the air, by adequately increasing the Watts-Signal-Strength of the orbiting Cell-phone Satellite Antennas, Land-based Routers, Switches and Broad Band Width.

The grandiosity of the submarines is quintessentially James Bondish in pomposity... truely spectacular: twice as long and wide as any previously built submarine, with the purpose being, to house the cell-phone antennae's extra long, telescopic and/or fixed armature.

Another type of sub will be one with the shape of a GoodYear blimp, and large enough to transport more passangers than the Titanic at 2,345, or, the recently capsized cruise ship, Costa Concordia, at 3,210 passenters and crew potential.

Perhaps, in its first incarnation, these submarines should be that of a public underwater cruise-ship-submarine, rather than the Top-Secret underwater troop-carrier-submarine.

[Perhaps the Costa Concordia, which just ____________ off the coast of ______________ could be repaired and towed to the spot where the Titanic went down. Have its anchor actually hook up/down to the real, sunken Titanic, below. Manipulate the compartments such that it, like the Titanic before, tilts in the ocean at 30 degrees... continuously on the perilous brink of utter disaster. Now, though, to entertain the tourists who float by the life-boats filled with wax museum figures of famous celebrities.

Also, in this movie, if the Pentagon, et al, doesn't mind, will be the following scene: Three newly designed, engineered and manufactured MINI-TUG BOAT-DRONE-SUBS... that quietly and slowly approach their c_________ s_________ prey, and, ever so gently, nudge the vessel latterally-fowardly in to the rocky, coral, gravitational, hole smashers __________ below. Two other Drone-Mini-Subs appoach the strickened vessel as soon as it is locked against the shore. They each have one torpedo at each end, but one that fires a TORPEDO OF BRAIN CORAL or whatever else may be indigeneous to that geography.... rather than an explosive charge. [The objective here is to make this look like either the fault of the Captain of said vessel with the holes below, or the causation by

[Also, imagine the Seal Team place what appears to be a giant sea barnacle on the side of a well and/or stricken vessel, but it is held on to the side by suction, and it has a strong, miniature drill that eventually enables a knock-out gas to permeate throughout the vessel rendering all occupants unharmed, but, nevertheless, a sleep.]

[Perhaps, this movie should be rated TOP SECRET by the Pentagon. If any of thee that read this and think such, feel free to contact me and I will concentrate on another scene until we get the legal, political, MILITARY, economic, and monetary logistics worked out on these scenes. O.K. ? Please call me if you have any questions. My Land line: 1-310-581-8060.]
See the most populous areas which are publically demonstrating against the present BooHere al-AssSad regime receive latter-day Manna from Heaven.

See the Operation begin by a lovely lover using one single, remote controlled toy airplane, with a gas engine, one foot in length, carry a single phone, via its own small parachute, successfully to the distraught soul-mate behind enemy, Syrian lines.

Eventually, after months of intense peaceful demonstrations, and retaliatory bloodshed by the AssSad Butchers, hundreds and thousands of cell-phones, each with its own parachute gravitate their way down from the heavenly birds above.

[Imagine aerial carpet-bombing by toy airplanes dropping, not warlike bombs, but by dropping peaceful cell-phones, each with its own tiny parachute! Where again will they be dropped? Clue: Notice the areas in dark red in the current population map of Syria at right. Then, calibrate the cities and neighborhoods where most of the unrest is taking, or should, take place.
The Damn Ass Cuss Code: Damascus... ]

Now, these demonstrating patriots can communicate with one other again, without fear of the Syrian tyrannical dictatorship jamming their cell-phone signals! Power to the 99%!

And the people ultimately triumph and install democratic rule! Or, is this the sequel?

Copyright 2011-1970 Carbonite

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  Election 2008     Election 2008 for President by county  
See the previous voter-registration organization, Acorn... changed to... Ocorn. See[Layout page]

Now, lets organize and register our community, with hopefully,
more Independent voters!

plug   plug       plug   plug

  LA City Hall Park     Occupy L A
City Hall Park
    LA City Hall Park  

See: ..... This is a great Domain name. Bids anyone?

The United States has a dearth of campgrounds for the "Tent-Home" population, i.e. people who have had their homes forclosed on, and became evicted and now live in their tent. Or, people who lost their job and can no longer afford their apartment or room, and must now live in a tent. These Tent-Home people are not really homeless... because their tent is their home. We need to treat these people with dignity and respect.

Jesus Christ is said to have said, "Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall see God." I say, blessed are those with poor housing, those who live in a tent, for they shall be provided a nearby campground in which they can pitch their tent.

We need a Federal Campground Association, supervised by the National Parks Administration. But, rather than having this network of campgrounds located in out-of-town scenic areas, these campgrounds need to be located in or near the 50 capital city centers to begin with.

This program is easy to find in Europe. Munich, Germany has a population of 1.5 million and has a dozen large campgrounds of around a dozen acres each.

But, here in America there are hardly any campgrounds within cities. Los Angeles, CA, doesn't even have one substantial campground. No wonder people desire to camp at the LA City Hall Park!

This new national directive will mandate that there be a minimum of one 12 acre campground per one million population, beginning with the capital cities of each of the 50 states. Lets make Jesus Christ proud of our nation's sensitivities for the poor, the less fortunate, the homeless!

In Munich it costs $14 to camp there per night as of August, 2011. Perhaps here in LA a $1.00 minimum nightly charge could be assessed for the very poor, along with daily or weekly registration with photo-identification. This way, the occupants would probably behave themselves more, because if they did not, the Campground Rangerettes would have their identities on file. This works like a charm in Europe.

Central Park in New York City is .5 miles by 2.5 miles. A square mile is composed of 64 acres, or 8 acres by 8 acres. Therefore, the park is 4 acres wide, and, to have it contain a future square campground, the swath would have to be 4 acres deep, and totaling 16 acres. And yet, now, no camping is permitted in that park! I say that during economic Depressions/Recessions that this minimum campground size of 16 acres needs to be allocated for Central Park. Occupy Central Park! If one cannot get a permit for the Occupy Wall Street movement, then try to get a permit to film a few scenes in such a configuration for a movie! Try for 16 acres, sidewalk to sidewalk, though... 4 acres by 4 acres. There is nothing like a square... a town square... even if it only for making a one-minute tell-a-vision and motion-picture commercial!

Also, Occupy a sixteen acres of the Mall in Washington, D.C. It is one mile in length and 400 feet wide. The Bonus Army of 1932 occupied the D.C. Mall until they were violently thrown out by the new graduate of West Point, Gen. MacArthur, and his assistant, and the future president, Dwight Eisenhower. President FDR told MacArthur not to evict them, but MacArthur went ahead and charged, burned and bull-dozed the huge encampment, anyway. Several died. What arrogance on the part of MacArthur! He should have been demoted by FDR!
[Google this and read more about it.]

plug   plug       plug   plug

  Sen. Bernie Sanders           Paul Krugman, Economist      

Welcome to the newly formed Independent Party. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is, hopefully, for the present, the honorable President. And, for now, the honorable Chairman of this party is, hopefully, Paul Krugman, the Nobel Prize winner in Economics in 2006, and Professor of Economics at Yale University. Now lets all become our community organizers and register all of the Independent voters!

Acorn has been changed to Ocorn! O for Occupy, O for Obama. The new Domain name is [Layout page]

Lets win 70% of the seats in the U.S. Congress in 2012. Lets give Obama, at least, the same plurality in the House that the people gave FDR in 1936, or, at least, a little higher majority that the people gave the Obama House/Senate in 2008 of barely 60% in the Senate and more in the House!

plug       plug   plug
  Congressman James McGovern (D-Mass.)     Rep. Ted Deutch  

The Earthmann Amendment
Wednesday, 11.11.2011

Amendment 28.

Section 1. Corporations are not human people, natural persons... figuritively, or metaphorically.

Section 2. Money is not speech.

Section 3. This Bill herewith revearses Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission (FEC) 558 U.S. 08-805 (2010).

Section 4. Only public funding of all political campaigns will be permitted, and those funds will be a voluntary nominal amount of between $5-$20 per year. [A lot more research needs to be done on this money amount matter. England has this general policy and it works.]

Section 5. Proportional voting will replace winner-take-all voting. If Occupy Party candidates gather 5% of the votes, then 5% of the House of Representatives would be represented by the Occupy Party. This would encourage third party candidates and issues to be equally and fairly recognized and addressed. Also, voting weight will be given to a voter's 2nd and 3rd choices, etc., like they have in Israel and Australia.

Section 6. The length of the campaign period for national offices will be shortened from the present informal length of two years to the formal length of six months, with limits equally placed on each candidate as to the number of television commercials permitted. (England has a three-month campaign season with effective T.V. restrictions, and it works.)

Section 7. All voting for national offices will occur on a holiday, National Voting Day, which will be on the first Saturday/Sunday of October. The previous 4 weeks will be known as National Voting Month. All citizens will have 1-4 weeks to vote early without fear of fraud, police brutality, or opposition-party bullying. Several options will be provided to all voters: to stand in line and vote in a voting booth on election day; vote by mail; vote by computer, etc. Each approach will have its own benefits and risks, with the voters deciding which path they wish to pursue in each neighborhood, city, county, state or national election.

Section 8. To better avoid bad weather and enhance voter turnout, the day of voting for any and all national offices will be held earlier in the Fall season and changed from the first Tuesday in November on Even-Numbered-Years... to the First Saturday/Sunday of October of Even-Numbered-Years. [Elections for state and Local offices should also be moved from the first Tuesday in November to the first Saturday/Sunday in October, but this would have to be decided on their own.]

Section 9. Voting will be manditory in all elections with a reasonable fine accessed if one does not vote without an acceptable excuse. (Australia has a fine of $50 for not voting and it works. Voting there is usually above 98%!)

Section 10. Voting using DieBold vote-counting/flipping machines/computers will be forbidden. All of these machines will be confiscated and destroyed, but not burned, for environmental reasons. And, this policy will also apply to any other similar easy-to-hack machines.

Section 11. Only voting logistics that provide a durable quality of paper paper-trail that will enable a dependable and honest hand-recount will be permitted.

Section 12. A valid Driver's License with photograph or Identification Card with photograph, or current Passport with photograph, will be adequate credentials for all voting registration for all elective offices... local, state, and national. Birth certificates and/or Social Security Cards will not be mandatory but should be at-the-ready in case of any possible dispute, legal or illegal.

Section 13. All law-enforcement officers monitoring any and all local, state and/or national Elections, Occupy Party, or Tea Bag events... must wear a basketball-like jersey with large numbers on the front and back. Any officer charged or found guilty of one misdemeanor level of abusing their power will be forced to also have their sirname placed on the back of their basketball-like jersey. Every officer who is charged or convicted of a second misdemeanor must also have their first name printed on the front of their jersey. 3-strikes-and-you-are-out will also apply to law-enforcement officers and they will either be assigned desk jobs or fired. One felony will also permanently bar an officer from monitoring additional said events. If adequate video evidence and witness testimony is presented to charge an abusive officer(s) with malfeasance, they must be placed on administrative leave until their case is adjudicated. Their superiors will also be held accountable with immediate or prompt justice.
[For example, Officer Pike, who recently pepper-sprayed the demonstrating 20 sitting, docile UC Davis students, would be charged/guilty of a minimum of 20 felonies. If he would have used deodorant spray, he would have been charged/quilty of 20 misdemeanors.]

[In my future motion picture comedy, the cops use Viagra Spray in the year 3210 a.d. and, after an hour, 15 of the 20 demonstrating males get an erection that pulsates against their ankle-length, tight, hot, thin, black ballet pants.! Now, please, I need some help on the next scene! Don't be shy!]

[Note: Maybe the reason God, or Godd, appears on this planet, only an average of once a thousand years, is because He, She, and/or It, is simply too shy to visit us more often!

All religion is mythology, but some mythology is more pragmatic than others and inspires the masses to be more optimistic, creative, productive, peaceful and full of love, etc.]


[Note: The First Amendment to our Constitution covers the Freedoms of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition... and yet it is only 45 words in length.]

[Too bad the words "Freedom of Debate" was not also inserted in the First Amendment. In my screenplay, all Speech Departments at all public colleges and universities are changed to "Debate Departments". Also, all single-standing free speech podiums that have been erected at all colleges and universities shall have a second podium erected near the other podium so as to encourage debate, not just solitary speech making.]

Likewise, the final verson of the next 28th Amendment should guard against excessive legalese rhetorical verbosity, and the inclusion of too many supporting sections and topics like I have just done. This would increase the probability of getting it passed in Congress and ratified by 3/4 of the States.

Since 1789 there have been over 11,234+ amendments submitted in Congress, and counting. Only 31 have been successfully ratified by a 2/3 vote of the Senate, and only 27 have been ratified by 3/4 of the states three have passed Congress and are still on the ratification track, like the ERA Amendment of the 60s. This one is still 4 states shy of ratification.]

Temptation 1:
A Mr. Mike Check Pledge (think of a Mr. Grover Norquist of the liberal, progressive, democratic, holy socialistic, left) will be petitioned of all 535 Congresspersons requesting their enthusiastic support of an acceptable 28th Amendment that kills dead the Citizens [subliminally, Corporations United] United decision. All those refusing to sign such a "Pledge 28" will be automatically challenged in the next election... regardless of party, position, power, seniority, connections, insider-knowledge, lobbyists, wealth... and including, but not limited to, any millions, billions or trillions of dollars worth of derivatives that they might hold hostage.

Composed by Arthur J. Earthmann with inspiration from Thomas Jefferson. Additional scholarship was also provided by our nations #1 rated progressive talk-radio host [and author], Thom Hartmann, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and the Nobel Prize winning economist, Paul Krugman of Yale University and the New York Times Editorial Page:
........[OBAMA-KRUGMAN 2012]!

Let us all work together to prevent American Civil War 2... by non-violently occupying, volunteering, writing, illustrating, photographing, speaking, debating, shouting, whispering, singing patriotic songs, waving big American flags, poetry writing and reading, marching, organizing, canvasing, greeting, surveying, befriending, registering, transporting, and rehearsing... local, state and national voting procedures and logistics.

Please... Lets create peace through more reason... and less emotion. We, the 99%, must demand this of each other.

The definition of fascism is corporate government, like what they had in Italy during WW2. In fact, Mussolini coined this word and Hitler adopted it, along with a lot of Bunito's emotional pagentry.

Both tyranical devils used around 90% emotion/fear/rabid enthusiasm to sway and control their masses. The other 10%, of supposed reason, was actually, logically built on false premises, exaggerations and big lies... with a little truth thrown in for "seasoning". These recipes for disaster were tragically successful... temporarily.]

Let us not repeat these ugly chapters in World History. Let us all follow the charity and love of Jesus Christ (see Matthew 5), and of the Apostle Paul (see Corinthians 1) in the Holy Bible! Let's feed the hungry with food stamps, clothe the naked with bikinis, shelter the homeless with tents and a place to camp, and heal the sick with, or without, preconditions.

Homework assignment: Study, also, the leadership of non-violent resistance and successful historical change brought about by Jesus Christ, Moses, Mohandas K. Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Joseph Smith Jr., Brigham Young, Chief Joseph of the Nez Pierce Indians, the Kennedy brothers, and Anne Frank... [She taught us the importance of keeping a thoughtful and creative daily, verbal/artistic journal.]

With the present acrimonious divide in Congress, it is imperative that the Democrats win a filibuster-proof majority in both houses in 2012 like they did in 2008. Otherwise, it is very doubtful that any such Amendment would clear both houses before 2014. The main reason FDR successfully passed his New Deal legislation was because the Democrats held a filibuster-proof majority in both houses in 1935 and beyond.

Rep. Jim McGovern, (D-MA-3), pictured above-left, submitted a Bill in Congress on 11.16.2011 last week, HRS 88, which would also undo the Citizens United Supreme Court case. I do not believe that his Bill goes far enough or is sufficiently specific.

After I wrote my Bill, above, I discovered that another Representative, Ted Deutch (D-FL-19), pictured above right, submitted on 11.18.2011, two days later, a much more pragmatic bill that would also undo Citizens United: HRS 90. It can be found

Ironically, one of my goals was to channel the leaderless energy and direction of the Occupy Wall Street Movement towards the passage of such a 28th Amendment. It was indeed refreshing to see that Rep. Deutch has the same goal, and, by incorporating the clever acronym... O.C.C.U.P.I.E.D.! Granted, his HRS 90 is much better than my attempt, but at least I raise some important bullet points that should also be considered.

If too many mayors become too paranoid to permit the existence of one large 100 person/tent campground per 100,000 population [This also equals 1%], then the TentHome Occupiers should expand out into the city neighborhoods and suburbs and help those facing iminent forclosure of their homes... by camping on said property, and offer aid, comfort and friendship to the distraught property leasees or rentors.This, of course, done with their invitation and approval.

I thank you, America,
Arthur J. Earthmann
Copyright 2011-11-11

Update: Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has just submitted his first attempt at an Amendment to the Constitution that would also overturn the Citizens United Case [subliminally, Corporations United]. It, S.J. Res 33, is a great Senate version of the Amendment submitted by Congressman Deutch of the House of Representatives.


One bad, uninspired, irrational, illogical Supreme Court decision contributed more to causing the USA Civil War than any other. It was the Dred Scott Decision of 1857 which precipitated the beginning of the secession of States from the United States because of the court's impact on the issue of negro, black, African-American slavery.

Could the 2010 immoral decision by the current Supreme Court, with regards to the Citizen's United Case (subliminally, Corporation's United), trigger our Second Civil War?
Such would more likely be triggered by the RichPublicCons, than the other side of the aisle, if this does come to pass. With God's help, We the People can peacefully prevent this from happening.


                  plug   plug       plug   plug
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Forbes richest 400 cover Forbes Billionaires

These domain names are for sale: [$100 million, or best offer]
[$10 million, or best offer] [1 million, or best offer]

The above 3 Domain Names are for sell by me.

My contact information in order of priority:
Land line: 1-310-581-8060
P.O. Box 1223, Beverly Hills, CA 90213
Main Blog with more than a dozen related blogs:
[My Website has 34 related domain names...
all of which feed and optimize website visitors
to my primary site of...]

More than 70% of my domain names are for sell by me!
Just make an $ __________.__ offer. Don't be shy!
I promise to be reasonable and progressively flexible!

  Angelina Jolie in the movie "Changling"    
Mrs. Francis Perkins
    Francis Perkins, Secretary of Labor under FDR  
Starring: Angelina Jolie
See the woman behind the New Deal convince FDR to get firm with her programs of Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, 40 hour work-week, 8 hour work day, time-and-one-half for overtime (either daily or weekly), Pension Plan for Retirement, Universal Healthcare, etc,! (FDR was a centrist, like President Clinton when he first occupied the Presidency, and did not become a true Progressive Liberal until adequately persuaded to veer that direction by Perkins and her army.

  Elizabeth Warren     [For Real: Elizabeth Warren
Gov. Jennifer Granholm]
    Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-Michigan)  
Time magazine called Elizabeth Warren one of the three new sheriffs on Wall Street. [What we really need are not three sheriffs, but three generals!] She has long advocated for and is presently being considered to head the creation of a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

She was previously appointed Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel created to oversee the US Banking Bailout formally known as TARP... the Troubled Assets Relief Program. She is also a very well respected law professor at Harvard University.

If she is not confirmed to this position perhaps Obama could appoint her to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General. He has been a big disappointment. During the 1980s and the Savings and Loan scandle the principal player, Keating, went to jail. During the Enron scandle of the 1990s, the principal player, Schilling, went to jail. Yet the principal players in the 2008 recession have yet to be indighted even though there was hundreds if not thousands of times more economic damage.

(A.G.) Eric Holder is like General McClellen during the Civil War. Lincoln put him in charge of the 200,000 Army of the Patomic and went month after month without attacking. Finially, he did attack and won the battle... but he did not hotly pursue his weakened foe! And so, Lincoln replaced him with General Grant who was a real proactive fighter.

President Obama should replace Holder with either Robert Reich, Paul Krugman, Harry Markopolos or some other go-getter with Wall Street and finiancial credentials!

[Perhaps Lloyd Blankfein the CEO of Goldman Sachs should be in a jail cell next to Bernie Madoff! In fact, Blankfein arranged the shakey financial derivative deals with Greece, Italy and Spain in recent years and now Greece is the main domino in Europe that is financially tetering on the brink of economic disaster!

Perhaps this class war involves the ultimate goal of not only the defeat of the democratic party, but of also the defeat of the root of all Democracies, even the very first democracy and the father of western civilization itself... the country of Greece!

The country that epitomizes the first great world "republic" would be Italy-- so watch the republicans pull for that country's success!]

Jennifer Granholm was the first female Governor of the State of Michigan (D-2003-2011). Too bad that she was born in Canada... thereby blocking her from becoming a Vice-Presidential (later Presidential candidate. I hear that she just landed her own foreign policy analysis Tell-a-Vision program on Current TV with Keith Olbermann. Great! It begins in January, 2012.
plug   plug       plug   plug
  Susan B. Anthony poster     Susan B. Anthony

    Julia Roberts  
      Starring: Julia Roberts      
See the progressive RepubliCrat, Miss Susan B. Anthony, charged, arrested, convicted, imprisioned, parolled and ostracized for voting in the 1872 presidential election as a female voter without permission from the U.S. Supreme Court, et al!

plug   plug       plug   plug
  Will John Roberts agree to play the part of J.F.K.?     J.F.K. : The Rest of theStory     Oliver Stone, director of the best picture film "JFK' (1991)  

See what J.F.K. Assassination Research has revealed since the release of Oliver Stone's great film, JFK in 1991. Mainly that 1) The fraudulent Zapruder film was edited by the SS to cover the fact that the presidential limo came to a complete stop on Elm St. for 3 seconds, during which time Jack was shot in the head from the lower-front-right (the Storm Drain), 2) The autopsy done at Bethesda, MD hospital had a biased agenda to counter the autopsy done the day before at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX. They manipulated the photographs and skull of the president to reflect a shot from the back, rather than a true, factual shot from the front.

For more clues... visit my comprehensive "Conspiracy Page" of this website As an Internet Video Link Critic, I surveyed over 300 links related to my Conspiracy Page subject matter. I chose only around 10% or 30+ to present to You The People. All are rated 5 stars [*****] except V-14 & V-15.... which were TOO well-done multi-million dollar big lies and fascistic propaganda.

According to the GOD (Great Open Democracy) [a.k.a. The:future name of the new Democratic Party]... The U.S.A. Civil War 2 began on 11-22-1963 and is still continuing.... although, like the heating up of the bowl of water, will be too subtle a change for the frogs... so might "CrySees' become too subtle for too many of our apathetic, lazy and listless Americans.

We The People deserve better FDR quality LEADership and FOLLOWship! Watch Sen. Sanders, VT, and House Leader Pelosi pressure President Obama as much as Perkin's army pressured FDR to adopt their New Deal agenda!

P.S. Will the present Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts, agree to play the part of Kennedy in the upcoming movie? My casting director sure thinks he looks like Jack and even has his charisma. He would need to wear a Kennedy toupee though. My Art Director assures me that only blanks will be used as America travels down Elm Street in Dallas once again.

    Kennedys poster  
plug   plug       plug   plug
  Joseph Smith Jr. reading the Bible           Joseph Smith Jr.  
      70. Thou Shalt Not Pornicate!      
Starring: A boy who looks like Joseph Smith, Jr. at 14 years of age.
[An international search is currently underway.
A convex nose is very important.]


"Let Virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly. Then shall thy confidence wax strong in the Presence of God, and the Doctrines of the Priesthood shall distill upon thy Souls as the Dews of Heaven, and without compulsory means, shall flow unto thee Forever and Ever." Written by the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. while in the freezing, cold, dank, smelly, rat and bug infested cellar prison, ironically called... the Liberty Jail, in Early Spring of 1843.

After being released from jail, Joseph ran a campaign for President of the United States. He was arrested again and was tragically shot and killed by an angry mob in June 1844.

Today, the church he started, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, (Mormons) is the fastest growing church in the United States and the planet Earth, with over 14 million members worldwide.

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  Jesse Ventura, Navy Seal           Mummy movie poster  
    Operation: Seal Team 400      
    In this film see how the top tax bracket for the 400 wealthiest Americans is raised back up to 91%. Currently this tiny group has more wealth than the bottom 50% of all 312 million Americans,
that is, around 156 million... combined!

In Act 1 see each Seal Team member assigned to each one of the wealthiest 400 families, find and stalk their assignment . Each of the 400 [ST400] will work with a Sub-Team of 4 so they can all fit in a car. Ideally, 2 men with 2 women to add sizzle!

See 400 red dots appear on their computer screens that morphs into an image of 400 quasi bacteria in a petri dish.

In Act 2 see plans drawn up to pressure the wealthiest 400.

In Act 3, see the 400 Seal Teams implement the plans drawn up in Act 2.

One possible logistic: At precisely 03:00 hours HolyWould Time... 400 helicopters are hovering 900 feet above the principle mansions or workplaces of the Wealthiest 400. Since there were over 900 trillion derivatives extant in September 2008 world-wide... 900 trillion cubic millimenters of bed-bugs are released during this operation. Just divide 900 trillion cu-mm by 400 fat-cats and you get 2.2 trillion cu-mm of bedbugs per estate! (Think of the Mummy bug movie series!) Again, one bed-bug per cubic millimeter. If it (a bed-bug) fits (in a cu-mm)... we must convict!

[Caveat: Nobody gets hurt, and the top 400 all end up signing a petition voluntarily raising their top tax rate back up to 75% -- 91%... where it was from 1935 to1962. This was the Golden Era of the Middle Class here in America and it is restored in this film. This single Operation solves most of the immediate financial problems facing America in the short term!

P.S. The recent Dodd-Frank Finance Bill did nothing to control Wall Street Derivatives! Those damn RapePublicCons.

The whimpy Democrats are too often being successfully manipulated by those rabid RapePublicCons!

Its time to Lock-and-Load... its time for shots across the bow. This is an Oder from God.

plug plug     plug plug
  Twin Towers NYCity           The Devil"s Derivatives by Dunbar  
      Grape Derivatives!      
      In this movie see the SEC and FBI finially get it right. They come to realize that the $65 billion Ponzi scheme of Bernie Madoff was a ticking atomic economic time-bomb... and that the $900+ trillion derivatives fraud schemes of 2008 and now... were and still are... a ticking hydrodgen economic time-bomb, with more than a thousand times the economic depression potentional!

See this whole Wall Street-pornomafia-derivatives-complex isolated by President Obama and his investigators who learn how to detect algorythmic mathematical Ponzi fraud by using graphic softwear analysis that looks for straight lines and/or other visual geometric stock market graphic graph graft curvilinear anomolies!

See why Wall Street hires/kidnaps the world's best magicians, not to cause beautiful graped girls to disappear, but to make derivatives disappear. How?
Through trillion dollar deliberately complicated calculus equations, obfuscation and silence. (Kind of like the FED feed!)

Be sure to see the sequels: [GrapeRivatives!] / [GodRivatives!] / [gRapeRivatives!]

O.K. But just one scene! Cartoon animation: [Act 1] The bulk of the derivatives market is created by Goldman (Gold balls) Sachs (Sack, Scrotum) in the form of steam (ejaculating sperm) which comes (cums) out of a phallic tube at the top of the Goldman Sachs building on Wall Street in New York City. A huge blimp, the size and shape of the GoodYear blimp, hovers overhead and lowers its flexible phallic tube. The Derivative Steam is blown, forced through the dangling phallic tube into a huge flat balloon lying on top of the blimp. Suddenly, the balloon begins to inflate (inflation?) with Derivatives until it is completely full and now looks like a twin blimp riding on top of the real blimp (like two testicles in the heavens!) [Act 2] The blimp/balloon filled with one trillion dollars worth of derivatives, journeys, flies south to Washington, D.C. [Act 3] The blimp/balloon has the trillion dollars worth of derivatives siphoned (sucked) out of the balloon and, like a vacuum cleaner, blown into a container on top of the Fed which then channels it to its Scrouge basement. [Question: If all of the extant. present. more than 900 trillion dollars worth of world-wide derivatives were to be placed in a cubic container, how big would that container have to be? Answer: Larger than our Moon, "Democracy". [Act 4] All of our country's financial problems are solved, short term. We just need to convert the $900 trillion worth of derivative steam into water (liquidity). Now, don't freeze your assets over this, or the derivatives will turn to... ice!
Copyright 2011 Art Earthmann
      Hydrogen bomb test      
      Derivatives growth chart      
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  Francis Farmer           Lindsay Lohan  
      Fanny Farmers      
      Starring: Lindsay Lohan      

In this film, see a dramatized version of the true story of the actress Francis Farmer.

In 1932, at age 17, she wrote an article that won a contest for a national magazine called "Dead God". Moscow invited her to visit the Soviet Union in 1934.

During WW2, she was driving her car on Pacific Coast Highway 1 in Santa Monica, CA, with her lights on. Because hostilities with Japan were hot,
it was manditory to obey the "Black-out" laws and keep your head-lights turned off. She, like Zsa Zsa Gabor years later, was uncooperative with the ticketing officer, who arrested her.

Upon being booked at the Police Station, she was asked to write down her occupation. Instead of stating that she was a top Hollywood actress, she wrote "whore". This caused the LAPD to decide that she was a mental case and she was transferred to a mental ward of a hospital. There, she was repeatedly raped by orderlies, and forced to live in a padded cell with rats that repeatedly bit her.

Then, she was given a frontal lobotomy by entering her brain through her eye sockets with an ice pick! After five years of incarceration she was finally released but with the mind of a child. All this for a traffic ticket!

This is a movie that will starkly reveal the potential horrors of private, for profit, healthcare, and even public healthcare, when managed by evil doers.

[Let's save Obamacare! I do not want a RapePublicCon giving me a yearly
flu shot!]


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  Chasing Madoff poster   Graft Graph   No One Would Listen book cover  
      In this movie see the main whistleblower in the $65 billion Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme discover the fraud by simply noticing a relatively straight-line 45 degree angle of a decade of profit history.

Harry Markopolos alerted the SEC [Security and Exchange Commission] 5 times in 9 years and yet Madoff was not arrested. (And that angle of fraud continued for another decade!)

Madoff had leased floors 17, 18 and 19 in a large office building in New York City, with his fradulent ponzi scheme being manufactured on only the 17th floor, and yet, after years and years of investigating Madoff, neither the FBI nor the SEC ever discovered the 17th floor!

[Could this be like Building 7 in the 9/11 conspiracy?

Could it be like when the Secret Service detail was told to stop jogging along the sides of President Kennedy's limo when it turned on Houston Street in 1963?

Does this show that a fair and balanced summary of the
George W. Bush government is full-scale
corruption to the core

P.S. Was his pet goat... Osama bin Laden?

    Madoff ponzi graph    
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Prophet Earthmann General Prophet
The Prophet-General
Gen. Earthmann
Starring: Art Earthmann

See the GOD (Great Open Democracy) defeat the GOP (Grand Old Party) republicCONS!
[[Or the GODD (Great Open democratic Democracy]]

plug   plug   plug   plug
Jesse Jane... repentant! The Bikini Basketball League! Scarlet Johansen
Starring: Scarlette Johanssen

See the humble beginning of the future
World Bikini Basketball League

become a larger draw than the NBA in some
horny cities and burbs!

plug   plug   plug   plug
Stephen Spielberg The Planet Heaven Max von Snydow as Jesus Christ
& the Moon Hell
Starring: Jesus Christ God, Jr.
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Angelina Jolie Holywould Leonardo Dicaprio
Starring: Leonardo di Caprio & Angelina Jolie

See the crime rate drop 75% after the "Hollywood" spell
is broken by a new spell... "Holywould"!


plug   plug   plug   plug
Jesse Jane... to repent! Speaking in Tongues Jim Carrey
Starring: Jim Carrey
& the girl on the left... [Top Sacred]

See the Mary Magdallen of our Age have her 7 Devils,
or more, expelled by Jesus Christ God, Jr.

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Marie Osmond 4321 b.c. to 3210 a.d. Donny Osmond
Starring: Donny & Marie Osmond

See how much our civilization has evolved over 7,531 years
of Planet Earth history.

plug   plug   plug   plug
Sasha Cohen Myth Wars Infamous Danish cartoon of the supposed prophet Mohammed
Starring: Shasha Cohen as a Profit No-Ham-Mad.
  President Kennedy   WW2.11221963
John F. Kennedy City
  Dealy Plaza, Dallas, TX  

Was the assassination of President Kennedy on 11.22.1963 a potential and ultimate step towards WW3? The assassination of Prince Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria in 1914 started WW1.

In this film see Dallas, Texas renamed John F. Kennedy City. See Elm Street and the related environs become a national monument to President Kennedy! See the huge tree that Oswald supposedly shot through... restored with a large life-size accurate plastic model carefully modeled after the original tree that was cut down to avoid public controversy at the sixth floor Bookstore Depository.

See Elm Street repaved to match the original much lower height of 1963, thus restoring the true, adequate, larger size of the "window"of the sewer drain from which the fatal rifle head shot came.

JFK's front throat wound was the shot that came from the picket fence of the Grassy Knoll... probably a 22-caliber rifle-bullet. The hole was the size of a pencil erasure according to the attending physicians at Parkland Hospital autopsy in Dallas. [In DC this hole was butchered by the autopsy team to make it look a lot larger, even an exit wound, when it was really an entry wound. And, they didn't even bother to find or reveal the led bullet an inch or so away!]

Also, see the future North-East Texass, that includes Dallas,
become South-West Massachusetts! Wow! What a surreal movie!
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  U.S.A. flag   Our flag to DEMOCRACY   USA flag bodypaint  

In this Motion Picture, see some words of our 1892 Pledge of Allegiance changed after 120 years, to finally proclaim...
"to the DEMOCRACY for which it stands"... (rather than the present usage of... "to the republic for which it stands"...).

See our Pledge end by saying... "One nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty, Justice, and MEDICARE for All."

[Current events in the states of Wisconsin and Michigan reflect a
dramatic national shift to the political far-fart-right. Mussolini, the dictator of WW2 Italy, was the person who coined the term "Fascism... as being the marriage between State and Corporate power".

The present dangerous slide and avalance of conservatives of the republican party towards U.S. fascism is particularily alarming. Do those greedy-minded billionaire/millionaire republicans really want our country to continue to slide from a very successful democracy to that of an oligarchy (rule of the few),
or of a plutocracy (rule of the rich few)?

It is time to formally organize...

Why? Because the National Rifle Association has been co-opted by the republican/conservative far-fart-right, and for our nation to become more balanced and fair is a good thing.

It is apparent that our next civil war will be between the wealthy-corporate-far-fart-right of center and the middle-class-labor-workers of the far-fart-left of center.

The vast majority of political assassinations in U.S. history have been of liberals being shot by crazy right-wing conservatives. John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, are just two examples. [The supposed reporter who was talking to FDR just seconds before the shots rang out, but providentially missed him, could have been in on the plot. To engage him in conversation so that the gun man would have more time to aim.]

Remember the frogs in the pan of water being heated? When it is heated just slow enough... all the frogs become weaker and weaker, until, eventually, they are too weak to jump out of the hot water and they all die from the heat.
But if a frog from another batch is simply dropped into that same hot water...
they will immediatedly jump out and survive. Our nation is not only a nation of sheep, but of sheep with frog brains! Wake up America!


P.S. See the address of the White House changed to
"1600 Democracy Avenue"!

See our unnamed Moon named... "Our Moon 'Democracy'."

plug   plug   plug   plug
      The Video Towers of Truth      
  Freedom Tower in 2013 NYC  

See a set of Twin Towers built, one twin in KABUL, one other twin in BAGHDAD-- with huge 10 foot high continuous video screens that wrap around an entire tower floor-- display propaganda images to lift their culture. Scenes of their soccer team scoring a winning goal; children studying in school; Scenes of collective cultural celebration that will enlarge their Spirit of Nationalistic pride like previous celebrations on positive national holidays, etc.

These Towers will be built using thousands of architectural cubic building cubes 10'x10'x10'x6". Cylindrical tubes of an aluminum-titanium alloy would probably be the strongest and lightest metalic material to use for this grandiose and far-reaching operation.

Like the Twin Towers in New York City, these Towers will be built to be twice as high as the present highest building in Kabul (5x2=10 stories), and Bagdhad (10x2=20 stories).

They will provide an effective logistical Venus Fly-Trap For Terrorists! Because the towers are so easy and quick to re-erect... the continued assault on them by the indigent rebels will ultimately prove to be an exercise in futility.

The audio part of the Tower(s) video propaganda programs can be accessed by turning the volume up or down at parking-meter type posts 10 feet apart running parallel to the circumfrance that surround the Tower(s). These two new Twin Towers ultimately help create a much more inspired and motivated citizenry.

What a great idea for a movie... for real too!
    Tower of Pisa/Penis!  
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  Praying boy  


See me at age 12 (6th grade) shoplift my first copy of Playboy magazine from the villiage store, and, after walking a mile through the grape orchard and arriving home, knelt in prayer by my bed and asked God..."Please don't let Mom find this magazine!"

Then I went outside and crawled under my bedroom towards the center thereof. The access/ventilation hole into the crawl space was 10" high by 14" wide so I must have been a skinny kid. I had previously built a mound of dirt 8" high to replicate the Butte, the local hill that stands a thousand feet above Main Street, and where the younger kids went to park their cars and make-out, etc.

I opened up my newly stolen Playboy and began driving my 4 inch red pickup truck up my hill of earth. Upon reaching the top, I parked my truck facing town, (away from me), and opened the magazine to the centerfold and proceded to play with myself.
[In a subsequent world-wide survey, only Budhism says that it is o.k. to play with one's self. Perhaps, this contributes to their explosive population. Then again, perhaps this contributes to those areas of China where the population is either under control or receding.]

After a while, I would hear Mom calling my name. Iwaited for five minutes for her to go back inside the house, so she wouldn't see me crawling out from my most special and secret hiding place.


There were only thirty of us in my first grade of school. After a few weeks of school the teacher gathered those dozen of us in the adjacent library room, and had us all sit down around a long table 4' x 16' and stood around 2' off the floor.

She opened up a large book and asked who had been drawing on these two pages and others in that book. I figured that the best defense would be a strong proactive offense so I raised my hand and asked, "what was drawn... can we see better? She brought the book to me, and, without saying a word, placed the book in front of me. I asked, "what has been drawn here and there... (while pointing at the two repeating symbols/doodles).

"Those are penises and vaginas" she blurted out. A classmate nearby asked, "What's a vagina? We'll talk about that later, she barked. Now, did any of you draw on this book?" I waited for my classmates to speak and then I proclaimed, "If any of us discover who did these sexy drawings, we will be sure to tell you about it."

After this initial inquisition I did draw more penises and vaginas, but less often. But I compensated by making them larger and more elaborate an (ill-a-stray-shun) illustration!

    Eugene from Skinner Butte  

APRIL 24, 1971:

On this day, I led the largest demonstration in the history of San Francisco. It was against the war in Viet Nam. One newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle, estimated the crowd at over one million. The Oakland Tribune quessed more than 500,000. I was the young blond fellow who walked behind the flag-draped coffin at the head of the parade the entire ten miles from the Ferry Building to the Polo Grounds Stadium.

Then, I walked back through the parade until I came to the last float, of a school room behind prison bars, and followed the last float back to the Polo Grounds. I figured that this is what Ghandi would do.

My hair was shoulder-length, like Napeolon Solo of the T.V. show Man From U.N.C.L.E. I wore a royal blue plad sportcoat over a white turtle-neck sweater with a one-inch globe of planet Earth on a chain around my neck. After all, my sirname is... Earthmann!

As the parade began, the National Guard stood with fixed bayonettes along both sides of the parade. I remembered Kent State and the Boston Massacre and reflected, O well, if it happens again, here, now... what a great way to go!

Only twice was I questioned/challenged about the propriety of my walking there: I continued walking a few feet behind the pall-bearers and responded both times with a distinct President Kennedy tenor voice, "I know that it's my duty, responsibility and denstiny to be here at this time. Thank you, and good day"... and kept on walking.

(Also, I carried two self-made 3'x2' white signs on a 5' stake with a thick black line drawing/cartoon of the head and shoulders of Jesus Christ, Jr. with a globe of planet earth for His brain, and the verbage-balloon saying: Thou Shalt Not Kill" on both sides of my sign. Signs of the Times.... indeed!)

At around the half-way mark we approached the top of a hill. Before me was a large street overpass with dozens of Tell-a-vision camers and hundreds of fellow citizens with camers taking pictures of us. As I looked back, I could see a line of patriots for miles and reflected: Now, I know what the Prophet Moses or Charlton Heston must have felt like when they "led" their flock!

plug   plug   plug   plug
  Flight 77  
Starring: Jesse Ventura

See a convincing reinactment of Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon on 9/11. See the truthfully imagined film footage taken by two dozen surveilence cameras of that crash that the Pentagon has been hiding from We The People for 9 years and counting!

[Discover that Flight 93, that crashed near Pittsburg, was really headed towards the U.S. Supreme Court Building so Bush, et al, could pack the court with more RapePublicCons! FDR had his court-packing scheme, and Bush had his court-packing scheme!]
  Jesse Ventura book cover If the plane does not fit in the crash hole, you must proclaim conspiracy, even our Reichstag, etc.!
plug   plug   plug   plug
  King Louis 16   King Louis the 16th and his 400 families   Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens book cover  

Presently, in the United States, the wealthiest 400 families own around 50% of the entire wealth of this nation! [The five relatives of the Wal-Mart Corporation own over 30% of our nation's wealth!]

[If a football field were to be covered with one hundred dollar bills reflecting the income of each class... on the 50 yard line would be the median national income of around $45,000 and a stack of bills around 2 inches high.

The height of the income of the top 400 families would be a stack of &100 bills at the goal post... over 30 miles high!

The rich need to be taxed a lot more.The top tax rate for the billionaires and millionaires from 1934 until 1962 was 91% until JFK lowered it to 75% with the caveat that all major tax loopholes for the super-wealthy be eliminated, which they were.

This resulted in even more revenue being collected for the US government in 1962-3 than the previous, higher 91% tax rate with the loopholes would have hauled in!

Since then, many of those same tax loop-holes, and many others like them, have opened up again, and the present top rate of 35% is woefully inadequate.

President Clinton skillfully manuvered a large debt left to him by his predessessor... into a large surplus... mainly by raising the top tax rate by a mere 3 %!

(Too bad Bill Clinton ended up being a traitor to our middle and working classes with the repeal of Glass/Steagel... passage of Gramm/Leach/Blily, Nafta, Gat, and the WTO, etc.)
plug   plug   plug   plug

Spielberg DaVinci

Starring: Art Earthmann
Leonardo Di Vinci

In this film see the actor Art Earthmann sign his portraits backwards like DaVinci... at or near to the entrance of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA. or across the street in front of Hooters! Occupy HolyWould!   Art Earthmann, Director
plug   plug   plug   plug
Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem Dome of the Rock of Ages Dome of the Rock

In this 2006 screenplay of mine see a renegade Israeli extremist fill a small cessna airplane full with five-gallon plastic containers of gasoline and explosives... and, in Act 4, fly it into the infamous Dome of the Rock ediface at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

P.S. Looks like a similar story was told in the 2010 movie "Countdown To Armageddon" wherein the Dome of the Rock also gets destroyed. Did my story get ripped-off? There are simply too many similarities to not consider this as a distinct probability... but how does one prove such? Oh well, maybe this will cause added security in Jerusalem to help keep this from happening for real. Peace please!

plug   plug   plug   plug
plug   plug   plug   plug
Sarah Palin Whore Horror Story Sarah Palin

Starring Sarah Palin as Sorry Payland...
the Targeteer who becomes the Targetee!

Dream Tickets 2012:

vrs. Newt GINGRICH / Sarah PALIN
Pragmatic Tickets 2012:

Barack OBAMA / Hillary CLINTON
vrs. Ron PAUL / Glenn BECK

President Obama  

Obama should drop Biden from the ticket in 2012 for the following reasons: Biden's main ideas on foreign policy were largely ignored by Obama and his Inner Circle. Biden wanted separate sovereign states created for the Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis. Nobody else important wants this... so why keep him on the top ticket. Then, after Obama is reelected, he can appoint Biden... Secretary of State, now that Hillary has emphatically stated "no more politics after 2012!

Biden also wanted the force number in Afghanistan reduced. Instead, Obama increased the troops therby more than 30,000!

Also, Biden is too old to run for President in 2016 and we need new, youngerblood to lead this Democracy as Obama's Vice-President.

That man is Paul Krugman. Obama needs an Economist by his side in 2012.

If Obama really wants to adopt a more FDR approach to things, he can surely wind down the Afghanistan war by having Congress squeeze
off the funds,
like they did to end the evil, unnecessary war in Viet Nam that left over 58,000 brave American boys and hosts of others legally murdered... which is what undeclared wars have regretfully become. In addition, Paul Krugman is young enough to run for President in 2016!

Ralph Nader wrote a most telling book in 2010: "Only The Rich Can Save Us"
Sir Nader can help insure the accuracy of his book title by hitching his balloon to Trump... so that the RAPEpubliCON vote is cut in half... this time with a machete rather than a scapel.

[Update: Too bad... Ralph teamed up with a Bay Area Green Party Congressman.]

Note: the RAPEpubiCONS will not permit the debt ceiling to be raised until they have caused a second dip recession/depression
of such magnitude so as to insure a RAPEpubiCON victory in 2012. Anything to make President Obama lose the election. Party politics above what is good for the American people. How discusting!

They would have preferred this "D-DAY/DEBT DAY" come to a head a year from now and closer to the November election. They want it accompanied by a severe Wall Street collapse and resulting 3rd Rapepublicon Depression. But, better early than too late... so they feel.

President Obama may have to issue Executive Orders to block this economic terrorism blackmail from the far fart right.

Now, to wait and see whether this Prophecy of mine stated above
was truely inspired from Above, or just my own theorising from below.

Stay tuned!
  Paul Krugman
plug plug   plug   plug
  Corporations US flag satire       Occupy Wall Street sign  
The Tree Party
The Occupy Party

See the poetic answer to the Tea Baggers with the establishment of the newly-formed "Tree Party".

See this party champion the praiseworthy philosophy of honerable progressive principles like Universal Medicare... on all the four levels of government: city, county, state, and entire nation.

The recent Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newson, successfully promoted the implementation of Universal Healthcare to any resident of the city, proving that a health Insurance program similar to "Medicare for All"... can, indeed, bless We the People, on a local, city level.

Concerning the state level, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is leading his flock towards a similar approach. Holy, godly, righteous, socialistic police and fire departments, here we come!

Visit or for more information. [Domain names shelved but for sale.]

[ domain name was already taken but it could be purchased!]
plug plug   plug plug
  The late great actor James Dean   Humphrey Bogart Token Sean Penn, actor   Liam Neeson  
  Gen. Douglas Macarthur   or... ?   Woody Harrelson  
    Robert Mitchum Tokens Robert Downey, Jr., actor    
plug   plug             plug   plug
    No Politician Left Behind    
  Diane Ravitch   In this docudrama meet Professor Diane Ravitch, one of the most eloquent voices for positive change in the American School System. See how she changed her mind about Charter Schools and No Child Left Behind after she was appointed by President George Bush.

See how the conservative RICHpublicCONS plan to take over education to the detriment to our students and our nation.
  The Death and Life of the American School System   
plug   plug   plug   plug
  Ronald Reagan          
What Reagan really meant

Ronald Reagan said that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help".

What he really subliminally meant to say was that the eleven most terrifying words in the English language are:
I'm from the [republicon Reagan] government... and I'm here to help.

After three terrifying decades of disasterous voodoo trickle-down Reaganomics it is easy to see that Reagan was just two words away from speaking a factual and true indightment of... himself!

His tax cuts for the wealthy and resulting $3 trillion debt was larger that the combined debts of all USA presidents from Washington to Carter... combined!

In fact, Reaganomics has done so much damage to this country that he should have been criminally charged with economic terrorism!
plug plug   plug plug
Know God!
or... ?

  In this movie... see the epoch battle in linquistic history of the forces of the word "know" do battle with the infamous forces of the homonym "no" in 1215 England... the year that the OED, Oxford English Dictionary, states that both words formally entered the English language as is verified by supposed publication history!

Balderdash! There is no way that both words entered the same year! The creation of words and dictionaries are largely controlled by philosophic and political forces to help control the masses.
plug plug   plug plug
plug   plug   plug   plug
Garden of Eden by Michelangelo The Horny Ghost
  or... ?
The Holiest Ghost

See the Horny Ghost debate the Holy Ghost live on intergallactic
Tell-A-Vision from the Planet Heaven in the Trinity Galaxy!

Holy Ghost Pentacost
plug   plug   plug   plug
Robert Downey, Jr. as Charlie Chaplin Adolf Hussler
Woody Harrelson
or... ?
Adolf Hustler
Starring: Robert Downing, Jr. & Woody Harrleson.
  Rifle chick       NRA... not  
The Democratic Rifle Organization

In this movie... see the National Rifle Association, which has been co-opted by the far-fart-right,finally meet its match... and just in time... for... We the People to mobilize and prepare for... but end up avoiding... USA Civil War 2... because the RAPEpubliCONS blink!

plug plug   plug plug
  Superman       God by Michaelangelo  




In this movie see God fly the diameter of the Universe at a trillion times the speed of light! See the Holy Ghost fly a billion times the speed of light! See Jesus Christ fly a million times the speed of light without getting a rip in his robe!  
plug plug   plug plug
  Jesus Christ       Jesus Christ  
or... ?

See the "God of "Blessed are the Poor... the hungry... the homeless... the naked... the sick and afflicted", erase the negative stigmatism of the word "poor". Like one's receiving "poor" grades in school or poor, inept US budget construction by the spiritually and sociologically blind, selfish "RapePubliCons").  
plug plug   plug plug
plug David by Michaelangelo plug   plug The Kiss by Rodin plug
The Hetero-Sapiens

Find out that the person who named our human species "Homo-sapien" was really a homosexual who cracked this rhetorical joke on April Fools Day! In his journal did he state that "one of these decades... this HOMO-sapien joke of mine will be discovered?"  

See our species renamed HETERO-SAPIENS by an act of Congress.

plug Mitt Romney plug   plug Gov. Rick Perry plug
11. Thou Shalt Not Interrupt... unnecessarily.

Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reiley of faux noise Fox News, et al, are three poster kids on how to infringe on the Freedom of Speech of the First Ammendment of our Constitution... by rudely interrupting their guests.

Can you imagine how futile summit talks between Obama and Putin would be
if they interrupted each other like these three immature jerks do?!

A fabulous example of interrupting gone beserk is the recent republican debate on 10-11-2011. See Governor Rick Perry psychotically keep interrupting Mitt Romney. [I couldn't find one main-stream news person comment on Perry's interrupting for 40 seconds non-stop in Mitt's 60 second time slot.They only mentioned in glowing terms that... "he finally, really came alive in this debate"! Fair and balanced? No, fascistic and demented!]

Perry was like a school-yard bully who was upset with a brighter student in class who could out-debate and out-think him. His main get-even logistic was to just interrupt Romney like the baffoons on FOX noise constantly interrupt.)


    President Obama speaks about the Gulf oil disaster       Oil Rig explosion/fire/oil spill of April 20. 2010  
Methane Gas Fart By A Huge Sperm Whale
Ignites Gulf-Rig Explosion/Oil Leak?

Discover the big four news events that have all occurred on April 20 in the past 120 years: 1889-- Adolf Hitler born; 1993-- Branch Dividian Complex in Waco, Texas incinerated with 82 killed; 1995-- Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City destroyed by explosive(s), and 168 killed; 2010-- BP oil platform in the Gulf off Louisiana explodes causing the death of 11 workers and the worst oil spill disaster in World history.

I loudly proclaim that this explosion was probably a conspiracy. Six CEOs were on that platform earlier in the day celebrating their success at meeting their compulsive DEADline for pouring the cement 3 days too soon. This premature celebration was another "mission accomplished" type event.

George H. W. Bush's dad, Sen. Prescot Bush, supported Adolf Hitler's early war effort. Fascism is more popular with "NoPubliCan'ts". Democrats like Socialism better... like FDR's Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, etc.

Frankly, I quess that the most likely suspects in this explosion were: 1) the KKK, 2) Chavez of Venezuela, 3) Middle-Eastern Islamic Pro-Palesteinian terrorists: ex. Hamas, Al Queda, Taliban, 4) Castro of Cuba, 4) North Korea 5) The Latin American Drug Mafia Terrorists.

Think about it-- President Obama is dark brown.... and oil is dark brown.

This disaster and the economy will cause Mitt Romney to be elected in 2012 and 2020... with Obama elected again in 2016.

Now, let's see how prophetic I am!)
plug plug   plug plug
plug White House plug   plug   plug
1600 Democracy Way

See the address of the White House changed from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to... 1600 Democracy Way!

  American flag bikini       Vets crowd  
Occupy Wall Street!

Starring the American People! In this documentary see the addition of dozens, scores, hundreds, and thousands of American flags to the various "Occupy America" demonstrations coast to coast! As more and more flags are added to the "park demonstrations" they will be referred to by the main-stream media less and less as "mobs", and more and more as "patiots"!

Using a lot of American flags was instramental in enabling Susan B. Anthony and her Suffragettes to win voting rights for American women in 1872 and beyond.

Perhaps this would help cause Sen. Eric Cantor to pull his hair out!

Imagine a huge python snake (Wall Street derivatives) wrapped around a school bus (crumbling public education in America) with the head of that snake being Goldman Sachs, and the brain being the CEO of said company, even Lloyd Blankfein.

He should be endited by our Attorney General, Eric Holder. But since Mr. Holder is a whimp like General McClellan (who refused to attack and pursue even though his Army of the Patomic had a quarter-million men) under President Lincoln.

During the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980s Mr. Keating went to jail; during the Enron scandal of the 1990s Mr. Schilling went to jail.

But even though the 2008 financial collapse was 100 times worse, Mr. Holder continues to refuse to enforce the laws against financial fraud that are already on the books!

President Obama, fire him please! Appoint a pro-active attacker like General Ulysses Grant! Learn from the second biggest mistake of the great president, Abraham Lincoln!
plug plug   plug plug
  Cayman Islands map       Ship at Cayman Islands  
Grape Loopholes!

In this movie... see the top 100 tax loopholes for the wealthy... killed dead!

See a freeze placed on all unethical USA wealth sheltered in
the Cayman Islands, and Swiss banks, etc.

See fines levied and collected from these frozen accounts until they are all closed or moved back to the USA.

Of the 56,000+ USA factories that moved oversees during the 8 years of the Bush administration, and two years of the Clinton administration, not one has moved back to our soil.

See this import/export loophole smashed like a cockroach!

See 18,000 U.S. Marines storm the beaches of the Cayman Islands and confiscate the 18,000 post office boxes that provides tax shelters for many of the top 1%... costing the U.S. taxpayers over $200 billion a year in uncollected taxes!

See the Import Tarrifs of the USA raised from the present 2% back up to what it was for over the 200 years of USA history... 20-40%!

The import tarrif imposed by China on all the goods imported from America, the USA, is around 22%!

What whimpy trade negotiators Bush and Obama have appointed! 2% vrs 22%... think about it! Occupy and march about it!

[P.S. This movie will have nothing to do with the movie... "Kill Bill"... but it will be a comedy.]
plug plug   plug plug
plug   plug   plug   plug
Thom Hartmann Radio Free D.C. Supreme Court DC

See Progressive Liberal Socialistic Truthful Democratic Public Talk-Radio finially come tothe District of Columbia... our nation's capitol!

Few people realize that the far-fart-right-conservative-republican'ts are in complete control of the supposedly free air-ways of Talk-Radio in D.C. Sure, people who can afford it can pay extra money to subscribe to Satellite-Radio... but for the ordinary citizens of D.C.

The nation's top progressive Talk-Radio host, Thom Hartmann, has to be beemed into our Capitol like Radio-Free-Europe! Ironically, he recently moved to... and broadcastes his "David vrs. Golliath"..."Hartmann vrs. Limbaugh" daily radio show from that very city... D.C.!
plug   plug   plug God by Michaelangelo plug
Mr. Godd
Ms. Godd

Could the double Ds in the word Godd stand for breasts the size of a double-DD bra/breast? Could this apply to either a female or TS She-Male? Inquiring souls want to know!

Think of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. She has double Ds.

Think of expanding the Holy Trinity from 3 to 4... or the Trinity invites a woman over for dinner. Maybe, the Virgin Mary has DD breasts! Think optomistically!
plug Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky plug   plug   plug

Featuring the music and life of that the great revolutionary Russian composer Peter Illich Tchaikovsky during his most difficult years of psychological homo/hetero sexual romantic marital struggles.  
  San Francisco Armory for     The Church of Godd of Kink Dot Com     Kink sculpture  
[This Domain Name is on sale for $10 million, or best offer.]

In the Holy Bible, Luke 15:4 Jesus Christ is said to have said: "What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, does not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?

Perhaps this church could have been more appropriately called,
"The Church of Godd of Lost Sheep"... [the 1%, this time...
the lost.]

There are far too many in this country, and in this world, who do not realize just how lost some of these sheep are. Perhaps, a lot of them were metaphorically never sheep, but were raised as goats from the beginning. Well, these goats are influencing the sheep in a very big way.

Which state of these United States has more computer hits for pornography sites than any other state? Answer: Utah, where the Mormon Church has such a sexually repressive hypnotic hold on its Saints, that alot of LDS members are quickly clicking out of their subconscious repressionistic mind-set and group-think. [I had to stop playing with myself for six months before I could go on my Mormon mission to Vienna, Austria, etc.]

of Iraq/Afghanistan has the policy, in the fine print of their hiring agreement, that women must agree not to press criminal charges if they are sexually assaulted or raped by fellow Blackwater employees or supervisors! And now, Blackwater [renamed, Xe] is negotiating with the government of Wisconsin to win a lengthy contract supervising future private schools in that state! How sick and demented. We really do not need our middle and high schools eventually turned into nazi-like rape camps!

Employees at a large WallMart subsidiary clothing manufacturing site in the country of Jordan, The Classic Fashion Factory, are subject to being ordered to participate in weekend orgies/rapes with their supervisors, or face being fired and returned to their poor countries! [The Wal-Mart five families own more than 30% of our nation's wealth! Occupy Wal-Mart!]
In Afghanistan, under Sharia law, women are often forced to marry their rapist!

Recently, President Karsai upheld the conviction of a young girl who was raped... and the rapist was set free, while the girl was sentenced to 12 years in jail for the immorality of letting the rape happen... she did not resist enough, and waited to long to report it... a year after the baby was born, etc. Karsai said that he would uphold the courts decision and permit her release if she married her rapist! [If you think that I am making any of this up, simply Google the keywords.]

[Update: Karsai changed his mind and let the girl go free!]

Thirty U.S. republican Congressmen recently voted against Al Frankin's Corporate Anti-Rape bill. Bumper stickers began appearing with the word RAPEpublicCONS in reference to some of these republicans.

Eric Cantor (R-VA-7) has recommended that all republicans, especially the new batch of Tea Baggers, read "Atlas Shrugged", by Ayn Rand. In this book of fiction, the protagonist rapes, kills, and mutilates a young 12 year old girl... thereby manifesting the lofty goal of the complete virtue of selfishness. [This story of fiction was based on the true story of such a real villan in 1927 Los Angeles.] Cantor wants republicans to embrace this brand of Rand filth. Rand even posits in these books and others written by her, like, The Fountain Head", reveal a higher lever of consciousness for raped women: when they come to realize that their own personal rape, can, and ideally should be, a desirable and even enjoyable thing! [Word on the street is that Eric Cantor's favorite site is...]

To hell with Cantor. He needs to be smashed like the demonic cockroach that he is. It is time to Occupy Fire-Crackers, etc.!

Rape is more and more being used as an instrument of war and degredation, like in Uganda, Congo, Southern Sudan, and in the 1990s in Serbia... and by the Japanese in WW2.

Internet accessibility is fanning the flames of this robust international spiritual inferno.The Golden Question persists... What should be done about this global spiritual scourge?

Since most of these rapists do not believe in God, perhaps they could be persuaded to at least believe in Godd. To help begin this conversation they could be asked... "if you were to create your own Godd, what would the qualities and attributes of this being or entity be?"

P.S. Unless you are spiritually and psychologically older that 21, please do not visit the most successful, easy-to-use and flamboyant porn site... [and then, only briefly just so you know how real-reel and extreme... porn has evolved in this country.]

Perhaps, one of the main reasons that only 50% of some high school students are graduating is because when they, the future drop-outs, get home from school, it's not homework time, but time for rock and roll music, sexy dancing, drugs [pot and beer, etc.], and sex (dressing sexy, flirting, making-out, groping, french kissing, licking, etc.)

[Alcohol is by far the biggest social problem. In some states where Medical Sativa (The People's Viagra) is legal, traffic accidents and DUIs have fallen by 9% because the students and adults have switched from alcohol to "Wanna marry?" marijuana [phonetic subliminal etymology.] Males get so horny on the best female buds that they wanna marry somebody, even if only for less than a life-time]. Driving a car while a little "high" does't seem to be that big of an issue.

THC gets alot of males very horny and keeps their sexual sails full for more than 8 hours at a pace of every-other 5 minutes.
When one begins to temporarily lose one's sexual potency, one must simply take another drag on ones pot-pipe, etc. One drag is sufficient if it is "A" Grade, two drags if it is "B" Grade, three drags if it is "C" Grade, and four drags if it is only "D" Grade THC.

Drinking alcohol damages one's rudder and thereby impairs one's ability to "stay on a rational, controlled path. Regretfully, most females seem to enjoy beer more than pot, but this could change. It makes them feel less inhibited faster. A "Viagra for Women" has been released by Pfizer, but I have yet to see any interviews with women to testify of their success-rate.]

Governor Rick Perry of Texas recently signed a bill mandating that all 12 year old girls in Texas be given the vaccine Gardasil because of an alarming increase in said disease that can only be acquired by sexual contact. Looks like these kids are humping like rabbits down there in that hell-hole called Texas. [In all fairness, students could opt out of receiving the shot if their parents requested it. Few did so, though.]

Some American states are expressing support for having their age-of-consent law returned to what it was during supposed puritanical, colonial times... even, 12 years of age!

(I am not in favor of this age. The future Initiative target age should be 16 with the low-hanging fruit of age 17 resulting in the common denominator. Just drop one year at a time, for heaven's sake!)

Even today, numerous countries in the middle and far east have an age-of-consent age of 12! Outrageous, evil, bad and immoral.
Too many countries have no minimum age of consent. How tragic!

Like chess, football and basketball, it is best to study the opposition in order to help prepare for both short and long-term cultural war logistics.

And now, don't forget to say your prayers, repent for peaking too much at said porn, if applicable, and covenant to let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly, now, and in the future blessed eternities to come.

Amen and Awomen.

plug   plug       plug   plug
    69. Thou Shalt Not Rape!    
    70. Thou Shalt Not Pornicate!    
The Pornication Camps
In this motion picture, see the...
[Sorry, I forgot that this plot is 'Top Secret and Bottom Sacred'".]