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And it came to pass that Art Earthmann went forth and added more script.
The Seventy
The Christian Mormon Coalition Jesus Christ
Why only 10...
and not alot more?
Are Mormons...
University of Jesus Christ (Utah?)

For centuries millions of christians have wondered why there is a tradition of only Ten Commandments. Why only ten! (And please don't answer that that is all that was revealed at the time!) If you're going to have a myth, why not have a bigger myth?Why not more commandments... like, at least... seventy?

And so, finally they have been revealed and here they are! For some mysterious mystery they were revealed unto Christian Moreman in reverse order, and so I will herewith proceed to share them with humanity in that same order. I feel honored that Christian shared them with me.

70. Thou shalt not grape. (Add date-rape drugs to grape juice or sacramental wine, etc.)
69. Thou shalt not rape. (This includes the prohibition of a husband raping his wife... forcing her to have sex when she doesn't want to. Such permission was recently formally, legally granted in Afghanistan, giving a husband the right to have sex with his wife(s) at least every four days, whether she was in the mood or not! Some Sharia laws are, indeed, Satanic, and must be obliterated.)
68. Thou shalt not rap. (Rap music glorifying, mocking, encouraging rape.)
67. Thou shalt not rope Pope dope. (Get oneself and/or the victim high on sex drugs like dope or viagra, tie the victim up with rope as if in a Pope Urban II ordered inquisition.)
66. Thou shalt not grope.
65. Thou shalt not ape. (Act uncivilized and ape-like.)
64. Thou shalt war against the Satanic Sharia Islamo-fascist Rape Law in the middle east which states that a female victim of rape must have at least 4 witnesses affirming that she was raped or she will be charged with solicitation of said sex act and the rapists will be exonerated and not charged with the crime of said rape. (Those four or more rape witnesses must come forth and testify in court that they personally saw said rape occur. If only three or less witnesses come forth and testify, the accused will go free, and the female victim will be imprisoned for filing a false and unfounded charge against them and she will also be charged with lewd and unseemly conduct.)
63. Thou shalt war against the Satanic Sharia Islamo-fascist procedure of "female genital mutilation" pervasive in the middle east and far east of planet Earth.
62. Thou shalt not molest.
61. Thou shalt not kidnap.
60. Thou shalt not enslave.
59. Thou shalt not torture.
58. Thou shalt not shock. (Either as a means of torture, or as innocently medically psychologically prescribed supposedly therapeudic
electro-convulsive shock treatments applied to the patient's brain.)
57. Thou shalt not threaten.
56. Thou shalt not yell "fire", etc., in a crowded nightclub, soccer match, or Mecca Ramadan gig.
55. Thou shalt not interrupt... unnecessarily. (Listen up, Sawn Vanity and Flush Limboff.)
54. Thou shalt not temporarily or permanently lose your soul to bad fluids, bad drugs, or bad pollution.
53. Thou shalt not slap your perceived adversary on their cheek just because you think he will strike you on your cheek... momentarily.
52. Thou shalt not pre-emptively invade and war against a country because you think it will invade or war against you... too soon.
51. Thou shalt not worship the greedy acquisition of money, wealth, hedge funds, derivatives, credit default swaps, or extreme leverage buyouts, etc..
50. Thou shalt limit the salary of all CEOs to be no more than 100 times the salary of the least paid full-time employee. (Flush Limboff has a yearly salary of $400 million, and his janitor probably earns around $40 thousand. That's a 10,000 to 1 ratio. George Orwell posited in the 1950s that CEOs should be limited to earn no more than 100 time that amount earned by their lowest paid full time employee. He was correct then, and it should be applied today.)
49. Thou shalt roll back the Reagan/Bush tax cuts immediately, and not wait until the expiration date in the year 2010.
48. Thou shalt raise the top tax rate of the super rich, millionaires and billionaires back up to 90% again and with a yearly income "margin" of $3 million. (This was the most popular amount of margin and top tax rate during the best of times from 1934 to 1980. This period is known as the golden age for the middle class here in America. Regarding margin: if one earned less that $3 million in a year, he would be taxed the usual rate. Any amount earned over $3 million would be taxed at 90%. After the USA balances its books, has acquired a reasonable emergency fund, and wins its wars, then the margin can be raised to no higher than $12 million, i.e. a million dollars a month. The top tax rate should be kept at 90%. FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, and even Nixon loved this 90% top tax bracket rate and so do We The People!)
47. Thou shalt not count Negroes, or any other ethnic group, as 3/5 of a person, or any other fraction thereof, like it was done in the US for so many decades. (Can you believe that our Supreme Court supported this in 1869! How embarrassing!)
46. Thou shalt enable all legal aged citizens of all races and genders the right to vote with a democratic format. (Women only obtained the right to vote in 1920 via the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution. How embarrassing late! Our Constitution should have been even more inspired and just.)
45. Thou shalt rescind the legal blunder enabling corporations to be regarded as "persons". with the same access to the Bill of Rights. (This was caused by the Clerk of the Supreme Court casually writing said idea on the header of his notepad in the Santa Clara County v. Union Pacific Railroad Case in the US in 1886. The court never issued said opinion, but the informal comment was subsequently used as precedent and the dominos have been falling like an corporate avalanche of unjust fraudulent greed ever since.)
44. Thou shalt only permit electronic vote counting machines that provide a receipt/paper trail to be used in any and all elections... local, state and national. (If said machines are not provided in a convenient and timely manner, all of the votes shalt be counted by hand with an adequate number of honest witnesses. All of the votes shalt be permanently saved in a lock-box for further recounting in case a legal challenge is brought forth. After the statute of limitations has expired for said election, then the votes may be removed from their lock-box and the paper shredded and recycled for more vote counting paper trails.)
43. Thou shalt restore the original 10 mile by 10 mile square/diamond design to the District of Columbia . (The southern 31% of said district was lost during the Civil War and is now part of the state of Virginia. Currently, it even includes the principle US military cemetary... the Arlington National Cemetary, across the Potomic River. It was bitten off like a bite out of a cookie by the south even after it lost the Civil War! This is unbelievable! What % in Congress have been wimps since Appomattox?)
42. Thou shalt switch the image of the presidents on the following US money: put President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on the twenty dollar bill, and put President Andrew Jackson on the dime.
41. Thou shalt erect a monument to FDR in Washington, DC, that rivals the monuments to Presidents, in grandeur, size and eloquence. (Since FDR had polio and used a wheelchair, the following design would be brilliant: a spiral inclined smooth counter-clockwise ramp of 5 degrees for persons in wheel-chairs. The base would be the size of 1-4 city blocks, and, in a circular fashion spirals up 4-8 stories high. On the top main level would be a circular viewing deck 10% the diameter of the base, so that We The People, including those in wheel-chairs, can more readily appreciate the patriotic monumental sites near the DC mall. In the center of the top public-viewing-platform would be a circular column 10 feet in diameter and 20 feet high. On top on this would be a bronze statue of FDR 8 feet tall of him standing, speaking, and holding on to the podium with both hands. His wheelchair would be just behind him! Etched on this column would be a list of the most notable social improvements during his three terms in office, and the year enacted: Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Minimum Wage, 40 hour work week, 8 hour work day, Labor Unions, Anti-trust laws, success in driving back the Nazis and Japs, etc.)
40. Thou shalt have the first Tuesday in November of even numbered years become a national voting holiday called "Democracy Day" in the USA. (Eventually, this day should be shifted to either the first Tuesday in October, or the first Tuesday in June, depending on which would enable more citizens to conveniently vote. Weather, school attendance, and worker vacations should be considered and put to a national vote so that We The People can decide what would be best for better democratic participation.)
39. Universal Single-Pay Medicare is a "Health Right" and should become federal policy and also become an Amendment to the US Constitution. (This would make it more difficult for a future president, congress, or party to undo.)
38. All health insurance for-profit shall be abolished like it has been in all of the other large industrialized nations of Earth.
37. The Sherman Anti-trust Act of 1890 shalt be reinstated. (This would provide better controls and breakup of the monopolies of the corporate industrial complex of greedy self-defeating capitalism.)
36. The Glass/Steagall Act of 1933 shalt be restored. [This Act established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and provided oversight to control and prevent the reckless investment abuses of Wall Street and the nations banks. Back then, as even in today's financial crisis, millionaire bosses have been able to become billionaires... while members of the middle class have been becoming paupers and serfs. This Act was undone by President Clinton's signature of the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. This Act restored the lack of governmental oversight and controls which dramatically helped cause the avalanche of our current financial debachle.)
35. The Wall Street gambling games of "hedge your bets and bet for and/or against a bank" hedge funds, derivatives, credit default swaps and obscene leveraged buyouts, etc., shalt be abolished. (The European Union in currently proceeding to do this right now in 2009!)
34. A permanent space station shalt be erected on the top edge of our moon, equipped with a Hubble quality telescope.
33. Our moon shalt be named "The Moon Democracy". (Of all of the more than 140 moons in our solar system, ours is the only one yet to be named!)
32. Our Moon "Democracy" shalt become an official Territory of the USA.
31. The Democratic Party in the USA shalt acquire the nickname of the "Great Open Democracy", (G.O.D.), (GOD). This will undoubtedly cause a drop in atheism! [This is in response to the nickname of the republican party, the "Grand Old Party", (G.O.P), (GOP).
30. The mascot of the Democratic Party shalt be changed from that of a donkey to that of either a horse (racing stallion), a dog (sheepdog, watchdog). (A nation-wide vote will be held to let We The People decide!)
29. The Assaults Weapon Ban of 1994 outlawing the possession, purchase, and/or selling of semi-automatic or automatic assault rifles, and machine guns/rifles, shalt be permanently reinstated. (The previous bill doing so, expired in 2004. Duck and deer hunting rifles, and shotguns, etc., shalt continue to be permitted and even encouraged. An armed populace will help cut down on crime in bad neighborhoods .)
28. The Nuclear Atmospheric and Underground Test Ban Treaty shalt be strengthened.
27. The Strategic Tactical Arms Reduction Talks, (S.T.A.R.T.), shalt be strengthened.
26. The goal and ultimate verifiable destruction of at least half of the warheads for atomic and hydrogen bombs shalt be achieved. (The following incremental step would be to negotiate the reduction of yet another 50%, and so forth. Presently, the USA and Russia are scheduled to settle on 2,200 warheads in 2010. It would only take around 22 to destroy the planet Earth for human habitability. Therefore, a reasonable long-term goal would be a 90% reduction. The total elimination of all nuclear warheads, although sounding best and idealistic, is totally unrealistic and dangerous, and would threaten the security of the United States, its allies, and the well-being of the entire planet... because some nations would undoubtedly lie about their having destroyed all of their warheads... even with supposed verification.)
25. Iran shalt not be permitted to build a nuclear bomb. (A preemptive military strike by the US and/or Israel to prevent this shalt be on the table but probably not implemented.)
24. The obscene pentagon budget of $550 billion for the year 2010 shalt be reduced by 20%, not just the 10% as President Obama suggests. (This would provide funds for free education and textbooks from K-12, through to a Ph.D degree at any public or private school, college or university in the nation. This is already provided by many governments in European countries, like Norway, and it works very well. This will also provide funds for many other pragmatic social programs for We The People like Headstart and reducing world hunger and starvation.)
23. A program of obligatory, compulsory National Service, i.e. a military draft, shalt be implemented. (This is what Thomas Jefferson wanted. This is what the countries of Switzerland and Israel already have. All males between the ages of 18 to 65 must participate. In Switzerland, after a few summers of military weapons training, every male is required to spend one weekend a month at a camp for rifle and weapons rehearsal. They are also required to have a working rifle in their home, with the ammunition in a separate room so children will be safer. The Swiss were so well armed during WW2 that Hitler decided that it would be too formidable a challenge to invade and conquer them, and so he just invaded all the other countries in Europe instead. In the future, if one is a conscientious objector, or a female, they can go through the training, but can provide service in the non-military Peace Corp, or some other service instead. This would also really help cut down on crime in bad neighborhoods. We don't want our country to evolve into another Mexico with all of its current drug/gang/mafia/police/neighborhood killings.)
22. Thou shalt legalize/decriminalize the use of medical marijuana nation-wide in the USA. (This has already happened in numerous countries on Earth. To obtain a list of police chiefs and law enforcement officers that agree with this idea... just Google said key words.)
21. The poppy/opium/heroin fields of Afghanistan shalt be destroyed forthwith. (This is the source of over 90% of the world's illegal source of these drugs. They also provide billions of dollars to fund the terrorist activities of Al Queda and the Taliban, et al.)
20. All drugs should be legalized, and/or decriminalized. (The war on drugs is and always will be a pathetic failure. Drug use should be regarded as a mental/physical health issue, not a criminal issue. This would help put a lot of the drug mafia out of business and significantly reduce gang drug wars because the profit motive would be largely eliminated. Of course the big corporations that are in the privatization of the prison construction business are against this because it would slow down the Wallmartic billions of dollars being made by keeping the jails full resulting in the building of more prisons even faster and faster. This cycle of inhumane greed must be abolished in this, the greatest nation on God's green Earth. We The People demand it. Just Google police chiefs on this also. Many of them support this very controversial point also.)
19. Illegal immigration should center on the primary cause, i.e. the illegal hiring by employers. (The illegal immigrant employees should stand as witnesses against their corrupt bosses before they are deported back to Mexico, or where ever.)
18. The Import Tariff laws of the US shalt be restructured so that they are on a par with our main competitors: China, Japan, and South Korea. (Why should the US be charged a 20% tariff if we export a car to China for sale there, but if China wants to export a car from China to be sold here... China is only charged a tariff of 2%. No wonder our trade deficit is billions of dollars out of whack. An inept Forrest Gumpic trade policy has endured for far too many decades. President Hamilton had it right. No free trade, only fair trade. This is the single most important reason that the US has lost so many manufacturing jobs overseas. Currently 41% of the US Gross Domestic Product is composed of financial services, not even physical products!)
17. NAFTA, CAFTA, and the WTO should all be renegotiated. (So that their child-labor and import/export laws, etc., are acceptable to We The People and not just a bunch of super rich corporate billionaire bosses and CEOs.)
16. Thou shalt not swear by using profane vulgar language.
15. Thou shalt not dress immodestly in public.
14. Thou shalt not masterbate... too much.
13. Thou shalt not substitute sex education with pornography and viagra, etc.
12. Thou shalt live by the Sermon on the Mount, given by Jesus Christ, and live a life full of charity for the poor and the oppressed. (Government welfare and food stamp programs should be respected and supported.)
11. Thou shalt be prayerfully engaged in good works, searching after those things that are productive, praiseworthy, healthy and of good report.
10. to 1. See the original 10 Commandments revealed unto the prophet Moses in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

Have you ever wondered if Mormons are really Christians? Well, they most certainly are! In fact, the term "Mormon Church" is really a nickname. The true name of the church is: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Having the name of "Jesus Christ" in the name of the church should be sufficient evidence and proof, in and of itself, that Mormons believe in Jesus Christ, and are therefore "Christians"!
The term "Mormons" comes from the fact that the members believe that the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ. It is a prophetic history of part of ancient America from around 2000 b.c. to 421 a.d. The other Testament, is, of course, the Holy Bible, and especially, The New Testament.
When Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis on the door of the Chapel in Wittenberg, Germany, in 1517, he was really bringing into question whether the Catholic Church at that time was really Christian. This formally sparked the "Protestant Reformation".
Joseph Smith, Jr. organized and formally began the "Mormon Restoration" in 1830. The "Christian Mormon Coalition" is an organization that seeks to more clearly define "Mormon Christianity" and the doctrine of charity which was at the very center and core of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Indeed, Mormons believe, and many "know" by the witness of the Holy Ghost, that Jesus is the Christ, the literal Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, and who, after being savagely crucified on a cross, died, and rose again on the third day... the first resurrected mortal!
One of the goals of this Coalition is to join hands with other Christians and work together to help advance politicians and issues that are consistent with the teachings and example of the life of Jesus Christ.
To discover what His real priorities were during his three year ministry, one should prayerfully read and study the New Testament. It is recorded in the Four Gospels that Jesus performed 35 miracles, if one accepts the premise that His feeding the Five Thousand was one miracle. Thirty of His miracles had to do with health: healing the sick, the lame to walk, the blind to see, the possessed to be cleansed, and the dead to return to life.
Even feeding the Five Thousand could be construed as being preventative health care, because when people are hungry their immune system renders them vulnerable to illness. (Recall today's Food Stamp Program. Think Fish Stamp Program!)
Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the number one priority of Jesus Christ during his ministry was charitable health care. And the number one priority of the Christian Mormon Coalition today is also health care. We feel that the best way to answer this important current challenge in America is to work and lobby for the passage of Single-Pay Medicare-For-All .
There are around 46 million Americans today who do not have any health insurance. Our country is the only affluent, industrialized nation on this planet that does not provide health insurance for its citizens. This is pathetic and unnecessary.
Around 25% of US private health care goes towards the overhead costs of insurance and pharmaceuticals. The present governmental foundation of Medicare has only around a 3% overhead cost. The most logical and easy reasonable solution is to arrange for the option of anyone to buy into Medicare, at least until it is provided universally.
O.K., Mitt Romney, and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, let the individual States dole Medicare out, while leaving the option for Americans to keep their private doctors if they so desire to keep paying that extra 22% overhead cost! But the competitive market place will eventually cause a stampede towards the abundant monetary savings inherent in Medicare.
Furthermore, Medicare could easily be incrementally provided: just lower the age of qualification ten years at a time. Now, one must be 65 years old to obtain Medicare. Just lower it to 55 years of age, then 45, then 35, 25, 15, and then 5 years of age.!
Wait a minute, aren't kids already covered as of last February 2009, thanks to President Obama and the Democrats!
The bottom line is that any health insurance, public or private, should be not-for-profit insurance. This is the common denominator that was found in a recent world-wide survey of all the major industrialized nations: only the US has for-profit insurance for health care!
An front-page article in the Wall Street Journal by George Andersen revealed the obscene profits made by just one CEO here in the U.S. (I discovered this in one of Thom Hartmann's Audio Discs: #2.8, which I enthusiastically recommend.) CEO William Mcguire of United Health Group, Inc., the second largest health insurance provider in the country, makes $8 million a year plus the use of the corporate jet. He has acquired one of the largest stock option fortunes of all time: $1.6 billion! And he's not discovering drugs or treating patients, just serving as a middle man to handle the paper-work for for-profit health insurance! The company recorded a $900 million profit in just three months, and has a value of $1.2 billion, besides the $1.8 billion for the CEO. These two combined total $3 billion. This alone could provide health care for how many millions of Americans? Yes, the money for Universal Medicare is potentially available, but we must eliminate for-profit health insurance, first!
Here's another way to acquire more funding: just raise the top tax rate to what it was from 1935 to 1980... from 94% to 70% with a 3.2 million dollar "margin". (Inflation since 1980 has been 250%, and since 3.2 million x 2.5 equals 8, the adjusted "margin" in 2009 could justly be 3.2 to 8 million dollars.) In other words, millionaires and billionaires could be taxed 90% of that amount earned over 3.2 to 8 million dollars a year, and taxed like everyone else on that amount earned less than 3.2 to 8 million dollars a year! (90% is the rate that I am lobbying for. It can always be lowered after we install Universal Healthcare, fix Social Security, balance our books and win our wars. The higher the rate, the faster we solve our problems.)
Fellow citizens, there is plenty of money out there to solve all of our nation's economic problems, it just has to be justly and wisely collected! So, rally forth and join the Christian Mormon Coalition! Together, as a team, we can successfully lobby to establish Universal Healthcare here in America.
Realize also, that all religious faiths are welcome: Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Agnostics, and even kind Atheists, et al!
So leave your name, contact information, and message in the "Comment" rectangle and the bottom of this copy.
If the link is not working correctly, or you want more privacy, you can acquire my E-mail address at: ARTEARTHMANN.COM. Also, you can gather more information about me at: by simply clicking on that link below my expanded profile of this blog.
Thank you for your interest and time. And God bless the Middle Class more... for a change!

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Jesus Christ stated in the New Testament: "I am the good shepherd and I know my sheep, and am known of mine." I had a most vivid dream a while back: I was attending an impressive school on the Planet Heaven in the Trinity Galaxy, prior to my being born on this great planet, Earth. It was called, Jesus Christ University, or, The University of Jesus Christ-- maybe both names, in a parallel universe. Which of the following potential mascots would be more consistent with the karma and teachings of Jesus Christ: The Jesus Christ University Sheep, The Jesus Christ University Goats, or, The Jesus Christ University SheepDogs? For your answer, please respond in the "comment" rectangle at the end of this Blog. To discover some eloquent, penetrating incite into this interrogative, please visit my other Blog at: If the "Comment" link is not working for you here, you can discover my E-mail address by visiting my WebSite at ARTEARTHMANN.COM and E-mail me your answer! Thank you very much!

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