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One of the best Christ-like presidents

in American history was Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


To experience President
Roosevelt at his best
click on the links below!

FDR 1936
"I welcome their hatred."
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FDR 1944 Second Bill of Rights
[YouTube 4:47]

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

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I am also a freelance Peace Force Sketch Artist. Above, are two self-portraits-

side & front - of Yours Truly.

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Book of Prophecy        
The Book of Prophecy

This is the book cover for my future book: THE BOOK OF PROPHECY. It will also be the main image for the street poster for my motion picture with the same title. The above scene takes place in the year 3210 A.D. as is so stated in small print on the sacred Kaaba (black box) during the [yearly] Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This photoshopped image was done by Earthmann in 2008.

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  Medicare Flag    
Future Medicare flag

Above, my design for the future flag of the United States in my movie... "Medicare For All From Birth!" See the age of qualification for Medicare gradually lowered from age 65 to birth!".The darker stars/States are presently living in a state comparable to the former Dark Ages.
The lighter stars/States are presently living in a state comparable to the Age of Enlightenment!
The number of stars will be capped at 48. Adding another star every time a new State is formed subliminally adds to a hedgemonic War Inc. mentality.
Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island will become one state called "MassConRhode".

:: Copyright 2018 ::


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THIS IS A TEST: TU 3-20-2018
The United 4 States of Abraham

Letter-To-The-Editor Los Angeles Times, May 1, 2014
" by Paul Richter 4-28-2014
2) "ISRAEL GETS AN OLIVE BRANCH" by B. Sobelman and K. Hennessey 4-28-2014
[Modified copy sent to President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry & Pope Francis, Vice President Biden, Senate Leader Harry Reid, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Congressman Waxman, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Editor of The N.Y. Times, Editor of the Jewish Journal, Editor of The [Mormon] Deseret/Church News & Mormon President Monson, Editor of The Salt Lake Tribune [Utah], and Gen. Thom Hartmann (The Big Picture RT) et al]

Dear Editor,
Paul Richter's analysis concerning Secretary of State John Kerry's comment about 'Apartheid' Israel has been blown all out of porportion. It's like blaming the wax on a surfboard when one falls off a wave while surfing! The Bigger Picture is the cause of the too extreme turbulent sea waves in the first place... a super high-pressure political area over Israel and a super low-pressure political area over the West Bank.

The first thing to do to find the best road on the "ROAD MAP TO PEACE" in the Mideast Israeli Region (I-Region) would be to find the geopolitical common denominator for peace. [The following metaphorical mathematical fractional paradigm is based on square miles, not population]. The denominator "12" would be a pragmatic[ one to use.

In the I-Region, think of the State of ISRAEL as being the fraction 6/12 (1/2); The West Bank as the State of PALESTINE, and as the fraction 3/12 (1/4); The Golan Heights as the State of GOLANISTINE, and as the fraction 2/12 (1/6); and Gaza as the State of GAZASTINE, and as the fraction 1/12.

Then, secondly, rename the common denominator, "12", after the common ancestoral denominator of the main tribes of that Mideast I-Region: the Jews, Muslims and Christians. And that historic denominator would be... the Prophet Abraham! Yes, that's it! Call the entire Israeli Region "The States of Abraham", or, better yet, even... "THE UNITED 4 STATES OF ABRAHAM"!

Do this, and all of those tribes will eventually have a goal of enduring peace-- they will each feel that they all have an equal stake in that new I-Region IDENTITY... yes, those same immature childish emotional tribes who have not been able to get along playing in the same sand box of life for so many absurd generations! Give PEACE a chance! Use subliminal emotion and rational LOGIC!

Alot of attention has been given to the West Bank becoming another state, even the State of Palenstine. But what of Gaza as the additional future State of Gazastine or the Golan Heights as the future State of Golanistine? At first glance one may easily think that they are too small to be seriously considered as a plausible future State in the Israeli Region, or that they do not have enough population.

Size: Believe it or not, the porportionate size of the tiny area of The Gaza Strip, with its paltry 139 square miles (Rhode Island is 9 times larger)... compared to the entire Israeli Region... is very comparable to the size of Alaska to the entire United States.

The Golan Heights is 5 times larger that The Gaza Strip! So, they both do desearve our respect using the perspective of size/square miles.

Population: Gaza presently has a population of 1,657,000 and that is plenty of people for a State! In fact, if it were part of the United States it would rank 39th! Wyoming, the least populous of the U.S. 50 has only 35% as many people as Gaza. Therefore, Gazastine, go forth and fulfill thy destiny and also become a State... by first, not hating, fighting or killing Jews!

The Golan Heights, on the other hand, has only around 20,000 Israeli inhabitants. Nevertheless, this is still enough for it, porportionally, to be ranked 47th, (even ahead of Alaska, the largest State)... as far as population is concerned! Therefore, Golanistine, go forth and fulfill thy destiny and become your own State, also!

For additional clarity concerning the historical contest for land since 1946 between the Israeli Jews and the Palestinians, please consult the chart of 5 MAPS that accompany the prose, above and below. It can be accessed by going to my Website: ...scroll down around 3 feet on my Blog Page/Home Page until you reach my Blog entry #3: THE UNITED 4 STATES OF ABRAHAM-- GOD'S ROAD MAP TO PEACE. I promise you that it will be worth your time!

In case you do not make it to my Website and its chart with the 5 maps, I herewith provide my explanation of them, below.

(Note: All green/white square mile land percentages are approximate visual estimates.)

In Map #1 we see that in 1946, the Israeli Region that is Palestinian Land (green area) is 98%, and Jewish Land (white area) is 2%.

In Map #2, The U.N. Plan in 1947, we see that the I-Region is split around 50% Palestinian Land --
50% Israeli Land.

In Map #3, from 1949 to 1967, the I-Region is around 75% Israeli Land, and 25% Palestinian Land. A large section of green/Palestinian Land in the north (southern Lebanon) has now become Israeli Land. Also, the green Palestinian Land of Gaza and the West Bank have shrunk by around 30%, and are now white areas, Israeli Land.

In Map #4 we see that in 2011 the green/Palestinian West Bank Land is no longer solid green, but a patchwork of green dots, and that the area of green land has shrunk by 50%, and, therefore, the white land has grown by 50%. The geopolitical boundaries of the West Bank may have remained practically the same, but the actual Palestinian Land areas (settlements) have been cut in half, and the land lost is referred to as... 90% Israeli Occupied Land. Gaza, though, has pretty much remained the same size as a green/Palestinian Land area. The resulting total area of Palestinian Land... 10%!

Map #5 is my own personal extrapolition for the year 2030 based on my interpretation of the preceeding trends since 1946 (from Maps 1 -- 4...etc.). In other words, the I-Region will undoubtedly continue to experience a drastic resettlement of housing in the West Bank, such that, as the Palestinians are economically and sociologically pressured to move out, and they quickly will...
be permanently, and justifiably replaced by Israeli Jews. Most of those Palestinians will probably migrate back to the country of Jordan, where most of them came from in the first place. By 2030, or shortly thereafter, this Mideast I-Region will become 98% Israeli Occupied Land and the resulting area of Palestinian Land... 2%!

The 5th Map in the above chart is a PROPHECY-- designed by yours truely, Me.
I'm not proclaiming what should happen... but what will happen... given the trends of the past 68 or so years. As long as the Palestinian leaders of the West Bank persist in denying The total gravity of the Holocaust and continue to insist on Israel's utter destruction... they will continue to receive the wrath of Israel's economic and geopolitical dismay!

As soon as 6 million Palestinians are liquidated (God and Allah forbid), then, and only then, can they feel equally justified with Israel and the Jews... in having their own homeland and State located on historically sovereign Jewish territory! And, of course, that will 'never (again)' happen!

A map of Israel right now looks like a cookie with a big bite taken out of it, and that bite is, obviously, the West Bank! I herewith prophesy that the West Bank Palestinians (and even Gazastinians) will eventually find their own leader, like Moses, to lead them out of their Eqyptianesque 'Apartheidesque' Israeliesque bondage, and march back to the countries of Jordan and/or Egypt, where most of them came from in the first place!

In fact, for every settlement that Israel builds in the West Bank for Jews, a settlement of equal size and quality could be built in Jordan... so the displaced Palestinians would have a place to immediately move to! Israel could even help pay the State of Jordan for this preemptive housing! [And please do not ask me what I've been smoking... I don't smoke anything, nor do I drink alcohol... like Jesus Christ. By the way, Mr. Christ turned wine into water, not the other way around. He was a total teetotaler! And that's why TEA was named Tea... as a substitute drink/stimulant for the TEEtotaler!]

In the meantime, it would, indeed, help if President Abbass, and his other Palestinian leaders, would stop mass hypnotizing their kids to stop ripping the heads off of their real Jew-Dolls in Grade School-- and then asking those same kids... "and what do we do with those Jew-Doll heads that we just ripped off ?" And then, the kids all answer back by screaming, "we throw the Jew-Doll heads into the garbage cans!"... and the kids proceed to throw those Jew-Doll heads into their 4 classroom garbage cans in the corners of the classroom! By the way, those garbage cans are all decorated with "BlindFaither-Hitter-NotSee" swastikas! (This practice is probably still going on in West Bank Elementary Schools. I read about this evil and vile practice in the L.A. Times some time back... years ago! Perhaps, you Editors, could help me find that article.) Enough... of this possessed Palestinian immature nonsense, Abbass and Haniya!

In the L.A. Times on the same day, 4-28-2014, was an article on page A-3 "ISRAEL GETS AN OLIVE BRANCH" by B. Sobelman and K. Hennessey... wherein the Palestinian Authority President and West Bank 'Fatah' movement leader, Mahmoud Abbas, finially, for the first time, "denounced the Holocaust and expressed sympathy for its victims." But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called his remarks "a play for public opinion", and for Abbass to 'tear up' his recent pact with the 'militant Islamist movement Hamas' which has its headquarters in, and which presently occupies
Gaza. B.N. added that... "you can't have both peace with Hamas and peace with Israel." Israel has suspended peace talks with Secretary of State Kerry until Abbass cancels his reconciliation with the terrorist group Hamas... and I applaud that.

I would like to add that Mahmoud Abbass, and Ismail Haniya, (the current Hamas leader in Gaza), need to control and... stop the indoctrination of their Muslim school children... to grow up hating, fighting and killing Jews!

Then, hopefully, all of the tribes will, again, get back on... The Straight and Narrow Path... even...
The Best Road... on... God's Road Map To Peace... in the Mideast Israeli Region!

Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of G.O.D.

My Email:
My Website:
My P. O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills CA 90213
My Land line 310-581-8060

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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  Chinese Theater        
    Chinese Theater in HolyWould CA    

Above, Photoshoped Chinese Theater in HolyWould CA by Earthmann in 2011. In front of the most famous theater in town is where he theatrically plays the part of Leonardo Da Vinci by drawing portraits of women, ladies, and girls for a free jpeg, and the gentlemen and boys for a donation. When finished with the usual 3/4 pose minimal line drawing, he signs his name backwards like Da Vinci wrote. The client and Art either sit on his two red director's chairs, stand five feet apart, or retire to the nearby Starbucks or McDonalds. But, he's aiming for Spago's Restaurant here in HolyWould some day though. [Leonardo contributed to Italian military intelligence and did not want spys to be able to read one of his lost or stolen logistical documents as quickly. Visitors visiting the front during military campaigns were always searched for mirrors... to prevent them from breaking his simple "codes".] The large gray painting on stage is of Leonardo, and he is also represented by the side image of an artist painting at his easle on stage. If his client is in too much of a hurry, he draws a 5" x 3" study and usually keeps it in his spiral notebook. He seldom trys to sell them anymore. His time and act of drawing is offered for free or a donation, but the original work of art usually remains with him. [This is also why Da Vinci ended up with so many hundreds of notebooks of this same size. If he would have torn them out to sell them, or give them away, we would not have ended up with those scores of notebook/sketchbooks in the world's museums today!] Art does let them photograph it with their smartphone, or, perhaps, arrange for them to get a jpeg or xerox copy, though.

Presently, there are four beautiful voluptuous women that play Marilyn Monroe.They all wear her most famous dress, the white one that gets blown vertically from the sidewalk air grid upon which she is standing. The actress pictured in my collage above is my 2nd favorite. Stiff competition, indeed!

In the inventive tradition of Leonardo, I am designing, engineering and building a 3' square air-vent-grid platform a foot high for women to stand on. The enclosed battery operated fan will have three speeds, one slow rated "PG-8" for kids, another "PG-13" for teenagers, and the high speed will be rated "R-18" for adults. I plan to charge a dollar a minute to stand on it for photographs! Bet I'll make a bundle with this quintessential stroke of scintillating genius!

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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  Green G.O.D.      
      Green Plus flag by Earthmann      

The green plus sign is used worldwide to stand for medical THC. I added the sun burst to suggest the potential spiritual and enlightened qualitiy of THC. The three letters G.O.D. could stand for just about anything. Let me draw your portrait and I will tell you what they stand for, for me!

Copyright :: 2018 ::

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  French Alps        
      French Alps by Earthmann      

Painting by Earthmann in 1995 after his visit to the European French Alps, above, and other alps in Switzerland, Insbruck, Austria, and southern Germany, Bavaria, etc.

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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      "PRAYBOY" magazine cover by Earthmann (marker illustration)      

Marker illustration 11"x8.5" for a college class in Santa Monica, CA in 2004. The assignment was to do an advertisement for a desert. I had just returned from a Summer Tour of the European Alps and asked my Professor if I could do an Adv about the Alps, instead. He emphatically said, "NO"! So I pulled a fast one, above. The original title was "Strawberry Peak Bagels", and my Instructor was totally thrilled by the results, above! (See the strawberry-shaped peak?!)

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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  Macchu Picchu        
      Macchu Picchu prophet      

Above, represents a "Theoretical Book of Mormon Prophet at Pre-Incan, Macchu Picchu, Peru" by Earthmann. (Etching, 1984, 12" x 9") [Prophet/Apostle Gordon B. Hinkley wrote me a letter stating that "the Mormon Church does not know of any such connection" after I mailed him a copy. I say, since it is all mythology anyway, why not make it more entertaining and emotionally spiritual! Even non-Mormon archeologists have established that Macchu Picchu was a pre-Incan religious center.]

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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  Mount Rushmore        
      "Mt. Rushmore plus Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith, Jr." Photoshopped by Earthmann      

Above, photoshopped image of Mt. Rushmore with the addition of Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith, Jr. the Mormon supposed prophet. (2008)

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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  Solomon Temple        
      "4th Temple of Soloman" Architectural design in markers by Earthmann (+ Gen. Clark)      
      Above, marker illustration of "The 4th Temple of Soloman". Star of David floor plan with 12-sided vertical architectural design also by Earthmann. Portrait is of General Clark. (2004, 9" x 12") The name of my screenplay/film will either be the above title or the longer version: The Planet Heaven and the Moon Hell. Which title would interest you the most if you didn't know what the film was about? This is called "Title Marketing".

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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  UFO Floorplan      
      UFO floorplan by Earthmann 2012      
This is my foor plan for the UFO in my future film, "The Planet Heaven and the Moon Hell". (2011, Pencil, 3"x5"). The entrance is up the stairs at center which leads to a circular hallway with four doors leading to a circular office at left, and circular bedroom at right -- each with a window! The two eye-like features on either side of the staircase are stool upon which one may sit and meditate about whatever.

:: Copyright 2018 ::


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      Apostle Stephen      
      "Stephen The Martyr" Bible marker illustration by Earthmann      

Above, marker illustration of "Stephen the Martyr" by Earthmann. The Second Temple of Soloman is in the background. Football Superbowl star and Mormon, Steve Young, to play the lead. He too, was forced out of his game by a concussion!
(2004, 9" x 12")

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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    D. C. Monument      
      D.C. Tower for 4 Presidents by Earthmann      
      Here is my architectural design for a future tower for Washington D.C. Like Mt. Rushmore this tower will provide the sculptured portraits of four more presidents of the United States. My proposed choices would be: at above left F.D. Roosevelt, then J.F. Kennedy, D.D. Eisenhower, (the most recent great progressive republican president, and, lastly, either Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman, Barack Obama, if he has a great second term, or, perhaps, even, Benjamin Franklin.

The tower pays principle homage to a "Camelot Castle Tower" in the spirit of JFK's Camelot, with a moat and four draw bridges. Trying not to upstage the Washington Monument, it is 10 feet lower. At its base the tower is square, then it transforms into an octagon, and then, finally, the top floor is a circle! In the center of the top-floor observation deck is a large round table in the tradition of King Arthur, surrounded by a concentric bench upon which We The People can plan and co-ordinate our next pragmatic revolution! It would, hopefully, be erected by the side of the DC Mall Reflecting Pool, half-way between the Washington and Lincoln monuments and facing Constitution Avenue! Peace! (2012, Pencil, 3" x 5")

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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    Blessed Sacrament      
      Hollywood Blessed Sacrament ceiling by Earthmann      
      I drew this sitting on the second row of the Catholic Blessed Sacrament Chapel in Hollywood, CA. What exciting architecture the Catholic church still has.

Too bad their dogma and theocratic politics are not as eloquent! Its' war on women's birth control, and not permitting priests to marry are the top two doctrines that God wants changed a.s.a.p.

Also, that nonsense that their sacrament is literally the body and blood of Christ is probably causing millions to not take that church very seriously. Logically, after 2,000 years, the blood-type of Christ should be able to be determined by now: I'll bet it is B+!

And then there is the genealogical DNA of God. With all of this lip service, I have yet to see any religion, including Mormons, to visually, graphically, show the parents of Christ as... God, on the top line, and Virgin Mary on the bottom line. Great mythology though, helps keep the barbarians in line!

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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    Victorian House      
		House by Earthmann      
      I chose this bay area house as my business card years ago because I could show that I could illustrate even the most complicated of architectural structures. Actually, there was a telephone pole will its wires right in front center of the house, so this provided me with the opportunity to show how I could eliminate them. Then, somebody invented Photoshop and put me out of business... so I have now learned enough Photoshop to put me back in the saddle again! (1988, pen & ink, 12" x 9")

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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      Jewish Synagogue in Venice Beach, CA by Earthmann      

Above, is a drawing of a Friday night meeting at the Venice Beach, CA Synogogue. To my surprise there was just the one, one-hour session with the dozen present, standing and parroting Biblical verses from the Book of Genesis in Hebrew. No lecture, no discussion, no politics, no applying the past to the context of the present. No wonder the Jews are so backward in their theocratic organizational skills. (Thanks, for letting me sit in silence and draw this illustration, though.)

Jews should develop a pyramidic structure like the Mormons and Catholics, with a Top Rabbi leading the current, entire, Tribe of Israel, world-wide. How else will they be able to effectively compete with Christians and Muslims? This sure would have helped them and Anne Frank in WW2!

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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      LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy      
      This is a Photoshoped cartoon illustrated by me but conceived by a mysterious General Ghost Writer with whom I only spoke briefly on my cell phone. I helped clarify the verbage and chose the specific images though.

The Minerva LA Grade School scandle occurred a few weeks after I did the above cartoon. A teacher there supposedly blind-folded all of his twenty 2nd graders, placed his own spontaneously ejaculated sperm on to small plastic spoons and then had all the kids quess what they were tasting!

Superintendent John Deasy fired all the teachers and staff and hired all new personel. Meanwhile, those fired from Minerva are still being paid a full salary as if nothing has happened, and our taxpayer dollars are funding this fradulent, immoral, unethical scam. The cost of handling this fiasco, inconcluding the payment to the employees in limbo, and the cost of all future law suits from all of the sperm-spoon-lickers... will total more than $500 million. Now, imagine that amount in brown money bags, like in the above cartoon, but have them stacked on a warf to the right, awaiting Deasy's arrival with $174 million more to stack on the warf!

Deasy needs to go a.s.a.p. But please do not have him replaced with Larry Flynt, et al. [Research confirms that most of those students what drop out of grade, middle, and high schools nationwide end up involved with participating in theatrical or photographic/video porn. Yes, prostitution is already legal in the USA as long as you film the action! God is becoming mighty jealous, especially of the Virgin Flock of Sheep block.]

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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    Shrimp Dip      
      "Prong Peak Dip" marker illustration by Earthmann      

Above, marker illustration for proposed advertisement "Prong Peak Dip" by Earthmann. (2004, 9" x 12")

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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    Howard Dean Watch      
      "The (Howard) Dean Watch" marker illustration by Earthmann      
      Above, marker illustration of "The (Howard) Dean Watch" by Earthmann.
(2004, 9" x 12")

:: Copyright 2018 ::
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  Central Parkhorn          
    "The Dictator" movie poster   "ParkHorn Rootbeer" bottle wrap adv. by Earthmann      

Above, photoshopped concept for "ParkHorn Rootbeer" bottle-wrap advertisement by Earthmann. (2005, 4" x 12")Did the current poster of the new movie, "The Dictator" with Sacha Cohen, which has a portait covering all of Central Park in NYC... get their basic idea from my image, above. Inquiring minds want to know. Just mail me a check for $200.000 and I will forgive and forget!

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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      Self-Portrait in oils by Earthmann      

Above, self-portrait in oils with Renaissance attire. (1984, 8" x 8") I painted this on inexpensive canvas paper because I was just practicing until I became good enough to justify the added expense of using a stretched canvas. I spent 12 hours painting the area inside the right eye of my glasses, and 8 hours the next day on my left eye.

The entire painting took around 40 hours, or a weeks worth of work. The above image is a copy of a copy, but I still have the original. Asking price: $100,000 (or best offer).

My surreal masterpiece, not yet pictured on this website, has a flamboyant asking price of $100 million (or best offer)! I plan to donate all of my artwork to a famous museum and I have that list narrowed to four. Which ones... that's Top Secret!

Recently, a German artist, Gerhard Richter, sold his oil painting "Abstracts Bild (809-4)" for $34 million, the current record price for a living artist. So, my price can always come down!

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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  Jesus Christ      
      Jesus Christ by Earthmann (oils)      
      Above, portrait of Jesus Christ. (1984, oils, 8"x11". After Heinrich Hoffmann: Christ and the Rich Young Ruler, detail.) Talk about a great model. I didn't see Him blink once! He must have blinked just when I blinked!

I''m working on a variation of "Christ and the Rich Young Ruler" with Mitt Romney as the rich young ruler, probably with longer hair and a beard! It is not intended to complement Romney who I believe is a lying puppet aristocratic plutocratic oligarch. I have also cast Romney as a rich lying Pharisee during the trial of Jesus Christ.

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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    Marilyn Monroe      
      Marilyn Monroe      
      Above is one of my portraits of Marilyn Monroe, pencil on paper 9"x12". For months now, I have placed a good copy of it in the clear plastic pocket on the front of my three-ring binder. I then have the color image of my red white and blue cross DaVinci flag. Then as I spot a pretty woman walking by I loudly proclaim, "Ladies are free, men are two thousand. Get your free portrait, girls!" If they have 30-60 minutes I draw a jumbo-size 9x12. If they only have 15-30 minutes, I draw them using my 3x5 drawing pad and either keep it, or give it to the model for free... but, if they want to tip me, that would be even better.!

[When Da Vinci died he stipulated in his Will that he wanted 60 beggars to follow his casket as it was paraded through town, and that is exactly what happened! He was noted for drawing them to help lift their depressed spirits. If they weren't too drunk, he would get the portrait to the beggar so that he could sell it and come back for another drawing. Da Vinci also had a habit of visiting the marketplace early in the morning, and first would draw the beggars who were passed-out drunk. This provided him with still, non-moving clothed figure studies, etc.]

:: Copyright 2018 ::

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      Picasso by Earthmann as Da Vinci      

This is a drawing of Pablo Picasso from a famous photograph.
Too bad it wasn't a photo of the greater artist, M.C. Escher,
instead. O well.

Picasso was actually a better salesman and marketer of his works, than artist. In many ways, his crazy ideas did more harm than goodto the advance of great, pragmatic art. His disrespectful and grotesque images of women furthered his Big Lie that, subliminally, alphabet soup is literature! Some of his earlier, more realistic works, were great, though. Guess, he went to too many wild parties and people kept putting too many crazy causing drugs in his alcoholic drinks! What a creative loss!)

:: Copyright 2018::

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  3-D Star        
      Star A logo by Earthmann      
      Logo: The impossible mathematical perspectives of M.C. Escher inspired this drawing by Earthmann. See a star? See the letter "A"?
There is a Star of David. Perhaps this is the inspired design of the Star of Abraham, reguarded as being the "First Jew", and the common denominator of also the Christians, and the Moslems!

:: Copyright 2018::

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      I hope that you have enjoyed this free visit to my Website:      

To explore the RABBIT HOLE OF TRUE NEWS, below, will require a payment of only $20.

      Thanks again, Now, please fill out the form below. :: Copyright 2018 ::      
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MY LAND LINE: 310-581-8060



I herewith retype the chart so that it will be easier to read!

      *Google chart's original source for complete list readability. Yes No Neutral ?    
    1 Allow Government to negotiate drug prices . 79% 12%        
    2 Give students the same low interest rates as big banks . 78% 10%        
    3 Universal Pre-Kindergarten. 77% 15%        

Fair Trade that protects workers,the environment, and jobs .

75% 11%        

End tax loopholes for Corporations that ship jobs overseas.

74% 15%        

End Gerrymandering.

73% 13%        
    7 Let homeowners pay down Mortgage with 401k. 72% 14%        
    8 Medicare buy-in for all. 71% 13%        
    9 Disclose Corporate Spending On Politics/Lobbying. 71% 16%        
    10 Require NSA To Get Warrants. 71% 17%        
    11 Infrastructure Jobs Program - $400 Billion / Year. 71% 18%        
    12 Debt-Free College At All Public Universities. (Message A).
71% 19%        
    13 Expand Social Security Benefits (Message A). 70% 15%        
    14 Expand Social Security Benefits (Message B). 70% 17%        
    15 Full Employment Act (Message B). 70% 18%        
    16 Green New Deal - Millions of Clean-Energy Jobs. 70% 20%        
    17 Close Offshore Tax Loopholes. 70% 21%        
    18. Retrain Coal Miners and Coal Workers For Clean Energy Jobs. 67% 19%        
    19 End Tax Reductions For Wall Street Fines. 67% 23%        
    20 Full Employment Act (Message A). 66% 19%        
    21 Transparency In Trade Relations. 66% 23%        
    22 Eliminate The Electorial College. 65% 21%        
    23 Full Minimum Wage For Tipped Workers. 64% 21%        
    24 Close Carried-Interest Tax Loophole. 63% 25%        
    25 Free Community College. 63% 27%        
    26 Debt-Free College At All Public Universities (Message B). 62% 24%        
    27 Shareholder Approval For Corporate Political Spending. 61% 19%        
    28 Require Special Prosecutor For Killings By Police. 61% 23%        
    29 Ensure Net Neutralility. 61% 26%        
    30 Ban Revolving Door For Corporate Executives In Government. 59% 24%        
    31 Tax The Rich - 50% Reagan Rate. 59% 25%        
    32 Minimum Guaranteed Income. 59% 27%        
    33 Break Up The Big Banks (Message A). 58% 23%        
    34 Public Matching Funds For Small-Dollar Donations (Message A). 57% 23%        
    35 Central Site To Pay/Challenge All Debts. 56% 22%        
    36 Public Option Banks Via Post Offices (Message B). 56% 25%        
    37 Comprehensive Voter Empowerment Act. 56% 32%        
    38 Break Up The Big Banks (Message B). 55% 23%        
    39 Financial Transactions Tax. 55% 24%        
    40 Tax The Rich [More]-- Billionaires and Millionaires Tax. 54% 31%        
    41 Free, High Quality Public Child Care. 53% 33%        
    42 Single Payer Healthcare Via Medicare [For All]. 51% 36%        
    43 Financial Transactions Tax (Message A). 50% 29%        
    44 Public Funding Of Congressional Elections. 49% 26%        
    45 Public Option Funding Via Post Offices (Message A). 49% 31%        
    46 Restrict Surplus Military Equipment To Police Departments. 49% 31%        
    47 [Restore] Glass Steagall (Message B). 47% 26%        
    48 Public Matching Funds For Small-Dollar Donations (Message B). 47% 32%        
    49 Tax Rebate For $100 In Small-Dollar Donations. 45% 33%        
    50 Make Election Day A National Holiday. 45% 42%        
    51 [Restore] Glass - Steagall (Message B). 44% 28%        
    52 Ban For-Profit Prisons. 44% 37%        


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  4b POLL   Big Progressive Poll      

Sanders to be on a $2016 billboard?!

        Benjamin Franklin        
        5c Return to TABLE        
        $100 dollar bill makeover        

Friday, June 12, 2015 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sir:

YOUR WEAKEST LINK - COMMUNISM: I was asked to be your campaign director for the Beverly Hills / Hollywood CA area by your Burlington VT campaign office a few months ago, and I accepted that informal calling... until you find someone to formally appoint.

Recently, I Googled “BERNIE SANDERS AUDIOBOOKS” on iTunes and only one choice appeared, and that was a split radio interview in Maine in 2004 where you spoke for the first hour, and the head of the Communist Party in America, Sam Webb, spoke for the second hour. That two hour program cost me $5.00 to download from iTunes, and I was very impressed by your speach. The second hour featuring the communist leader I found very vacuous and disappointing. Having you both on the same Audiobook was a very stupid idea!
[Have Webb on iTunes by himself in two one-hour radio shows in Maine as a compromise!]

The reason I am writing you is because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and you are running for President. Bernie, YOU NEED TO REMOVE THAT SELECTION "SANDERS/SOCIALIST - WEBB/COMMUNIST" FROM iTUNES IMMEDIATELY! Your political opposition will be doing everything they can to sully your reputation, and calling you a communist, or, you being linked to, or, a friend of communists will sully you more than any other link in your fabulour, patriotic chain! It’s silly, but it’s also the truth.

My uncle, Warwick C. Lamoreaux, ran for the State Senate in Utah in the 1950s as the leader of the Democratic Party. The day before the election he led by 1% in the polls in the Salt Lake Tribune, the morning paper in Salt Lake City, and Utah. Then, the Mormon / Republican owned afternoon newspaper, The Deseret News, published a huge headline across the entire width of the front page above the fold the day before the election that read, "LAMOREAUX A COMMUNIST?" He lost the election the next day by 1%! Even though he got his law degree from Harvard, he could not sue because the paper had only asked the question - it did not say that “Lamoreaux WAS a communist!” [My uncle did confide in me that he was never a Communist, only a Socialist.]

Last week, Sean HANNITY referred to you as a "Socialist / Communist" on his radio program, and then, a few minutes later complimented you for being against the TPP
and TPI, and asked his secretary to call and invite you to be on tomorrow's program!

[I liked the way you referred to "the Communist Eisenhower" in you interview with Katie Couric on YouTube! Keep the humor going - it makes you more friendly, relaxed and approachable!]

You need to put your 8.5 hour Senate filibuster speech your gave in 2010 on iTUNES as an AUDIOBOOK! Sure, it’s published in book form, and viewable on YouTube, and is five years old, but the masses and leaders like me need to be able to hear you speak over and over again so we can better memorize your political positions and represent you better!

Also, your main one hour campaign speech you gave in Burlington on May 26 should also be available for purchase on iTunes as an AUDIOPAMPHLET for $5.00, perhaps including other recent speaches as part of a package. In fact, your entire Website should be published as both a book and as an Audiobook ASAP! It will save you the time to write another book as it is already written! People would prefer to hear you read it with your own voice on the future Audiobook though. When I jog or work out at the gym I listen to your Audiobook!

I am drawing your portrait using the $100 dollar bill cross hatching technique, and I enjoy listening to your speeches in AUDIOBOOK format at the same time - truely inspirational - like listening to a resurrected FDR!

Respectfully yours,

Arthur J. Earthmann

My Website:
My email:
My land line: 310-581-8060
My P. O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills, CA 90213


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6 Charlie Chaplain                


    The Interview poster The Great Dictator poster    

Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA

Letter to the Editor, Los Angeles Times [“SONY FALLOUT NO JOKE FOR THE COMICS” by J. Rottenberg and D. Vankin (12-22-2014, D-1)]

Dear Top Editors, Nicholas GOLDBERG and Jim NEWTON:

I would like to thank Rottenberg and Vankin for alertly mentioning the political hot-potato classic movie “The Great Dictator” by Charlie Chaplin. But it seems that SONY didn’t learn enough from that 1940 movie or Chaplin’s Autobiography.

A quart of oil may seem insignificant to the operation of a 2,000 pound automobile, but try driving one with too little oil; it will not work!

Chaplin had the wisdom to add that oil to his movie THE GREAT DICTATOR; SONY did not add enough oil with its recent movie,

First of all, Chaplin had the common sense to change the name of the antagonist, Adolf Hitler, to that of “Adenoid Hynkel”. Same initials and they rhymed. Also, instead of using the setting as the country of Germania, he chose “Tomania” to infer ptomaine poisoning as a metaphore for that poison propaganda of hate that Hitler was spewing. Lastly, the main five minute speech at the end of the movie was given by the double of Hynkel, the jewish barber, and "Dictator" ended on such an uplifting note that it was nominated for Best Picture and Best Screenplay at the Academy Awards, among others!

I am a screenwriter, and as such I would like to make some suggestions for “The Interview”. I have not yet seen the movie, but I’ve heard reports that the Dictator of Korea, Kim Jong Un, gets his head blown off... kind of like JFK’s. That could easily be made into a dream sequence [oil] where Un falls asleep and then suddenly wakes up right after the softened bloody head visuals [oil]. But the dream, and the chemicles that caused the dream, the handshake, etc., cause him to have a nervous breakdown which causes Un to have a change of heart and he decides to provide easy computer and International Internet access at all of North Korea’s schools and libraries [oil, plus an uplifting ending]! Also, change the name of Korea to “Poorea”, and Kim Jong Un to “Tim Jon Goon [oil]! And, of course, release the movie ASAP!

When Chaplin first tried to release “Dictator” only two theaters in the entire USA agreed to show it, and they were both in New York City. Those two had enthusiastic sold out crowds; the abundant threats did not materialize; and it became Chaplin’s biggest financial and critical success!

Please foward this email letter to CEO Michael LYNTON et al of SONY PICTURES. They may just learn something.

Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of G.O.D.

My Website:
My Email:
My Land line: 310-581-8060
My P. O. Box 1223, Beverly Hills, CA 90213


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8 LBJ vs JFK                


    JFK & LBJ IN TEXAS    

Google the above key words and watch the several YouTube videos of authoritative interviews with the author, Roger Stone, concerning his recently released (2014) book called,


"Find out HOW and WHY LBJ had JFK assassinated. What does legendary political operative Roger Stone know that historians Robert Caro and Robert Dallek and Fox [socalled] news host Bill O'Reilly don't?

He KNOWS that Lyndon Johnson was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Combining decades of insider political knowledge with cutting-edge research, Roger Stone lays out the case that Lyndon Johnson was behind the murder of Kennedy and numerous other victims along the way. LBJ was not just shooting his way into the White House; he was avoiding his imminent personal destruction at the hands of the Kennedys.

Stone reveals that Richard Nixon was convinced that Johnson had a hand in Kennedy's murder-- and that both Barry Goldwater and the KGB came to the same conclusion. Stone indicts J. Edgar Hoover, Gerald Ford, and Arlen Specter for their role in the cover-up and lays out the curious actions of George H.W. Bush on November 22, 1963.

Nixon's moment of revelation came on November 24, 1963, as he watched Jack Ruby, in yet another LBJ-directed murder, kill Oswald. Nixon immediately recognized Ruby as a "Johnson man" he knew as a paid informant for the House Un-American Activities Committee from the 1940s."(Quoted from the book jacket.)

Numerous others close to JFK or his history, including his brother (Attorney General, Bobby), his wife (Jackie), Oliver Stone (director of the 1991 movie "JFK"), and Jesse Ventura (former Governor of Minnesota), have all adamately stated that LBJ used his connections to the Mafia, CIA, Texas Oil, and both political parties at both national and local levels... to kill kennedy and cover their tracks!

It's time to put LBJ on trial for Accessory to Murder in the JFK case! Read below and see it happen in my upcoming stage play and motion picture!


Attend the soon to be performed stage play about The Trial of LBJ for the Murder of JFK


2063:The Planet Heaven
and its Moon Hell

See a parole hearing take place on the Planet Heaven on November 22, 2063 -- the 100 year anniversary of the assassination of JFK on the Planet Earth in 1963!

[Watch the DVD: "Inherit the Wind" (1960) starring Spencer Tracy, and about the famous Evolution Monkey Trial in Tennessee in 1925 to get a feel of my feelings!]

See the resurrected JFK (played by Rob Lowe, Matt Damon, or, Brad Pitt, etc. ?) star as his own prosecuting attorney as he tries to persuade a jury of twelve to sustain God's initial Pearly Gate Judgement of LBJ (played by Al Pacino with an LBJ very realistic face mask, or, a Jimmy Durante double). When Johnson died in 1973 he was quickly resurrected, judged at the Pearly Gates and sentenced to 100 years to Eternity for master minding the death of JFK. See LBJ's Defense Attorney (played by Anthony Hopkins, as Adolf Hitler, again ("The Bunker", 1981), attempt to hypnotize the Court.

See Jesus Christ (played by the World's Greatest Magician, David Copperfield) preside over the hearing, along with His Eternal Father, God (played by Senator Harry Reid, or, Senator Bernie Sanders).

See the Wife of God, the Virgin Mary, who God stole from her Planet Earth human husband, Joseph the Carpenter (played by Senator Elizabeth Warren).

See the Court Room Sketch Artist (played by Robert Downey Jr., or, me, Art Earthmann/Charley Chaplain) draw LBJ and Adolf with horns!

See " 2016: The Planet Heaven Resurrectoids",
a Novel, Stageplay, Screenplay, Motion Picture destined to create history! Rated: PG-8

See the Final Act called...

Twelve Angry Resurrectoids

See a Hearing Trial, where, in the beginning of Hearing deliberations, only one jury member votes for "guilty" to an Accessory to First Degree Murder conviction for LBJ, but, eventually, JFK convinces the other eleven resurretoids (resurrected humans) to also vote to convict the convict, LBJ. See LBJ, as a result, flown back to The Moon Hell for at least another 100 years -- at which time he will be up for his next parole Hearing!

[Watch the following movies to get a flavor of what genre my movie is:
"1984" by George Orwell,
"2001: A Space Odyssey",
"Inherit the Wind" (1960) about the Skoops Monkey Evolution Trial of 1925 in Tenn.,
"Twelve Angry Men" (1957) with Henry Fonda - about jury deliberations.]

To see LBJ crouch down on the floor of his limo just before the first shots were fired as he made the left turn on Elm St. in Dealy Plaza in Dallas,
Texas -- proving that LBJ had forknowledge of the tragedy that was shortly to befall the motorcade -- Click on the YouTube Link below!


To watch Robert Stone give an eloquent book store tour presentation concerning the release of his critically acclaimed bestseller, "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ" (2013),
Click on the YouTube link below!


Note: Its Moon Hell-- in my movie cosmology, rotates around the Moon Purgatory which rotates around the Planet Heaven. Since the Moon Hell has rings like the Planet Saturn, would it be more poetic to call the Moon Hell-- The Moon Satan-- instead? Afterall, the word Satan rhymes with Saturn! Pray about it and let me know via email, phone, or letter! Thanks.


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Operation: Hit the N.R.A.

    NRA: Wayne LaPierre    
Above, is a photograph of the most fiery speaker, propagandist, and Executive Vice President of the 4.5 million member National Rifle Association, Wayne
"The Pear" LaPierre.


1. [First two seconds - MUSIC- loud opening chords of the final movement of "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinski - Voice Over the music begins - music volume is lowered but continues softly in the background during this entire radio commercial - Action!]

2. An exciting motion picture - SATIRE - is being produced, called -
"The Sniper Olympics"!

3. See - the
most fiery speaker and propagandist of the current National Rifle Association, Wain LaPear, have his golf cart hit by God's LIGHTNING as he plays golf with his corrupt cronies on the Sandy Hook Golf Course - near where The SANDY HOOK Elementary School shooting occurred on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut - resulting in 20 dead children, and six dead adult staff at that school!

4. See - Ronnie G. BARRETT - the infamous founder of Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, and inventor of the new 50 caliber SNIPER RIFLE, which can penetrate armor from more than 4,500 feet and is legal for civilian purchase in 49 states - introduce his new sniper rifle at the Annual NRA convention - to thunderous applause!

5. See -The NRA's purported TIES to Organized Crime and the Mafia - investigated and uncovered by American Police, FBI, and European Interpol!

6. See - the FBI rediscover that Lee Harvy OSWALD's purchased by mail order - the 6.5 mm Carcano Model 91/38 carbine, also improperly called Mannlicher-Carcano, with a 4x scope - from the National Rifle Association magazine, American Rifle - that he supposedly used to shoot President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

7. See - the FBI discover that Malcom "Mac" Wallace, Johnny "The Rat" Roselli, and "Knoll Badgeman" bought a sniper rifle and joined the NRA.

8. See - TARGETS used by anti-NRA enthusiasts- endowed with a life-size photograph of the FACE of NRA's Wain LaPear - with his wide open mouth being the Bull's Eye!

9. See - The FULLBORE Target Shooting 1,200 Yard Event (that's 1.1 km) evolve in to the One-Killometer and One-Mile Sniper Shooting Target Events - added to the Summer OLYMPIC Games!

10. See - The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) - and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - support the BANNING of the NRA from The Sniper Olympics - until it changes its fascist policies!

11. See - some gun enthusiasts inspired by the adding of the sport Sniping addded to the Olympics, and TV advertisements by the newly established DEMOCRATIC RIFLE ORGANIZATION, each order one of those 50 caliber sniper rifles - apparently, only for innocent target practice and deer hunting.

12. See - 200 COUNTRIES of planet Earth and hundreds of athletes compete in the preliminary qualifying rounds in the Men's Sniper Competition and in the Women's Sniper Competition in both the One Killometer and One Mile Sniper Tournaments!

13. See - the Grand Prize and final Olympic games place the MEN'S Sniper Gold Medal Winner against the WOMEN'S Sniper Gold Medal Winner - in both the one killometer and one mile competition!

14. See - these two champions compete for the final two MOTHER of all Gold Medals, even the Super Sniper four-inch 22-Karat Gold Medal - in both the Sniper One-Killometer and Sniper One-Mile Tournaments!

15. See - the National Rifle Association's annual picnic featuring its NRA Leadership Council (76 member Board of Directors) being interviewed on stage by Sony Pictures Entertainment - when, suddenly, a giant SINK HOLE forms and causes practically everybody on stage to disappear into the abyss!

16. See - Wain LaPear on CNN - and reveals that the NRA is herewith announcing that it is REVEARSING its previous evil and wicked positions - and, instead, now supports the eternal ban on the sale of Assault Rifles, extended clips that hold more than ten rounds, armor piercing and hollow point bullets, and all of the other pragmatic suggestions made by the American Police, and FBI!

17. See - Wain LaPear mysteriously DISAPPEAR - like the disappearance of the national labor union leader of the 1.5 million member International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) - mafioso, Jimmy Hoffa, in 1975!

18. See - the city of Hollywood, CA come under a better spell - such that it changes the spelling of the name of its city - with the sign on the hill above that city changed to Holywould, even to H-O-L-Y-W-O-U-L-D!

19. See - crime in Holywould DROP 91% in four years!

20. See - "The Sniper Olympics" - a motion picture - Satire - destined to create HISTORY!

21. Rated: PG - 8

22. This coast-to-coast radio commercial is brought to you by the -
and the -

23. We We the Peo Peo Ple Ple - thank you!

24. [
Final two seconds - music-volume loud again with a repeat of the chords of the final movement of "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinski.]

25. Fade to silence -


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12 Bad Daddy                

Operation Bad Daddy:

    Bad Daddy Baghdadi   Bad Daddy Baghdadi    
    **** TOP SACRED ****

Friday, February 6, 2015 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: President Obama, Sir:

On taking out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi-- the founder and current leader of ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State by using the following brilliant Intelligence logistics:

Drop millions of leaflets/fliers on the main populus areas that they control in Syria and Iraq. Important: have the fliers the same size as their current paper money (Iraqi Dinar; Syrian Pound), as well as the same color and weight/type of paper.

2) On the front side have three photographs and/or illustrations of the titular leader of Isis-- Baghadi: front, side and three-quarter portrait view. In each corner have the value of $10,000,000. ($10-20 million dollars) but expressed in their language. (If the number 8 has more Islamic spiritual value (their Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem has 8 sides, then have the reward be $8,000,000 million instead). Have the additional ornate graphic money design resemble their current currency.

3) On the back side of these money/reward/fliers, in each corner have represented one of the fifty-two cards in a full deck of cards, like, the King of Clubs, for example. Reward $100 to anyone who collects a complete deck of 52 cards. (This is so the fliers will not be thrown away, as they have easy-to-collect monetary value by simply making a phone call.).

4) State the contact information for the Isis double crossers to reach the American Team Forces, the Reward givers, including the best-- Website, Email, Phone number, P.O. Box, perhaps street address. Also, promise 72 virgins-- just don't say when and where they will be provided-- (Top Sacred: on the Planet Heaven or its Moon Hell when they die and become a Resurrectoid-- Joke)!

5) Deliver the money/fliers by small drones so that if it is shot down, not very much money will be lost, and no American Team Soldiers will be injured.

6) Infiltrate potential informants into Baghdadi's Islamic State Mosques so a definite fix can be established as to his present location.

7) Use one of my new conceptions/inventions: Sniper-Robot-Insect-Drones! Manufacture a six-legged drone which looks like a flying mosquito. They will be controlled by remote (Las Vegas, etc.) and are directed to land on a roof, telephone pole, hill, etc. when it gets within a 1 Km or 1 Mile range of target... and then quietly fire with a built-in silencer!

8) Use human American snipers who are great from a distance of from 1km to 1mile. Have the Pentagon double the number of fixed surveilance satellites, and double the current telescopic power, Software security and Internet speed!

9) Bad Daddy Bagdadhi is as important a devil as Osama bin Laden was! Thou shalt stop him, or, kill him ASAP! He is pictured above:

10)The pixle clarity, above, is 500 px x 500px. This was the best choice of images on the Internet, but it should be readily available to download at the higher definition of at least 800 px x 800 px. You need to be able to make his image as clear as possible, especially on fliers larger than paper money size-- for posters up to one meter by one meter, and even billboards ten feet or twenty square feet to be placed on buildings and along roads!

11) P.S. UKRAINE: President Obama, you should supply the Ukraine military with Lazer-Drones (my own conception/invention) that electrically zaps the enemy Russian tanks to knock out the tank's software. The metal skin may be too thick to penetrate with anti-tank shoulder launched rockets/missles, but all the better to electrically conduct a crippling lazer bolt to render the tank blind, dumb and probably stalled even though it has plenty of gas!

12) The above logistic Intelligence, created and conceived by me, Gen. Earthmann, is worth between $10,000. to $100,000. or best offer. Therefore, be patriotic, like me, and upon acknowledging the greatness herewith-- mail me a monetary check to show your loyalty and support. The more you respect me, the more Intelligence I will share with thee! Fair enough? I am a freelance Peace Force Sketch Artist, and political global Master Mind.

13) I will probably use many or all of the above ideas in my future Motion Picture: "2063: The Planet Heaven and its Moon Hell", unless you, sir, advise me otherwise.

14) Your prompt reply President Obama, or, from your appropriate agency/representative will be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of G.O.D.
My Website:
My Email:
My P. O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills, CA 90213-1223
My Land line: 310-581-8060

[Copyright 2016.2.6]



Pictured at right is Abu Ala al-Afri, the current leader of ISIS.

Al Baghdadi, pictured above, has been reported to have been hit in a recent drone attack. He is either cripled or dead!

  al-Afri of ISIS    
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Best Propagandist Awards
of Planet Earth

And now, from The Planet Heaven in the Trinity Galaxy, Mr. God brings you... " The God Show"... His... Decadeal Awards: Given to those Resurrected Spirits who have created the most influencial, good or bad, true or false propaganda, (i.e. Best/Worst and/or Biggest Big Lies/Myths/Truths)... in the history of Planet Earth! These awards are given every ten years!

Some of these recepients were given temporary travel visas from Its Moon Hell, with its flames and frozen ice packs, to receive their awards!

And the winners are... in first place...

1) Jesus Christ: Resurrection/Virgin God-Birth
2) Apostle Paul: Christianity/New Testament
3) Moses: Began Judaism/Old Testament
4) Mohammad: Began Islam/Koran
5) Martin Luther: Began Protestant Reformation
6) Charles Darwin: Evolution/Man from Apes
7) George Washington: 1st US President/General
8) Abraham Lincoln: USA Civil War President
9) F. D. Roosevelt: New Deal for US Needy/WW2
10) Karl Marx: Class Struggles = Revolutions
11) Nicolaus Copernicus: Planets circle our Sun
12) Isaac Newton: Scientific Revolution/Calculus
13) Aristotle: First Scientist/Logic/28 Fallacies
14) Buddah: Chinese Buddhism/No Creator Diety
15) Leonardo Da Vinci: Artist of Science/Writer
16) Michelangelo: Artist of Emotion/Propaganda
17) Joe Smith: 'Saw' God+/Gold Bible/Mormonism
18) Adolf Hitler: Nazism/WW2/60 Million Dead
19)Edward De Vere: Wrote All Shakespere Plays
20) Johann Gutenberg: Inventor of Printing Press
21) Ts'ai Lun: Inventor of Paper



Christ really turned wine into water!
Jesus was a total teetotaler!

    Thou shalt prohibit all Tell-A-Vision, Bill- Board and Motion Picture advertisements for beer and all alcholic drinks! This is the present law for tobacco... and hard liquor on most TV stations. Think of all the alcohol caused traffic accidents that kill more than 10,000 people a year! Consider the drunken fist fights in or near Bars-- the broken marriages and ruined careers and lives! Remember, beer can be just as dangerous as whisky! Drink enough beers, and one easily becomes as drunk as if one drank whiskey sours or wine! When Prohibition was ended, a tragic mistake was made: instead of opening the spicket of booze slowly and very incrementally and cautiously, it was opened suddenly and fully-- the Rape Juice gushed forth as if from a fire hydrant! That cap must be slapped back on and slow, gradual, conservative Trickle Forth restored!

REVELATION: Christ really turned wine into water! Jesus was a total teetotaler... didn't drink a drop... was in favor of total sobriety! The Catholic Church monks changed the legend to accomodate its monetary investment in the Midevil wine industry! Really!

Amen & Awomen!


My Inner Ellipse

Including both The Planet Heaven
and its Planet Earth Resurrectoids,
as well as those not yet resurrected:

[Not in order of any paradigm]

Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-MA
[Should run for President in 2016,
and/or walk for Vice President in 2016!]

Thom Hartmann, News Anchor RT

Ralph Nader, Political Master Mind,
democratic independent Presidential candidate

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT
[Should run for President in 2016,
and/or walk for Vice President in 2016!]

Rep. Alan Grayson D-FL
[Should run for President in 2016,
and/or walk for Vice President in 2016!]

Rachael Maddow, News Anchor MSNBC,

Jon Stewart, Political Satirist,

Bill Mahr, Political Satirist,

Sen. Harry Reid D-NV Minority Leader,

Rep. Nancy Pelosi D-CA

Pres. John Fitzgerald Kennedy D-MA,

Oliver Stone, "JFK" (1991) Movie Director,
WW2 Documentary, "Untold History of USA"

Charlie Chaplin, Actor-Director
of his first talking movie and his masterpiece
"The Great Dictator" (1942)

Pres. Barack Obama D-IL
Good President, but still time to be a great one!

God: of The Planet Heaven Universe--
Trinity Multiverse

Jesus Christ God, The Son of God

The Holiest Ghost of the Holiest Trinity

Mormon Apostle Anthony W. Ivins, my cousin!

Edith Ivins, My Grandmother!

The Apostle Paul

The Prophet-King Moses

The Prophet-King Jeremiah

The Prophet-King Soloman

The Prophet-King David

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz, D-FL

Warick C. Lamoreux, D-UT Politician, My Uncle

Robert Stone, Anti-LBJ Author

Steven Spielberg, Jewish Director

Scarlett Johanssen, Jewish Actress

Angelina Jolie, Actress

John Frank, Drama/Writing Professor-Director

Dr. Ed Romero

George Carlin, Comedian

Phil Hartmann, Comedian
[Don't date or marry a cocain fiend!]

Robin Williams, Comedian

Mort Sahl, Comedian for JFK

George Orwell, Author of "1984"
& "Animal Farm

Aldous Huxley, Author of "Brave New World"

Pres. Thomas Jefferson

Leonardo Da Vinci, Artist - Scientist-Writer

Michaelangelo, Artist - Propagandist

M. C. Escher, Impossible Perspectives Artist

Pres. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Pres. Theodore Roosevelt -
Progressive Republican

Pres. Abraham Lincoln -
Progressive Republican

Copernicus, Scientist

Galileo, Scientist

Fallen Prophet Joseph Smith, Jr.

Horny Prophet Brigham Young

Horney Moroni - Horn player

Fawn Brodie, Anti-Mormon Author

Walter Kronkite, News Anchor

Heinrich Berann, Panorama Artist

Alvin Gittins, Portrait Artist

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, Classical Composer

Igor Stravinski, Classical Composer

The Beatles, Rock Composers

Charles Darwin, Evolution Discoverer

Richard Dawkins, Athiest Biologist

Christopher Hitchens, Athiest, Informal Logician

O'Henry, Short Story Writer

Paul Krugman, Economist

John Maynard Keynes, Economist

Jack Anderson, D.C. Muckraker, Mormon

Greg Palast, Muckraker

Peter Paul Reubens, Artist of Sacred & Profane

Pres. Gen. George Washington

Pres. Thomas Jefferson D-VG

Aristotle, Scientist-Informal Logician

Gen. Marshall, The Marshall Plan, WW2

Gen. Patton, WW2

Gen. Omar Bradley, WW2

Prime Minister Winston Churchill, WW2

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther

Pope Francis I

Danny Ainge, Basketball player/GM, Mormon

Steve Prefontaine, Olympic Track Star

Marcus Mariota, Football Star

Steve Young, Football Star, Mormon

Gov. Jon Huntsman, Mormon

Gov. Mitt Romney, Mormon

Prophet Thomas S. Monson, Mormon

Jane Mason, Kindred Spirit

Kimball S. Erdman, Kindred Spirit

Diane Lamoreaux Erdman, Kindred Spirit

Douglas Frank Erdman, Kindred Spirit

Kathy P. G. Erdman, Kindred Spirit

Joe Montana, Football Star

Marilyn Monroe, Actress

Sen. & A.G. Robert Bobby Kennedy, D-MA
Democratic candidate for President 1968

Sophia Loren, Actress

Sid Caesar, Comedian

Roger Stone, Anti-LBJ Author, Republican!
Maybe there are a few good ones still around!

G. O. D. - The Holiest Ghost Writer
of the Great Open Democracy!

Alle- The god of NoHamMad

The Profit NoHamMad

Gen. Rabbuy Massiah SINaGod


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Joseph "Smyth Myth" Smith -
The "Moreman" Mormon Profit Prophet?

    Joseph Smith, Jr.    
    Illustration above: Joseph Smith, Jr. pretending to translate the golden plates of The Book of Mormon via a seer/peep stone in his hat! Jo never saw, held, read, or had any Gold Plates! They were never hidden in any woods near his home. They never even existed. They were a total Big Lie MYTH!

Which one of the titles listed below do you find the most compelling for my Best Picture screenplay concerning the most influencial religious leader in American history... The "Joe S. Mith" myth?!








[Charley meets Jo S. MITH on the Planet Heaven,
and Jo tells Charley how he pulled off
the greatest MYTH-HOAX in American history!]




PRIDE Came Before
The Fall Of Joseph

The Mormon PROFIT


Fade In:
4... 3... 2... 1... Action!

Scene 1: The Boaster

Joseph Smith Jr., the Mormon supposed Prophet, will probably be recorded as the most influencial religious leader in American history. Much has been written of his strenghts... but what of his weaknesses, besides being very poor at grammar and spelling? Did he have any others of import? I would like to report several that my in-debth research has revealed, and you be the judge of their consequences.

To begin with, I would like to quote from the most trusted and respected source of LDS Church history, even from page 408 of vol 6 of the 8 volume Comprehensive History of the [LDS] Church:

[Joseph Smith is speaking:]

"I have more to BOAST of than ever ANY MAN had. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. A large majority of the whole have stood by me. Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor JESUS ever did it. I BOAST that no man ever did such a work as I. The followers of JESUS ran away from Him; but the Latter-day Saints never ran away from me yet." [My emphasis added] (Joseph Smith,,
vol. 6 page 408)

Can you really imagine that any true Christian prophet of God would proclaim that he has had more to boast of than Jesus Christ! Wow, what was Joe smoking or drinking?! Perhaps, Joe momentarily forgot that Christ broke the bands of death by His personal resurrection! Now that, if it really happened, would trump any accomplishment of Joe sMITH [MYTH], wouldn't it?!

Scene 2: The Comparison

As far as humility is concerned, were not both Mr. Smith and Mr. Christ charismatic egomaniacs?

But, when I read that Joe "boasted", and was "proud" and took "pride" in the fact that he, Joseph Smith, held his Church together better than Jesus Christ held His Church together, it makes me conclude that Smith considered Christ as a holy and worthy COMPETITOR on the stage of World Religious History.

Would it be rhetorically accurate to say that President Franklin Roosevelt was an "antiHoover"? Well, yes in a competitive sense, as they both, as polititians, ran against each other for the same office... president of the United States.

And, was FDR an "antiHitler"? Of course he was! Hitler was not "the" antiChrist, but only "an" antiChrist, even though, at times he ended some of his speeches with the word "Amen", and alluded to the word "God" to help him cast his magic spells.

Scene 3: Shroud DNA

By the way, if a DNA test were to eventually be done on the resurrected, dead or sleeping body of Mr. Jesus Christ, would it prove that His real Father was... God... or... The Holiest Ghost... or... Joseph, the husband of the supposed virgin Mary?

And what about the Shroud of Turin which is purported to be the burial cloth of Mr. Christ-- it has blood on it! Has anybody ever checked what blood type it is?

If it is any of the normal human types (A, B, AB, or O) then His father would have to of been Mary's husband, Joseph the Carpenter, (or another human male) correct-- and that would make Mary not a virgin, right? (Why didn't Mary and Joseph have sex after they were married? What kind of a honeymoon is that?!)

Would that be proof that Christ was not the physiological Son of God [blood type G] or The Holy Ghost [blood type H]?! Think about it! This is called Informal Logic and Reason based on Fact and Evidence. Of course the Emotionites, Faithites, and Feelingites would object to my even asking this Golden Question. They would just quickly pivot and screem that the Shroud of Turin must have been the burial cloth of some Earthman other than Christ. How convenient! Check the damn bood, sheepS!

Scene 4: The Greatest Sleeper

And for those agnostics or atheists who do not have sufficient faith to believe in the Resurrection of Christ, how about a true short story wherein Christ, after His crucifixion and burial in the tomb, is moved by His supporters and simply sleeps for around 1,800 years! Then, when He awakens, He initially assumes the name of... Jesus Van Winkle! And, it will be a story that is... truly short... under ten pages, like the other Winkle story!

Remember, that when the Rip Van Winkle short story by Washington Irving was published in 1819, it was labeled as being a " true short story". Stupid readers actualy believed that Rip slept for twenty years and then woke up! (The rhetorical trick was that it was, indeed, true that "Rip Van Winkle" was a story that was short-- only five pages long... I mean, real short! It was the story itself that was not true even though it was ... short! Wake up stupid New Yorkers!)

Jo Smith probably even read that "true" Rip Van Winkle story and mused... Gee, if New Yorkers are so gullible that they can fall for that short story... perhaps I can write a "true" long story, The Book of Mormon , that could be accepted as... being true, or, truly long... say, 500 pages long!

"Winkle" was like the October 30, 1938 Orson Wells Mercury Theater "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast where Orson pretended that Martians with flying saucers had invaded New York. Thousands actually fell for that hoax! Humans mobs rioted and some even died!

Consider the longest-lived person in the Bible, Methuselah . He supposedly lived 969 years and died around the time of the great Flood of Noah's time. If [Myth-use-lie] could live a thousand years, then Mr. Christ could sleep for 1,800... right? Aren't faith-fables fabulous? Isn't gullibility ability a liability based on lies that fly?

Scene 5: Saint Gold

How about another short story called...
Marry Merry Mary CRYstMYTH of Cry St reet...?
You didn't realize that the Bethlehem Inn with the manger and Baby Jesus was located on Cry St., did you? The secular Palestinians changed the name of the street to Cry St.! Or is that gossip... or another Big Lie?

By the way, remember the Three Wise Men? The one who brought the gold was dressed in a costume of red and white, and with a hat that looked like Saint Claus, I mean... Saint Nick! Did he really tell Mary and Joseph that his name was... Saint Gold? Is that really... true? Wow! (Wink wink!)

Scene 6: Righteous Apostacy

Today, in 2015, there are more than 15 million baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). But millions ARE running away from Joe Smith because they have come to kNOw that he was NO t really a true prophet of God... but a PROFIT of Greed... even a profiteer! (Reliable sources inside the LDS Church Office Building in SLC, Utah state that, currently, around 70,000 members request that there names be officially removed from the Church each year, i.e. request voluntary excommunication without cause.)

Let's take a look at the history of Joe's background origins and see what has caused this current tsunami of righteous spiritual Apostacy:

Scene 6: The Gold Digging Hat Peeper

As a teenage GOLD DIGGER and unable to find any gold or buried Spanish pirate treasure near his home town of Palmyra, New York (and other locations), Joe was repeatedly charged in courts of law and found quilty of fraudulent gold digging misdemeanors. (During his short life, he was involved in around 220 court cases concerning either Jo, or his saints/sheepS!)

The most famous and best documented trial occurred on March 20, 1826 when he was found guilty of being a "glass looker". He would put a sphere of glass, or, his seer/peep stone in his white hat which would revea to him where to dig for gold and treasure. [He would eventually use this same magic to supposedly translate the gold plates of his Gold Bible, The Book of Mormon].

He desparatedly needed to find some gold, fast, to resurrect his sullied reputation. Continuing to fail month after month to find any gold, Joe probaby eventually imagined... what if he simply invented a story of finding some gold near the Hill Cumorah near Palmyra to save face!

But, in order to continue gold digging in his county, etc. he would need to have the support of any past, present, or future judges. So, Joe probably mused, what if that gold was in the form of gold plates with mysterious ancient writings on them?! Maybe then I could get some respect around here!

But Joe needed a solid reason that would excuse him from not having to show the non-existant gold plates to anybody, including any Judges.

So, he probably imagined, what if he told the Judge that an angel told him that he was not supposed to show the gold plates to anybody, because somebody would undoubtedly attempt to steal them from him, and he would probably even receive bodily harm when he was eventually attacked to be robbed!

And, if the angel told Joe that he was only supposed to visit the location of the buried treasure once a year for four years, then, he would be able to pursuade the Judge to continue his case for those four years, and, in the meantime... continue further gold digging, even if he were on a formal or informal probation!

I'm presently doing research on how the gold digging scam may have worked in up state New York in the early 1800s. Perhaps Joe would approach a farmer and tell him that he had a dream or vision that there was buried treasure on his farm, and, if that farmer would let Joe and his team dig and look for it, Joe would pay the farmer 20% of the value of the treasure if the farmer would financially help by investing in the operation in advance... and 10% if the farmer did not help and invest in advance, but only gave Joe and his team permission to dig. And, he would probably hide some valuable item ahead of time, and then pretend to find it by revelation... by his seer/peep stone in his hat... later!

Scene 7: Stupid SheepS

After all, people were pretty stupid back then. 80% of the rural income was made by farming, and the children only attended school three months a
, and that was during the Winter. In the Spring they would plant the crops, in the Summer they would tend their crops and livestock, and in the Fall they would harvest their crops.

After four years of waiting, the angel Moroni supossedly finally gave Joe permission to take the gold plates out of the ground, but with the specific instruction to hide the gold plates and not show them to anybody. After all, there really were not any gold plates, remember?!

Scene 8: The Surreal Heavy Gold Bible Dig

After theoretically digging them up, Joe claimed that he immediately hid them in a sturdy cloth sack. Tradition states that they were approximately 5" deep x 6" wide x 7"long. (This would equal 210 cubic inches of gold!)

Joe claimed that he put the gold plates under his arm and ran the two miles from the hill to his home. That seems very improbable, though, because that much gold would weigh around 150 pounds at 1,206 pounds a cubic foot, or .7 pounds a cubic inch! Joe even claimed that on his run home he was attacked twice, but miraculously escaped with his prize!

Joe confided that when he first entered his home what he really held were three sacks of white sand!When his wife, Emma, asked him was he was holding in his sack, he told her that it was gold plates-- and she believed him! Jo, seeing how easy it was to deceive her... and imagining how easy it would be to deceive the world-- the hoax took flight!

Soon, he had a wooden box made to hold the non-existant plates-- putting both the plates in the box-- in to the sack. Initially, he probably changed the sand for a heavy masonry brick cube of around-- six inches by six inches, by six inches! [I prefer to use the shape of a cube because I'm a cubist... like Picasso! The total number of cubic inches stays pretty much the same... at 216, still around 150 pounds.]

Now, don't get excited about the dimensions
6" x 6" x 6"! Joseph Smith was not "the" or "a 666" antiChrist! If anything, he was "a" or "the" "ProChrist"... a term of my own invention and literary imagination.

A very revealing book that shows light on the real character of the character Joe Smith was written by a niece of the Mormon prophet/president, David O. McKay. No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith (1945) was written by former UCLA English Professor Fawn Brodie.

On page 39 & 71 of the above book, Brodie states that Smith claimed that the gold plates were around 8" x 8", but neglected to say how thick the stack was! (Red flag, red flag!). Jo claimed that the sub-book within the B of M, the Book of Ether (about the Jaradites), consisted of 24 thin gold metal plates. [Since the Book of Ether is 6% of the B of M, mathematical extrapolation would logically conclude that the entire Gold Bible would consist of around 400 thin gold metal pages].

Smith also said that the metal pages were held together by three huge rings. (To have it weigh around 150 pounds like the previous claims mentioned earlier, the stack would have to be around 3.25 inches thick. If the metal was not gold, but aluminum sheets, they would have weighed around 30 pounds.)

Oh, and I almost forgot! Jo said that part of his Gold Bible was sealed! So, should we add another 20-40% more weight, or, is that already included?!

Joe's wife, Emma, said that she never opened the sack to view the plates when they were on her kitchen table, but felt them through the cloth and said that the plates felt like stiff paper. Why didn't she ever mention the thickness of the stack of plates, or, of feeling the three huge rings? Was it because the whole affair was a Big Lie Hoax, and there never was even one gold plate, whatsoever?!

One of the problems when people lie and tell different versions of the same story to different people, is that history records conflicting data. So, don't worry about the actual dimensions of Jo's Gold Bible-- it never existed anyway!

On page 276 Brodie analyses Joseph Smith's origin of the word MORMON: [... the word for "good" in Egyptian is "mon".] "Hence, with the addition of "more", or the contraction "mor", we have the word Mormon; which means, literally, 'more good.'"

It should be obvious that the above supposed evidence, instead of helping Joe's case, actually undermines it. He proclaimed that his Gold Bible was written in Reformed Egyptian, not Egyptian. Yet, he presents the Egyptian word for "good", i.e. "mon" as the principle basis for his most key word, that very word that is in the title of his Book of Mormon.

This critical clue supports the overwhelming evidence that Joe did not ever have any gold plates, nor any text in Reformed Egyptian-- he simple extrapolated from Egyptian whenever he felt the need to expand further his magic spell, his mystic hoax!

By the way, Joe forgot to mention the Egyptian word for "more"-- which would have caused him to sink even deeper in to his linquistic quick sand! Also, today, the Egyptian language is called Arabic, and there are not any English letter equivilants in Arabic!

Next, to talk to a Professor of Arabic at UCLA or USC to verify my suspicion and theory.

Scene 9: Blind Faith and/or Second Sight?

Joe claimed to have seen numerous heavenly or resurrected beings and angels, but he was always careful when he used the word "saw"! Sooner or later, he, and his three and eight witnesses, always admitted that they "saw" them with their "spiritual eyes"... what he called "second sight"... not to be mistaken for, or confused with, their natural, human, psysiological, or real eyes!

Sigmund Freud, the father of psycho analysis, would, undoubtedly, have used the term "imagination", or "dream-state", or "day-dream", or "hallucination", or schizophrenia, or even "epileptic fit"... to describe Joe's "seeing"... God once, Christ twice, John the Baptist, Peter, James, John, Elijah, Mormon, and the angel Moroni around twenty times.

Furthermore, out of respect for the gravitas of Freud's stature, Sigmund may have even used the term... lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, and another twenty "lies" for Moroni... to explain Joe's unexplicable grandiose claims! Yes, Joe's visions were undoubtedly, clinically, psychologically, a compulsion... just like gambling, sex, drugs, or getting attention as a kid, can become an addiction or a compulsion!

Scene 10: Lost Tribe or Lost Soul

Joe claimed that the angel Moroni told him that those gold plates contained a history of Ancient America, written in the obscure language of Reformed Egyptian by two groups of Jews from Jerusalem, who had migrated to central America by ships made on the bank of the Red Sea around 2,200 and 600 B.C.!

But, extensive DNA research of the present day, of living descendants of the ancient Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs have proven that no hereditary connection, no DNA match, exists! The penultimate causation was, indeed, a frozen land bridge across the Bering Straight thousands of years ago, enabling the oriental Mongols et al to migrate to present day Alaska and all the way South to Chili, etc.

In his book, Losing a Lost Tribe: Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Church (2004), Simon G. Southerton shows that the American natives show no evidence of Israelite descent, which contradicts what the Book of Mormon says.

A more recent and sympathetic biography was written by professor Richard Lyman Bushman called, Rough Stone Rolling: A Cultural Biography of Mormonism's Founder (2005 & 2007).

The actual story that Joe supposedly translated was really of his own imagination with help from his inner circle. He undoubtedly obtained alot of his ideas from several similar stories already published in books, magazines and newspapers that were popular in the Palmyra, New York area in the early 1800s. Some have been proven to have been available for Joe to read at the several libraries in that region!

Besides the KJ Bible, the most obvious source that he stole alot of his B of M stories from, was a book by Ethan Smith (no relation), published in 1823, and again, ironically, on April Fool's Day April 1, 1825 called "View of the Hebrews; or The Tribes of Israel In America". (Republished 2001)

But, a more helpful book is one which thoroughly compares the above book, View, with the B of M. It is called "Joseph Smith and the Origins of the Book of Mormon" (1985, 2000) by David Persuitte. This is really a great 300 page revelation! (Google this!)

On page 50 of the above book by Persuitte, we read a quote by BYU Professor Hugh Nibley, one of the most respected LDS church historians: "If this court record is authentic, it is the most damning evidence in existence against Joseph Smith." The court record of Joe's trial in Manchester, New York on March 20,1826 was proved to, indeed, be authentic. The actual, aged, milldewed court record was found in a storage box in the basement of the Chenango County Jail where old county documents were kept. Joe was found guilty of being a "Glass Looker" [seer/peepstone in his hat gold-digger and con artist] and fined $2.68. Justice Neely gave Joe the option of either more jail time or leave the city. Joe chose the latter and left Manchester.

Scene 11: Manuscript Found and/or Lost?

And then their is the author, Solomon Spaulding, who wrote "Manuscript Found" (MF 1812), another literary source for the B of M. The following quote shows astonishing identical specific similarities with the Book of Mormon (BM): According to John Spalding, Solomon's brother, the plot of Manuscript Found (MF) told "of the first settlers of America, endeavoring to show that the American INDIANS are the descendants of the JEWS, or the lost tribes. [Same as BM] It gave a detailed account of their journey from Jerusalem, by land and sea, till they arrived in America, under the command of NEPHI and LEHI. [Same as BM] They afterwards had quarrels and contentions, and separated into two distinct nations, one of which he denominated NEPHITES and the other LAMANITES.[Same as BM] Cruel and bloody WARS ensued, in which great multitudes were slain. [Same as BM] They buried their dead in large heaps, which caused the mounds so common in this country." Also, the city of ZARAHEMLA was used in both writings! [Wikipedia-- Google: Manuscript Found]

"I well remember that he wrote in the old style, and commenced about every sentence with 'And it came to pass...,' or 'Now it came to pass,' the same as in the Book of Mormon. This rhetorical scriptural style, similar to the Bible, occured over 2,000 times in the BM! [Wikipedia-- Google MF]

Personal note: I must raise a red flag of caution concerning the credulity of Manuscript Found as a legitimate origin of the Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith's scribe, Martin Harris, lost the first 116 pages of his supposed translation in 1828. They could easily have been called Manuscript Lost... but they weren't. They were refered to as... The Lost Manuscript, though!

Even so, the exact duplication of so many terms in both writings makes me theorize that the lost 116 pages may have been some of the origin of Manuscript Found-- it would only have taken the forward-dating of its non-published conception to have had this causation. (Since the alleged author, Spalding, died in 1816, the content of the lost 116 pages could have been deliberately meshed with Manuscript Found between 1828 and the year the B of M was published in 1830.

The mere labeling of the story Manuscript "Found" would have been a great subliminal ploy to deflect having Manuscript "Lost" as its foundation... because it would make it too obvious! It would be like using revearse psychology!

A current similar example of this poetic ploy is the calling of the recent Supreme Court decision CITIZENS UNITED, just that, when, in fact, logically, it should have been rhetorically called CORPORATIONS UNITED... because the Decision really unites and benefits the latter alot more than the former!

Scene 12: Original Origins

Another scholarly analysis of Joe's probable literary sources for the Book of Mormon plots and subplots, is by Professor Grant H. Palmer! He taught LDS Church History at various Church Institutes of Religion for over 30 years. [Google Amazon to see his book "An Insider's View of Mormon Origins" (2002), and watch his several one hour YouTube video lectures concerning his revealing revelations!]

Scene 13: Magic and/or Witchcraft?

According to the Comprehensive History of the [LDS] Church, the main, initial process Joe used for his translation of his imaginary gold plates was for him to place one of his favorite [black magic?] black, dark brown, or striped seer/peep stones into his hat, then [save face?] place his face into said hat so as to keep out all light [blind faith?], and then, miraculously, a word would supposedly appear in his hat, and he would dictate said word to his more educated scribe who was sitting nearby, who would then write it down on his manuscript!

Scene 14: Scribes Without Punctuation Spell

Joe had to use a scribe because his English and grammatical skills were so illiterate, that his verbal version of his visions would have been too embarrassing to mass-hypnotize his masses.

On the other hand, Jo's scribes were also so uneducated that when the B of M manuscript was first taken to the printers, the type setters had to add the periods, commas and capital letters because there were so very few of them! And to think-- two of Jo's scribes, Emma and Oliver-- were teachers-- of what-- grade school?!

Scene 15: The Certain Curtain

Also, Joe was supossedly ordered by the angel Moroni not to show the gold plates to anyone, so, as a later myth goes, a curtain was erected between Joe and his scribe so that the scribe would not be able to see the plates, but only hear Joe's voice. Joe claimed that God revealed the supposed inspired translation of the gold plates by the magical means of the Biblical Urim and Thummin--seer spectacles or special eye glasses! [And to think that I use to believe in all this nonsense! I must have really been mass-hypnotized by that LDS Church! Still the best mythology... with lots of sincere, industrious, moral, chaste, sober, unimaginative, unquestioning, conforming members, though!]

According to the accounts given by Joe's mother, Lucy Mack, his wife, Emma, his few other scribes, his three and eight witnesses, and the official History of the [LDS] Church, Joe, only used his seer /peep stones, to transcribe the entire story of those ancient Americans, not the gold plates!

According to those accounts, Smith did NOT use any gold plates, or attempt to read and thereby translate from any gold plates directly. That myth evolved later when the Church leaders theorized that the plates process would be more believeable than the peep stone process to the members and investigators of the Church!

Scene 16: Hidden Peepers

If fact, the leaders kept the peep stone process so well hidden from Church members and public, that even I was never taught about it at church. Although I was raised in the Church from birth, I only came across this peep stone dogma recently on the Internet!

On my mother's side, I had relatives who were leaders of the Church. One, Anthony W. Ivins, became an Apostle and First Counselor to the President/Prophet of the Church, Heber J. Grant! By the way, he, and his son, Antoine R. Ivins, also a General Authority in the Church, were ardent liberal, progressive Democrats, I'm proud to say!

But, now days, the political pendulum in the Church has dramatically swung in the direction of the Republican Party after Ezra Taft Benson became the Prophet/President. President Eisenhower called him to be Secretary of Agriculture and the elephants have stampeded the Mormon sheep ever since!

Fortunately, the Church leaders have become more transparent recently and admitted that they have been hiding the peep stone myth from their flock. They decided to finally admit it, as public and member pressure steadily built as the content of the Comprehensive Eight Volume History of the [LDS] Church became so available on the Internet.

Scene 17: Jo's Too Many Wives

[The Church leaders have also recently shed light on several other previously hidden facts about Joe Smith: that he did not have only one wife, afterall, but he had 20 to 40 wives! This occurred, even during the time that he received a revelation in his book, Doctrine and Covenants, Section 132, that stated that... "polygamy is an abomination"! Another dogma-- that God told Joe that... "alot of six foot men and women live on Earth's Moon"!

Scene 18: The Naughty Blind Faither Not Sees

Adolf Hitler wrote in his infamous book, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), that, as far as propaganda is concerned... the bigger the big lie, the easier it is for the masses to believe in that lie! Hitler's Nazi movement had so much pagentry and esoteric dogma that it was subliminally, really, a religious movement in the minds of his German masses! Those poor hypnotized fools... those millions of sheep in wolve's clothing!

So, perhaps, Joe's transcribing via the peep stone big lie/myth was actually a bigger big lie/myth than Joe's transcribing via the gold plates big lie/myth... and therefore more pragmatic ... and that's why the Church initially used it first.

But, nevertheless, the LDS Church leaders chose to change their propaganda routine in the 1800s when they came to this fork in their Straight and Narrow Path Road. Now, there are dozens of impressive hypnotic illustrations showing Joe looking at the gold plates, as if translating, and only a few of him with his face stuffed in his hat with a peep stone, as if translating!

Joe and his dad began digging for gold out of financial desperation. They tried farming, but the weather kept interferring with their success.

In fact, during the early 1800s, in his Palmyra neighborhood, gold digging was a rather common scam. There were even dozens of self-appointed preachers running about claiming to have talked to an angel or God!

Scene 19: Profits of Greed

Yes, Joe's real motivation to theatrically act like and eventually become a supposed Prophet... was the tempting financial security that came to so many preachers... that of making a PROFIT... by collecting tithing donations through his very own Church, and by selling his published Book of Mormon (1830)!

And profit did he make! The Church Joe founded, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is now worth $ Billions! It has become one of the richest, and, proportionally, the fastest growing Church on Earth! It is just not hanging on to its converts as well as it used to. Remember... Knowledge... is the Forbidden Fruit!

It would actually be dangerous for the millionaire Mormon, Mitt Romney, or any Republican, for that matter, to become President of the United States.

This is because a government run by the Rich Young Ruler Pharisees... would ultimately lead to the collapse of our Democracy and suddenly evolve into a plutocratic Oligarchy! Who knows-- we may already be there... or caught deep enough in its quicksand that our... Cunt Tree of Wee Wee the Pee Pee Pull Pull... cannot escape!

Democrats, like the Mormon Speaker of the Senate, Harry Reid, of Nevada, still believe in the Will of We The People, still believe in a Democracy! There are still some good, progressive Mormons LEFT!

Remember the wealthy jewish Pharisees, wealthy palestinean Sadducees, and Rich Young Ruler? They all opposed the core doctrine of Jesus Christ: that of humbly helping the Needy. They all rooted for the Money Changers in the Temple. Today, they would all root for the millionaires and billionaires on Greed Street [Wall Street] who own the, mainly, Republican politicians in Washington.

Scene 20: Stampede Out

In this year of 2015, of the current LDS church membership of 15 million gullible sheep, a MAJORITY of those millions have RUN AWAY from Joe Smith and his church. Only a minority remain truly active in his church-- manifested by having a current temple recommend-- obtained by paying a full tithe of 10% of one's income, expected monthly temple and weekly Church attendance, etc.

An average Ward has around 400 members, of which around 50% attend. That's around 200. When there is a Ward Temple meeting, usually only around 20 attend. If there is a Stake Temple meeting, since there are around 5-10 Wards in a Stake-- 100-200 attend. (That's my fifty years of personal Temple experience, and not based on any formal Church statistics.)

Scene 21: Withholding Propaganda

Joe's three favorite peep stones are still in possession of the LDS Church, and are kept in a Church Office Building locked safe in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have recently been proudly shown to some Church historians, and Bishops et al!

Several of these witnesses have since left the Church after they realized that keeping such important propaganda myth history from its members is really... nothing less than... criminal civil FRAUD!

For more information concerning this brouhaha and hullabaloo, read the recently released book, "An American Fraud... One Lawyer's Case Against Mormonism" [and the Book of Mormon] (2011), by noted [post-LDS] Fraud Attorney, Kay Burningham, of Utah and California.
(Google her YouTube interviews and see her book at

Scene 22: The Real Authors of Syntax Sin

One of the most compelling revelations in Burningham's book is on page 289-290. Here she explains that... "concerning the syntax of the writing styles... multivariant computer analysis by David I. Holmes, a British statistician... supports the conclusion that the author of the Doctrine & Covenants and of the Book of Mormon is the same person, Joseph Smith."

"More recently, three Stanford-affiliated scholars from the department of English, statistics and engineering, applied a sophisticated statistical analysis by using delta and nearest shrunken centroid (algorithmic classifiers) to determine Book of Mormon authorship: 'Our results indicate that [the] likely contributors to the B of M were Solomon Spaulding, a writer of historical fantasies; Sidney Rigdon, an eloquent but perhaps unstable preacher, and Oliver Cowdery, a schoolteacher with editing experience. ...Rigdon was the main architect... he fabricated the B of M by adding theology to the unpublished writings of Spalding [Manuscript Found] then deceased [as of 1816]. The Stanford authors conclude that Sidney Rigdon, the authors of the biblical books Isaiah-Malichi, and Mormon Oliver Cowdery account for anywhere from 85-93% of the Book of Mormon text."

Note: I would like ask why the above three scholars did not include the New Testament Sermon on the Mount; and, Joseph Smith as, at least, one of the principle authors of the B of M? And, what about Martin Harris, Joseph's second scribe who lost the 116 pages of the B of M in 1828? (The common rumor is that Harris's wife burned them.) Harris mortgaged his farm for the $3,000 ($70,000 in today's money) to pay for the first printing of the
B of M.
) And there is also Smith's first scribe, his wife Emma Hale, who was also a school teacher. (Considering the bad spelling and grammar, Emma and Cowdery probably didn't have enough input in to the B of M though!)

Scene 23: Conformity Comfort

In her book, Kay referred to Sterling McMurrin, a respected unorthodox professor of philosophy at the University of Utah. In an interview in 1983 he said, "Nothing can produce a more rapid deterioration of religious faith than the honest study of the history of religion...To a remarkable degree the Church has concealed much of its history from its people...We are going through a stage of intense indoctrination in the Church that robs the individual of intellectual freedom...I never did consider the Book of Mormon to be don't get books from angels and translate them by miracles; it is just that simple...I know of no real evidence in its support, and there is a great deal of evidence against it...I realize it is often difficult for the orthodox to grasp the fact that some of us in the Church who are unorthodox in our views love the Church as much and are as sincerely devoted to it as they are...Technically, yes, I am an agnostic. But I have strong religious sensitivities." (Internet)

Imagine a scene in a motion picture where all of these probable authors of the B of M are sitting around a circular table-- like the knights of King Arthur's Round Table: Smith, Emma, Rigdon, Cowdery, and Harris, all discussing how they can forge the most influencial hoax in American history!

On their table rests a copy of Spalding's Manuscript Found (1816), Ethan Smith's View of the Hebrews (1823), and the KJ Bible. A dictionary and a book on grammar are conspicuously absent, (as well as any Gold Plates), because they are too unconcerned about atrocious spelling and grammar-- which is alarmingly evident by the poor English used in the published first edition of the Boof of Mormon in 1830!

Two... One... Action: The conversation begins... !

Scene 24: Golden Questions

Another great read is the revealing story of ex-Mormon Bishop Lee Baker. He was a Catholic who fell in love with a Mormon, joined the Church, and remained active for over 32 years. His military intelligence vocation was that of a high level National Security Agency (NSA) employee who negotiated 1/2 billion dollar contracts for the Pentagon. Then, his Sunday School students began asking him questions-- that became his own questions. He wrote a tell-all book, "A Life Under False Pretenses (2012)", for his family, and recorded two one-hour videos for YouTube! Just Google Lee Baker, and visit!

One question that Lee Baker had, besides Joe's propensity to boast about being greater than Christ, concerned the following contradiction: Joe sMITH claimed that the Book of Mormon was... "the most correct of any book on Earth and the keystone to our religion... and that a man could get nearer to God by abiding its precepts than any other book" [including the Bible]! But, the B of M has, had over 3,000 changes... in spelling, grammar, and syntax, etc.! Now, how could the first 1830 edition possibly be regarded as being... "a most correct book"?!

Scene 25: Plagiarizing Players

Also, Internet software has discovered that around 15% of the Book of Mormon is an overt, unethical and illegal plagiarizing of the Bible! Also, the simple proof exists that the B of M has the same grammatical mistakes that are in the 1820s King James Version that Joe used in his supposed translation of those gold plates! Those errors still remain, unabashedly, in the 1830 printings of the Book of Mormon and in the current printing of both the B of M and the KJ Bible!

(The LDS Church leaders are so embarrassed by this, that the early 1800s B of M printings are no longer available for purchase at the Deseret Book Store in SLC, Utah!) One can purchase a replica of the first 1830 B of M at though!

Scene 26: Moors/Mormons

By the way, did Joe choose the name "Mormon/Mormons to ... subliminally... link to the More-man/ More-men Muslim Moors?! Was Joe really trying to be another Prophet like Mohammad who had his own book of supposed, inspired scripture, the Koran? Does the word Mormon rhyme with the word Mammon?

Scene 27: Spirit of God Like a Fire Is Burning!

Or, since Joe was primarily raised as a Methodist, was he trying to become another John Wesley, who founded the Methodist faith, and whose big, initial claim to fame, was that God miraculously saved him at age six from a horrendous home fire? (His home, and the second floor room, from which he was rescued, exploded into flames right after he was saved by a man on a tall ladder.)
Ladder day saint... Latter-day Saints... Get it?!

Perhaps, Joseph was trying to top Wesley's miracle by claiming at age 14 that an angel [subsequently changed by later Mormon prophets to have been... not one, but two angels... and then the two angels myth metamorphized into... God and Christ!] appeared to him [on April Fools Day?, 1820] in that supposed Sacred Grove near his home in Palmyra, New York! (There was no fire then... but the Two that did supposedly appear were... brighter than the sun... and the sun is one great big... ball of fire!)

The Methodist Church Pastor "threw" Joseph sMITH out of his Church after Joe made that Twofer claim!

Or, was it a win-win vision?

Scene 28: Things NOT True?

In conclusion, I would like to quote the two most famous and most often read verses of supposed scripture in the entire 531 pages of Joe Smith's Book of Mormon. They are located on page 529:

"And when ye shall recieve these THINGS, I would exhort you that ye would ask God, the Eternal Father, in the name of Christ, if these [THINGS ARE NOT TRUE]; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, [He] will manifest the [TRUTH OF IT] unto you, by the power of the Holy Ghost. And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all THINGS." (Moroni 10: 4-5) [Caps, [...] etc., mine]

Joe could have written... "that ye would ask God if these things ARE TRUE; and if ye shall ask..." But why was he so rhetorically careless and inept?

I believe that Joe's phrase, "not true", was a Freudian Slip-- even a subconscious, subliminal admission of guilt-- that his "THINGS"-- the Book of Mormon being translated from a sacred, historic, Hebrew, Gold Bible-- yes, because those THINGS were NOT TRUE-- but were, indeed, FALSE-- or, inotherwords-- a LIE, even a very BIG LIE-- even a CON, as in CON ARTIST!

Even Joe's usage of the term "THINGS" shows disrespect in his own body of work! If he would have been alert, and a wordsmith, he could have presumptiously used, instead of the word "THINGS"-- the propagandistic word SCRIPTURES! But he didn't dare-- because he KNEW all along that his Gold Bible was NOT scripture... and that he KNEW that he was, in fact, NOT a prophet of God, but a PROFIT OF FRAUD!

Scene 29: Author or Translator?

Another great example of a Freudian Slip by Joe Smith was located on the title page of the first edition of his Book of Mormon: he wrote... Joseph Smith, Jr. -- AUTHOR... thereby subconsciously admitting that he was the originator of this epic tall tale afterall! In the next, and all subsequent editions, he recognized this slip up and had written: Joseph Smith, Jr. -- TRANSLATOR... !

But it was too late, wasn't it?

Scene 30: Burning Bosoms

In his book Doctrine & Covenants Section 9 Verse 8 we get a sample of Joseph Smith's overt supposed scriptural writing style and content concerning how to discern an affirmative answer, from God, to a prayer:

8 "But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask [M]e if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right."

Golden Question: Does this suggest that Jo was subconsciously obsessed with breasts, women and girls? I thought only human women have a bosom, and they, in fact, have two of them! Why is the above word "bosom" singular? Which bosom ["will", as opposed to "shall/should"] burn within... the right bosom or the left breast?

And does this logically, rhetorically apply to men who do not have bosom/breasts, but a chest?! And since one is studying, whatever, out in one's mind/brain/intellect, etc. why does not one's brain burn within? (Would that reflect a ill temperature and/or a headache?) Instead of having one "feel" that it is right (the right breast/bosom?) why not have the answer from God render the prayeree to... "think" that it is right? Does not "feel" reflect the emotions of the heart? Would not a burning heart reflect "heartburn"? Who in their sane mind would recommend heartburn?!

Should not Reason, always, if not usually, trump Emotion? The inspired, revealed and true answer is "YES"! The Smith-Mormon-propaganda machine would shout, "NO"!

In God's Name, how could so many millions of sheep get conned into thinking that the above Verse 8 is great, profoundly inspired Scripture, let alone clear English?! Send me an email, quick. I'm getting hot!

Scene 31: Mysterious Mystery Movie

And now to make these mysterious Mormon mysteries and the life of Joe sMITH [MYTH] into a completed... evolving blog... then a journalistic report... then a documentary... then a short story... then a graphic short story... then a novel... then a graphic novel... then a children's short story... then a graphic children's short story... then a stage play... then a screenplay... then a story board... and then a motion picture for all of the inhabitants of the four corners (quarters) of planet Earth to enjoy!

Yes, truth and facts shall make us all free... free from mendacious myth, fraud fiction, presumptious propaganda, lovely legends, sweet stories, comforting circular reasoning, and huge Big Lies!

I rest my case. Amen and Awomen!

Fade Out...


    Joe Smith seer stone in hat    
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Charlie Hebdo cover

Update: Friday, 1-9-2015: After two days, around 90,000 French police and security forces located, surrounded, cornered and killed the two Muslim terrorists who killed 12 at the satirical magazine Hebdo in Paris, France on Wednesday. A second related hostage crisis a few miles away was also resolved with one hostage taker killed, but with the female accomplice escaping. Conflicting reports have yet to resolve what happened to the hostages at both locations.

History: "Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine in Paris, was firebombed [and destroyed on Nov. 2011] for a satire of Islam that involved a cartoon of Mohammed [as Editor-In-Chief]. The magazine is an equal opportunity offender, and treats all religious and political groups as “fair game”. Despite this reputation, a cartoon with a picture [above] of Mohammed saying “100 lashes if you are not dead from laughter,” was too much for unknown terrorists who firebombed the offices of Charlie Hebdo, which was founded in 1970, except for a ten year hiatus that started in 1981 as part of a long tradition of journalistic satire made most famous by La Canard Enchaine."
[Internet 1-7-2015]

Did another flamboyant magazine cover trigger the assault by three [Islamic terrorist] gunmen with assault rifles to kill twelve at "Charlie Hebdo Magazine yesterday in Paris, France?

"One of the little-discussed details in the wake of the terrorist attack on the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo centers on a book featured on the front cover of its current edition.

The book, which has reportedly caused controversy in the days leading up to its publication over perceived ”Islamophobia,” imagines the future election of a Muslim leader of France, which heralds a broader Islamization of the EU.

Its title is “Soumission” or “Submission” in English (“submission” being the literal definition of the Arabic word “Islam”), the newest work of celebrated and controversial French author Michel Houellebecq.

“Soumission” was released in bookstores today, January 7, with one Bloomberg writer already questioning whether the attacks on Charlie Hebdo are linked to the book’s publication."
[Internet: Google key words]

Prophet Mohammed

Above, the most famous of the twelve Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed published on
9-30-2005 which resulted in childish Muslim riots worldwide and more than 200 deaths reported. This was the most critical crisis for Denmark since World War 2. This should be a clue as to how socially immature the idiotic extremist branch of Islam really is! Wow!

Personal note: Perhaps the profit MooHamMad was given or adopted that first name because the middle syllable, "HAM" is the food that Jews hate the most! Ham comes from pork/pigs that are regarded by the Jews as being the least KOSHER of all foods-- because pigs live in mud, poo poo and vermin! The third syllable in Mohammad is MAD-- and that's what happens to ham eaters-- they go, or, are mad! The first syllable "MO" is undoubtedly a contraction of the word "more". So, putting the word for Prophet Mohammad in subbliminal perspective one arises at: MORE:HAM:MAD! And that's what Muslim [ISIS] terrorists are-- completely MAD.

Or, is "Mo" in Mohammad a subliminal contraction of the word "Moo"-- as in-- Where's the beef -- resulting in the sublime word MOO:HAM:MAD ?!
Inotherwords, eat beef, not pig/pork ham!

Perhaps, "Ham", the son of the Jewish Prophet Noah, should consider changing his name to "Beef", since ham is the least and worst non-kosher food!
Reporter-angels on the Planet Heaven have contacted Ham, and he is considering to change his name as it is never too late, God willing!

Just think of the word, "Muslim"-- as Jon Stewart revealed yesterday, it could very well be a subliminal expression of "MooSlim"-- showing where the beef really is-- in slim non-fat or less-fat moo-milk-- not pig milk! Beef indeed!

Also, consider the terrorist group Hamas: they probably chose their name because, again, the first syllable was HAM, and the second syllable was, subliminally, ASS-- the least Kosher part of the pig! This title, Hamas creators probably thought, would really tick-off the Jews! Ironically, both the realms of Hell and Heaven agree, and refer to Hamas as HamASS!

Then again, there is another possible eloquent articulation. What would the name NoHamMad communicate: Please do not serve us any more ham, or else we will go mad?!

In my future motion picture comedy, Islamic terrorists will be primarily fed a diet of ASS of HAM!

Prophet Mohammed

And where did the word Islam [IS:LAM] subliminally come from? Probably from the two words IS and LAMB! Mr. Christ claimed to be the LAMB OF GOD, so, the founders chose a title that would subconsciously check-mate the linguistic identity of its two main theocratic opponents-- Christianity, the other, being Judahism! Also, the technichal definition of "Islam" is "Submission", and, ironically, lambs (young sheepS), are submissive aren't they?

Similar reason that the resurrected [Profit MoreHamMad] supposedly took off in a flaming chariot when he died-- from the city of Jerusalem -- the same city as the city of the Hebrew Jews, Judah-- their main theocratic enemy! Now, both Muslims and Jews are fighting over the hottest political/theocratic hot-spot on planet Earth-- the Temple Mount in Jerusalem!

Beware: when the Muslims are about to conquer the Catholics, or, Mormons-- they will probably conveniently arrange for one of their resurrected leaders to take off in a flaming chariot from Rome, or, Salt Lake City, [or, AllAH] UtAH!

[Note: "Alle" in German means "everything"-- doesn't ALLah know "ALL, i.e. everything"? Isn't Allah, or, God omniscient? Caution: Remember-- ALL religion is Santa "Cause" Claus for adults! Who was/is the First Cause, ST. CAUSE, or,
Saint God?]

Is the Cartoon above supposed to represent the profit NoHamMad in hell?

Now, please, do NOT let the Muslim Islamic Jihadi Extremist Terrorist ASSes win by squashing SATIRE-- now LAUGH & SMILE, damn it!

I'll end this Blog entry with an indisputable respectful portrait of the supposed Prophet Muhammad, below, accompanied with the most respectful spell (spelling)-- incorporating the first syllable of his name as "Mu" rather than "Mo", or, "No"! Now, wasn't this spiritually sensitive of me!

Prophet Muhammad


P.S. Here's one of my best cartoon ideas which I plan to illustrate as soon as God gives me permission through The Holy Ghost:

Horizontal format: Forground center-- a fixed six foot pole with the severed head of NoHamMad (who looks like Bad Daddy Baghdadi) stuck thereon. Red blood streams down the pole from his neck. Middle distance right-- the golden Dome of the Rock quasi Mosque. Middle distance left-- a flaming chariot pulled by six wild bores ascends (resurrects) towards heaven at a 30 degree angle from left to right. In said chariot stands a headless Resurrectoid, NoHamMad, cracking his whip. Top right distance-- 72 tiny stick-figure virgins stand on a puffy cloud waiting his arrival. Top left distance-- word bubble with the spoken words pointing up to puffy clouds with Alle saying: "You forgot your head!" [This-- Top Sacred Cartoon-- could definitely win the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning in 2015, correct?] Now, to get some newspaper or individual to commission me to draw it. Its got to be worth $200. to $200,000., right? One half payment in advance, please! Thank you for your consideration. Gen. Art Earthmann
[Copyright 2015.2.6]


P.S. Here's one of my best cartoon ideas which I plan to illustrate as soon as God gives me permission through The Holy Ghost:

Horizontal format: Forground center-- a fixed six foot pole with the severed head of NoHamMad (who looks like Bad Daddy Baghdadi) stuck thereon. Red blood streams down the pole from his neck. Middle distance right-- the golden Dome of the Rock quasi Mosque. Middle distance left-- a flaming chariot pulled by six wild bores ascends (resurrects) towards heaven at a 30 degree angle from left to right. In said chariot stands a headless Resurrectoid, NoHamMad, cracking his whip. Top right distance-- 72 tiny stick-figure virgins stand on a puffy cloud waiting his arrival. Top left distance-- word bubble with the spoken words pointing up to puffy clouds with Alle saying: "You forgot your head!" [This-- Top Sacred Cartoon-- could definitely win the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning in 2015, correct?] Now, to get some newspaper or individual to commission me to draw it. Its got to be worth $200. to $200,000., right? One half payment in advance, please! Thank you for your consideration. Gen. Art Earthmann
[Copyright 2015.2.6]


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G.O.D. Endorses Democratic Party!

    The following is a 6-minute full-length Tell-A-Vision Commercial
for the Democratic Party of the United States of America
for 2014 and 2016 and beyond...


An anthropomorphic extra-terresteral Being stands two feet above the ground levitating in front of the erupting Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park. He is located around halfway between the park guardrail and the geyser.

A group of around a hundred tourists have gathered and they stay behind the guardrail.

A flying saucer rests on its six landing legs on the other side of the geyser several yards further.

A Tell-A-Vision reporter is standing with three camera persons near the guardrail in front of the crowd near the fence at audience left and right. When a tourist asks a question, a camera zooms in on their earnest face.

A written graphic comes on the TV screen:


We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special News
Bulletin from Yellowstone National Park.


An extraordinary event is transpiring here in front of
the erupting Old Faithful geyser here in Yellowstone
National Park. As you can see, behind me is an
extra-terresteral Being Who is levitating around two feet
off the ground. An audience of tourists is asking
Him questions. Behind Old Faithful is a Flying Saucer
which He apparently used to bring Him here. We will
now procede to listen in on this conversation
already in progress.

If I understood You correctly, You just said that this
is not Your Second Coming, but just a friendly visit.
Well, since this is an election year, I would like to
know which political party here in the United States
You think that we should all support.

Verily thus saith the Lord God: Rather than directly
answering that question, it would be better if, instead of
giving you a fish
, I would teach you how to fish... how
to answer your own questions.

Of the approximate forty miracles that I performed
here on planet Earth during My ministry, 35 had to
do with healthcare
, or preventative healthcare...
for behold, healthcare was My highest priority...
My healing the sick, enabling the lame to walk,
the blind to see, etc.

A question that I have for you today is, which
legislative Bill, and political party here in America
has done the most to help the sick and afflicted?

Well, that would have to be the Medicare Bill that
was passed under the leadership of President
Johnson in 1965 as part of his Great Society Program.

And which political party was mostly responsible
for that Medicare Bill?

That would be the Democratic Party. President
Johnson was a Democrat and he was the leader
of that party who championed that legislation.

That's true. Most of the Republicans opposed Medicare.
In fact, Governor Reagan of California called the
Medicare Bill socialistic and that it would eventually
cause the downfall of our country and civilization!

Even today 3.7 million Americans are being denied
healthcare through the Medicaid Expansion Program
of the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare.

The Republican Governors in two dozen states are
killing people
by denying the poor their healthcare
that they have already paid for by their taxes! It's
like those Governors are Republican Death Panels!

In My Sermon On The Mount I also admonished
everyone to feed the hungry. Which legislative Bill
and Party here in America has done the most to
help the hungry?

That was the Food Stamp Plan that was first introduced
in 1933 by President Franklin Roosevelt as part of his
New Deal
program to help the hungry during
the Great Depression.

And which political party did President Roosevelt belong to?

He was an ardent Democrat. Later, the Food Stamp
program was greatly enlarged by President Kennedy
in 1961 and President Johnson in 1964, who were
both democrats!

He was also a Democrat. Most Republicans, even today,
are opposed to the Food Stamp Program. Even though
they control the House of Representatives, they recently
voted to cut $39 billion over 10 years out of the
Food Stamp program.

In My Sermon On the Mount, I also said, blessed are
the needy, for they shall inherit the Earth. Which
legislative Bill and Party here is America has done
the most to help the needy, the unfortunate?

That was the Social Security Act of 1937. It was also
part of the New Deal of President Roosevelt. Most of
the Republicans were also opposed to that Bill because
they felt that it was socialistic.

Even the conservative members on the Supreme Court
at that time tried to kill Social Security by saying that it
was socialistic and unconstitutional.

There is also the War On Poverty Program of
President Johnson who was also a progressive Democrat.

And who benefits from Social Security the most, today?

One has to be over 66 years old to qualify for full Social
Security. So, it mainly benefits the elderly, those who
have retired and no longer work.

And many of them
have had their pensions and "401k" retirement savings
stolen or destroyed by the rich when the economy
and stock market collapsed in 2008

And which political party supports Social Security
the most, today?

That would be the Democratic Party. The Republican
President George Bush kept trying to privatize and
thereby strangle Social Security
, increase the age
of qualification, and decrease the amount of monthly
payments which are already below the poverty level.

Then, which political party has sponsored more
legislation to help the needy... and which one has
sponsored more legislation to help the rich?

The Republican Party mainly tries to help the rich and the
large Corporations. Since 1981 when the Republican
President Ronald Reagan introduced his Voodoo Economics,
the Middle Class has been decimated.

The Top 1% has seen their income increase over 275%,
and yet the Middle Class has seen its income increase by
only a paltry 4%. The Working Class have seen its income
decrease when you adjust for inflation.

How many legislative Bills have been passed by the
Republicans to help the needy, the unfortunate, the
retired, the unemployed?

Not one... since Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal!
Every Bill passed by the Republicans has been to
help the rich and the corporations,,, by lowering
their taxes, reducing their oversight and regulations.

The Republicans have even blocked the extention of
Unemployment Insurance payments since the day
before Christmas for 1.3 million Americans!

Remember in the New Testament wherein I said that the
Pharisees and Sadducees draw near to Me [and the needy]
with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me [and the needy]?

That sounds like a description of the Republican Party of today.
It draws near to the Middle and Working Classes with its lips,
but its heart is far from them. The Republican hearts are with
the rich, not the needy. Has the Republican Party become as the
Pharisees and Sadducees
of old?


It should be apparent by now which political party here
in America you should all support. I have helped you
fish for your own answers. Now go forth and act on what
you have learned today. Your country, your civilization
depends on it. Go forth and organize your communities.
Go forth and vote in November!

And remember... it is more difficult for a rich man,
[or party of the rich], to enter the kingdom of Heaven
than it is for a camel to crawl through the eye of a needle
[or a mouse hole].

Go forth and support that political party that supports the
the most, the unfortunate, the sick, the afflicted, the
naked, the homeless, the elderly, the unemployed... for if
ye help the least of these, my brethren, ye also help Me.

The Old Faithful Geyser has been erupting during this entire commercial.

The Anthropomorphic Being, Jesus Christ God, has been levitating in front of it this entire time.

When tourists have asked questions, Tell-A-Vision cameras have zoomed in on their earnest faces.

A News Bulletin graphic appears on the screen:

Respect God ...
by supporting the GOD
................ not the GOP

ANNOUNCER (Voice Over)
This News Bulletin has been a paid political
announcement... brought to you by G... O... D...
The... Great Open Democracy.
Thank you.




    Christ Endorses Democratic Party!    
    Shorter < 2-minute TV Commercial (Trailer length)    


An anthropomorphic extra-terresteral Being stands two feet above the ground levitating in front of the erupting Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park. He is located around halfway between the park guardrail and the geyser.

A group of around a hundred tourists have gathered and they stay behind the guardrail.

A flying saucer rests on its six landing legs on the other side of the geyser several yards further.

A Tell-A-Vision reporter is standing with three camera persons near the guardrail in front of the crowd near the fence at audience left and right. When a tourist asks a question, a camera zooms in on their earnest face.

A written graphic comes on the TV screen:
(Voice Over)
We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special News
Bulletin from Yellowstone National Park.

I would like to know which political party here in the
United States You think that we should all support.

Of the forty miracles that I performed here on planet
Earth, 35 had to do with healthcare.

A question that I have for you today is, which legislative
Bill and Political Party here in America has done the most
to help the sick and afflicted?

That was the Medicare Bill that was passed by President
Johnson in 1965 as part of his Great Society Program.

And which political party was mostly responsible
for that Medicare Bill?

That was the Democratic Party. President
Johnson was a Democrat.

The democratic Medicaid Expansion Program
of the democratic Affordable Care Act, also known
as ObamaCare, provides healthcare for an additional
3.7 million Americans.

These 3.7 million Americans are being denied this
healthcare because Republican "Death Panel" Governors
in two dozen states are blocking this free healthcare
coverage even though it has already been paid for by
the people's taxes.

Those two dozen Republican Governers are indirectly
killing people by denying the poor their healthcare that
they have already paid for by their taxes!

Remember in the New Testament wherein I said that the
Pharisees and Sadducees draw near to Me with their lips,
but their hearts are far from Me?

That sounds like a description of the Republican Party
of today. It draws near to the Middle Class and Working
Class with its lips, but its heart is far from them. The
Republican hearts are with the rich, not the needy. Has the
Republican Party become as the Pharisees and Sadducees
of old?


Go forth and support that political party that supports
the needy
the most, the unfortunate, the sick, the afflicted,
the naked, the homeless, the elderly, the unemployed...
for if ye help the least of these, my brethren, ye also help Me.

    A News Bulletin graphic appears on the screen:    
Respect God ...
by supporting the GOD
............... not the GOP

ANNOUNCER (Voice Over)
This News Bulletin has been a paid political
announcement... brought to you by G... O... D...
The... Great Open Democracy.
Thank you.

    FADE OUT:    


    Jesus Endorses Democratic Party!    
    Shortest < 1-minute TV Commercial    


An anthropomorphic extra-terresteral Being stands two feet above the ground levitating in front of the erupting Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park. He is located around halfway between the park guardrail and the geyser.

A group of around a hundred tourists have gathered and they stay behind the guardrail.

A flying saucer rests on its six landing legs on the other side of the geyser several yards further.

A Tell-A-Vision reporter is standing with three camera persons near the guardrail in front of the crowd near the fence at audience left and right. When a tourist asks a question, a camera zooms in on their earnest face. The discussion, already in progress, is silently interrupted:

Which legislative Bills, and which political party
here in America on Planet Earth has been the most
effective at answering My Call to bless the
sick and afflicted?

The Medicare Act... of President Johnson, and
Affordable Care Act... with Medicaid Expansion...
of President Obama,
both Democrats.

To bless the hungry?

The Food Stamp Acts... of Presidents Roosevelt,
Kennedy, Johnson and Obama, all Democrats.

To bless the needy?

The Social Security Act... and Federal Unemployment
Compensation Act
of President Roosevelt, a Democrat.

To love your enemies?

The World War 2... European Recovery Program...
also known as The Marshall Plan... of President Truman,
and... The Civil Rights Act... and... Voting Rights Act...
of President Johnson, and Martin Luther King... all Democrats.

Looks like too many Republican Party members
are like the Pharisees and Sadducees of My day.
They draw near to Me and the Middle Class with
their lips, but their hearts are from Me and the needy.
Therefore Lord, bless the Democrats and
The Democratic Party... more. [*]

    A News Bulletin graphic appears on the screen:    
Respect God more
by supporting the GOD
............... not the GOP

ANNOUNCER (Voice Over)
This News Bulletin has been a paid political
announcement... brought to you by G... O... D...
The... Great Open Democracy.
Thank you.

    FADE OUT:    


[*] ...and the Mormon Elder and present Senate
Majority Leader Harry Reid...a probable future Apostle
in the L.D.S. Church after he retires!

[Wish I could have added this to my formal script...
but I was prompted by the Holy Ghost to leave
this out... for now!]

    God Endorses the G.O.D.!    
    The following is a 7-minute full-length Tell-A-Vision Commercial Scene
for the Democratic Party of the United States of America
for 2014 and 2016 and beyond...



An anthropomorphic extra-terresteral Being is levitating around six feet above a small flying saucer which has landed on the open expanse of lawn between the Washington Monument and the corner of Constitution Ave. and 17th Street in Washington D. C.

Dozens of Park Rangers hold a yellow tape that forms a circle of security around the Saucer which rests around 6 feet off the ground on its 6 landing legs. A design of a 6-pointed star is visable on the bottom of the Saucer.

A group of around a hundred tourists have gathered on the lawn between the secured circle and the corner of Constitution Ave. and 17th Street.

Tell-A-Vision reporters have established their cameras such that the Washington Monument is in the background.

The news reporter's trucks with their satellite dishes are parked along Constitution Ave. and 17th Street near that intersection.

A GRAPHIC appears on the TV screen:


(Voice Over)
We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special News
Bulletin from Washington D.C.


An extraordinary event is transpiring here in front of
the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.
As you can see, behind me is an extra-terresteral Being
Who has just emerged from a landed flying
saucer which He __________ used to bring Him here.
He is now levitating around six feet above that saucer.
An audience of tourists is waiting for Him to speak.

    The Being speaks with a loud booming voice which seems like it must be helped by some hidden amplification system as He seems so relaxed and composed.    

Verily thus saith the Lord. My name is Jesus Christ
and I bring you greetings from The Planet Heaven.
God, My Eternal Father, says hello, and so does the
Holy Ghost. This is not My Second Coming, only a
friendly visit.

During My ministry around 2,000 years ago I gave
a Sermon on the Mount and other important speaches.
Those inspired admonitions were to be followed then,
and are to be followed today.

Politically, back then, most of the Scribes, Pharisees
and Sadducees drew near to Me with their lips, but their
hearts were far from Me... hypocrites!

Politically, even today here in the World's greatest
Democracy, America, there are leaders and parties
who exhibit that same hypocrisy and contempt for
My progressive proclamations.

This precious progressive Democracy called The United
States of America is on the brink of slipping into the
evil quicksand of a conservative Oligarchy, from which
it may never recover. This country and civilization
is now at one of the most dangerous crossroads it has
ever faced, and I am visiting this planet here today to
sound the eternal trumpets of alarm.

It is absolutely urgent that the Progressive Principles
of My Sermons that have already been implemented
are kept in place and are not undone, and that more
good Bills are signed into law before it is too late.

First, we should review some of the best legislative Bills
that have championed My Sermons, and recognize which
political party shouted the "yes" of respect and obedience,
and which party cried the "no" of contempt and hypocrisy.

Of the approximate 40 miracles that I performed
here on planet Earth during My ministry, 35 had to
do with healthcare, or preventative healthcare...
for behold, healthcare was My highest priority...
My healing the sick, enabling the lame to walk,
the blind to see.

I ask this audience... and I invite you to answer... which
legislative Bills and political party here in America have
shown the most respect for My Sermon on the Mount...
to bless and respect the sick and afflicted?

The Medicare Act... of President Johnson, and
Affordable Care Act... with Medicaid Expansion...
of President Obama,
both Democrats.

The majority of the Republican GOP said "no" to
help the sick through these Bills and are still yelling "no"
today without providing any specific concrete positive

Two dozen Republican Governors are blocking
$3.7-million dollars of Medicaid Expansion
that has already been paid for by the needy tax payers.
Those Death Panel Governors are indirectly killing sick
people by denying them the free healthcare that is just
collecting dust. Its criminal!

To bless and respect the hungry?

The Food Stamp Acts... of Presidents Roosevelt,
Kennedy, Johnson and Obama, all Democrats.

Most Republicans, even today, are opposed to the
Supplemental Nutrition Act Program, S.N.A.P.
(Food Stamp) Program. Even though they control the
House of Representatives, they recently voted
to cut $39 billion out of the Food Stamp Program
over the next 10 years .

To bless and respect the needy?

The Social Security Act... and Federal Unemployment
Compensation Act
... with a minimum wage...
of President Roosevelt, a Democrat.

The majority of the Republican GOP said "no" to
all of these Bills and since the Christmas of 2013 have
blocked millions of dollars of Unemployment Insurance
to 1.3-million laid-off workers.

To love and respect your enemies?

The World War 2... European Recovery Program...
also known as The Marshal Plan... of President Truman,
and... The Civil Rights Act... and... Voting Rights Act...
of President Johnson, both Democrats.

The majority of the Republican GOP on the Supreme
Court have just made far reaching decisions that have
recently undone important features of both the Civil
Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act!

What legislation has the majority of the Republican GOP
sponsored and passed to bless and respect the sick, the
hungry, the needy, the enemies?

Since FDR and 1932, the majority of the Republican GOP
has not sponsored one legislative Bill to adequately help
the sick, the hungry, the needy and the enemies!

All of their Bills have gone to help the rich, the Top 1% and the
large Corporations. This is why, since Reagan, the income
of the Top 1% has increased by more than 275%, while the
income of the Middle Class has only increased by a paltry 4%!

The income of the Working Class has actually declined
when you adjust for inflation!

Remember... it is more difficult for a rich man,
[or party of the rich], to enter the kingdom of Heaven
than it is for a camel to crawl through the eye of a needle
[or a mouse hole].

Go forth and support that political party that does
the most to respect the needy
, the unfortunate, the sick,
the afflicted, the naked, the homeless, the elderly,
the unemployed... for if ye help the least of these,
my brethren, ye also help Me.

It is obvious from this discussion that the majority of the
Republican GOP draws near to the Middle Class and
Working Class with their lips, but their hearts are far from them.

Therefore, bless the Democrats and The Democratic Party. [*]

    A News Bulletin Graphic appears on the screen:    
Respect God more
by supporting the GOD
............... not the GOP

ANNOUNCER (Voice Over)
This News Bulletin has been a paid political
announcement... brought to you by G... O... D...
The... Great Open Democracy.
Thank you.

    FADE OUT:    


[*] ...and the Mormon Elder and present Senate
Majority Leader Harry Reid... possible future Apostle
in the L.D.S. Church after he retires!

[Wish I could have added this to the formal script...
but I was prompted by the Holy Ghost to leave
this out... for now!]

    The 25 Articles of G.O.D.    
The 25 Articles of G.O.D. (The Great Open Democracy) !

1-4. We believe in respecting the SICK by supporting MEDICARE, The AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (OBAMACARE), MEDICAID, and MEDICAID EXPANSION... not just for the 25 blue States, but also for all of the red States which Republican Governors are presently killing its sick like death panels by refusing to accept the millions of free medicaid money that has already been paid for by the taxpayers of those evil hypocrits in the telestral red States... like Utah, for example, which should know better!

5-6. We believe in respecting the HUNGRY by supporting the FOOD STAMP PROGRAM, and The SUPPLEMENTAL NUTRITION ACT PROGRAM, S.N.A.P. and which the Republican Party is trying to decimate.

7-11. We believe in respecting the NEEDY by supporting The SOCIAL SECURITY ACT, a Federal MINIMUM WAGE of at least $10.10 or more an hour, The FEDERAL UNEMPLOYMENT (INSURANCE) COMPENSATION ACT... with currently proposed EXTENTIONS last Christmas but was blocked by too many anti-Christian Congressional Republicans.

12-16. We believe in respecting and loving our ENEMIES by supporting The [POST-WORLD WAR 2] EUROPEAN RECOVERY PROGRAM [MARSHALL PLAN], The [NEGRO/INDIAN CIVIL WAR] EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION, The CIVIL RIGHTS [INTEGRATION] ACT, The [NEGRO/INDIAN] VOTING RIGHTS ACT, and the abolition of the WAR ON [NEGRO/INDIAN] DRUGS, with all penalties resulting in MEDICAL TREATMENT rather than criminal incarceration... as was so successfully implemented in the country of NORWAY in 1990.

17-21. We believe in maintaining MORE INCOME EQUALITY by supporting The SHERMAN ANTITRUST [ANTIMONOPOLIES] ACT, The GLASS-STEAGALL [ANTI BANKING SPECULATION FRAUD] ACT, the rolling back of The REAGAN... and George W. BUSH TAX CUTS FOR THE WEALTHY (which would result in raising the top income tax rate from the present 39% back up to where it was from 1932 to 1980: to 70% - 91%)... and also the closing of all off-shore and on-shore TAX AVOIDENCE schemes of the rich and large corporations More than 60,000 U.S. FACTORIES have moved oversease since the Reagan/Bush tax laws incouraged such a stupid crazy economic practice.]

22-24. . We believe in maintaining better SOCIAL SAFETY by mandating that all FIREARMS must be REGISTERED LIKE CARS, and that women must be able to conveniently obtain SAFE PREGNANCY PREVENTION, and, or, an ABORTION if they so prayerfully desire, and also the placing of a CARBON TAX ON FOSSIL FUEL POLLUTION), coupled with a Federal emphasis on Solar, Wind, and other clean energy formats.

25. We believe in respecting the liberal progressive charitable Prophet Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Father, God... by supporting the G.O.D. (the democratic Great Open Democracy) more, and by supporting the G.O.P. (republican Grand Old Party) less... by supporting progressive liberal liberating charitable democratic principles of liberty more... and by supporting the conservative status quo greedy monopolistic fascistic corporate Oligarchs and Plutocrats and hypocrits less.

G.O.D. yes... G.O.P. no!

Amen and Awomen!

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    Citizens United Amendment Map    

Overturn Citizens United



There are currently around a dozen Bills circulating in the U.S. House and Senate to undo the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens [really Corporations] United case through the ultimate passage of a “28th Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution. But this is a very improbable task. In the past 200 years there have been over 28,000 Bills submitted to attempt to amend the Constitution, with only 27 succeeding. One way to greatly improve the probability of killing the notions that “money is speech” and “corporations are people” is to make greater visual use of the national progress that has evolved since its passage in 2010. I have yet to see any visual graphics that show the national progress that has been made since 2010. Yet we all know the power of the visual, the graphic.

Just recently, the visual YouTube barbaric beheadings of two journalists by ISIS caused such international emotional revulsion that President Obama finially decided to lead an impressive coalition of Mideast partners to take the fight against ISIS into Syria by bombing them from the air.

Similarly, it was the visual television coverage of the carnage in Viet Nam that accelerated the withdrawal of the United States from that war years earlier than had been planned or anticipated. Yes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words... and this truth should be more energetically applied to the amending of the Citizens United Case.

To amend the U.S. Constitution it takes a vote of more than 67% of the U.S. Senate, and a Ratification vote of more than 75% of the U.S. State Legislatures. During the even-numbered election years and the final month of October, the news becomes more and more visual with colorful maps that show which states are leaning towards which political parties and candidates. This same visual magic should also be used to show the progress (or lack thereof) concerning the amending of the Citizens United case.

Several State Legislatures and local municipalities (city councils) have already voted, in principle, to overturn Citizens United, but there has been no consensus as to which version, which 28th Amendment, that they support.

Imagine a colorful political map of the United States that highlights which States and Cities have at least attempted to vote and pass a Bill to amend Citizens United. For cities... the larger the circle-- the larger the population of that city. Then, have it updated daily, weekly and monthly... so We the People can not only keep track of its progress State by State, but also become more inspired and motivated to get more involved in this movement. Have this 28th Amendment Citizens United Progress Graphic always be available on YouTube or some app that lists all of the Websites that are tracking their own pet version of this most important future Amendment.

Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of God

P.S. Hey! Look what I just found on the Website... Please research the above map and email/tell me how recent it was updated. Thanks!

My Website:
My Email:
My P. O. Box 1223, Beverly Hills, CA 90213-1223
My Land line: 310-581-8060


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******** OPEN EMAIL ********

October 30, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: President OBAMA, Sir:
[ and Thom HARTMANN et al ]

GEORGIA GOVERNMENT VOTER FRAUD: Currently more than 42,000 completed and submitted voter registration forms are still missing after falling into an administrative Black Hole a month ago. It is estimated that more than 65% of those registrants were from predominately black negro neighborhoods and were legal citizens under the age of 35 according to Georgia State Democratic House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams. [This group usually votes Democratic!]

“Voting rights advocates are considering legal options after a Georgia judge denied their lawsuit that would have compelled the state to add 40,000 newly registered voters to the rolls. Judge Christopher Brasher said voters whose registration applications were lost may cast provisional ballots in next week's election. But he declined to force Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp and counties to ensure voting for the thousands of new voters. The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the New Georgia Project, and the Georgia branch of the NAACP are weighing whether to appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court.” (Huffington Post) [Provisional ballots are usually not really counted... remember?!]

President OBAMA, why haven’t you visited Georgia in this matter? Why haven’t you ordered your ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER to visit Georgia in this matter. He visited Ferguson, Missouri... why not Georgia? This is just as important!

This is like Florida in the Gore/Bush race where the State Attorney General threw out 85,000 votes which cost Gore the legal presidency! Are you both such whimps that you are going to not even engage this more than symbolic battle!

Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy called out the National Guard in Selma, Alabama. Why don’t you and Holder call out the National Guard to remedy this plutocratic chess move in Georgia?

President Obama, you are a good President. It’s time for you to be a GREAT PRESIDENT... NOW... and fix this mess in Georgia!

Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of God

My Website:
My Email:
My P. O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills, CA 90213
My Land line: 310-581-8060





******** OPEN EMAIL********

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: President OBAMA, sir:
[ and Thom HARTMANN et al ]

To energize your Democratic Party base in time for the November 4 midterm elections in two weeks, you need to come up with your equivalent of... the mother of all executive orders!

1) The heart of Franklin ROOSEVELT’S NEW DEAL was really an EXECUTIVE ORDER! “Roosevelt grounded his recovery program in the WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION
(WPA), enacted by E.O. 7034 in 1935. The WPA built upon the hugely popular CIVILAIN CONSERVATION CORPS (CCC), and provided work to an estimated 8.5 MILLION PEOPLE. In its EIGHT YEARS, it built over 600,000 MILES OF ROADS, 125,000 BRIDGES, 8,000 PARKS, and 850 AIRPORT LANDING FIELDS. [Source: The Internet-- Caps added.]

President Obama, what is your track record in each of the above areas of infrastructure improvement? You need to announce a... “NEW WPA”... asap!

2) Abraham LINCOLN’S top Executive Order was the EMACIPATION PROCLAMATION which began to undo the evil DRED SCOTT Decision of 1857 which legalized Slavery and led to the Civil War in 1861.

In our time, you need to announce an Executive Order to UNDO as much of the evil CITIZENS UNITED Decision as is possible, and then, like Lincoln, lobby energetically for a Constitutional Amendment to smash it for good before the end of your term in two years. You have been far too ineffectual on Citizens United.

If you were to announce these TWO Executive Orders within a WEEK, this would probably cause a triumphal wave of success in the Democratic Party in two weeks!

President Obama, you have been a GOOD president-- it’s time for you to be a GREAT president!

Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of God

My Website:
My Email:
My P. O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills, CA 90213-1223
My Land line: 310-581-8060





******** OPEN EMAIL********

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: President Barack OBAMA, sir:
[ and, Jon STEWART, and, Thom HARTMANN
et al... Open Email ]


KOBANI, SYRIA, ISIS: How many TANKS does ISIS have left for its present attack on the northern Syrian town of Kobani? How many TANKS has ISIS stolen from the USA stockpiles in Iraq that are being used now in this battle? How many TANKS have USA bombers destroyed so far from the air in the battle for Kobani? To help raise World public opion, you should address these questions ASAP. TANKS are probably the most strategic target in this battle according to the almost surrounded Kurds who are defending Kobani. Coincidentally, they are the easiest weapon to spot from the air as they are the largest and therefore easiest to bomb via a drone, missile or jet. So why has the news been so quiet about the USA progress with destroying those TANKS. If you showed dramatic progress in just this one area by SMASHING ALL OF THEM... this battle could probably be turned around and become one of your October Surprises to help Democrats win on November 4th at the voting booths! You need some tangible symbolic victory over ISIS before election day, President Obama!

EBOLA: On the Rachael Maddow Show today, Dr. Anthony FAUCI, the Director of the National Institute Of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, stated emphatically that “we do not know how that nurse got Ebola from the patient who died in Dallas, Texas. It may have been when she didn’t follow proper protocols while taking off her hazmat suit.”

SOLUTION: Install a surveilance camera in each corner of the room where the hazmat suits are put on... and removed. Besides always having a partner present in the room... with a written check-list... to assist each nurse when they put on and remove their hazmat suit... they should also VIDEO TAPE each event. This way, if a nurse gets Ebola... one can carefully watch her taking off her hazmat suit and see her make the error of wiping her itchy nose with her not yet decontaminated gloved hand, etc.!

STOCK MARKET: So far today, the DOW has dropped around 500 points, the largest drop in three years. The republicans could be causing this drop to help their chances in the November elections just three weeks away by making the government in power look bad. You should order your Treasure Secretary to purchase enough stocks to prevent the DOW to drop like it did in October 2008 which caused the party in office, the republicans, to loose that election and which enabled you to be elected president! Do not let them pull that same trick on us this Halloweeen! Nip this at the bud ASAP! Prop up the DOW... at least until after the election November 4th!

President Obama, you are a GOOD president, and if you follow what I herewith suggest, and what Paul KRUGMAN, the nobel prize winning economist, wrote in the recent issue of The ROLLING STONE Magazine, you could very well emerge as a GREAT president!

Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of God

My Email:
My Website:
My P. O. Box 1223, Beverly Hills, CA 90213-1223
My Land line: 310-581-8060



The Maximum Wage Act of 2014


We The People herewith present to the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate The Maximum Wage Act of 2014 which will provide the parameters to determine said maximum wages by allocating the tax rate percentages that will be collected in each of the following levels of annual income. Please notice that the two column figures are mneumonically easy to remember and logically consistant. Also, all tax loopholes will be eliminated, including schemes to hide revenue overseas in Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, etc.

100% Tax on any amount earned over $1-billion
_95% Tax on " " " > $950-million
_90% Tax on " " " > $900-million
_80% Tax on " " " > $800-million
_70% Tax on " " " > $700-million
_60% Tax on " " " > $600-million
_50% Tax on " " " > $500-million
_30% Tax on " " " > $300-million
_20% Tax on " " " > $200-million
_10% Tax on " " " > $100-million
__5% Tax on " " " > $100,000 = Middle Class
__1% Tax on " " " > $10,000
__0% Tax on " " " > $1,000

This Tax Schedule will actually generate alot more revenue for the US Government than our present plan which has alot of Wall Street and corporate Welfare!

Ex-President Jimmy Carter admitted a few months ago here in Beverly Hills at a book signing that the current United States is no longer a participatory Democracy... but is an oligarchy, or, plutocracy which suggests a government that is ruled by the rich, wealthy, few, minority, aristocratic 1% and the larger corporations. And Paul Krugman, the brilliant Yale/New York Times/Pulitzer Prize winning economist agrees.

The easiest and most efficient way to turn this injustice around would be to enact this Bill. The superrich may have the most millionaires, but, We The People have by far the most millions of voters!

This rigged outdated two-party system needs to be fundamentally changed so that there is alot more income equality for all money makers here in America! Please sign the petition to bring back Tax Sanity to the United States of America... by passing The Maximum Wage Act of 2014! Thank you.


24e - The Water Bullet Train
The proposed Bullet Train [of California Governor Jerry Brown] should be of the following new configuration: All ODD numbered Bullet Rail Cars should be filled with 20 gallon plastic containers of WATER; all EVEN numbered Bullet Rail Cars shall be filled with humane human beings!

This is to help placate and neutralize the Tea Party Republican Right and candidate for Governor, Neel Kashkari, who feel that the higher priority, instead of the future [Brown] Bullet Train, would be to spend those trillions of dollars on more WATER STORAGE to help California deal with this epoch dought.

But, with my plan, water will be transported throughout our water-dry State at the speed of a speeding Bullet-Train! And in case there is an accident, the first car to hit the object will be filled with water... to help put out the probable fire!

Also, the water cars will provide not only a profound and pragmatic shock absorbing feature between each and every train car, but they will also help put out any fire that may result if any cars become derailed! [When an airplane has an emergency... oxygen masks drop down from the ceiling; when an emergency occurs aboard my Water Train design... snorkels drop from the ceiling!]

To help get this new design approved by the California Legislature, Governor Brown, and the California Citizens at Large... a new name shall herewith be given to this new inspired version, even... "The Water Bullet Train"... because a Water-Train-Car is the first and last of the train-cars in my Water Bullet Water Bullet Train!

The average Bullet Train in Japan is composed of 16 railcars with each holding around 80 passengers. If the average passenger weighed 200 pounds that would equal around 8 tons of load per railcar. This would equal a cube of water around 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet. Therefore, the physics concerning the weight capacity of each Bullet Train and railcar need further study. It may be more stable if, perhaps, the front four feet, and rear four feet of each railcar held water, rather than having the odd numbered traincars be completely filled with 60 pound cubic foot water containers.

[Note: Please do NOT call it "The Bullet Water Train". because the CIA and other groups actually sometimes make military bullets [to be fired at an enemy] out of water ICE to confuse ballistic evidence... because the bullets melt after they hit their target... the evil enemy! Thanks!]

Now, let's all think outside our boxes and get behind this trillion dollar Water Bullet Train!


24f - The Minimum Wage
of American workers
should be raised to at least $10.10 an hour in order to raise people out of official poverty. The U.S. Office of Management and Budget has determined that this is the precise amount to raise it in order to accompolish this goal. This amount will also be equal to 1968 wages.

But why does President Obama, Chairman Reid and other Democratic leaders neglect to add that this raise should be linked to the Cost of Living Index, and to the annual Rate of Inflation like Congressional salaries are linked? Wouldn't that be even more fair and pragmatic?
Perhaps, the main reason is so that this issue will come up again and again every two and four years, thereby providing the Democrats with this popular polarizing populist wedge issue to champion again and again during campaigns against those cold insensitive selfish rich fat-cat RapePubliCon money-changers!

If it were to be indexed, then the Democrats would eventually be without one of their most powerful and emotional wedge issues that clearly shows that they are the true party of the middle and working class of We the People! Obviously, the RapePubliCons only support legislation that benefits the rich Billionaires, Millionaires and large Corporations.

But I believe that the minimum wage should be indexed anyway. There are, and always will be, plenty of other wedge issues to define our higher path of pragmatic sensitivity and charity towards the less fortunate among us!

P.S. Thom Hartmann revealed today that a caller on his daily Talk Radio program suggested that the Minimum wage should be linked to Congressional Salaries. Currently they are at $174,000. a year. A minimum wage of $10.10 would equal $21,000 a year, based on a 40 hour work week and 52 work weeks a year. This equasl a Congressional Salary that, now, would be 8.2857 larger than that minimum wage. To keep the math simmple, a bill should be submitted fixing the minimum wage at precisely 8.3% of Congressional Salaries. Therefore, $174,000 multiplied by .083 would render a manditory minimum wage of $10.53 an hour! Close enough for now. It really should be raised to at least $15. an hour, like what they are shooting for in the city of Seattle, Washington! This would equal $31,200 a year, and, therefore, 1/5.58 times as much as the Congressional Salary! This way, if Congress wants to give itself a raise, fine... but the Minimum Wage would automatically rise with it! Very fair, indeed!
Now, do it! That's an ORDER! [And not for Pizza!]


24g - The Christie/Koch Connection!

The Big Picture RT: TV: Thom Hartmann interviews FBI investigative journalist Greg Palast: Why the three Koch brothers, the top billionaire Republican campaign doners, should be subpoenaed and indicted with the federal crime conspiracy for secretly counciling and coordinating with New Jersey Governor Christie during unscheduled private meetings on how to use the then illegal Carried Interest Loophole on how to spend their
$6-Million donation to him through a front organization
that was previously convicted with fraud! [YouTube 10:05 -- Aired: 1-20-2014]
CLICK on link below!


24h - Benghazi... vs. 9/11...
Every time the RapePubliCons bring up Benghazi, the Democrats should bring up the 9/11/01 terrorist attack which occurred during the incompetent President George W. Bush and Dick [head] Cheney administration! Of course, they keep lying and denying that any terrorist attacks occurred during their watch! Pathetic! Just how stupid do they think the American Masses are! Bush and Cheney assumed office on January 20, 2001... ten months before the Twin Towers collapsed! And, they ignored the repeated intercepted Intelligence warnings of plans for hijacked planes to be flown into prominent buildings!

Point out the ongoing score of resultant deaths: Bengazi resulted in 4 tragic deaths; 9/11 resulted in around 3,000 deaths... plus the unnecessary fraudulent pre-emptive invasion and war with Iraq 2003 - 2012 which resulted in 4,486 U.S. soldiers being killed, and over 200,000 Iraqi civilians killed (collateral damage)! And, then add to that the Afghanistan War 2001 - Present, wherein 2,313 U.S. soldiers have been killed, and more than 100,000 coalition soldiers and civilians have bee killed!

Resulting Total Dead Score:

[Democrats blamed: Bengaze = 4

[Republicans blamed:
= > 300,000 + ] !!!!

Conclusion: It's high time for Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfield, et al, to be charged with War Crimes and sent to _______________ !

Please fill in the above blank and send me an email!
Surveys are informative! Thanks, Art
My Email:



"Hubris" Iraq War Documentary

    Gen. Rachel Maddow [YouTube: Full Video]

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Zero Ham-Ass Rockets Found in Gazastine Ruins, Yet! Why?
Ukraine Crash Site Land Mines Answered by .8 Mile Snipers?


Friday, August 1, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA USA

Attention: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NETANYAHU, Sir:

[Copy to President OBAMA, Ukraine President Petro POROSHENKO, Secretary of State John KERRY, Gen. Thom HARTMANN (The Big Picture RT Internet Podcast M-F free), Sen. WARREN, Sen. REID, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha POWER, United Nations Secretary-General Ban KI-MOON, EDITOR: Los Angeles Times [“Gaza strikes kill 16 at U.N. Center” by Alexandra Zavis, page A-1, 7-31-2014, EDITOR: New York Times [“Russia Scorns Sanctions; Ukraine Army Forges On -- Investigators Still Unable to Get to Crash Site”, by Andrew Roth +, page A-6, 7-31-2014]



3) "The assault has so far led to the killing of more than 1,400 Palestinians and injuring of over 8,000 more. The Israeli raids have also caused the destruction of 5,238 housing units and partially damaged 30,050 housing units, of which 4,374 units have become uninhabitable, according to preliminary information released by the Palestinian Ministry of Public Works." (Internet)


5) "Iranian rockets [in Gazastine] include Grad, Fajr-3 and the longer [20+ feet long] ranged Fajr-5, M-75, and M302 rockets which have reached the Haifa region [102 miles north]. Iran also provided Hamas with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) (Ababil) and drone technology." (Internet)












Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of God

My Website:
My Email:
My P. O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills, CA 90213-1223
My Land line: 310-581-8060


Monday, July 29, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA USA

Attention: Israeli Prime Minister NETANYAHU, Sir:















Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of God

My Website:
My Email:
My P. O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills, CA 90213-1223
My Land line: 310-581-8060


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Letter To The Editor: Los Angeles Times
[Article: Shiite militia’s new role in Iraq gives U.S. pause / stirs concerns”,
by Shashank Bengali, page A-1 / A-4, July 1, 2014]

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dear Editor:

I was very surprised that a journalist as scholarly as S. Bengali would fall for the propaganda trap sprung over the weekend by I.S.I.S. (Islamic State In Iraq and Syria). They stated that they had changed their name to “The ISLAMIC STATE”. That was a very smart move on their part... really, too smart. (It would be comparable to President Mahmoud Abbass changing the name of the West Bank
to The Palestine State, or, The State of Palestine, before the new maps are even published!)

But why add momentum to this firestorm by pouring on more gasoline by formally recognizing this nomenclatural shift by using their new identity in his op-ed?

Mr. Bengali stated: ...”after watching the Islamic State overrun government positions”..., ... “the Islamic State has attacked shrines”..., ...”The Islamic State said that its control of territory”..., ...”three months after the Sunni group, then known as "ISIS”...!

Using the title “The Islamic State” will only award ISIS another victory, perhaps even the Father of all propaganda fantacies! Did S. Bengali really want to do that? It would be far more pragmatic to state the intention of ISIS by using their new name as new news, but continue to refer to it as ISIS! Otherwise, the rabid non-thinking potential followers of ISIS from throughout the World will continue to flock to Syria and Iraq in even larger and faster droves because they will all screach and proclaim... “God is Great... the Caliphate has already been formed... or soon will be”!

Instead, let’s slow them down. Let’s all lobby for the immediate partition of Iraq into "The United Three States of Iraq": "Kurdistan", "Shiastan" and

Like Washington D.C., (Jerusalem, and Cold War Berlin), Baghdad should become a square neutral area with easy-to-check horizontal lattitudinal north/south boundaries, and vertical longitudinal east/west boundaries. Washington D. C. was, initially, ten miles square, but that was set around 1800 when its population was only 5,000. Perhaps the District of Baghdad, which now has a population of around seven million, should be at least twenty miles square to help insure its future peace and stability. Then again, to ease at least one border dispute, perhaps the eastern side of the square Baghdad District could butt up against the Diyala River as it is rather straight as it flows north to south by Baghdad .

Also, two sets of minimalistic monkey bar leggo easy-to-rebuild Twin Towers could be built at each boundary corner, so that if they really want to fly a plane into a tower they will have those to take their anger out on, rather than our Freedom Tower in NYC.

Just be thankful than ISIS was not smart enough to change its name to “ISLAMISTAN”! That would have been their Mother of all propaganda magnets! Military enlistment of fanatical foreigners would increase even faster.

If they ever do choose that title, perhaps somebody could hire Salman Rushdie to respond by writing a book or op-ed called... The Islamic State of Satan, or, The Satanic Islamic State, or, The Islamic Satanic State, or, The Satanic State of Islam, etc.

Meanwhile, it would be best for President Obama, his Press Secretary, and our nations prominent polititians and journalists to continue to call it... ISIS or ISIL.

Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of God

My Website:
My Email:
My Land line: 310-581-8060


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Regulate Guns Like Cars!


"It has been only 18 months since 20 elementary school children and six adults were executed by a gunman in in their Newtown, Connecticut, classrooms. In that 18-month span, there has been roughly one shooting in an American school every school week.

Including [today's] incident at a high school in Troutdale, Oregon, 74 school shootings have taken place in the approximately 18 months since the Dec. 14, 2012, Newtown shooting. The average school year typically lasts about 180 days, which means there have been roughly 270 school days, or 54 weeks, of class since the shooting at Newtown. With 74 total incidents over that period, the nation is averaging well over a shooting a week at a school." [Internet]

My Take On What We Need:
1) Rigorous background check, like cars...
2) Register guns annually, like cars...
3) Close the Gun Show, and Private Party Sale loopholes, like cars...
4) Proficiency test, like cars...
5) Liability insurance, like cars...
6) Ban the sale of all assault rifles, and guns with illegal clips.
7) Microstamping: gun and shell-casing/hammer-stamp identification,
like serial numbers on all singular car parts*...
8) Have blood tests taken and publically published so the populus knows which drugs/chemicles probably helped cause this abhorrent behavior.
9) Support political candidates who agree with this agenda,
and vote out of office those who disagree!
10) Have rifle-range targets produced that have a life-size portrait
of the head of the NRA!

*"The concept of microstamping of firearms was passed into law in California seven years ago but only in recent months took effective. That 2007 law requires new firearms sold inside the Golden State to have the capability to permanently mark shell casings fired through the gun with an identifying mark, in effect, creating a serialized shell casing that could be tracked back to the gun that fired it. Such shell casings, if recovered at the scene of a crime, could in theory help point to the specific gun that fired them." (Internet... Google "microstamping")

Thom Hartmann: Guns should be regulated like cars!
Thom is the nation's #1 rated Progressive Talk Radio Host,
and also has a brilliant daily free video podcast "The Big Picture".
Watch his Take on guns. (YouTube 8:15)
CLICK on the link below!


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32 Gazastinians Epistle               

The First Epistle of Earthmann The Prophet unto Netanyahu and the Gazastinians


******** OPEN SENT EMAIL *********

Monday, October 8, 2014 [Update] Beverly Hills, CA USA [Previous version: 8-27-2014]
[Copyright 2014] Note to my email recipients: To read this in the best scriptural format be sure to also refer to my center column blog entry of my Website: scroll down 70"

Attention: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin NETANYAHU, Sir:

1 Verily, thus revealeth the Lord God unto My Prophetic servant, Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann: Thou shalt write the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, again, and share with him My desires and Orders relating to the current War between the Israelites and the Gazastinian HamAssites in the land of Gazastine.

History of Gazastine

2 For behold, this Strip of Gazastine has had a long history of warfare and bloodshed... with the penultimate beginning... being after Adamn and Even... even that with the Caananites around 4,000 B.C. and then the Phillistines around 1178 B.C., and then King David around 1000 B.C. [Another super-round number with lots of more zeros... how convenient, Internet!]
3 And it came to pass that there were the AssYrians around 730 B.C., and Alexander the Great and his Persian Empire in 332 B.C., and the Roman Empire in 63 B.C., and Herod the Great in 33 B.C.
4 And fighting did persist even unto the Christian Eastern Byzantine Empire that destroyed Gaza's 8 Pagan Temples from 396 to 420 A.D., to the Arab Muslims in 635 A.D., to the Christian Crusaders in 1100 A.D.
5 And it came to pass that this land was conquered in 1187 A.D. by the Kurdish Muslim, Saladin, [born in Tikrit, Iraq], to the Ottomans in the 1500s A.D., to the Allied WW1 powers of Great Britain, France and Russia in 1917.
6 And it came to pass that the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan created the Arab Palistinian [state/State].
7 And then it came to pass that the Arab -- Israeli War of 1948, resulted in Egyptian [United Arab Republic] control of Gazastine in 1959.
8 Where upon, in 1967, the 6-Day War resulted in the State of Israel throwing out the Eqyptians.
9 And it came to pass that in 2005 Israel voluntarily and unilaterally withdrew all of its soldiers and citizens [forcefully] from Gazastine thereby granting Gaza full political automony.
10 But then, in the supposedly free democratic election of 2007, the radical [terrorist] HamAss faction defeated the moderate Fatah [fatal] faction and Israel has blockaded Gaza ever since.

Military embargo verses blockade

11 For behold, it is important at this juncture to remember the difference between a military embargo and a military blockade.
12 The United States implemented its oil embargo of Japan around the year 1940 because of Japan's invasion of Manchuria, China in 1931. Also, Japan had only a 2-year supply of oil left on its sea-surrounded island and was getting mentally desparate for locating another source of oil to import without warfare from the United States and its allies..
13 These were the two main reason Japan attacked U.S. Pearl Harbor on 12-7-1941. But, technically, an embargo is not an Act of War... even though, in this instance, it did, indeed, help trigger World War 2 in the Pacific Theater.
14 Remember, oh ye people of Planet Earth, that the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba was in force even before October 1962 naval blockade... which prevented the Soviet Union from shipping Russian missiles from Russia to Cuba.
15 For behold, this was an Act of War by the President of the United States wherein the bluff and bluster of President Kennedy's mere words...not bombs or bullets... ultimately prevented atomic and hydrogen bombs from eventually being dropped on Washington, D.C., Moscow, and dozens of other cities throught this Planet, etc.
16 And it came to pass that when Israel's navy officially blockaded Gazastine's sea shore from all foreign trade, shipping and most fishing by shrinking the legal fishing zone from 20 miles from shore to a mere three miles from shore... that this was an Act of War. And, predictably, HamAss in Gaza militarily responded with its own tit-for-tat Act of War!
17 For behold, in 2008 and 2009, HamAss began a war with Israel by indescriminately firing non-accurate Iranian Qassam rockets into Israel.
18 And it came to pass that Israel responded to that chess move by launching its own missiles and ground assault which resulted in more than 2,142 dead Gazastinians and more than 17,200 buildings severly damaged or destroyed in Gazastine.

666 + 666 + 666 = 1,998 !

19 And now, in 2014, we see history repeating itself in this present Israeli -- HamAss War... with more than 666 plus 666 plus 666 Gazastinians killed... even totaling more than 2,141 killed, with more than 17,200 buildings severly damaged or destroyed... along with more than 69 Israelis killed.
20 For behold, this War hath caused Me much anguish, for it hath brought much sorrow and bloodshed to My Promised Land of Israel whose Ancient leader was My Prophet David, and, also, to the land of the Ancient Anakite Phillistines, the race of giants, who had as their leader Goliath... even that same Demon who went forth and declaired: "Go... lieth"... even... "go forth and lie"... "go forth and tell lies".
21 But David answered with a loud voice: "Go forth and lieth not, but be truthful and do not lie".
22 And it came to pass that Goliath and his army did approach and threaten David and his army, and they did battle, one with another.
23 And it came to pass that the history of the Phillistines did repeat itself again in this same land once called by some Phoenicia, and, or, Palestine, and, by others, Gazastine... in these latter-days in the year 2014.
24 And it came to pass that Arthur Earthmann did write Benjamin Netanyahu the words that were revealed unto him, even the following words: Brother Netanyahu, thou shalt receive these inspired and holy scriptural words with a thankful heart.

Bombing accuracy

25 Futhermore, thou shalt go forth and share a portion of these words with the leadership of the HamAss Gazastinians... that enduring Peace and Love may abide in your two lands again soon.
26 But remember, I the Lord am not pleased with the accuracy of thy servant's bombing during this current 2014 war, for behold, thy naval, air force, and army Generals have blasted too many sites of the peaceful United Nations, and other humanitarian entities, that have been used for hospitization, education and recuperative purposes.
27 Therefore, Brother Netanyahu, My son, remember that thou art herewith called as a latter-day David, even after the order of My Prophet David, the King of Israel, the righteous soul that killed Goliath with the single shot from his sling.
28 And so, as David was accurate with his sling shot... you, Benjamin, must be accurate with your bomb strikes!

Protagonist vs antagonist

29 Furthermore, remember that in politics, theater, drama and story telling... that the Protagonist, [you, as David] can be perceived only as noble, powerful and great... as, proportionately... the degree that the antagonist, the present top leader of HamAss, [Khalid Mashal, as Goliath] is perceived as being evil, powerful and Satanic!
30 Therefore, you must publically build the case against the top leader of HamAss, Khalid Mashal, forthwith! This you have neglected to do, and this is mainly why World public opinion is so apathetic at rallying behind you, your just cause, and the World Jews in general.
31 In fact, probably less than two percent of the World public can even state the name of your choice of who is the top terrorist leader of HamAss, Khalid Mashal, let alone anything significant that he has done... terroristically.
32 For behold, Khalid Mashal, the suspected top leader of HamAss, needs to become a household terrorist name... as did the Great Satan of Al
Qaeda, Osama bin Laden... as did the demonic President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad ... as did the genocidal barbarian and top leader of I.S.I.S., Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi... as did the ruthless thug of Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamic terrorist group, Abubakar Shekan... as did that screaming German homicidal maniac, Adolf the bitter hitter Hitler!
33 For behold, you need to have numerous wanted posters of Mashal on billboards in Israel, Gazastine, and even Doha, Dubai! You need to have Mashal featured on "Israel's Most Wanted." If there's not such a Tell-A-Vision program there in Israel yet... you need to create one!
34 Yea, verily our equivilant TV show here in the United States is now called "The Hunt with John Walsh". You should watch that program so that you can better vilify and catch your enemies! That show works! Scores of evil doers have been put behind bars for many years because of the leads generated by ordinary viewers calling in tips!]
35 With today's media, it could be construed that Mashal is wanted, primarily, for white-collar crimes... like "for appropriating for himself and his confidants the entire HamAss Syrian Fund of hundreds of millions of dollars"... and... "stealing the Gaza Fund of $2.5-billion... and then fleeing to Doha, Qatar where he now lives a very opulent lifestyle." [see Internet]
36 For behold, Mashal must be quilty of alot more that just stealing billions of dollars and other white collar crimes in order for him to justly be reqarded as the #1 terrorist on your Wanted List, Mr. Netanyahu!
37 How many heads has he chopped off? Even if it's just one... you need to make it seem like The Crucifixion in the eyes of World public opinion... in order for you to quickly win the propaganda war and popularity contest against him.
38 If Mashal is truely as evil as Osama bin Laden was, then, perhaps, you sir, should Order an equivilant operation to capture Mashal in Qatar... dead, or alive... as President Obama did to get bin Laden! Afterall, it's no secret what city Mashal is living in (Doha, Qatar) and your Massad IDF Intelligence probally even knows what appartment buildings he lives and hides in... correct?
39 Have you ever had a dream of an Entebbe-type raid wherein the Israelis launch a precision missile that slams into Mashal's highrise appartment in Doha, Qatar just as he is reading his favorite holocaust funnies/comics?!

Press conferences

40 Furthermore, Brother Benjamin, when you are facing a press conference (or The United Nations), like you did last week, you need to look more presidential.
41 Instead of trying to talk individually to the dozens of reporters in the room and having your eyes quickly flit back and forth from left to right... which suggests nervousness and/or dishonesty... you need to talk to the lense of the camera with the red light on... the live camera lense!
42 In other words... you need to talk to the millions of Earthpeople who are watching or will watch you on live Tell-A-Vision and the Internet.
43 You need to hold your head steady... the focus of your eyes should be directed towards that camera lense... and remember to blink as seldom as possible. Look serious... but occasionally smile... to show your humanity, compassion and pleasure of having the opportunity of mixing with the masses!
44 This applies to the half-empty U.N. Conference Auditorium, and looking at that centrally positioned camera, also! You, sir neglected to look steadily at that U.N. camera once! What a great missed opportunity for thee to use thy powerful charismatic eyes to help hypnotize the seven billion inhabitants of Planet Earth... more!)
45 Thy Generals say that they are targeting terrorist HamAss Qassam rocket launching sites and stockpiles... yet, Israel has only offered token proof that these schools and hospitals were, in fact, the verified source of such rocket launchings and rocket stockpiles.

Stockpiles and rocket launchers... proof

46 In fact, as far as HamAss rocket stockpiles are concerned, there has not been any proof at all. Update: The sole graphic you presented at the U.N. was a good beginning... but it could have easily been photo-shopped.
47 You should have used at least four graphics... zooming out and ultimately showing the obvious architectual proof that it was the U.N. roof showing a just-released quasssam rocket with
, and then, the last graphic showing that same U.N. building shortly thereafter flattened by your bombs.
48 For behold, it is still not too late for you to reveal this truth unto the masses... for you must have this footage on file in some secret vault. Simply order your Minister of Propaganda to put together a 30 second and/or two minute piece and upload it to YouTube. You will have millions of hits within 40 days and 40 nights... guaranteed!
49 The supposed best proof was recently provided by the reporter Jake Tapper of CNN on 8.6.2014.
50 Mr. Tapper aired video of a camera P.O.V. of a horizontal tent supposedly located in Gaza with two suspicious men moving around thereunder... "possibly setting up a Qassam rocket to be fired by HamAss from Gazastine at Israel".
51 But the video never showed any rocket, nor any rocket being fired! Stupid non-proof, indeed!
52 Yet, Mr. Tapper then said, "Now we have the evidence we've been looking for... that these rockets have been fired by HamAss into Israel!". Stupid non-logic, indeed!
53 For behold, Not one unfired HamAss rocket has yet to be "publically" found in the Gazastine rubble caused by more than 4,600 precision Israeli airstrikes, accompanied with hundreds of very imprecise blasts from tanks, heavy field artillary and naval bombardment!
54 For behold, Israel has waged this war mainly because HAMASS FIRED 3,321+ QASSAM ROCKETS FROM SPECIFIC VERIFIED BUILDINGS.
55 But behold, photographic criminal investigative quality video proof that rocket x was launched from specific building address y is nonexistant! (I trust that you have this evidence, but for some mysterious lapse of logic, you have chosen to withhold said evidence.)
56 So far, according to the United Nations, around 17,200 Gazastinian homes have been destroyed or severely damaged.
57 Furthermore, more than 100,000 Gazastinians have been displaced. What were these... renters?
58 Israel claims that around another 3,000 HamAss rockets have been destroyed in Gazastine before they had the chance to be fired. [Another round number with lots of 0s! How convenient!]
59 But, where are they? So far, not one such rocket has been "publically" found in the rubble of Gazastine. [The graphic you presented at the U.N. showed that launcher still intact... not destroyed, not surrounded by rubble.]
60 I use the term "publically" because there have been absolutely ZERO verified reports in the public media of Tell-A-Vision, radio, Internet, newspapers, and newsworthy magazines... of even the discovery of ONE such unfired HamAss rocket found in any Gazastinian rubble... no, not one!
61 Should the public remain so gullible so as to believe that the Gazastinians have been 100% efficient at quickly removing the evidence of those incriminating unfired HamAss rockets from the rubble while looking for their >2,142 dead and <10,000 wounded... and counting?!
62 Israel estimated that before the war there were 10,000 HamAss rockets in Gazastine.
63 From where did they get this profoundly round and fuzzy number?
64 Because it rhymes with the number ten as in the TEN Commandments (a Jewish myth)... or ten fingers, or ten toes... or, do they simply like the base/10 decimal and metric system ?!
65 An estimate of the number of HamAss rockets that have been fired... 3,210... can be easily verified by video-taped ignition flashes, Iron Dome intercepts, and those that landed on Israeli soil, cars, persons, or Tel Aviv Airport runways, etc.
66 Israel says that the number of HamAss rockets that have been destroyed is also around 3,000. [My, what a coincidence... the same round number pops up again!]
67 Using this faith-based pretzel logic means that HamAss has around another 4,000 rockets in storage that have not yet been fired. [Another nice round number!]
68 This means that the only way to find and obliterate those remaining rockets ... is by personally searching building to building with boots on the ground... until the Dove of Peace churps in the ear of their Leader, quess who, that they have all been found! How convenient!

This 2014 HamAss War is only half over!

69 Logically, this means that this one-month war is probably only half over... since only half of the HamAss rockets have been fired or destroyed!
70 World... be reconciled for at least another month of war in Gazastine!
71 It will take at least that much time to do those thousands of door to door searches... and that's without any existential opposition from HamAss!
72 That's it, Israel! Demand an Unconditional Surrender of ALL 3,000 UNFIRED HAMASS ROCKETS from HamAss. This future door to door search in Gazastine would best be carried out by the Fatah Palestinian Faction under the direct supervision of the United Nations, rather than the IDF (Israeli Defense Force).

Tunnel vision

73 Of the 32 HamAss tunnels that have been discovered by Israel and blown up, the longest one, with the deepest penetation into Israel, was four miles long.
74 Its first mile began in Eqypt in a structure that looked like an ordinary home/business.
75 It went down vertically forty feet where it turned horizontal and journeyed north one mile under and through the Egypt/Gazastine border near the city of Rafa.
76 From there, that tunnel continued north under Gazastinian soil for another three miles where it turned vertical and popped out inside a HamAss home, business or mosque! [I report... you decide!]
77 Therefore, to punish HamAss, proportionally, Israel should create a 4-mile U.N. Buffer/Security Zone around the three land borders of the State of Gazastine, beginning with its southern border with Egypt... because that is the border under which practically all of the 10,000 HamAss rockets from Iran were, and possibly will be, again, smuggled through. HamAss will simply, and predictably, bore more large tunnels after the dust settles! 
78 Practically all of the other tunnels, those along the eastern and northern border of Gazastine, were designed for the primary purpose of having HamAss militants sneek into Israel to kidnap or kill Israeli soldiers or civilians... but not to import Al Qassam rockets from Iran.
79 To eliminate all of the potential Exit Points for the incoming tunnels from Egypt into southern Gazastine, ALL of the houses, buildings and mosques need to be either moved, or destroyed... so that there will NOT be ANY edifice for the horizontal-turned-vertical tunnel to exit and pop up in to and out of.
80 This is especially true for the planned "no-man’s land" strip running along the entire West/East Egyptian/Gazastine border from the Mediterranean Sea to the closed Gaza Airport on the east end of that border.
81 If HamAss knows that there are NOT ANY more HamAss owned homes or businesses availiable for their vertical tunnels to pop up in to... they will be much less apt to attempt to dig another horizontal/vertical tunnel in the first place!
82 I, the Lord, am well pleased that you have BLOWN UP all of those 32 known HamAss terrorist tunnels in Gazastine, and that you have destroyed around 1/3 of the estimated 10,000 HamAss rockets. But, I am still not pleased that around 4,000 have already been fired, and that another 1/3 are still in storage and could still be fired!
83 But, your mission, BENJAMIN, if you choose to accept it, is to discover, confiscate and DESTROY ALL OF THE REMAINING unfired 3,000 HAMASS ROCKETS... forthwith.
84 Again, at this present rate since the strart of this war on July 8, 2014, it may just take another month, or more for you to fulfill this Godly order!

Fatah & U.N. Security Forces in Gazastine!

85 Verily, hear the Orders of the Lord God of Israel: Brother Netanyahu: you MUST LEAD the State of Israel to quickly destroy or confiscate ALL of the remaining HamAss rockets in Gazastine... as soon as humanly possible!
86 For behold, you should start at the northern border of Gazastine and enable the hopefully newly installed UNITED NATIONS & FATAH SECURITY FORCES to work their door to door search, moving South one lattitude at a time! Keep the 4-7 mile horizontal yellow crime-tape up so the World can see how much more area needs to be searched as they work their way south in the city of Gaza!

Carrots/Sticks: Post World War 2 Love Plan or Post World War 1 Hate Plan?

87 Enough talk for now about the sticks in this unnecessary and immature HamAss war. Let's talk about the carrots!
88 Let's talk about these timeless eternal and true scriptural verses spoken by Jesus Christ from the Book of Matthew in The New Testament of The Holy Bible, King James Version:
89 "Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy."
90 "But I [Jesus Christ God] say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you, and persecute you."
91 "Agree with thine adversary quickly."
92 "Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God."
93 "Ye have heard that [Moses and Abraham] have said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:"
94 "But I [Jesus Christ] say unto you, That ye resist [not] evil; [but/that] whosoever shall smite thee of thy right cheek, turn to him the other, also." [Matthew 5, New Testament, Holy Bible]
95 Mr. Prime Minister, consider the main difference between the aftermath Plan for World War 1, and the aftermath Plan for World War 2.
96 The Post-World War 1, "Hate Plan", was a disasterous failure!
97 The Post-World War 2, " Love Plan", was a miraculous success!
98 Why were there such widely different Post-War plans for the two aftermaths of those two World Wars fought so closely together?
99 After World War 1, remember the “hyperinflationary Reparations Plan” for Satanic Germany?
100 See how ineffective that “Hate Thine Enemies Plan” was!
101 In Germany in November 1923 a single whole loaf of good nutritious bread fetched around a whopping four billion German Reich-Marks!
102 Such economic strangulation caused the rise of the bitter hitter Hitler and his naughty Nazi NotSee BlindFaither fanatics... the horrible horrendeous horrors of the holocaust and its hallow cost... and World War 2 just twenty years later (1918 / 1938)... resulted in a World-wide death toll of more than 100-million soldiers and civilians killed!
103 See what an effective Hate Plan this caused? More Hate! Indeed, with that Satanic mentality... the better The Hate Plan... The more the resulting Hate, misery, disease and death!
104 Now, let's compare that "Hate Plan" for the aftermath of World War 1... to the "Love Plan" for the aftermath of World War 2.
105 Remember the "Love Thy Neighbor"-- “Marshall Plan” for Satanic Germany and Japan after WW2?
106 There has been Peace with Germany and Japan for more than 70 years now, and counting, and both countries have sociologically, spiritually, politically and economically flourished!
107 And what is the death toll World-wide in the past 70 years of Post-World War 2?
108 How many Earthpeople have been killed in car accidents while drunk on German beer?
110 Now, that's what I the Lord call a success story!
111 But has Israel learned anything existentially pragmatic from this history?
112 Brother Netanyahu, why do these wars in Gazastine keep erupting at the rediculous rate of three wars in the past six years? That's a new war every other year!
113 Could it possibly be that a "Hate Plan" has been implemented by Israel after each war in Gazastine... instead of a "Love Plan"?
114 If Israel were to announce that a type of Marshall Plan / Love Plan will be implemented in Gazastine as soon as this 2014 war ends... then cooler heads would undoubtedly prevail and peace would come much faster!
115 Behold, thou shalt call it the “Prophet Abraham / Love Plan” after the Prophet Abraham who was the spiritual and social leader and common denominator of the three main tribes in that stormy region's history... mainly... the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians!
116 For behold, all three of these tribes love and respect the Prophet Abraham, saith the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus.

Post HamAss War... LOVE PLAN

117 Behold, here is The Lord's "Love Plan for Gazastine" in approximate order of priority.
118 Hear the Words of My Orders: Gazastine is to be immediately protected by a United Nations Buffer/Security Zone manned by troops of the 32 European nations which presently patrol the U.N. Buffer/Security Zone on the southern Lebanon/Israeli border area.
119 This singular and predictable logistic may be why 10 out of 26 U.N. Hospitals have been destroyed or closed by Israeli bombs dropped on Gazastine.
120 HamAss probably realizes that the use of the U.N. will ultimately be the final arbiter of Peace in this war's end game... like it was the recent wars in southern Lebanon, South Korea, and the shattered former states of Yugoslavia!
121 Which tribe has shown the level of demonic possession that would cause them to even devour their own as they stampede like jackels to conquer and destroy... the HamAssites... or, the Jews?
122 The answer, of course, is HamAss. The Jews respect, protect and defend their fellow Jews and Israelis... but, HamAss does not. A clear symptom of this lack of respect is why HamAss launches so many of its rockets from its own hospitals, schools and social centers?
123 For behold, in a sinister way, the more children and civilians Israel bombs, kills and injures in these ostensible humanitarian locations... the worse Israel will look. And also, why so many of the supposed leaders of HamAss steal so many millions and billions of dollars from its own people! Think Khalid Mashall.
124 But, remember... there has been Peace in southern Lebanon for eight years... since 2006... because of the power and leadership of the United Nations. The U.N. confiscated the Hezbollah rockets in that area, first... didn't they?!
125 HamAss probably also regards the United Nations as its enemy ... because the U.N. will ultimately searve as a partner with Israel to force the Peace in Gazastine.
126 Thou shalt outlaw the terroristic political party HamAss and replace it with a pragmatic, peaceful wing of the FATAH Party of Palestine (West Bank) under the INDIRECT authority and leadership of Mahmoud ABBASS.
127 Furthermore, Thou shalt NOT leave Gazastine under the continued control of HamAss terror under ANY negotiated circumstances, thus saith The Lord God of Israel!
128 If you, Mr. Neyanyahu, compromise on this singular point, I prophesy in the sacred name of God, that Israel and HamAss will be at war again within another year or two or more!
129 Ex-President Jimmy Carter was wrong in his recent Op-Ed piece wherein he stated that HamAss should be recognized as a legitimate political actor.
130 HamAss should NOT be recognized as a legitimate political actor in Gazastine or even anywhere in the entire Middle East... not while HamAss continues to deny the State of Israel the right to exist.
131 For behold, HamAss has sworn to facilitate the State of Israel's utter destruction and death of all its Jews! Get real Jimmy! Mr. Carter, that was Hitler's plan... called the Holocaust. Didn't you remember... to "never forget... never again"?
132 Or, is your memory so failing you, like Mr. Reagan's memory eventually failed him?! Never Again, must include HamAss!
133 Is I.S.I.S. (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) now wanting and begging to be called "The Islamic State") a legitimate political actor in Syria and Iraq? Of course not!
134 Would a virtuous World ever consider having Al-Qaeda replace HamAss in Gazastine? No, they would not!
135 Thou shalt arrange a Nuremberg quality War Crimes Trial for ALL captured and wanted HamAss terrorist leaders of Gazastine. And that includes those top leaders, like Khalid Mashall, who are now comfortably hiding out in Doha, Dubai!

Fliers, leaflets, masks and $ rewards

136 When you drop your 8 1/2" x 11"... "Going To Bomb Here" fliers, be sure to use the blank other side to show photographs of your "Top Twelve Wanted HamAss Terrorists"... along with a one to twelve million dollar reward for each of those terrorists!
137 For behold, this will inspire the peaceful Gazastinians to be more alert when they try to spot HamAss leaders and rocket launchers at their food market. Some HamAss members may just take take off their terrorist mask when they go shopping!
138 Thou shalt pay the one to ten million dollar per head Reward to those HamAssites who cooperated with the Spy-On-Thy-Evil-Terrorist-Gazastinian-Neighbor- Program!

NEW ELECTIONS: NO DieBold vote-counting machines, HamAss and all terrorist groups outlawed from Gazastine... forever!

139 Thou shalt provide free supervised legal political elections so that the current survivors of Gazastine can obtain new righteous non-HamAss leadership, ASAP. HamAss must be completely kicked out of Gazastine... unconditionally and immediately, like the Nazis were kicked out of Germany unconditionally!
140 Thou shalt outlaw the use of DieBold [or any other] Easy-To-Flip-Election-Vote-Counting- Computer-Machines to insure that the election vote count tally will be honest and accurate.
141 Thou shalt have not-so-fine-print included in the election laws that clearly states that if a candidate secretly hid/hides the fact that he/she was/is a member of, or a simpathizer of, any terrorist group, that his/her election will be considered VOID... regardless of any impressive majority.
142 This is where Gazastine messed up in the previous election in 2006 that put HamAss in control. They just couldn't imagine that evil could triumph in a democratic election with real freedom of choice!
143 There was probably a fradulent vote count.
Or, were those Gazastinians that hypnotized, fearful, possessed, and/or stupid?
144 This mandate will disqualify ALL terrorist organizations including HamAss, I.S.I.S., or, Al-Qaeda et al from ever again to gain power or political office in Gazastine.

Rebuilding Gazastinian infrastructure. Remember The Marshall (LOVE) Plan of WW2!

145 Thou shalt provide free health and hospital care for those who were injured during this Gaza Ghetto Uprising, and free universal health care insurance for those uninjured survivors.
146 Furthermore, thou shalt rebuild all of the ten bombed and closed Gazastinian hospitals... of the 26 total there before the 2014 war broke out.
Thou shalt build an extra hospital on the East side of the Tel Aviv airport runways as a backup for the next Israeli / Gazastine war in 2016... in case those rebuilt hospitals in Gaza City are destroyed again because HamAss is again shooting Iranian Qassam rockets from them.
148 This way if HamAss uses the Tel Aviv airport runways as one of their nice big targets, again, in the future... they will risk destroying their own backup hospital!
149 Thou shalt rebuild a sublime replica of the Islamic Muslim Al Qassam Mosque and Minaret Tower that was recently bombed in Gaza City to give the Gazastinians renewed hope and a robust spirit of cooperation with their lovely enemy, Israel....
150 As long as they change the name, for behold, that Mosque was, indeed, named after the barbaric Iranian Al Qassam rockets that HamAss has been firing upon Israel!
151 Hopefully, this will give a sublime hint to Iran that the future will not support erected structures called... "The Hydrogen Bomb Mosque", or, "The Atom Bomb Mosque"!]

Desalinization Plant!

152 Thou shalt build the World’s largest Desalination Plant so that the Gazastinians will have an ample supply of pure drinking water for now and the decades to come.
153 Gazastine's current source of water, the water table, will soon to go dry any day now.
154 Perhaps it should be built under a heavy bunker on the West side of the Tel Aviv airport
runways, towards the Tel Aviv coast, so if HamAss ever tries to use that as a target, again, they will risk demolishing their main source of water!
155 The more the Gazastinians cooperate... the faster the flow of water south in those three-foot pipes!

Electrical Power Plant !

156 Thou shalt rebuild their bombed electrical power plant under a reinforced bunker.
157 Perhaps it should be located on the South side of the Tel Aviv airport runways, so that if HamAss ever tries use that as a target, again, they will risk demolishing their main source of electrical power!
158 Again, the more the Gazastinians cooperate... the faster the flow of volts!

Wind Turbine Upper Atmosphere Complex!

159 Thou shalt build the World’s largest Electrical Wind Turbine Complex to add to their electrical energy grid.
160 Thou shalt Google the latest Wind format: a giant vertical helium balloon donut tethered to the ground with a strong single line that ascends thousands of feet up into the stratosphere where the jet stream always blows much faster.
161 For behold, the wind turbine is located in the center of the vertical donut. See it on YouTube!
162 Thou shalt attach a powerful live 360 degree video surveillance camera to the bottom of each vertical donut wind turbine.
163 Thou shalt launch it high enough so that it is out of rifle range... yet within camera range.
164 Thou shalt anchor one Wind Turbine every kilometer or mile along all of the borders of Gazastine... South, East, North, and West.
165 In the Mediterranean Sea, thou shalt have them anchored to floating anchored pontoons inbetween protecting ships.
166 Thou shalt rebuild their bombed Tell-A-Vision and radio stations.

Super Fast Fiber Optic Internet Speed!

167 Thou shalt erect a building/bunker providing the latest Fiber Optic High Speed Internet Cable Network with a Broadband speed as fast as America’s fastest city... even the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
168 This would have a download speed of one Gigibyte a second ... like they already have in some neighborhoods of Japan, South Korea, and several European countries!
169 Perhaps this should be located on the North side of the Tel Aviv airport runways, so that if HamAss ever tries use that as a target, again, they will risk demolishing their main source of superfast Internet Broadband!
170 Again, the more the Gazastinians cooperate... the faster their Broadband Internet speed!
171 For behold, Gazastine will then be able to download the poignant 2-hour movie "The Great Dictator". This was Charlie Chaplin's first talking movie and it was nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, Best Musical Score at the 1940 Academy Awards. It is about a Jewish barber, and a General-Dictator-Emperor Adenoid (Adolf) Hinkel (Hitler) from the made-up country of "Tomania" (Tomain poisoning!). Chaplain plays both leading parts and wrote the entire screenplay in two years.
172 Also, the Gazastinians may watch the DVD "Escape From Sobibor" which could be downloaded in 100 seconds ... or 100 minutes...depending on Gazastine's degree of cooperation!
And, also, the great 2007 Best Foreign Film, "The Counterfeiters", about the concentration camp Sachenhausen Jewish inmates who almost ruined the British economy by creating forged Bank of England Pound Notes under orders of the NotSees! Please appreciate and respect how talented and gifted some Jews were!

Worlds largest trailer park!

174 Thou shalt build the World’s largest trailer park so that the present unfortunate 100,000 (U.N. estimate) displaced Gazastinians who have recently had their appartments pulverized by Israeli missiles... will have a place to comfortively and peacefully dwell while their infrastructures are rebuilt.
175 Thou shalt contemplate crowding ten to a trailer... that’s 10,000 trailers! [Eventually, five to the same trailer would be alot more liveable... so that would be 20,000 trailers! Dream on!]
176 For behold, if each trailer lot size were to be 25 feet by 25 feet, then the total size of the real estate needed would be around twelve miles by twelve miles plus the area needed for access roads...totaling around 144 square
. [The entire Gaza Strip today equals only 146 square miles!] Therefore, perhaps they will need to be concentrated like sardines, afterall, i.e. ten to a trailer, etc.

War only half over?

177 But behold, this war is only half over... because only one half of the HamAss rockets have been fired &/or destroyed!
178 Therefore, there is still, at least, a month of fighting and negotiating to go!

World's largest Solar Panel Complex!

179 Thou shalt build the World’s largest Solar Panel Complex in Gazastine... to provide clean electrical energy for decades to come.
180 Thou shalt install solar panels on the roofs of all of those 10,000 trailers.
181 Thou shalt arrange for each trailer solar roof- top panel complex to provide enough daily electricity for that entire trailer and its family of five to ten... to live comfortably... with air conditioning, a refrigerator, a heater, a cooking stove, a water heater, a laptop or desktop computer, a Tell-A-Vision and an electric blanket, and , of course... an iPhone so they can look for work when there is 66.6% unemployment!

Germany's successful million plus solar-roofs!

182 For behold, after just ten years, Germany now acquires 25% of its total national energy from solar... from the roof-tops of their thousands of homes and businesses!
183 And it came to pass that Germany was smart enough to close all of their nuclear reactors and switch to clean energy... so, please... do not build a nuclear reactor in and for Gazastine!

World's largest parking lot!

184 Thou shalt establish the World’s largest parking lot supplied with 10,000 used school buses that are strong enough to pull one of those 10,000 twenty-foot trailers.
185 For behold, the same solar panel complex for the trailers will also be installed on the roof tops of all the 10,000 used school buses!

Larger legal fishing area, port / pier!

186 Thou shalt modernize the small stone age quality sand bar called the Gaza City Port... and expand their fishing rights from the current dictatorial 3 mile limit, to the previously agreed upon 20 mile fishing limit.
187 Perhaps modern steel piers after the order of the temporary piers built by the Allied Forces at the beaches of Normandy during the invasion thereof in 1944... should be considered.
188 This way, if the Gazastinians misbehave, said piers can be easily dismantled and towed north by tugboat to the beach port of Tel Aviv.

Gazastine Diaspora

189 What if thousands of Gazastinians loose patience and decide that after the repetition of so many wars there... that they want to permanently leave the Gaza Ghetto for good?
190 Ben Gurion, the founding father of the latter-day State of Israel, offered in 1956 the serious plan to move all of the Palestinian inhabitants of the Gaza Strip to the Amazon jungles of Brazil!
191 Thou shalf provide the legal paperwork and free petrol for any family that wants to join one of the several caravans of school buses pulling one of those trailers... as they form a variety of exoduses out of Gazastine, even a latter-day Diaspora.
192 For it will come to pass that, like the Prophet Moses of Egypt, spiritual local leaders will lead a series of groups to travel out of Gazastine and embark on their own Road Map To Peace... to their own peace of mind and soul destination.
193 For behold, they will have the free agency to choose the road that will lead their family and caravan to either Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon...

194 ...Syria, Palestine (The West Bank), Iran
, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lybia, Sudan, Yemen, Brazil... but probably not the USA...

...Or any other country that they feel will bring them adequate joy and happiness for them and their peace loving relatives... and which country will accept them.

The United 4 States of Abraham!

196 And now for the biggest carrot of them all!
197 Thou shalt present the Gazastinians with the Biggest Picture Plan for the ultimate Roadmap to Peace for that entire Middle East Region:
198 Even the eventual creation of... THE UNITED 4 STATES OF ABRAHAM.
199 For behold, this Parent-State will be composed of: 1)The State of Israel, 2) The State of Gholanistine (The Gholan Heights), 3) The State of Palestine (The West Bank), and, 4) The State of Gazastine (The Gaza Strip).
200 For every successful society has and must provide an emotional and rational participitory foothold with equal interest for all of their tribes... especially the three tribes that evolved from the Prophet Abraham... even the Jews, the Muslims, and the Christians!
201 For We The People believe that All Tribes are either created equally free and happy, or, at least, should have the potential to eventually become equally free and happy... even for all Jews, Muslims, and Christians.
202 Peace now... Peace tomorrow... Peace forever... through... THE UNITED 4 STATES OF ABRAHAM.
203 For behold, this is the Will of the Lord, even the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus.
204 And it came to pass that Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann did obey the Lord... and went forth and emailed these words unto the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, again, and to all of the other World leaders that the Lord revealed unto him.
205 For Behold, a Prophet of God has herewith spoken, yea, verily, even these Holy Scriptures have been revealed unto him, and written by him... not only in the Name of the Lord, but also, in the respectful Name of God.
206 For surely it shall come to pass that if the free people of Gazastine choose to recognize the State of Israel's right to exist, and choose to live in peace and love with the Jews, then they should and will be blessed with the "Love Plan" as stated above... even after the Order of the WW2 Marshall Plan.
207 And then it will come to pass that Peace will endure between the Israelites and the Fatah Gazastinians... not just for a year or two, but like post-World War 2 Germany and Japan... for decades and decades to come!

Demons come hissing!

208 And it came to pass that the demonic spirit of The Great Satan did hiss forth and whisper into the ear of the original creator and leader of the nascent terrorist organization Hamas...
209 ... And the words that were hissed forth was an inquiry of Satan by the Hamas group originator... even... "What name should I call this, my future terrorist and bad ass organization?"
210 And it came to pass that Satan revealed... "It should be called a name that would really piss off the Israelites and Jews in general!"
211 And the leader asked again, "What would that name be, Great Satan?"
212 And the Evil Satan answered... "The Jews are more particular about what they eat, than even about what they wear or who they date... for behold, their food must be kosher.
213 And the food that the Jewish Faith regards as the least kosher is pork, even ham... for it comes from the vile, dirty pig... who lives its life in utter poopy squalor.
214 Furthermore, the part of the pig physiologically that is the most vile and repugnant is none other than the poop shoot, the anus, the ass, and I'm not talking about a donkey here! "Therefore, Mr. BadAss, terrorist", Satan continued, "thou shalt call thy terrorist organization... 'HamAss'"!
215 And it came to pass that the BadAss terrorist leader replied, "I cannot name it such, for it is not sufficiently poetically subliminal. Therefore, I will drop the second "s" and call my new terrorist orgazation... 'Hamas' instead of HamAss".
216 And it came to pass that Satan answered: "Even I am not a determinist, for even you have the free agency to name your evil organization anything you want, even... "Hamas"..."
217 ... But as for me, The Great Satan, and my brothers, Mr. Devil, and Mr. BellZeeBub, and my girl friend, Lucy Furr... the name of your new evil group will be know and written in the annals of Hell History as... HamAss!
218 And it came to pass that the Holy Ghost overheard this conversation and reported it to the resurrected Leader of Leaders, Jesus Christ God, Who reported it to His Eternal Father in Heaven, even The Lord God... God, Super God, even... Mister God, Eloheim.
219 And God said, "Let not My Promised Land, even the Land of My Israelites, be tormented, threatened and invaded by any present, past or future terrorist army, including Hamas...
220 ... And to let the entire Planet
Earth know how evil and vile this new terrorist group is, let the word go forth that "Hamas" will be known in the annals of Heaven History as "HamAss", and those captured and imprisoned most evil leaders thereof will be fed a diet, primarily, of... ASS of Ham... until they grow up and repent!
221 And God continued to proclaim His Will, even by shouting with a loud voice unto the Four Corners of the Earth... "Repent, HamAss... or you and your friends, relatives and progeny will suffer My Indignant Wrath... for the headlines of the GodHead on... The Planet Heaven Scriptural Times... will eventually read... Lightening Strikes Justice!"
222 Amen and Awomen.


Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of God

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**** Copy to ****

1 The Granite Vault in the Wasatch Mountains above S.L.C. Utah
2 The United Nations Secretary-General Ban

3 USA Secretary of State John Kerry
4 USA President Barack Obama
5 Democratic Senate Mormon Majority Leader Harry Reid
Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren [She is walking for Precedent!]
7 Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
Democratic Beverly Hills CA Congressman Henry Waxman... [The Geat Tobacco Killer!]
9 Thom Hartmann: the #1 rated Progressive Talk Radio Host and News Anchor of "The Big Picture RT" on the Internet M-F [Thou shalt watch all of his shows. That's an Order!]
10 Independent Progressive Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders [Truely a great and compassionate Senator!]
11 The great Progressive Political Master Mind Ralph Nader
Republican ex-Governor of Massachusetts
Mitt Romney [Prophecy: Mitt will run again in 2016. He has flip-flopped so many hundreds of times in the past... that just one more flip-flop, this one, would only be eternally consistant!]
13 Top Editor of the Los Angeles Times
14 Top Editor of the New York Times
15 Sister & Brother Mason of the State of Utopia
16 Governor Jerry Brown of California
17 Rachael Maddow of The Rachael Maddow Show
18 Angelina Jolie, Actress
19 Scarlette Johanssen, Actress
20 Jim Carey, Actor, Comedian
21 Bill Maher, Comedian, T.V. Political Master Mind
22 Jon Stewart, Comedian, T.V. Political Master Mind
23 My local Democratic Party member Mormon leader [Still looking for the right one! I like Mitt's sister Jane who attends my Beverly Hills ward, but she's a Republican. Darn... if only...!]
24 My most irritating Stand Up Comedy heckler, so that I can have him star in my movie, "The Dead Hecklers Society" wherein I, and the whole wide World viewing audience can watch him get struck dead by a heavenly bolt of lightning from a satellite laser! [God is talked into doing it by Robin Williams, Phil Hartmann, and George Carlin on the Planet Heaven!]
25 The Star of my future movie, "The Sniper Drone"! [It lands on a building before it fires... from an optimum distance of two Kill-O-Meters away!]
26 The Star of my future movie, "The Bullet Water Trains"!
27 The Star of my future movie, "My Enemies List and Don Barris... bare ass in Paris"! [Top Secret!]
28 Note: I'm a stand-up Philosopher. This way... I don't have to be funny. Besides, I just finished headlining at "The Cry Factory", in Berlin, and, "The Tragedy Store", in Munich, Germany!
29 I am not depressed or suicidal, whatsoever. Therefore, if I show up dead, or, ... if I die on stage... know that it was... MURDER!
30 I have recently Ordered my physician to not ever inform me... if he/she, or, it... ever discovers that I have a medical illness that is incurable and that medicine cannot do much about... like Parkinsons, Alzheimers, or Cancer... etc. If this covenant is broken, and it leads to my future depression and, or suicide... that illegal informant is to be... (bleeped) my curvy GodMother!

**** P.S. Conclusion ****

1 I want to herewith thank all of you for being informal members of My Inner Elipse!
2 If any of you want to unsubscribe from being a member my Top Secret Inner Elipse Email List... just let me... NO!
3 Best wishes and have a great experience here in mortality while dwelling on My second favorite planet... called Earth.
4 By the way, my favorite planet is where I am from, and from where all the inhabitants of Earth are from... even you... namely... The Planet Heaven... which is located in the Trinity Galaxy!
5 To discover where they are both located, just follow the following directions: When you get to the Andromeda Galaxy (our nearest galaxy)... just turn... left... and you will find it on your... left!
6 Two ways to remember these two directions: when you horizontally count from one to ten on your school chalk board... the first number that you write is the number "one"... which is located on your... far left!
7 Secondly when you write the English alphabet horizontally on your school chalk board... the first letter you write, the letter "A"... is located on your... far left!
8 Likewise, Jesus Christ, Moses, Abraham, The Apostle Paul, Mohammad, Ghandi, Martin Luther, Joseph Smith Jr, Martin Luther King, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Elizabeth Warren, and most of the other great prophetic, spiritual, social and political leaders were also of the left, even in the tradition of that great Greek philosopher Heraclites, who was a champion of progressive CHANGE for progress!
9 To balance things out, though, God [and most
Gods] has/have been the champion of that great Greek philosopher Parmenides, who was a champion of the conservative STATUS QUO... NO CHANGE. They followed a time tested formula to write rites and rituals that were right... but not so far right so as to cause a riot!
10 This latter perspective is existentially pragmatic when one lives in a state of Utopian perfection... like, say... The Planet Heaven.
11 Thirtyfive of the forty miracles of Jesus Christ had to do with health care... healing the sick, or preventative heath care... nutrition, feeding the needy, [think Food Stamps] etc.
12 Like the Pharisees and Sadducees of Old, who drew near to Jesus Christ and the Needy with their lips, but their hearts were far from him and them... these hypocritical Republican Governors today draw near to the Middle Class and the Needy with their lips, but their hearts are far from them!
13 Presently, half of all the Governors in the United States are refusing to implement this free program called Medicaid Expansion. And who are the members of this sordid group? Coincidentally, practically all of the conservative Republican Governors of the Red States!
14 This free healthcare money has already been paid for by the taxes of all the several States. There are nevertheless thousands of needy patriots who still do not have any health care, and who are dying because of the lack thereof.
15 These greedy, selfish, narrow minded, short sighted, wealthy Governors have blood on their hands. But they can all eventually repent and see the evil of their ways!
This is especially tragic in the Mormon State of Utah where they should know better! The current Utah Republican Mormon Governor, Gary R. Herbert, is waffling on the fence and is considering to change his mind and decide to implement the free Medicaid Expansion Program of the Affordable Care Act / ObamaCare... and thereby atone for the blood on his hands!
17 Perhaps The Holy Spirit would be able to penetrate the political hypocrisy in latter-day Deseret if the State of Utah would change its name to "Utahpia" [after Utopia]!
18 There is one courageous Republican leader, though, who has decided to swim against this current and implement Medicaid Espansion... and his nobel name is Adam O'Neal... the Republican Mayor of Belhaven, North Carolina. In fact, he just recently finished leading a foot march form Belhaven all the way to Washington D.C.!
19 Now, if only all of the other national Republican leaders could be penetrated by the Holy Ghost and participate in Medicaid Expansion and the other inspired programs that help the Needy... like Jesus Christ formally commanded us to!


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D-Day Smoke Screens: Not Enough!

Letter-To-The-Editor, Los Angeles Times, June 9, 2014
[Article: ALLIED WARRIORS by David Zucchino page A6 on 6-6-2014]

Dear Editor,
Mr. Zucchino's article was respectful and informative as 99% of the accounts of the Invasion usually are, but I was disappointed that his article did not address what may have been done better so that fewer lives would have been lost.

Where were the SMOKE SCREENS on Normandy Beach on D-Day? Several military veterans of that historic invasion vehemently claim that criminal neglegence was involved by the commanding Allied officiers not providing the cover of smoke screens on the beaches. The allied soldiers landing on all four beaches faced a frenetic German machine gun barage unlike any in military history... guns that were firing up to 1,500 rounds per minute! They easily targeted the landing crafts when the front gates flopped down and the soldiers poured out onto the beaches. Hundreds decided to jump over the side to avoid the bullets, but ended up drowning when they could not remove their weapons, ammo and gear quick enough. The wind from the north was only rated a "4", a light breeze, so smoke screens would have been pragmatic. In fact, both the British and Canadian forces did use smoke screens and their soldiers on their beaches sustained only light casualties compared to the horrific number of casualties that the American and French forces sustained, and that did not use smoke screens. To adequately venerate and celebrate and respect the survivors of the Normandy Invasion it is also manditory to admit the mistakes that were made, so that they will not be repeated in our present and future wars.

Even in our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the use and non-use of smoke screens raised its ugly head. Too often the decision to use or not use them simply rests on the whim of the commanding officer... and the alert, smart lower-ranked personel are obliged to keep their inspired suggestion to use smoke screens to themselves. This lemming-brained policy has cost alot of lives and its high time we addressed it!

Another problem during the Normandy Invasion was with the parachute belt buckels of the paratroopers. The German general Rommel had flooded the area just inland of the Normandy beaches in anticipation of potential parachute drops. Questions were raised by allied paratroopers about the hazzards of landing in the flooded areas, but they were quickly assured that their drops would be accurate and would miss them. But things went wrong and thousands of paratroopers did land in the flooded areas. The British, though, had quick release buckels on their parachutes and landing gear and they were able to escape the hazzard. The American paratroopers, on the other hand, did not have quick release buckels and when they landed in the flooded areas, the added weight pulled them to the bottom of the water like an anchor and hundreds drowned. These deaths could have been easily avoided with a little more sharing between the branches of the armies of the Allied Forces.

Hopefully, more of this inter-service cooperation is occuring today. But then again, when one realizes the lack of coordination between the CIA, NSA, and FBI et al preceding the 9/11 attack in NYC... not enough.

Respectfully yours,
Arthur J. Earthmann,

Email: Art
P.O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills, CA 90213
Land line: 310-581-8060

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U.S. Internet Rigged!

Watch the 60 Minutes expose!

Published on Mar 30, 2014
Steve Kroft reports on a new book from Michael Lewis called "Flash Boys" that reveals how some high-speed traders work the stock market to their advantage.
(YouTube 14:31)

CLICK on link below!


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Net 'Apartheid' Coming!
Op: Kill Faster Lanes vs Slower Lanes!
ISP Common Carrier Liberty Or Death!
Big Money vs People Power... 60 Days!

The Death of the Internet

CLICK on link below! (YouTube 10:35)


OP: The De@th of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
On Flight 666? Rated PG-22

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Corporate Welfare
& Rich Welfare: Top Ten


From: Bill Quigley [Huffington Post] 5-19-2014
Law Professor, Loyola University New Orleans, CCR Associate Legal Director

"Here are the top 10 examples of corporate welfare and welfare for the rich. There are actually thousands of tax breaks and subsidies for the rich and corporations provided by federal, state and local governments, but these 10 will give a taste.

1. State and local subsidies to corporations: An excellent New York Times study by Louise Story calculated that state and local government provide at least $80 billion in subsidies to corporations [annually]. Over 48 big corporations received over $100 million each. GM was the biggest, at a total of $1.7 billion extracted from 16 different states, but Shell, Ford and Chrysler all received over $1 billion each. Amazon, Microsoft, Prudential, Boeing and casino companies in Colorado and New Jersey received well over $200 million each.

2. Direct federal subsidies to corporations: The Cato Institute estimates that federal subsidies to corporations cost taxpayers almost $100 billion every year.

3. Federal tax breaks for corporations: The tax code gives corporations special tax breaks that have reduced what is supposed to be a 35-percent tax rate to an actual tax rate of 13 percent, saving these corporations an additional $200 billion annually, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

4. Federal tax breaks for wealthy hedge fund managers: Special tax breaks for hedge fund managers allow them to pay only a 15-percent rate while the people they earned the money for usually pay a 35-percent rate. This is the break where the multimillionaire manager pays less of a percentage in taxes than her secretary. The National Priorities Project estimates this costs taxpayers $83 billion annually, and 68 percent of those who receive this special tax break earn more than $462,500 per year (the top 1 percent of earners).

5. Subsidies to the fast food industry: Research by the University of Illinois and UC Berkeley documents that taxpayers pay about $243 billion each year in indirect subsidies to the fast food industry because they pay wages so low that taxpayers must put up $243 billion to pay for public benefits for their workers.

6. Mortgage deduction: The home mortgage deduction, which costs taxpayers $70 billion per year, is a huge subsidy to the real estate, banking and construction industries. The Center of Budget and Policy Priorities estimated that 77 percent of the benefit goes to homeowners with incomes over $100,000 per year.

7. The billions above do not even count the government bailout of Wall Street, while all parties have done their utmost to tell the public that they did not need it, that they paid it back, or that it was a great investment. The Atlantic Monthly estimates that $7.6 trillion was made available by the Federal Reserve to banks, financial firms and investors. The Cato Institute estimates (using government figures) the final costs at $32 to $68 billion, not including the takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which alone cost more than $180 billion.

8. Each major piece of legislation contains new welfare for the rich and corporations. The Boston Globe analyzed the emergency tax legislation passed by Congress in early 2013 and found it contained 43 business and energy tax breaks, together worth $67 billion.

9. Huge corporations that engage in criminal or other wrongful activities protect their leaders from being prosecuted by paying huge fees or fines to the government. You and I would be prosecuted. These corporations protect their bosses by paying off the government. For example, Reuters reported that JPMorgan Chase, which made a preliminary $13-billion mortgage settlement with the U.S. government, is allowed to write off a majority of the deal as tax deductible, saving the corporation $4 billion.

10. There are thousands of smaller special breaks for corporations and businesses out there. There is a special subsidy for corporate jets, which cost taxpayers $3 billion a year. The tax deduction for second homes costs $8 billion a year. Fifty billionaires received taxpayer-funded farm subsidies in the past 20 years.

If you want to look at the welfare for the rich and corporations, start with the federal Internal Revenue Code. That is the King James Bible of welfare for the rich and corporations. Special breaks in the tax code are the reason that there are thousands of lobbyists in the halls of Congress, hundreds of lobbyists around each state legislature and tens of thousands of tax lawyers all over the country."

More: Boeing National Priorities Project Cato Institute Wall Street Bailout General Motors Microsoft Cars Gao Report Fast Food Industry Tax Breaks Shell Oil Corporate Welfare JPMorgan Chase Amazon Hedge Fund Managers The New York Times Corporate Tax Breaks Farm Subsidies Corporate Subsidies Corporate Jets


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Op: Top Ten Targets

Americans... please mobilize against the current tide of Conservative RapePubliCon Tea Party Facism! The term "Fascism"was coined by the dictator of Italy, Mussolini, in 1919. His definition: the marriage of State Government and Corporate Billionaire Millionaire Super-Rich power. Seems like the current batch of U.S. Tea Party RapePubliCon Fascists to me! Reagan started this Fascistic Revolution for the Super-Rich in 1981 when he began his program of providing
the most massive tax cuts for the rich in U.S. History. He dropped the top tax rate from 70% to 28%, and, at the same time, raised the tax rate for the working class from 8% to 11%. During the past 33 years, VooDoo Reaganomics has descimated
the Middle Class resulting in the worst income disparity between the rich and poor in the entire history of the United States. In 1981, the average CEO made 30 times more than his average worker; now, in 2014, the average CEO makes 300 to 3,000
times more than his average worker! [Google: Wallmart, and Hedgefund/Derivative
Traders (Traitors) on WallStreet!]

Please support the current U.S. Democratic Party and the lost, under informed, but sincere... Independents!

******** OUR GOALS ********

1a) Climb the real M.L.K. mountain top: MEDICARE FOR ALL FROM BIRTH!
Support the pragmatic foothills below: ObamaCare: The Affordable Care Act!
Of the 40 miracles of Jesus Christ, 35 had to do with health care, food care, and an anti-rich agenda -- obviously, His top priorities !

2) Amend
The U.S. Constitution such that The CITIZENS UNITED Supreme Court Decision (2010), which said that [Super Rich] Money is Speech, and [Monopolistic] Corporations are People... is repealed, and, [like the Court's inept evil Dredd Scott Decision (1857), which upheld slavery and led directly to the inevitable Civil War...] is killed and flushed down the toilet bowel of demonic U.S. History!

Adopt the Tell-A-Vision advertising and ELECTION FUNDING LIMITS of England: a) Check the $5-$20 box on your yearly tax return form for election campaign fund contribution (no more donations permitted by any other means or persons, including the super-rich!). b) Limit the campaign season to 6-12 months.
c) Have percentage representationin Congress providing a path for 3rd and 4th etc. party candidates and resultingproportional representation; d) Voting Day becomes an American National Holiday, including all local, city, county, district, state,
regional and national elections. e) Adopt the "vote by mail" format used so successfully in Oregon! f) As in Australia, make voting manditory and receive a $100 fine in your mail box in two weeks if you fail to vote without a good excuse!
g) Have all election day security guards and police wear a marathon-type jersey... with large white or yellow identifying numbers AND their 3-letter name initials on the front and back...over their uniform shirt during voting, so that, if any become
demonically possessed and use too much pepper spray, etc. the press and the public will know who needs to be disciplined... or else!

4) REPEAL BOTH THE REAGAN AND BUSH TAX CUTS WHICH MAINLY BENEFIT THE MILLIONAIRES, BILLIONAIRES AND MONOPOLISTIC TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS! The top tax rate for the super-rich was 91% from FDR to IKE. JFK had it lowered to 70% (while closing alot of tax loopholes), and, then, Reagan had it lowered to a paltry 28%! To quote H.W. Bush, this "Voodoo Economics" of Reaganomics has devastated the Middle Class. There is more income inequality now than at any time in U.S. History! Presently, on planet Earth there are only two countries that have more income inequality than U.S.A. exeptionalism!

5) Kill S.H.A.F.T.A.-- The Southern Hemisphere and Asia Free Trade Agreement! [a.k.a.-- The T.P.P.-- Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty] which would mainly empower global transnational super-rich billionaires to monopolize World Trade alot more. It is being negotiated under Top Secret umbrella excuses. Not even members of the Senate and the House know what is in it-- other than that it would
eliminate alot more U.S. sovereignty, and yield alot more national and international power to the transnational plutocrats and oligarchs!

6a) End all Corporate Welfare. Abolish all TAX LOOPHOLES for the wealthy and corporations, including the hiding of wealth in Switzerland, and Bermuda, etc. to avoid paying taxes. b) Mandate a Wall Street Transaction Tax (Security Turnover Exise Tax-- S.T.E.T.) with a minimum amount of one penny of value, reqardless of how much is electronically traded on the Stock Market in how many nano-seconds! (Having this minimum unit of one cent would expedite oversight.) Otherwise, watch the Plutocratic mathmaticians take over America with their Mafiaesque rapid-fire machine-gun algorithms! c) Some of the largest corporations in America, presently, do not pay any taxes, and some even receive millions of dollars in annual subsidies (welfare!): General Electric, Exxon... etc. Stop that... or else! [Read my blog entry #2 on this subject in alot more detail]

7) As in most European countries, provide all Americans with FREE EDUCATION THROUGH A PH.D. DEGREE! Provide a free G.I. Bill for all Veterans of any and all present or past wars fought!

8) Reinstate the U.S.A. INVOLUNTARY MILITARY CONSCRIPTION DRAFT! In Switzerland, for example-- the draft is manditory for all men at age 16-20...after bootcamp...monthly target practice manditory until age 50! In Israel, active weapons training: 36 months for men, 24 months for women. Military service is manditory for all men who turn 18... and they must stay in the service Guard until they are 50. Service without weapons training should also be available. With the mayhem in northern Mexico causing more deaths than Vietnam, it is manditory thatwe prepare our population for the violent times ahead! I have talked to several military leaders about why we do not have the draft today, and some have offered the following rationale: If we were to draft young gangster wannabe types from poor afro-American or hispanic communities, they might learn how to use the lethal weapons in our military and then turn that knowledge against the locals when they get released from the military. Every society has the draft has that same potential problem. The solution is to prevent the bad apples from having access to weapons training in the first place. If they have a criminal record, or an obvious bad attitude, then set a certain security clearance that must be obtained to be able to obtain weapons training. In the meantime, have them cleaning the toilets and grounds!
Note: The rich and powerful will not be so trigger-happy to have Americans jump into every war that raises its ugly head if they have their own sons and daughters involved and at risk! (Got that Dick Cheney, George Bush and John McCain!)

9) Persuade the U.S. Government to offer a $1,000 subsidy to those Americans who have their black cars painted white! There are 47% more Americans killed at night in car accidents in black cars than those in WHITE CARS-- because white cars are much easier to see at night. [Google this fact!] Also, outlaw the painting of all new cars black, dark gray, dark blue and any other color that is difficult to see at night! Have police cars switch their patrol car colors so that white is painted on the front and back, with black in the center... so they can, also, be more visable and safer to drive at night! Too many cops are also loosing their lives because of this idiocy!
Why didn't Ralph Nader think of this when he came out with his eloquent book "Unsafe At Any Speed", published in 1965? And, during the past 50 years, why hasn't he or anybody else, besides me, brought up this life-saving revelation? Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent recalling millions of cars because
a dozen Americans are killed because of a faulty ignition switch... yet, thousands of Americans are killed because they were driving a dark difficult-to-see colored car at night... and absolutely nothing is done to correct this situation! Wake up America!

10) Kill, stop, thwart, delay, postpone the absurd KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE that is planned to carry toxic FRACKED oil sludge from Canada to Texas. The refined end product will all be exported to China and Latin America, with the U.S. receiving none of it... only the waste products!

*) And this is only our TOP TEN Agendas! PEACE!

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Economic War Against Putin,
Russia & China Day!



Monday, May 5, 2014

Attention: Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama:
[Revised copy to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Interim President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov]

UKRAINE: Please advise President Obama that he is proceeding with sanctions on Russia too slowly. And why is Obama deliberately avoiding targeting PUTIN economically? Since when is promising NOT to hit the economic bulls eye (Putin) ever a pragmatic move? This is absurd! I’ll bet that if Obama were presented with the right analogies that he would be persuaded to change his mind!

It’s like threatening to close the sliding door to a barn 10%... after 10% of the horses have run out... and then threatening to close the door another 10%... if another 10% of the horses escape. Where and when in U.S. and World history has this ever worked?

With a brutal tyrant like PUTIN, OBAMA needs to hit him, ECONOMICALLY PERSONALLY, and the most sensitive RUSSIAN ENERGY AND BANKING SECTORS, HARD AND FAST... IMMEDIATELY. To say that Obama plans to WAIT and do this if Putin interferes with the Ukranine ELECTIONS May 25 is rediculous! Waiting until then would be like threatening to close the barn door 75%, if Putin lets 75% of the horses escape!

D-Day would not have been successful if it would have been implemented too incrementally. The whole key was to hit them super hard on day 1, 2, 3, 4... etc.!

E-Day (ECONOMIC-War-Against-PUTIN-And-RUSSIA-Day) also needs to be done with as much force and economic strangulation that can be implemented... at once and immediately! Chancellor Merkel of Germany, and you two et al are acting too much like Neville Chamberlain!

A rope-a-dope boxing strategy may have worked for Muhammad Ali against George Forman, but it will not work for Obama against Putin! Obama needs to be less defensive and more preemptive... like MR. CHRIST, the dove, forcefully throwing the money changers out of the temple... immediately!

If Obama, Merkel and Turchynov do not heed this advice, eastern Ukraine will probably be lost to Putin and Russia... and, very possibly, even the entire country of Ukraine. Be bold like FDR, Bradley, and Eisenhower, please!

Update: Tuesday, May 19, 2014 Today the U.S. Government indited five members of the Chinese military for hacking into and stealing corporate secrets from some of the largest military and private corporations in America! This is the first time that specific Chinese faces and names have been publically identified! Finially, some specific action! Thankyou, President Obama.

Respectfully yours,

Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Prophet of God

My Website:
My Email:
My P. O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills, CA 90213
My Land line Phone # 310-581-8060


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Flight 370: Missing Dots



Letter-To-The-Editor Los Angeles Times “SEARCH FOR JET EXPANDS ACROSS ASIA” by Barbara Demick, Monday, 3-18-2014, page A-1.

Dear Editor,
I am a PSYCHIC who has had events of international headline import transpire within 24 hours of my premonitions in past U.S. history. Perhaps these ideas will provide a few more pragmatic dots for humanity to connect!

Since the hijacking of Flight MH370 on 3-8-2014, I have wondered why nobody at the LA Times or national Tell-a-Vision news has mentioned the following dots. (We will be able to connect the dots earlier, only if those dots are visualized earlier.)

LOCATION: Flight 370 originated at KUALA LUMPUR in Malaysia. This is the location of the famous PETRONIS TWIN TOWERS which were the tallest buildings in the World when they were completed in 1996 and officially opened in 1999 by the devout Muslim Prime Minister Mohammad. Nearby, the Muslim Mosque of Asy-Syakirin was built as part of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center which also includes the Petronis Towers. It is well-known that OSAMA BIN LADEN frequented and did planning for 9/11 at this mosque.

When the N.Y.C. WORLD TRADE CENTER TWIN TOWERS were completed in 1973 they were the world’s tallest building. The Petronis Twin Towers were erected to upstage and surpass the NYC towers. They were built by the Muslim government of Malaysia as a source of religious and ethnic pride, and cultural competition. To contrast with the minimalistic box design in NYC, the Petronis Towers were not only taller, they were also much more ornate, artistic and baroque in their design. They were the pride of World Islam and they were also the World’s second set of famous twin towers!

TIMING: I believe that Flight 370 was probably hijacked when it was because the replacement for the destroyed Twin Towers-- the WTC FREEDOM TOWER was just being celebrated for its completion. Consider the current cover of TIME MAGAZINE dated March 17, 2014 (but released earlier)-- a photograph looking down at the just [almost] completed Freedom Tower!
[Visit... ...for helicopter video!]

It is my promonition that the hijackers probably intimidated the pilot with the
at-home simulator
, Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, by saying, either during the flight, or, more likely before the flight, that if he alerted anyone, then his family would be harmed. Just like with 9/11, they probably [forced] him to train them on his simulator. How many pilots have their own at-home flight simulator? Probably, one in 1,000? That should be the biggest red flag of suspicion of all!
(It's so easy to imagine Capt. Shah at his mosque bragging about his simulator, and having a muslim bad-apple over hear him and make his Great Satan possessed chess move!) Also, the hijackers were probably from, or sympathetic to, the Tatar Sunni Muslim region of Crimea, Ukraine, or a Russian-Muslim area like Chechnya. Why? To link Putin subliminally to the Crimean fiasco which was also evolving at the same time as the disappearance of Flight 370. Furthermore, this link could be either anti-Putin, or, pro-Putin: to help drain attention away from the European theater to the Asian theater... or, to draw attention to it-- to cause further exasperation by the European Union pro-Ukranians and President Obama. The more World military attention and money spent on solving the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370, the less World military resources and thought would be concentrated on Crimea and Ukraine.

Anyway, as a motion picture Screenwriter/Director, this is how __________ would film it!

P.S. Open Email to President Obama:

Attention: President Obama, Sir:
UKRAINE: Russian President/Dictator Putin, is a compulsive liar, (like Hitler invading the German-speaking Czech-Sudetenland on 10-1-1938 when he earlier promised that he would not invade.) Putin will order his 40,000+ men, tanks, missles, jets "Exercising Army" (or undercover indigenous local thugs) into Eastern and Southern Ukraine within 40 days and 40 nights! Mark My words!
[I emailed a very similar paragraph with the above information a month ago... so it appears that I am already precient.]

President Obama, you need to UNCANCEL... "The US missile defense complex in Poland, also called the European Interceptor Site (EIS), was part of the Ballistic Missile Defense European Capability of the US. It was intended to be located in Redzikowo, Słupsk, Poland, forming a Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system in conjunction with an US narrow-beam midcourse tracking and discrimination radar system located in Brdy, Czech Republic. It was to consist of 10 silo-based interceptors: two-stage versions of the existing three-stage Ground Based Interceptors with Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicles and a closing speed of about 7 km/s. The plan was cancelled in 2009 and subsequently replaced with a phased plan—the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, which will include SM-3 Block IIA interceptors to be positioned in Poland around 2018."

"When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the newly independent Ukraine had on its territory what was the third largest strategic nuclear weapons arsenal in the world. It was larger than those of Britain, France, and China combined. On June 1, 1996 Ukraine became a non-nuclear nation when it sent the last of its 1,900 strategic nuclear warheads to Russia for dismantling.[1] The first shipment of nuclear weapons from Ukraine to Russia (by train) was in March 1994.[2] In return for giving up its nuclear weapons, Ukraine, the United States of America, Russia, and the United Kingdom signed the 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, pledging to respect Ukraine territorial integrity, a pledge that was broken by Russia's 2014 invasion of Crimea.[3] However, there is a dispute whether Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances is anything more than a general statement of intent, lacking the rigor of an international treaty and accompanying ratification procedure." (Wikipedia)

President Obama, you need to expand this program to also include missle silos in western Ukraine, especially protecting the capital city of Kiev ASAP... within MONTHS, not years! [You need to publically state that you are going to help Ukraine OBTAIN AGAIN a fraction of those 1,900 nuclear warheads that they returned to Russia on the condition that Russia would not invade [Crimea or eastern Ukraine]. This is the only tough talk that a devil like Putin will listen to! You are sounding too much like Neville Chamberlain! Sanctions didn't deter Hitler, either!] Also, you needs to supply Ukraine with offensive helicopters, shoulder-held anti-aircraft/tank rocket launchers, etc.! Just pretend that Ukraine is Israel, and Russia is Iran/Syria/S. Lebanon... or else!

This is a prophetic prophecy-- an order from God Almighty to Me... that I should share this revelation with thee, President Obama! Now, let's see how inspired I am and have been! PEACE!

Respectfully yours, General Earthmann, Prophet of God

My Website: My P.O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills, CA 90213
My E-mail: // My Land line: 310-581-8060


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Medicare For All:
The Mountaintop!


ObamaCare: The Good Foothills below!

Great news: Alan Grayson, Congressman from Florida (D-9), has now obtained 80 congressional co-sponsors for this House Bill, H.R. 500: Buy Into Medicare Act! This will provide a critical Public Option for every citizen in America, and will also help drive down both the cost of healthcare and health insurance!

It will be "cost neutral" because the public will only be charged what it will cost Medicare ... around $100 a month for a single adult, and around $500 a month for a family of four. The overhead cost of the non-profit program Medicare is under 2%, while the overhead cost for profit-driven health insurance companies are often as high as 20%, with a lot of the extra profits going to pay the greedy CEOs up to $1 million a month!

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Congressman Alan Grayson also successfully added at the last minute in the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) the stipulation that, in 2016, every State will have to provide Medicare as a Public Option to ObamaCare!

RapePubliCons keep screeming that they are for the capitalistic competition of a free market economy. Providing a public option for Medicare will provide more competition and a more free market in healthcare and health insurance.

But the Cons will undoubtedly continue to drop their pants and show their utter hypocrisy and inconsistancy on this agenda! They give lip service to christianity with their prayer breakfasts, etc. yet they show utter contempt for actually following the main message of Jesus Christ: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and have the rich be more unselfish and less greedy. Read Christ's Sermon On The Mount again if you don't agree with me... and Jesus!

Mr. Christ is purported to have performed around 40 miracles, of which 35 had to do with either Health Care or Food Care. If He were walking the streets of America today, He would be preaching for Medicare For All, and Food Stamps for the unfortunate! His feeding the 5,000 etc. was, indeed, preventative Health Care. One's immune system, which prevents illness, is much stronger when one is properly fed.

Martin Luther King talked about having "been to the mountain top." To me, the biggest mountain top with the highest priority is Medicare For All From Birth. Imagine this mountain as being, say, Mt. Ranier in the State of Washington. Now, imagine ObamaCare as being the foothills of that mountain. If an advertising agency were to try to lure people to visit that national park by mainly showing photographs of just the beautiful foothills of that mountain, but cropping the mountain out of the pictures, far fewer people would be motivated to visit that park. This is the real problem of The Affordable Care Act. This is why so many people are apathetic about it. Obama fails to acknowledge or state that it is just the preliminary trail to the future real goal... of climbing the majestic mountain of Medicare For All From Birth!

It is the Goal of We The People, that, before this decade is out, the U.S. Government will provide Medicare For All citizens of these United States -- not just for those above 65 years of age, but lowered all the way to birth, and even to conception itself via pre-natal care!

This, a Single-Pay With A Public Option healthcare/insurance program is already offered by all of the 34 industrialized nations on this planet, except the United States. USA exceptionalism, indeed! All 33 nations EXCEPT the USA! We are dead last, at #34! It is high time for our pathetic RapePubliCons to wake up from their decades of greedy slumber and join the community of empathetic nations!

Perhaps the best schedule for the USA to provide Medicare For All would be to drop the age of qualification every two years when the nation votes for its Congresspersons.

The rate of age drop could be 10 years a step, depending on how competent the IT programmers are. Given the problems with the Obamacare Startup , it would be best to only advance to the next step after the dust has settled and the bugs have be eradicated from the previous step.

For example, in 2016: lower the Medicare qualification age from 65 to 55; in 2018: lower it to age 45; in 2020: lower the age to 35; in 2022: lower the age to 25; in 2024: lower the age to 15: in 2026: lower the age to 5; in 2028: lower the age to birth and even conception, to cover prenatal care.

Single-Pay has already been implemented in the city of San Francisco, and State of Massachusetts, and signed by the Governor in the State of Vermont!

Los Angeles
should follow the lead of San Francisco; California should follow the lead of Vermont and Massachusetts.

Medicare For All could easily be funded by taxing the present estimated $800 Billion in Derivatives 98.666%; Also, by raising the Top-Tax-Rate back up to 91%; Also, by rolling back both the Reagan and Bush Tax Cuts for the super rich. After the US budget is balanced or sufficiently stabilized, then the taxes on the Top 1% super-rich can be lowered again. Keep the loopholes plugged though, as if they are holes in the Titanic of the USS Economy Ship of State! Initially, loopholes are like benign cancers, easy to control at first, but they will inevitably become malignant, given what political human nature is! On the other hand, tax rates are much easier to monitor, control and maintain transparency thereof!

"President Herbert Hoover asked for a temporary tax increase…in June 1932, raising the top income tax rate from 25% to 63% and quadrupling the lowest tax rate from 1.1% to 4%. That didn’t help confidence or the Treasury. Revenue from the individual income tax dropped from $834 million in 1931 to $427 million in 1932 and $353 million in 1933.

This caused a “double-dip” recession, sky-rocketing the unemployment rate to well above 20 percent. After 1933, the economy showed glimmers of recovery: unemployment dropped from near 25 percent in 1934 to under 15 percent in 1937, and economic activity was picking up." (The Foundry, Heritage Foundation, Wikipedia)

FDR took the Oath of Office on March 4,1933. In 1939, the first year of World War 2, he raised the top individual tax rate to 79%. During the war FDR was able to raise the top marginal tax rate to 94% for those earning over $200,000 a year. The top corporate tax rate was 90% during the war.

In 1963 JFK lowered the top tax rate to 70% while also closing many tax loopholes. The country actually took in more revenue in 1964 than it did in 1959!

Reagan lowered the top tax rate in 1981 from 70% to 50%, and in 1986 lowered it to 28%, and raised the bottom tax rate from 11% to 15%. This was the first time since Hoover that the bottom rate was raised at the same time that the top rate was lowered.

Reaganites and the RapePubliCons say that they are christians and followers of Mr. Christ... but they "draw near to Jesus and the poor with their lips, but their hearts are from them." Hypocrites!

Also, the age for qualifying for Social Security should be dropped from age 65 to age 55! This would easily be paid for by removing the Cap on Social Security presently set at $107,000., or, at least raise the Cap to $1Million annual income! This would also provide the means by which more elderly could retire at age 55, and, at the same time, open up the job market to the younger generation to fill those job vacancies left by those who retire at age 55!

Obama should declare a real War On Poverty as if it were World War P!



26 States Refusing 'Free' Medicaid:
$8-Billion for 8-million Uninsured Poor!

    Shocker: 26 States Refusing to Expand Medicaid Will Leave Nearly Eight Million of America's Poorest Uninsured--
New York Times 10-3-2013

"The New York Times reported today that even as Obamacare rolls out, nearly eight million poor Americans will be left without health coverage, thanks in large part to the fact that 26 Republican-controlled states have refused to expand Medicaid coverage. Not surprisingly, two thirds of those affected by the political intransigence are poor black Americans and single mothers—the very people that the program was crafted to aide. Says the Times:

The law was written to require all Americans to have health coverage. For lower and middle-income earners, there are subsidies on the new health exchanges to help them afford insurance. An expanded Medicaid program was intended to cover the poorest. In all, about 30 million uninsured Americans were to have become eligible for financial help.

But the Supreme Court’s ruling on the health care law last year, while upholding it, allowed states to choose whether to expand Medicaid. Those that opted not to leave about eight million uninsured people who live in poverty ($19,530 for a family of three) without any assistance at all.

According to the Times, the issue stems from a gap that is being created by the state Republicans who refuse to participate in the Medicaid expansion. The gap is made up largely by people whose incomes are slightly too high to qualify for federal subsidies on the new health exchanges that went live earlier this week, despite Republican attempts to block it, and those who don't quite qualify for Medicaid as it exists now, which has "income ceilings as low as $11 a day in some states." So, shockingly, some people are discovering that they are too poor to be eligible for coverage.

The Times reports:

"The 26 states that have rejected the Medicaid expansionare home to about half of the country’s population, but about 68 percent of poor, uninsured blacks and single mothers. About 60 percent of the country’s uninsured working poor are in those states. Among those excluded are about 435,000 cashiers, 341,000 cooks and 253,000 nurses’ aides."

The issue of race, and the fact that many of the states declining Medicaid expansion are southern, is an inevitable component of the story.

The disproportionate impact on poor blacks introduces the prickly issue of race into the already politically charged atmosphere around the health care law. Race was rarely, if ever, mentioned in the state-level debates about the Medicaid expansion. But the issue courses just below the surface, civil rights leaders say, pointing to the pattern of exclusion.

Every state in the South of the country, with the exception (most surprisingly) of Arkansas, has entirely rejected the expansion. And many are claiming that in a time of major outrage over a still-struggling economy, as well as a country defined by rapidly changing demographics, the inability for new Medicaid expansion to flourish is preventing the system's genuine overhaul."


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49 Medicare G.O.D.                
    Green Medicare Flag    

Above, is a possible complementary green flag for my movie Medicare For All From Birth!
And, if you let me draw your portrait, I just might tell you what, for me, the G, the O, and the D... stand for!

In the above flag, the sunburst rays eminating from the green plus sign was inspired by a truely supernatural Miracle that happened to me in November, 1994 while hiking in Yosmite National Park in California.

I had loaded up my backpack with around fifty pounds of video and still photographic and camping equipment and proceeded to climb the steep three mile zig zag trail to the top of the highest waterfall in North America, Yosemite Falls.

Having climbed half way up, I camped the first night in a cave by the side of the trail and dangeled my food over the cliff trail so that no animals would smell and eat it. The view of the Falls and of Half Dome was incredibly spectacular! It was so cold at the top of the Falls that six foot icicles would form around every fifteen minutes, and then, when their weight became too heavy, would fall in a thunderous crash!

I continued my hike the next morning and it began to snow. By the time I reached the top, the snowfall had become a light blizzard. I began to keep slipping and falling down even though I wore top quality hiking boots and had two great hiking sticks with spikes.

Just after I made it to the top of the Falls and had walked across the Yosemite River Bridge, from which the river dropped nearby forming the Falls, I had a particular bad fall and wrenched my knee. With difficulty, I stood up and gazed back over the bridge wondering if I would reach my goal of the lookout point with its spectacular view looking down at the Falls from that side of the gourge.

All of a sudden beyond the bridge, I saw a bright yellow light which appeared to illuminate the entire vista before me for a few seconds! I thought that somebody might be playing a joke on me, so I yelled out, "Is anybody there?" Silence. Then I felt prompted by the Holy Ghost that this was a sign from God, telling me to stop hiking -- that it would be too dangerous to risk falling down again, and that I should promptly pitch my tent on that trail and camp there that night. I immediately followed that prompting and pitched my two-person tent.

The next morning, it had stopped snowing but there were four inches of snow on my tent. My knee was feeling better, but the trail was too covered with snow to even be sure where the trail was to the lookout point. So, I turned around and made my way back down the zig zag trail to the bottom below, mainly by using my bottom! I arrived safely but sore, but loaded with scores of scenic photographs and videos!

Note: I used the green plus sign design shape to represent "positive" as in "be positive, rather than negative; be optimistic, rather than pessimistic; don't be mentally depressed... be happy and filled with joy about life in general"! Also, I used the color green because this miracle had taken place in a green forest.

I couldn't figure out how to add the hundreds of light blizzard snow flakes and still maintain the profound power of the graphic design, so I left them out. I suppose the graphic communicates that this communication from above happened in the Spring or Summer rather than Winter, but that is a secondary priority. Perhaps the NSA leaker, SNOWden, could help me solve this dilemma when the dust, I mean... snow, settles on his dilemma!

My design had nothing to do with the current green plus sign fad associated with medical pot. Besides, that fad came several years later. Perhaps, that movement copied my sign of the times!

Also, my Plus Sign has nothing to do with the Cross of Christianity, as I believe that most all present day and historic religion is mythology, and that God is mostly a Santa Claus/Superman for adults!

P.S. O.K., Concerning the three letters in the above green flag: I'll let you all know what was once Top Secret and Bottom Sacred: G.O.D., for me, stands for Great Open Democracy, the future name, in my motion picture, of the Democratic Party! Either that or Good Open Democracy! Now, to decide which word and philosophic concept is of higher priority in political thought... to be great, or to be good.

Muslims shout, "God is Great!"; they do not shout "God is Good!" But then they call the USA, "The Great Satan!" Are they, therefore, saying that both God and Satan are Great?! Adolf Hitler was not Good; he was Bad! But was he Great at being Bad? Is it not a higher priority to be Great at being Good? How come in school, the highest grade "A" is not for being "great", but for being "Excellent"... and the grade for being "Good" is only a "B"?! Therefore, should we not have a greater goal of being... "Good at being Great"!

In my survey of Progressive political leaders, most say the "G" should stand for "Great", whereas most religious leaders say that the "G" should stand for "Good". Plato, of the republican Republic would probably say... let only the leaders choose, vote and decide which word to use. Democracy, on the other hand, would probably prefer to let the less-informed masses choose which word to use. What do you Feel? What do you Think? Would rational "Think Tanks" come to a different consensus and conclusion than the emotional "Feel Tanks"?

The republicans [RapePubliCons] use G.O.P., Grand Old Party, as their acronym. They probably chose the letter "P" because it was, subliminally, closer to the letter "D" that the letter "B", and they didn't have the ________ to use the letter "D". Well, I have the ________ to use the letter "D"!

Of the 40 miracles supposedly performed by Mr. Christ, 35 had to do with Health Care (healing the sick etc.), or, Food Care (feeding the 5,000 etc.). Good nutrition is, indeed, preventative Health Care, because it strengthens the immune system to combat diseases, etc. And so, even though I believe in a separation of Church and State, I also believe in a marriage between charitible empathy and governmental monetary help through fair taxation and fair distribution.

And so, America, look forward to the future headlines: G.O.P. vrs G.O.D. and...
GOP to debate GOD!


P.S. One scene in my movie will show the following: The Hubble Telescope can photographically penetrate Deep Space approximately 13.5 billion light years. Too many astronomers believe that the/our Universe is around 14 billion light years old, and so, for the sake of argument and logic, I will label that time-unit as being 100% of the distance to the beginning of the/our Universe, namely, The Big Bang. Therefore, metaphorically, Hubble can now reach 96% of the distance into the deepest point in space-time, which is also called by astronomers, the Singularity.

The far more powerful Webb Telescope is due to be launched in 2018 and it should be able to penetrate that final 4% distance and, therefore, be able to photograph The/Our Big Bang!

In fact, I mean in fantacy, it should be able to photograph God lighting the FUSE that ignited the Big Bang! Golden Question is: How long do you think that fuse should be in order for this scene to be both palpable and palatable in my motion picture? A mile? A thousand miles? A million miles? A billion miles? A trillion miles? How many miles... or should God measure His Big Bang Fuse Length in kilometers?!

I thank the Lord that God has a keen sense of humor! If you do not believe this myth, then you need to visit you neighborhood zoo!

In conclusion, two of my future motion pictures will be two sequels to... "The A Team" which I plan to call:
1) "The A Men" 2) "The A Women"!

Amen and Awomen


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The Planet Heaven
and Its Moon Hell


Copyright 1970 -- 2014 * Carbonite 2008 -- 2014
All Intellectual Property Rights Protected ***
F.B.I. enforced: >$250,000 fine & >3-year jail term! ****

Note: The "Spec-Script" for the movie, "Basic Instinct" (1992 film) sold for $3-Million! Therefore, I will accept no less than $4-Million for this one (unless somebody makes Me an offer I can't refuse)! Presently, it may not be as polished, but it certainly has a hundred times more cultural potential than "Instinct". Word on the street-alley is... that "Instinct" was offered a mere $1-Million until Joe Estzerhas added the superfluous erotic nude crotch shot of Sharon Stone-- then it shot up to and sold for $3-Million and was still able to keep the R-rating. Did he at least split that extra $2 Million with Sharon! How perverse can greed-lust get?! REPENT!
And now, for alot more dramatic satirical plot and character arc
in My Spec-Script below! Enjoy!]

The Planet Heaven and Its Moon Hell

by Gen. Arthur J. Earthmann, Playwright, Screenwriter, Actor,
Director, Producer - HolyWould, CA USA Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe

This Novel / Short Story / Graphic Novel / Stageplay
Screenplay Adaptation / Spec Script / Motion Picture / Pitch / Plug Line...

... Rated PG-8

Genre: Satire (Comedy-Drama)

[Note: If you are a True Believer who does not believe
that Mr. & Mrs. God, Mr. Christ, Mr. Holy Ghost,
and Mr. Santa Claus have a robust sense of humor,
may I respectfully suggest that you go visit a zoo! A.J.E.]


[Warning: Like the Old Testament (MythBook), and the Great Motion Picture Comedy Drama Satire "History of the World, Part 1" (Mel Brooks Film 1981), around 2% of this Screenplay and Website is Rated "R"... not PG-8 as posted...
kind of like Poison Oak along the Straight and Narrow Path!
Therefore, keep on the trail! Henceforth, think of this unfinished
extraordinary Pre-Picture sketch-mug as being
98% full, and only 2% empty! A.J.E.]

<$> <$>

Starring... in logical order...


1) Gen. Thom Hartmann, Anchorman, Prophet of G.O.D.
and literal latter-day Benjamin Franklin!
Host of "The Big Picture" RT
(Internet tv - Free Daily M-F Video Podcast!
Just Google and check it out. That's an order!)
America's Top Rated Progressive Talk Radio Host
for past 10 years! (Daily $ Podcast available!)
Thom is the author of "The Crash of 2016...
and What We Can Do To Stop It"!

(This book and audiobook has just been released!)
Thom is the author of 21 critically acclaimed books!
Thom is also the Narrator of a prophetic just released video
on human beings' race to Mass Extinction
(in just a few decades!) through Fossil Fuel
Climate Change: "Last Hours" (2013 Documentary)
as... WALTER CHRONKITE (Resurrected)
TV Anchorman, "You Are There" 1970s tv (YouTube)


2) David Copperfield, Magician
(See... YouTube)
as.. JESUS CHRIST GOD (Resurrected)
New Testament (See... YouTube)


3) Bill Maher, Comedian, Satirist
"Real Time" tv (YouTube) "Religulous"
(Documentary 2008)
or, ________________. Casting Call:
Somebody who looks more like David Copperfield,
or, we will have to construct a theatrical mask
like they use in "Mission Impossible"!
as... JEZEUS CRYST GODD (Resurrected)
The "Best Double" for, and in behalf of, Jesus Christ.


4) Edward Asner, Actor "Elf" (film 2003)
(See... YouTube)
as... SANTA CLAUS (Resurrected)
(See... YouTube)
as... The Wise Man of the Three Magi, who brought
the gift of gold to the baby Jesus in the manger!
Word on Celestial Street is that he was short and
fat, had white hair and beard, and liked wearing
red and white clothes because he was a Wise Man
who read alot!


5) Jon Stewart, Comedian, T.V. Host
as... GEORGE CARLIN (Resurrected) Comedian,
Did Carlin say..."Fighting for Peace is like Screwing for
1) Abstinancy 2) Celibacy 3) Virginity,
or 4) ____________ ?" (See... YouTube)
as... The YEAR ZERO Roman Calendar Reset CZAR
under the reign of Tiberius Caesar !
Was Jesus Christ logically born on April 1, 0. A.D. ?


6) Michelle Williams, Actress
"My Week With Marilyn" (film 2011)
as... MARILYN MONROE (Resurrected) Actress
"Some Like It Hot!" (film 1959) (See... YouTube)


7) Jim Carrey, Actor, Comedian
"Bruce Almighty" (film 2003) & (YouTube)
as... JOHNNY CARSON (Resurrected)
"The Tonight Show" tv 1962-1992 (YouTube)


8) Scarlett Johannson, Actress
"Scoop" (film 2006) & (See... YouTube)
as...MARY MAGDALENE (Resurrected)
Christ cast 7 devils out of her! Was she an
ex-Prostitute? Word on Celestial Street is that... all
prostitutes are possessed by a minumum of one
devil when they are alone, two devils when they
are with a client, and... seven devils when they are
leading an orgy with 6 clients!
New Testament MythBook (YouTube)


9) Robert Downey, Jr., Actor
"Chaplin" (film 1992) & (See... YouTube)
as... CHARLIE CHAPLIN (Resurrected)
See... "The Great Dictator"
(1940: Full Film on YouTube 2:05:16)
Future Film: "Chaplin: The Making of 'The Great Dictator'"


10) Art Earthmann, Artist, Actor, Satirist,
Master Mind, Propagandist, Psychic, Political Cartoonist
Pro-Christ & Prophet of G.O.D.
as... Charlie Chaplin Auditionner: Performing
the 5-minute speech of the Barber impersonating
the Dictator Gen. Adenoid Hynkel of Tomainia
at the end of the great film "The Great Dictator".


To see Charlie Chaplin give his final speech as the
Barber impersonating the Dictator in his film
"The Great Dictator", CLICK below!


To see Adolf Hitler give a speech about his
"uncompromising" plans for the Sudetenland,
and the rest of Europe, CLICK below.


To see Rich Little do his impression of Johnny
Carson's 22 gestures and voice, CLICK below!


To see Art Earthmann (Me) do My impression
of Charlie Chaplin giving the precise words of
the final speech of the Barber impersonating
the Dictator in "The Great Dictator" (film 1940)
while using the <88 gestures and voice of Adolf Hitler,
CLICK below!

[Sorry, but I am still rehearsing! Today is
April 12... my birthday, though!]

P.S. The main reason I agreed to play this part
is because I was made an offer that I could not
refuse... $70,000.00!

Note: Please, don't worry... I am really not
a naughty
Neo-"NotSee" (BlindFaither)
fan of "HITTER"
or his unimaginative mechanical
architectural oil paintings. [He probably painted
over canvas photographs of the buildings.
I have concrete evidence! I am an even
more gifted oil painter than Adolf! For proof,
just scroll down six feet on this very page!]
Years ago, I used a life-size photo of Hitler
for target practice... which inspired me so much
that I made the Merritt College (Oakland), CA Pistol Team!
Thanks, Sgt. Templeman, Berkeley P.D.!


And, now, to help me memorize the 5 minute monologue
mentioned above regarding my playing the part of an
Auditioner for the play/film "The Great Dictator"...
i.e. the final speech given by Charlie Chaplin playing the part
of the Barber who has infiltrated the army and who is
impersonating the dictator, Gen. Adenoid Hynkel of Tomania...
I am going to quote it in its entirely so I can read it in the
dark on my iPhone! You are welcome to read along with me!


I'm sorry, but I don't want to be an emperor. That's not my busi-
ness. I don't want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help
everyone-- if possible-- Jew, Gentile-- black men-- white.
We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We
want to live be each other's happiness-- not by each other's misery.
We don't want to hate and despise one another. In this world there
is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide
for everyone.
The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the
way. Greed has poisoned men's souls-- has barricaded the world with
hate-- has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have
developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives
abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical;
our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too
little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than clever-
ness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life
will be violent and all will be lost.
The airplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The
very nature of these things cries out for the goodness in man-- cries
out for universal brotherhood-- for the unity of us all. Even now my
voice is reaching millions throughout the world-- millions of despair-
ing men, women and little children-- victims of a system that makes
men torture and imprison innocent people. To those who can hear
me, I say: "Do not despair."

[I am going to memorize this last half, below, first.]

The misery that has come upon us is
but the passing of greed-- the bitterness of men who fear the way of
human progress. The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the
power they took from the people will return to the people. And so
song as men die, liberty will never persish.
Soldiers! Don't give yourselves to these brutes-- who despise you--
enslave you-- who regiment your lives-- tell you what to do-- what
to think and what to feel! Who drill you-- diet you-- treat you like
cattle and use you as connon fodder. Don't give yourselves to these
unnatural men-- machine men with machine minds and machine hearts!
You are not machines! You are men! With the love of humanity in
your hearts! Don't hate! Only the unloved hate-- the unloved and the
Soldiers! Don't fight for slavery! Fight for liberty! In the seven-
teenth chapter of St. Luke, it is written that the kingdom of God is
within man-- not one man nor a group of men, but in all men! In
you! You, the people, have the power-- the power to create machines.
The power to create happiness! You, the people, have the power to
make this life free and beautiful-- to make this life a wonderful adven-
ture. Then-- in the name of democracy-- let us us that power-- let
us all unite. Let us fight for a new world-- a decent world that will
give men a chance to work-- that will give youth a future and old age
a security.
By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power. But
they lie! They do not fulfill that promise. They never will! Dictators
free themselves but they enslave the people. Now let us fight to free
the world-- to do away with national barriers-- to do away with
greed, with hate and intolerance. Let us fight for a world of reason--
a world where science and progress will lead to the happiness of us
all. Soldiers, in the name of democracy, let us all unite!


To see the actual Full Film "The Great Dictator"
CLICK, below! (Part 1 YouTube 10:00)


To see the great documentary (2002)
"The Tramp and the Dictator"
CLICK, below! (YouTube 54:57)


11) Gen. Jennifer Granholm, Ex-Governor of Michigan
Professor of Political Science, U.C. Berkeley, CA
(See... YouTube)
as... The Future CHIEF JUSTICE

(After... "Operation 'Flight 666'... Justice Film!")


12) John Roberts, Chief Justice of the U.S.
Supreme Court (2014) (See... YouTube)
ass... KING LOUIS 16TH of France (1793)
(See... YouTube)


13) Sarah Palin, Plutocrat
Targetor who becomes the Targetee!
(See... YouTube)
Ann Coulter, BitchWriter, I mean WitchWriter
(See... YouTube)
ass... MARIE ANTOINETTE, Queen of France (1793)
(See... YouTube)


14) Oliver Stone, Director, Actor
"JFK" (film 1991), "Wall Street" (film 1987)
& (YouTube) "The Untold History of the
United States" (Documentary 2012)
as... J. EDGAR HOOVER (Resurrected) FBI Director
(See... YouTube)


15) Rich Little, Comedian, Satirist, Actor
(See... YouTube)
as... RAYMOND BURR (Resurrected) Actor
as... Perry Mason (tv 1957-1966) (See... YouTube)


16) Stephen Colbert, Comedian
"The Colbert Report" TV Show (See... YouTube)
as... JOSEPHUS (Resurrected)
Ancient Jewish Historian (See... YouTube)


17) Elizabeth Warren, Senator D-MA
(See... YouTube)
as... THE WIFE OF GOD (Resurrected)
(See... YouTube)


18) Gen. Harry Reid, Mormon Senate leader D-NV
(See... YouTube)
as... THE HOLY GHOST (Resurrected)
Anthropomorphic Personage of Spirit
[Mormon perspective], Member of the Christian
Godhead, Holy Trinity (See... YouTube)
Imagine a black and white negative motion
picture/video film image against a color background!
or, &
as... the futuristic male voice of planet Earth's
most popular, ubiquitous surreal interactive
Operating System "HERRi"!
See... "Her" (2013 film) Best Screenplay award!


19) Gen. Rachael Maddow, Anchorwoman,
Top Lady Progressive Talk TV Host "The Rachael
Maddow Show" MSNBC M-F! (See... YouTube)
as... SUSAN B. ANTHONY (Resurrected)
Women's right to vote! (See... YouTube)
or, &
as... the futuristic female voice of planet Earth's
most popular, ubiquitous surreal interactive
Operating System "HERi"!
See... "Her" (2013 film) Best Screenplay award!


20) Mike Papantonio , Progressive Talk Radio Host,
Lawyer, "Ring of Fire Radio" (See... YouTube/videos)
as... BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (Resurrected) Colonial
Master Mind (See... YouTube)


21) Mel Brooks, Actor, Comedian
Director, Writer, Producer...
"History of the World, Part 1" (film 1981) & (YouTube)
Gen. Bernie Sanders, Very Progressive Senator I-VT
as... GOD (Resurrected) (See... YouTube)


22) Chris Hemsworth, Actor
"Thor" (film 2011)
as... THE GOD THOR, (Resurrected)
(See... YouTube)
as... one of the angels who roled the stone
away from the entrance to the tomb of Jesus
Christ and who removed His crown of THORns.


23) Henry Cavil, Actor "Man of Steel"( film 2013)
(See.. YouTube)
as... CHRISTOPHER REEVE (Resurrected)
as... Superman
"Superman: The Movie" (film 1978)
(See... YouTube)
as... one of the angels who roled the stone
away from the entrance to the tomb of
Jesus Christ.


24) Liam Neeson, Actor "Wrath of the Titans"
(film 2012) (See... YouTube)
as... THE GOD ZEUS (Resurrected)
(See... YouTube)


25) Christopher Plummer, Actor "Alexander" (film 2004)
as... ARISTOTLE (Resurrected) Ancient Greek
Philosopher, Informal Logic Founder, First Actor on
stage to play somebody other than himself, First genuine
Scientist in World History, Tutor of Alexander
the Great (See... YouTube)


26) Paul Krugman, Economist,Yale Professor,
N.Y. Times Columnist (See... YouTube)
as... SOCRATES (Resurrected) Ancient Greek
Philosopher, Social Gadfly, Methods
of Questioning, Epistimology, Ethics


27) Barack Obama, President
as... HERICLITES (Resurrected) Ancient Greek
Philosopher, Pragmatism of Change Czar, Unity of Opposites


28) Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader
(R-KY) (See... YouTube)
as... PARMENIDES (Resurrected) Ancient Greek
Philosopher, Pragmatism of Status Quo Czar,
Metaphysics, Ontology (See... YouTube)


29) Matt Damon, Actor
"Invictus" (film 2009), "GreenZone" (film 2010),
"Good Will Hunting" (film 1997)
as... JOHN F. KENNEDY (Resurrected) U.S. President
(See... YouTube)


30) Frank Langella, Actor
"Dracula" (film 1979), "Frost/Nixon" (film 2008)
as...BELA LUGOSI (Resurrected) Actor
"Dracula" (film 1931)
as... Dracula (See... YouTube)


31) Edris Elba, Actor
"Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom"
**** BEST & Most Inspirational FILM of 2013! ****
Film with the undisputed greatest character arc!
More arc than the 2nd Best Film, "Twelve Years
A Slave"! If the Slave/Protagonist in "Twelve Years..."
would have become President of the USA afterwards,
then, and only then, would the arc have been equal!
The ommission of "Mandella" as the vacant 10th
Academy Award Nominee shows that the
Academy Awards gang is a glorified High
School click! [Actually, I heard from the Academy
that the film "Mandella... " failed to get 5%
of the votes, as did the other films, and that is why
there were only 9 finalists. But isn't that a silly rule?!]
as... NELSON MANDELA (Resurrected) President.
Even though he was an Apartheid prisoner
for 27 years...he became President of South Africa
& led without revenge! (See... YouTube)


32) Denzel Washington, Actor
"The Great Debaters" (film 2007)
as... REV. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. (Resurrected)
Baptist Pastor, Civil Rights Leader for Non-violence.
(See... YouTube)


33) Michael Douglas, Actor,
"Behind the Candelabre" (TV movie about the pianist,
Liberace, 2013) (See... YouTube tv)
as... STEVE ALLEN (Resurrected) Actor
Comedian, Writer, Pianist, Musician.
"Meeting of the Minds" 1990s tv (See... YouTube)


34) Keisha Castle-Hughs, Actress.
"The Nativity Story" (film 2006) (See... YouTube)
as... THE VIRGIN MARY (Resurrected)
Mother of Jesus Christ... See "New Testament"
(See... YouTube)


35) Donald Southerland, Actor
"JFK" (film 1991)
as... THE PROPHET ABRAHAM (Resurrected)
The Old Testament & (See... YouTube)


36) Ben Kingsley, Actor
"Ghandi" (film 1982)
as... GHANDI (Resurrected)
(See... YouTube)


37) Woody Allen, Actor
Director-Producer-Playwright "Annie Hall" (film 1977)
as... THE PROPHET MOSES (Resurrected)
Old Testament & (See...YouTube)


38) William Fichtner, Actor, "Esylium" (film 2013)
as... THE PROPHET JOSEPH SMITH, JR. (Resurrected)
Gold digger, "Stone In His Hat" supposed Seer,
Imaginator of "The Book of Mormon"
(1830 MythBook) (See... YouTube)


39) Mitt Romney, Mormon Plutocrat
Politician, Oligarch, ex-Governor R-MA (See... YouTube)
as... "THE RICH YOUNG RULER" (Resurrected)
See... The New Testament Painting
"Christ and the Rich Young Ruler" (1889)
by Heinrich Hoffmann (See... YouTube)


40) Omar Sharif, Actor
"Lawrence of Arabia" (film 1962)
as... THE PROPHET MOHAMMED (Resurrected)
"The Koran" (MythBook 632 A.D.) (See... YouTube)


41) Sacha Baron Cohen, Actor
"The Dictator" (film 2012)
as... ALLAH (Resurrected)
The MythGod (is Great) of Islam (See... YouTube)


42) Gen. Charles Dawkins, Evolutionary Biologist
Author of "The God Delusion"(book 2006)
"The Militant Atheist" (See...YouTube)
as... SPENCER TRACY (Resurrected) Actor
"Inherit The Wind" (1960 Monkey Trial film)]


43) Paul Bettany, Actor
"Creation: The Life of Charles Darwin"
(film 2009) (See... YouTube)
as... CHARLES DARWIN (Resurrected)
Author of "The Origin of Species"(book on
Evolution 1859) (See... YouTube)


44) Daniel Craig, Actor
"Skyfall" (film 2012)
as... SEAN CONNERY (Resurrected) Actor
"Goldfinger" (1964 James Bond film)
&, or...
as... VLADIMIR PUTIN Current Russian President/Dictator


45) John Kerry, Current U.S. Secretary of State
(See... YouTube)
as... NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN (Resurrected)
Hopefully Not! Is Crimea, Ukraine (2014)...
Sudetenland, Chechoslovakia (1938) 2 ?

(See... YouTube)


46) Tom Cruise, Actor
"Ghost Protocol" (film 2011)
as... PETER GRAVES (Resurrected) Actor
as... Jim Phelps of "Mission Impossible"
(tv, film) (See... YouTube)
&, or...
as... L. RON HUBBARD (Resurrected)
Founder of Church of Scientology
(See... YouTube)


47) Howard Dean, Politician
Ex-Governor of VT-D, Physician, (See... YouTube
as... FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT (Resurrected)
U.S. President. Led Progressive "New Deal"
during Great Depression and WW2 (See... YouTube)


48) Angelina Jolie, Actress
"Changeling" (film 2008) "Alexander" (film 2004)
as... FRANCES PERKINS (Resurrected)
Secretary of Labor, The pivotal Leader of
The New Deal for FDR.


49) Julia Roberts, Actress
"Charlie Wilson's War"(film 2007)
"Erin Brockovich" (film 2000)
as... HARRIET TUBMAN (Resurrected) Abolitionist,
Led 300 Slaves to Freedom (See... YouTube)


50) Marie Osmond, Mormon Singer, Actress
(See... YouTube)
as... SHIRLEY TEMPLE BLACK (Resurrected)
Super Child Actress "Heidi" (film 1937)
Ambassador to U.N. (See... YouTube)


51a) Robert Redford, Actor!
"All The President's Men" (film 1976)
"Three Days of the Condor" (film 1975)
"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" (1969)
"The Sting" (film 1973)
"A Bridge Too Far" (1977
"The Candidate" (1972)
"Brubaker" (1980)
51b) Ioan Gruffudd, Actor!
"Amazing Grace" (film 2006) ... about the bloodless revolution
in British Parliament abolishing the Slave Trade in 1807!
as... THOMAS JEFFERSON (Resurrected)
Third U.S. President... (See... YouTube)


52) Terry Layman, Actor
"The Patriot" (film 2000) & (See... YouTube)
as... GEORGE WASHINGTON (Resurrected)
First U.S. President... (See... YouTube)


53) Daniel Day-Lewis, Actor
"Lincoln" (film 2012)
as... ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Resurrected)
U.S. Civil War President, Ended Slavery!
(See... YouTube)


54) Leonardo DiCaprio, Actor
"Titanic" (film 1997 )
as... LEONARDO DA VINCI (Resurrected)
Grandfather of the Italian Renaissance.
(See... YouTube)


55) Jeremy Irons, Actor
"The Borgias" (Pope tv series 2011) (See... YouTube)
as... POPE LIBERIUS (Resurrected)
The most evil, wicked Pope in World History!


56) Robert Carlyle, Actor
"Hitler-The Rise of Evil"
(2003 tv full film on YouTube 2:32:26)!
as... ADOLF HITLER (Resurrected)
The best film drama of the real
"Great Satan" German leader.
(See... YouTube)


57) Margot Robbie, Actress
"Wolf of Wall Street" (2013 film)
as... EVA BRAUN (Resurrected)
Hitler's Mistress... (See... YouTube)


58) Rush Limbaugh, (or a double)
Possessed Talk Radio Host (See... YouTube)
as... JUDAS ISCARIOT (Resurrected)
Betrayer of Christ. (See... YouTube)
Sporting a full two month beard with no hair
growing just below his nose [mustache]!
or, &
as... KARL MARX (Resurrected)
(See... YouTube)


59) Emma Thompson, Actress "Saving Mr. Banks"
(Walt Disney/Mary Poppins Film 2013)
Ann Coulter, 'Super-Bitch' (I mean 'Super-Witch' Writer)
as... ANN RYAND (Resurrected)
another Super-Witch Writer "FountainHead" (Book 1943)
("Atlas Shrugged" Book 1957)
(See... YouTube)


60) Mark Levin, (or a double)
Possessed Talk Radio Host,
Rabid Conservative Tea Party Screamer!
as... BENEDICT ARNOLD (Resurrected)
U.S. Traitor, (See... YouTube)
or, &
as... JOSEPH GOEBBELS (Resurrected)
Naughty NotSee KnotSea BlindFaither
Propagandistic Screamer (See... YouTube)


61) Bill O'Reilly, (or a double)
Possessed T.V. Host "The Factor" (See... YouTube)
as... JEFFERSON DAVIS (Resurrected)
Traitor/President of the Confederate States of America
during the Civil War (See... YouTube)


62) Glenn Beck, (or a double)
Possessed Mormon Talk Radio Host
as... AARON BURR (Resurrected) U.S. Vice
President and Traitor. (See... YouTube)


63) Sean Hannity, (or a double)
Possessed Conservative Talk-Radio Host
as... THOMAS HUTCHINSON (Resurrected)
British Loyalist Politician, Acting [Enemy]
Governor of the Province of Mass. Bay
during the Boston Tea Party. (See... YouTube)


64) John Malkovich, Actor
"In the Line of Fire" (1993 film)
"Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy" (2005 film)
(See... YouTube)
as... VLADIMIR LENIN (Resurrected) Russian
Revolutionary (See... YouTube)
or, &
as... KARL MARX (Resurrected) Economist,
Russian Revolutionary, Author of
"Das Kapital" (book 1867) (See... YouTube)


65) John Boehner, House Majority Leader
(See... YouTube)
as... FRIEDRICH ENGELS (Resurrected) Economist,
Social Scientist Co-Author (with Karl Marx)
"The Communist Manifesto" (book 1848)
(See... YouTube)


66) Ted Cruze, Senator (R-TX)
Tea Party Leader (See... YouTube)
as... Sen. JOSEPH McCARTHY (Resurrected)
(R-WI) Disgraced Rabid Anti Communist
Crusader Screamer (See... YouTube)


67) Lindsay Lohan, Actress, Singer
See... "Bobby" ( 2006 Kennedy film)
as... LUCY FURR (Resurrected)
A void... "The Canyons" (film 2013)


68) James Deen, Actor
A void...
as... SATAN (Resurrected)
(See... YouTube)


69) Ron Jeremy, Actor
A void... &
as... THE DEVIL (Resurrected)
(See... YouTube)


70) Miley Cyrus, Actress, Singer
(See... YouTube)
as... BELLSEE BUBBLES (Resurrected)
(A void...
Beelzebub, New Testament (See... YouTube)


P.S. "See" means either... 'watch', 'read', or, 'Google'.
"Void" means Empty Erotic Spiritual Cosmic Spirit Space.
"Gen." means 'General', 'Genius', 'Genesis', or_________?


Golden Question: Did Christ associate with Mary Magdalene,
who He cast 7 Devils out of,
to set a noble example of "Going After The Lost Sheep"...
to throw her a Life Preserver,
I mean, Soul Preserver,
as she floundered in the quicksand of mortality?





We're traveling through the Trinity Galaxy with thousands upon thousands of stars optically flying by.

In the distance appears a blue dot, which, as it gets closer, becomes recognizable as a planet similar to the planet Earth. One mysterious thing, though, is different-- the comparable land mass of the continent of northern North Africa looks like it lines up perfectly at the equator with the comparable land mass of the continent of southern South America! Wow!

We Fly closer to the surface of the planet to an area similar to the location of the city of Jerusalem on planet Earth. We proceed to fly over this futuristic city.

We fly towards a 100-story pyramid-temple whose illuminated twelve-sided exterior walls have an vertical angle of 70 degrees. As one hovers over the temple looking straight down, it becomes apparent that its foundation has the floor plan of a six-pointed star.

We fly through the open front entrance and into a circular auditorium wherein 3/4 of the floor, like a pie chart, is used for rows of 3,000 plush inclined cushioned seats; the other 1/4 is designed for the elevated stage.

The stage is adorned with three plush white chairs. The chair in the center is for the featured guest.The one at audience left is for the male guest host; the one on audience right is for the female guest host. A large circular postum table is in the center of the surrounding three chairs.

In center stage in front of the set furniture, stands an anthromorphic Being wearing a white robe and levitating two feet above the stage. He looks like a semi-transparent Spirit, or, ... is He a hologram? [The special effects will be to use a black and white negative motion picture video film image of Him against the color background!] His aura pulsates the rhythm of a calm heart beat. A white dove rests on His shoulder.

The camera pans The Holy Spirit from audience left to right while keeping Him in center view showing His full image. This helps establish that He is, indeed, three dimensional! He brings both hands upwards in front of Him in a welcoming gesture.

The dove sitting on His shoulder, flies upwards and hovers 3 feet above His head, and remains there while the Holy Ghost is speaking. A deep, sublime, authoritative male voice is about to fill the auditorium. He speaks.

From Tell-A-Vision station K.G.O.D. on
The Planet Heaven in the Trinity Galaxy...
broadcasting live to trillions of viewers
throughout the Universe... we welcome
all of you. I am the Holy Ghost... the Third
Member of the Holy Trinity... even the
Third Member of the Godhead. Sisters and
Brothers, welcome to The God Show.
May your experience tonight be a spiritual
vision, I humbly pray. And now, I would
like to introduce the All-powerful,
Supreme Ruler of our
Universe...even... Our Lord God.

The dove flies down and settles on the right shoulder of the Holy Ghost, again.

Ten feet behind the set furniture, the curtain opens. Levitating two feet above the elevated platform, appears a glorious anthropomorphic male Being... wearing a white robe and sporting long white hair and white beard. He is glowing with a brilliant yellow-white aura. He speaks.

Behold, I am the Lord thy God. Eternal
Spirits of My Universe, welcome to My
Celestial kingdom and welcome to My
show. Tonight, as My guest hosts, I
have invited two of the most distinguished
Spirits in the history of planet Earth.
Sisters and brothers, please welcome
Johnny Carson and Marilyn Monroe!

From audience left, through the same curtains, enter the resurrected earthpersons, Johnny Carson and Marilyn Monroe. He's wearing an all-white three-piece suit with white shirt, white tie with white pearl tie tack, white socks, white shoes and white soles. She's wearing a form-fitting long white robe-dress with white shoes.

They walk forward waving at the audience, and stand together at center stage.

The Audience renders a long enthusiastic applause!

We're honored to be invited here tonight
as the guest hosts, and very pleased to
announce that our first quest tonight is
known, loved and worshiped by millions,
billions and trillions of followers throughout
this Universe. Sisters and brethren, let's
all welcome... Jesus Christ God!

Jesus Christ God, sporting long white hair and beard, enters wearing a white robe and white sandals. He walks through the audience left curtains, waves at the audience, and shakes hands with Johnny and Marilyn. [The audience is standing and applauds enthusiastically for over _____ minutes, thereby breaking the length of the 5-12 minute applause given to Charlie Chaplin at the Academy Awards show in 1972 when he received an honorary Oscar!]

The applause faids wherein Johnny and Marilyn escort Jesus to the center seat where He sits down. Johnny then takes his seat at audience left, Marilyn at audience right.

All three are now seated... anticipation is palpable and palatable!

Welcome to the show. Marilyn and I are
not quite sure how we should address You.
What would be your preference?

Oh, you can call me, Jesus.

Well then, welcome to the show, Jesus.

Thank you very much. It's good to be here.
I've been looking forward to communicating
with you both again, brother Carson and
sister Monroe.


Oh, You can call me, Johnny.

And You can call me, Marilyn.


You know, the last time we talked was
shortly after I died on planet Earth. I had
the opportunity of being judged by You at
the Pearly Gatesto see if I was worthy to be
admitted into The CelestialKingdom of God.
Thanks again, for inviting me into Heaven, Jesus!

And that goes for me, too!

Audience rises again, and gives long standing ovation. Everybody sits down.


God, My Eternal Father, has blessed Me
with the Spirit of Discernment. The very
first time I met you, Johnny, I could
immediately tell that you were a good person
and worthy of admission into Heaven.
And that goes for you too, Marilyn.
Have you both been enjoying your
stay here on The Planet Heaven?

They both knod their heads in approval.


It's been great. We really appreciate the
opportunity we've had of interviewing and
acting with talented and interesting people,
like we did when we were on planet
Earth! Could we ask You a few Golden
Questions that we've always wanted to
ask... without sounding impertinent?

Sure, I've been looking forward to this interview.

Marilyn, you go ahead and ask the first


Well, Jesus, I've always wanted to know...did
You really walk on water... walk on
the Sea of Galilee?

A fair question. It's important to realize
that almost all of the stories that were
told about Me in the Bible were written
after My mission on planet Earth ended.
Most of those stories were exaggerations,
and many were totally invented
through sincere imagination.


Around four decades or so later, after
you died, correct?


That is correct. During the Dark Ages--
the European 6th through 15th centuries--
church attendence dropped dramatically.
This was especially true during the
Black Death or Bubonic Plague of the
14th century-- half the population
of Europe died.

Half dozen dead bodies in rags lie neglected near sidewalk. Few pedestrians in rags shuffle by ignoring the dead. Rats scamper nearby. Flies buzz near the odoriferous corpses.

The testimonies of the other surviving half
were severely tested. Many became inactive
in church and attended Mass less and less often.
One day, a few monks were discussing
how they could improve church attendence.

Half dozen seated monks holding a lively discussion.

One suggested: 'you know, that story
where it says that... Jesus walked
IN water

Rough sea with distant 40 foot fishing boat riding it out. Boat crew calling out to Jesus treading water in the rough sea.

Well, the monks argued, if we were to
change the story so it says...Jesus walked
ON water
... it would make for a greater
miracle, and perhaps, more people would
attend Mass!'

Jesus, who is tredding water, gradually rises as if climbing an underwater staircase until he is actually walking on the water of the rough sea!

The other monks agreed, and
the story was... born again.

Monks at Monestery express agreement and congratulate each other.


The Popes didn't even find out about
this simple change of gramatical
until centuries later.

Pope reading manuscript of Bible with a monk.

But, when a Pope finially did
discover it, he smiled, and went
along with the subtle change.

Suddenly, the Pope becomes startled by what he is reading. Pope smiles and pats the monk on the back. They congratulate each other.


What about those followers who still believe
that you really did walk on water, Jesus?


Many supposed miracles were really just
new scientific innovativations that were
beyond the present finite experience of
Common Man at that time. Before that
story changed, the monks were teaching
that I was the One who invented...
walking IN water.

Later it became known as treading
... and, an exercise in early
preventative health care!

A dozen monks wearing swimsuits are tredding water.


Actually, there were probably many
others that knew how to tread water.

Even dogs, and other animals,
instinctually, know how to
walk in water or tread water!

Three dogs cross the stream tredding water, walking in water!


Thank you, Jesus. This sure sounds more
logical than the story I first heard. Your
turn to ask a question, Johnny


Incredible! What a candid revelation! Now,
let's see if You can top that revelation! The
question I would like to ask is... did You
really turn water into wine at Cana?

I get asked that alot. To be completely honest,
actually, I turned wine into water, not
water into wine!


Oh, really! Would you please explain that?


Certainly. During my entire life on Earth
I knew that My body was a spiritual
given to Me as a gift from God,
and that I should not partake of any drink or
food that would impair my abilities of
thought-- that I should remain mentally
and psysiologically sober at all times
Indeed, I was a total teetotaler and against
the use of any alcohol of any kind. And
so, to set forth this example, during the
wedding feast, I actually turned
wine into water... not water into wine!


Now, that's certainly new!Would You
please tell us how this came about?


Certainly. As was correctly recorded in the
New Testament, before I was called of God,
My Eternal Father, into the ministry,
I was a simple poor carpenter of the poor.

Jesus sawing, nailing, and gluing wooden boards together.

I used that skill to build six large
wooden vessels to hold the drink for the
marriage feast. They were all around
4 feet high and 2 feet by 2 feet at the base,
and held around 9 gallons, a firkin.

He builds twelve vessels.

I also built a hidden horizontal partition
in the middle of each vessel so that it
would hold wine in the top half, and
water in the bottom half

Jesus adds a center separating panel and uses glue to make it water tight. He pours water into top half and secures the cork of each one. Then He rotates them all 180 degrees and pours wine into the bottom half ,which is now the top half, of each one.


As the wedding began, everybody was near
or inside the tent and drinking from the top
half of each vessel, which was wine.

Around seventy men and women are dancing and celebrating. The dozen wine/water vessels are placed on the ground in a row inside a three-sided tent. Men and women remove the cork and tip the vessels to fill their cups with wine.

Then, when the flock was distracted by
some entertainment, and was not looking...

Somebody announces that the married couple are about to perform a dance. All are watching them except Christ and His twelve Apostles who remain in the tent. Christ stands guard near the tent as the lookout.

... and I saw that everybody was 'occupied',
I gave the pre-agreed signal, and had
two of my twelve Apostles quickly turn
one of the six vessels upsidedown.

Alone in the tent, each Apostle rotates one of the twelve vessels 180 degrees, then quickly leaves the tent and joins the crowd. The just-married couple finishes their dance. The crowd returns to the vessels in the tent.

Just like that, the crowd was removing the corks
and tipping the vessles so they could pour more
drink into their cups. But, now, out came water
instead of wine! I instantly proclaimed:

"Behold the miracle of God! Behold that this water
has been turned into wine! For behold, thus saith the
Lord God of Israel, thou shalt be completely sober
during thy journey here in mortality!"

One by one they discover that the drink is now water and concludes that it must be a miracle. They all act astonished and the entire crowd rejoice together.


Gee, this kind of seems like the magic of a magician.
But why do the Scriptures say that it was the
other way around... that You changed water into wine?


Throughout history, too many people
have succumbed to the temptation and
temporary pleasure of getting high,
of getting stoned, of getting inebriated, of
getting drunk. It's just part of human nature.

A group of poor people in rags drink from cups of wine. A different group takes puffs on marijuana joints.

During the Dark Ages, some monks
in the church thought that if they
would plant and grow more wine
vinyards, then more souls would buy
more wine. And if more would drink
more wine, then more would get drunk.

The alcoholic group ends up arguing and fighting and ripping clothes off.
And if more would get drunk, then
more would sin and do immoral and
misdemeanor things that they normally
would not do if they were sober... like
argue, fight... masterbate and fornicate

The pot group proceeds to kiss and get physical in a discreet fashion.


Then, the next day, they would get sober,
realize the error of their ways, feel
guilty for their behavior and attend church.
At an unpainted and neglected Church the Church bell rings. Patrons stagger into the front entrance of the church.
Patrons talk through the veil at Confession. Patrons put their donations into the basket as it is passed around. Patrons take the Sacrament of bread and wine.
So, that's why the Sacrament in the church
was changed back from water to wine... so
that the congregations, like sheep, would
develope a taste for a little wine, and, at the
same time, subconsciously, develope a taste
for a little sin
. With this iniquity and evil,
the church would make more money, and,
with those riches, it could, thereby, build
larger hypnotic churches and cathedrals!
Patrons approach the newly painted church. New sculptures, landscaping and an elaborate new huge tall steeple adorn the church.

So, in the beginning of Your ministry, when
You introduced the concept of Your Sacrament,
You used water, instead of wine?

That is correct. Whenever I administered the
Sacrament, I used water... and bread of course.
Christ administers the Sacrament. He breaks bread and pour clear water from the picture, vessel, mug, etc.

Wow, we're really learning alot tonight!
When do You plan to reveal to the
inhabitants of planet Earth, again, that,
with regards to Your Sacrament,
Your followers should use bread...
and water as the preferred drink ?

Well, some Christian churches already
use water and bread for their Sacrament.

Oh, really! Could You name one for us?

Certainly. The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints
does. It is also
called The Mormon Church because
they believe in The Book of Mormon:
Another Witness of Jesus Christ
They also believe in the Bible.
Patrons approach church and enter front entrance with sign visable in background: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints... Visitors Welcome.

Sacrament is passed to the members. First the tray of broken bread comes down the row and people partake. Then the tray of water comes down the row. As members lift a cup to their mouth to drink, it is apparent that each is filled with clear water.
That's interesting. Speaking of Mormons,
I heard that a rich millionaire Mormon
named Mitt Romney just ran for President
of the United States on planet Earth.
What do you think of his candidacy?
Mitt Romney waves from a stage to a crowd of hundreds. Large banner in background reads, "Romney for President".
In all due respect, I really didn't come
here tonight to talk about politics. But,
I will make a quick comment, though.
Remember My parable about the Rich Young
-- that it will be more difficult for a rich
man to enter into Heaven, than for a camel to
go through the eye of a needle? My Apostles
Matthew, Mark and Luke talked about this.

Close up of painting on the wall by Heinrich Hoffman called "Christ and the Rich Young Ruler".

Marilyn jumps into the conversation.


Yes, of course. You were famous for being
a champion of the poor, more than the
rich-- a cheerleader of the unfortunate-- the
sick, the needy, the naked, the hungry! In fact,
there is the story that You even fed 5,000 at a large
gathering at Decapolis. What was that all about?

Too many of My followers had become
apathetic and weak. Because of their poverty,
they were not getting enough to eat, especially
protein. So, I felt that if I were to throw a big
party and feed everyone a healthy portion of
fresh fish
, then they would have more energy
and enthusiasm for my Gospel. But, as I was also
very poor, I wondered how could I do this.

Peter hauls aboard a dozen large fish in his net.

After much prayer and fasting, God revealed
unto Me what I should do. I asked Peter, one of
my main Apostles who a fisherman, to catch around
a dozen big fish.
Peter hauls in his net filled with around a dozen big fish.
I proceeded to preach unto My flock.
Then, I had My Apostles form a
circumfrance around the crowd.
The Apostles surround the crowd.

Once they were all in position, I gave My
first signal: I raised both of My hands into
the air.
Christ raises His hands into the air.
... and they all secretely untied the knot holding
their fish,
but continued to hold their fish by their
side with their right hand-- their fish still
hidden from view
by the folds of their robe.
The Apostles untie their fish, hold it with their right hand, while still keeping it hidden from view by the folds of their robe.
Then, they all entered the crowd,
still holding and hiding their big fish.
The Apostles proceed to enter the crowd from their various positions.

After they all had thoroughly infiltrated
the crowd, I gave My second signal: I raised
My hands into the air, again.
Christ raises His hands the second time.
Then, My Apostles all quickly raised their big fish
above their head with both hands for all to see!
All of the twelve Apostles raise their big fish above their heads.
I proclaimed unto My flock, 'Behold the
power of God... for He has just blessed us
with the miracle of fish for all of us to eat.'
The crowd looks at the raised fish in amazement.
It worked like a charm. The startled crowd
couldn't believe their eyes, and even I was
surprised at how well this miraculous
operation worked!
The crowd rejoiced and proceeded to cook and eat the feast of fresh fish!
My flock rejoiced, ate the fish,
became energized, and apathy disappeared.
Attendence at future rallys quickly
increased as the word spread
far and wide of this miraculous party!

But, You must have needed more
than twelve fish to feed 5,000 people.

You are very perceptive, Marilyn. Actually,
truth is-- I only fed fifty at that party.

Oh, really?

Truth is, centuries later, in order to increase
church attendence, some monks added
another zero to change it to a crowd of 500!
Then, centuries after that, to improve church
attendence even more, monks added
another zero, increasing the fish party to 5,000!

Crowd of 50 dissolves [photographically] to a crowd of 500; then dissolves into a crowd of 5,000.

Very interesting! And the miracle
where you fed fish to 4,000 at another
gathering in Decapolis?

Same logistics. The operation worked
so well feeding fish to the 5,000...
I mean 500... I mean 50... that we
repeated the steps feeding fish to the
4,000... I mean 400... I mean 40.
Crowd of 5,000 dissolves to a crowd of 500, then dissolves to a crowd of 50.

Crowd of 40 dissolves to a crowd of 400, which then dissolves to a crowd of 4,000!

Crowd of 4,000 dissolves to a crowd of 400 which then dissolves to a crowd of 40.

You're making me hungry for some
fish and chips, Jesus!

  Audience laughter and applause.


But, leave out the chips, Marilyn.
They're high in cholesterol!

More laughter.

But, as we are now resurrected beings,
do we really need to worry about
cholesterol, anymore?

We should all be setting an ideal example
for those who are watching this
program. Some may hear reports about it
who may not have been resurrected... yet!
I sit corrected!

You know, we did some extra research to
help us prepare for this interview, and we
discovered that of Your approximate
40 miracles, around 35 had to do with
healing the sick
-- what is now called
health care. Was this because this was
Your top priority-- that this was Your
most important mission while on Earth?

Certainly one of them. And the reason I
concentrated on food care was because
it is a form of preventative health care.
When people are continually hungry,
they are more inclined to get sick because
their immune system becomes weak and
more vunerable to germs. When people
are well-fed they are healthier.

I really want to address Your 35 healing
miracles. But, before we get to them, I
want to ask... were You really the literal
Son of God
? Was your mother, Mary,
really a Virgin? Was Your Father really
, or, was your father really your
regular village dad, Joseph, who was
also a carpenter?

Good questions. Truth is, if one were to
take a sample of My DNA, it would
prove to be a match of My natural, earthly
father, Joseph. My DNA would not be a
match to the DNA of God, or to the DNA of
The Holy Spirit.
Chart shows family tree of Jesus: The word for His father shows the word 'God', but it dissolves [photographically] into the word 'Joseph'.

But, didn't You claim to be... The
Son of God? Didn't You also even
claim to be... a god... to be... God?

First of all, let's consider the heritage and
traditions of the environment that I was born
into. My flock was facing a lot of persecution
and death.
Jews getting pelted with stones in city streets.

Jews crucified on crosses line the road.
I had to figure out a way of empowering My
people as quickly as possible. Consider what
the prophet Moses did to get his apathethic
and disobedient flock to follow him better.
He concocted a story about God appearing
to him in a burning bush, and then Moses
came down from Mt. Sinai with Ten
Commandments supposedly miraculously
etched by God Himself on a tablet of stone.
Moses chisels on a stone tablet. Walter Chronkite (like in a scene in his TV series 'You Are There') approaches and startles Moses with a hand-held microphone and asks...

Moses, what are you doing? I thought you
said in the Bible that God made the tablets
and the letters and words of the Ten Commandments
with His own hands. It looks, here, like YOU created
them with YOUR own hands!

Caught me in the act. Promise not to tell anyone?

I can't believe this! After all the trust I
placed in you since my mother read to
me bedtime stories in my youth about your
tablets. I'm really disappointed in you!
I believed you! I believed my mother!
Chronkite leaves the presense of Moses, starts walking down from the mount. He hides behind a huge rock just off the trail.

Chronkite spies on Moses and watches him finish writing/chiseling the Ten Commandments on his stone tablets. Moses puts his two tablets and chisel down. He then walks over to the solitary large bush on the summit, rubs two rocks together, and sets the bush on fire!

Chronkite sneeks up on Moses from behind and coughs. Moses is surprised and startled by the approach of Chronkite, again.

Moses, now what are you doing! I thought
you said that God appeared to you in the
burning bush and He started the fire.
Now, it's obvious that you started this fire
because I saw you start this fire!
And, I don't see any God anywhere!

Holy hanukkah, Walter! You caught me again!
What a day this has been! What would it take
for you not to tell anybody about today?
Moses and Chronkite engage in inaudible conversation. They finally smile and shake hands.

I needed an even more extravagant story
because I needed to hypnotize My flock
much faster. Consider the Egyptians around
3,000 B.C. They worshiped a human god
whose name was "Horus"
, who also claimed
to have been born of a virgin.
With the pyramids in the background, the crowd raises their arms, kneels down on the ground and brings their arms foward in a gesture of worship towards the man-god Horus, who is sitting on his thrown on the elevated stage in front of them.

In fact, there were several tribes who
worshipped human gods who also claimed
to have been born of a virgin mother.
It was a very popular myth among many tribes
at that time. Consider the Roman leader who ruled
over Israel when I lived there-- namely,
Tiberius Caesar.
Tiberius Caesar rides his chariot in a parade in front of a cheering crowd.
He claimed to be a god and was accepted by his
followers to be a god. Before him, both Julius Caesar
and Caesar Augustus claimed to be gods and were
worshipped by their subjects as being gods
, also.
Julius Caesar rides his chariot in a parade in front of a cheering crowd.
Caesar Augustus, also, rides his chariot in a parade in front of a different cheering crowd.
**** CHRIST ****
I knew that in order for Me to adequately
compete with this propaganda, I, too, had
to make extraodinary claims-- and so I did.
I asked Myself: what would be the Mother of
All Miracles?
What would be a more divine
entrance onto this planet than to be born of a
Virgin and having God as My Father!
And this story worked... for three glorious
... and centuries beyond!

Indeed, it did! In the Garden of Gethsemane,
did You really bleed from every pore of Your body
for all of the sins of all the 56 Billion inhabitants
who have ever lived on planet Earth?
Christ is kneeling prostrate over a large bolder, praying-- talking to Himself, talking to His Father in Heaven, God.
Walter Cronkite is watching and spying on Christ.
At another perspective, Dracula is also spying and watching Christ pray.
I only bled from every other pore... My odd pores...
My poor pores... and boy did they pour!
But, there were still enough pores to go around!
Do you realize that the average human body
has around 2 trillion pores? And being divine,
I figure that I must of had at least 4 trillion pores.
That's alot of pores... it's even plenty of pores!
Seriously though, I'm not really sure who came up with
this utter nonsense. It was probably some Catholic
monks during the Inquisition to help justify torture!
The bigger a Big Lie, the easier it is for the
underinformed masses to believe in a Big Lie--
and that includes this absurdity. What kind of a
schizophrenic God would ever come up with such a
crazy scenario as this? Not My God!
Walter Cronkite approaches the praying Christ.

You look sad, Jesus. What going on? Wow, You're
bleeding! Look at all this blood on the ground!
What's happening?

I'm sweating bullets, I mean blood. I'm atoning
for the sins of the World.
Dracula licks his lips with his huge tongue and stealthly tip-toes quickly towards another thick tree so he can get a better spot to spy on Christ and Cronkite. Dracula is holding a large red softball-sized food. Is it an apple or a tomato?

This ties right in with the Catholic doctrine
that their Sacramental wine is miraculously
transformed during their ritual-- that it becomes
the literal, not just metaphorical, but literal,
blood of Christ... Your very blood! How do you
respond to this claim, Jesus?
Dracula continues to sneak from one thick tree trunk to another, all the while licking his lips with his huge long tongue, and caressing his apple/tomato. He tries to avoid having his large two incisor vampiric teeth slice into his own tonque!
I never did cultivate my herd of sheep to evolve
into a band of Vampires who feast on the blood
of humans... anybody's blood... including My blood!
Not one of My Apostles was a Vampire, and not a
single descendant was a Dracula!
Pope Liberious wearing his two-pointed hat/crown holds a full-body portrait painting of Dracula. He proceeds to lick the painting and masterbates himself under his holy royal robe!
But certain wicked and possessed Popes, Cardinals,
and Monks in the Catholic Church sucked elements
from the Medieval Pagan Vampire Folklore into the
Holy Traditions of the Church... and, for that I am
enraged! What utter nonsense. What is especially
appalling is that the Catholic Masses were sufficiently
mass-hypnotized to believe in this paltry pap!
Catholic Masses attend Mass and line up to partake of the Sacrament from the Priest. One by one they approach to take the wafer, symbolic of the bread and body of Christ. They all lick their lips and stick their tongue way out with it hanging down like a dog. They all drop their jaw and open their mouth real wide, lean forward... and the Priest or Nun places the round wafer on each tongue!
[Each round wafer is around the diameter of a robust huge penile erection! Is the church trying to subliminally hypnotize its sheep into feeling that oral sex is holy?]

And then they all partake of My blood... I mean
the wine! Can you imagine what must be going on
in their guilt-ridden hypnotized sheep-like minds!


I've ofter wondered about that. It's beginning
to make sense now. But what about Your
? Did you really rise from the
after being in the tomb for three days?

Look. I knew that the more extraordinary
My story was, the faster would be My
rise to fame, popularity, authority and
power. In the local theocratic structure,
I tried to avoid politics, but My opposition,
Gentiles and Jews
alike, kept labeling
Me as being the 'King of the Jews'.

Poor peasants follow Jesus around town carrying ancient wooden picket signs that read... "KING OF THE JEWS"

***************** CHRIST (V.O.) ****************
I continually denied being a king, or even
wanting to become a king-- of any group,
including the Jews. Even though I claimed
to have been born of a Virgin, I needed a...
Father of All Miracles! I asked myself...
what if I could break the bands of death?
What if I were to become the first person
to really resurrect-- to actually rise from the dead?!
For that mission, I knew that I would need a double...
somebody who looked like My twin...
and I found him... and renamed him
Jezeus Cryst Godd... so his name would rhyme
with My name. Conveniently, it also rhymed
with the name of the god Zeus, who was
very popular at that time! Kind of a Twofer!
One of the main things that I did in Gethsemane
was cry. So, it is very poetic that my middle name,
Christ, rhymes with 'cry'. People ask Me why I
don't use my real sirname, God. Well, it's because
I'm trying to be humble! So, this is the evolution of
my full name. And using My double worked.
I was given credit for resurrecting! The Roman
Empireeven started their calendar over again in My
behalf. And My birthyear became the year Zero!

I thought tradition stated that You were
born in the year four B.C.?

Oh, My adversaries nudged My birthyear
back four years just to be able to present
Me as being less divine. But, originally,
My birthyear was installed as the year Zero!
Well, if You were really not born of a
Virgin, and You were really not the
literal Son of God, then why did I get
interviewed by You, after I was resurrected,
in order to get admitted into The
Kingdom of Heaven?

********** CHRIST **********
Marilyn, after I died and approached
the Throne of Heaven, God told Me that
He was so impressed with My life that
He would bestow upon Me the honorary
title of His Adopted Son, even the title
of His Son of God. Matter of fact, He even
revealed this to Me when I was on planet
Earth, and that's why I made the claims that
I did. I just left the word "adopted" out of
My discussions while I was on Earth.
I didn't want to confuse the masses, My Flock!
God revealed to Me that part of My
calling in this Afterlife would be to help
Him judge those who died on planet Earth.
It has been a very rewarding calling and
all of those resurrected spirits have really
kept Me busy, as you can well imagine!
Part of that calling, also, He said, would be
for Me to assist Him in listening to and
answering the numerous prayers of those on
planet Earth. This is all consistant with the Bible.
What about that Scripture You supposedly
said in Mattthew 10:34--' I come not to bring peace,
but a sword'. This seems completely contradictory
to what you taught about how to treat people,
even people one disagrees with!

You are correct in your analysis, Johnny. My
divine mission, absolutely, was to
bring PEACE and NOT a sword. Many
other scriptures confirm this fact. Remember
during My Sermon on the Mount when I
admonished people to 'turn the other cheak',
to 'love your enemies', to 'bless them that
curse you'? The Catholic Church has had
some very evil and wicked Popes.
Pope Liberius kisses a voluptuous very young vixen on the stage by the Altar Mural image of Christ rising from His chair symbolizing His resurrection by the Renaissance artist Michaelangelo.
The church even changed some scriptures 180
degrees from what their original wording and
intent was... so that they would have a key
to conveniently unlock a supposed justfication for
the bloodshed of the Inquisition and Crusades!
Somebody is getting burned alive at the stake.

The Roman army catapults bolders against a castle wall. Jewish defenders pour flaming fluids and flaming arrows down on the assaulting army.

    CHRIST (V.O.)
This is why that scripture in Matthew 10:34
was changed, Johnny.

What a revelation! Speaking of
the Bible... I've heard that the word,
Bible, was deliberately, etymologically
channeled by wordsmiths to evolve so that,
in the English King James Version, it
would subliminally suggest the two
phonetic sounds 'buy and bell'. This way,
when people in the village would hear
the ringing of the church 'bell', they
would be inclined to go and 'buy'... indulgences,
or some other product to improve their economy.

"Yes, you are on to something here, Marilyn.
This was similar to the beginning of
Christmas, which began as a celebration
of My birth. But, then it also evolved
into a day of buying... buying gifts.
This would help improve the economy during
the dreary depressing dred of Winter.

This process sounds similar to the
scientific Classical Conditioning
experiments of Ivan Pavlov and
B.F. Skinner. They would ring a bell
every time they fed their dogs. Then,
when they rang their bell without any
food, the dogs would still salivate and
expect and desire to be fed!

That is a very astute observation. I can see
why you were such a successful performer.
Well, it has been a great experience visiting
with you tonight, Marilyn and Johnny...
and I'm looking forward to continuing
this discussion some other time. But now,
I need to leave because I have trillions
of prayers to answer !
I understand. What an uplifting experience
it has been to visit with You tonight, Jesus!
I'm looking forward to having You visit with us again
soon! You know, this interview has gone so
well, that we would both really like to have the opportunity
of interviewing God on this show, also.
Could You possibly put in a good word
for us the next time You see Him?

Certainly. Of course I will. Matter of fact
I have an appointment with God and Allah
next Sabbath, and I'll mention it to Him then,
if I'm prompted by the Holy Ghost.
Who, exactly, is the Holy Ghost?

He is an anthropomorphic Personage
of Spirit-- the third member of the
Godhead, or Holy Trinity... the Great go-between
between God and Man. In fact, He
was the One who introduced My Father
in Heaven, even God Almighty, at the
beginning of this show, tonight. Were
you watching the monitor at the
beginning of this show, while
you were waiting in the Green Room?

Oh, I remember, now. Is there a possibility
that we could interview Him, too?

He will be at that same meeting next
Sabbath, also. I'll see what I can do.
Thank You so very much, Jesus! Sisters and
brethren, let's all give a big round of applause
for Jesus the Christ... The Son of God!

Christ, Carson, Monroe, and the entire studio audience stands up. Christ stands in center stage with both arms extended out to His side curving upwards. He holds this pose during the entire applause for over ______ minutes. Jesus Christ exits stage right (audience left). Johnny and Marilyn remain on stage facing the audience. Everybody is applauding.

      FADE OUT:


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Intellectual Property Rights Protected***

F.B.I. enforced: $250,000 fine & 3-year jail term! ****


Note: Our real reel goal is to have this 3-hour film, "The Planet Heaven",
win the Academy Award for Best Picture, along with scores of other awards
and nominations. It would really help if we could finish raising around
$200 million. Donations appreciated! Perks granted! Bones thrown!

Thanks a million!


Contact Me, General Earthmann... at:
My E-mail:
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Thanks, again!



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"LOGICAL Thinking"
better educational terminology than...
"Critical Thinking"

I would like to proclaim, "May the Peace Force be with you!" Peace should be our primary goal during our visit to this planet called Earth. Why, after thousands of years of having the opportunity to learn from one's mistakes, have individuals and nations still been participating in such abundant occasions of War? I believe this is largely due to the lack of sufficient pressure or force for Peace.

Most wars are fought over the competition for monetary wealth, whether it be land for mineral deposits, or the souls of tribes to help make one group more powerful than the other. War Inc. has been the most dependable cash cow in history. Peace Inc. must defeat that mentality, and it will take a more powerful organized and moral Force to win these battles.

Too many people even declare psysiological war with their own bodies by smoking tobacco. 440,000 Americans die each year from smoking tobacco. This sensless activity causes the death of one in five Americans! It is common knowledge that the main problem with tobacco is that it causes cancer, which is the penultimate killer.

And yet millions of dollars is spent for research each year trying to find a cure for cancer! Well, wake up America! The main cure is the preventative cure... do not smoke tobaccco in the first place! It is far more dangerous than Pot, so why not tighten the screws on its use.

Why not have Medical Tobaccco dispensaries, so that the only way one can purchase it is to have a recommendation from a physician? Also, the price should be doubled, with that added revenue going to provide advertising to educate the masses of its deadly risks! Our medical society is obviously luke warm in its march to find a cure for cancer. Probably, there is a conflict of interest here because of money. Hospitals make so many millions of dollars treating people with tobacco cancer, that if it were to stop, it would severly decrease their income! Think about it!

What hypocrisy... what dispicable greed! If terrorists were killing 440,000 Americans a year, don't you think that our government would do more than form a lot of Think Tanks and research facilities! 58,000 Americans were killed during the entire VietNam War from 1957 to 1975! Tobacco is a lot more than 100 times more deadly that any war we have fought!

It is time for tobacco and alcohol to be labeled a Schedule 1 drug, like heroin etc. Currently, tobacco and alcohol are not even listed as a Schedule 2, 3, 4, or 5! [According to the CDC in 2005, each year, approximately 438,000 die from tobacco related illnesses and 85,000 die from alcohol related problems while only 17,000 die from illicit drug use. Wikipedia] Around 3,000 a year die from heroin. I have never heard of anybody dying from using Pot! But to placate the rigid-minded, go ahead and list Pot as a Schedule 5!

As with tobacco, all beer commercials should be taken off television and billboards as it is a gateway drink, leading the masses unto hard liquor. When Prohibition was overturned, the government did not need to immediately open the floodgates of intoxication. It should have been repealed in a much more limited marketing way. But this can always be diled back if there is sufficient will. How many more drunken car crash deaths will it take, for heaven's sake! According to Wikipedia, in 2005 41,000 deaths were attributed to drunken driving, and in 2001 around 35,000 deaths were attributed to excessive alchohol consumption -- cirrhosis of the liver and cancer, etc. Again, only around 3,000 died from heroin in 2013 and yet it is a Schedule 1 drug. Alcohol at 85,000 annual deaths, and tobacco at 440,000 annual deaths should both be placed in the Schedule 1 category even if they are both still legal! What power money has, the beer lobby has, the tobacco lobby has! We must change this moral tragedy! [Be sure to watch the 2012 Ken Burns documentary, "Prohibition"! I was surprised to discover Utah's lack of leadership regarding the passage of Prohibition and its repeal. Utah became the 23rd state to become "dry" in 1917 and ratified the 18th Prohibition Ammendment in 1919. It would have done so sooner, but the liberal large cities of Salt Lake and Ogden supported keeping the State's 600 saloons, much to the chagrin of the Mormon leaders.]

The definition of a Schedule 1 drug is "one that has no currently acceptable medical use, and a high potential for abuse". 440,000 annual American deaths should be more than ample proof of its abuse and lack of medical use! The Big Lie bubble of tobacco needs to be promptly popped by The Peace Force!

The "Schedules of Drugs" has been an entirely arbitrary formulation lacking sufficient substantive reason and logic. It should be changed, not only by its title, "Schedule" (what stupid nomenclature), to also include its various levels and definitions!

Again, "Schedule 1" has to do with a) no medical use, and, b) high potential for abuse. What is the higher priority for current and past prohibition? Is it what is insufficiently positive (no medical use) or what is sufficiently negative (potential for abuse)? Obviously, the latter is of higher priority than the former; therefore, "abuse" should be mentioned before "medical use".

But what types of "abuse" should really be stressed? DEATH, and/or, ILLNESS, and/or, INJURY, are the operative, precise terms! Therefore, Schedule 1, should be simply defined as those drugs that cause the most DEATHS! With this definition, Schedule 1 would include TOBACCO CANCER (438,000 deaths); Schedule 2 would include ALCHOHOL TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS AND ARGUMENTS (85,000 deaths); Schedule 5 would include POT (0 deaths), if listed at all! And, instead of using that meaningless term "Schedule", why not simply use the more telling terms, DRUG DEATH THREAT LIST, or, DEATH RECORD 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc., or DEATH RATE SCHEDULE! Wake up America!

Update: Today, 2-5-2014, the CVS Pharmacy chain of over 700 store in the U.S., announced that it will stop selling tobacco products! Now, that's leadership! Hopefully, they will also stop selling alcoholic beverages, also! Perhaps, they already do not do such. I'll check and find out. Now, to get alot of other stores to stop selling tobacco products and alcoholic beverages!

Why have so many nations be inept at facing this deadly issue? I believe that it is mainly because the governments want their masses to remain stupid and sheeplike. The more dependant they are, healthwise, the more submissive to authority they will be. This stupidity begins with the inept education that is provided, from k-12.

One symptom is the current rhetorical verbage used to push for positive change in our national education system. They say we need to emphasize "Critical Thinking", when, actually, the more direct and clear wording and synonym that should be used, is simply "Logical Thinking".

Simply Google the two words "Critical Thinking" and the main definition and clarification that appears, are the two words, "Logical Thinking".

In college, I took the class, Informal Logic, twice, because I realized how important it was for an educated mind to master, and I only earned a grade of "B+", on my first attempt.

During the past several years, when I kept hearing the phrase, "education needs more critical thinking", I wondered what are those words really suggesting. I pondered, perhaps the spokespersons feel that our education system is in "critical condition", like when one is in a traffic accident and one is in medical "critical condition".

I am convinced that the real reason such a choice of terms was used, is because the originators have a psychological approach-avoidance conflict with this problem in education.

They realize that our test scores are low and that our international standing is lower than several third-world nations, but they are also aware that if our children are kept programmed as a herd of sheep, they will be more easily led and manipulated. The dumbing down of education is too often regarded as a pragmatic operation, when the exact opposite is true!

Using the term "critical", when the term "logical" is much more precise and on target, is deliberate obfuscation of the real problem facing education. It is a deliberate smoke-screen to thwart clear thinking in our youth!

Why did I have to wait until college to have the opportunity to take a class in Informal Logic and learn about the 28 Informal Fallacies that Aristotle discovered and explained 2,400 years ago? Such a class could and should be taught in grade school, or, at least middle-school, if not high school!

To many phony educators are afraid that if a sixth grader were to know that it is improper to commit the logical error of the "Ad Baculum" fallacy by "Appealing To Authority", that it might undercut the authority of that same teacher in their very own classroom!

The "Appeal To Authority" fallacy is the most abused fallacy of them all! More politicians and religious leaders use "name dropping" as the justification of their argument than any other fallacy, with the name, "God", being the most popular and powerful name dropped of all!

I recall that in my youth one of the most popular and penetrating TV advertisements was the one that committed this fallacy: "Four out of five doctors recommend Lucky Strike cigarrettes!"

Lets promote Education Peace by declairing war on rhetorical obfuscation in the classrooms of out youth! By using the power and Force of Great Minds like Aristotle, we will achieve this goal much faster. Less and less often, when children ask the question, "Why should we believe that this Earth is 6,000 years old, will their teacher be able to get away with answering, "Because God said so", or "because the Pope said so"... without being challenged and unreasoned authority questioned further!

May we all declare war on Bad Logic, war on cancer, war on tobacco, war on alcohol and war on the governmental hypocricy that enables this tragic loss of more than 540,000 annual lives here in America! [P.S. Around 620,000 lives were lost during the four years of our uncivil Civil War!]

May The Peace Force of Logical Thinking be with you!


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53 Da Vinci Flag                
    Da Vinci flag    
Are you ready to have your portrait drawn by the actor, me, Art Earthmann, playing the part of the greatest Founding Grandfather of the European High Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci?

[I wrote my Masterful Thesis on this giant, and I will even be wearing a costume that he favored: 75% gray dancing tights with white T-shirt and green or red dress shirt not tucked in, with a black belt around them both, a camo military vest with camo jacket, a black director's hat, white tennis shoes to help him stay on the white and curvy path, and a medium or large terry cloth beach towel around his neck depending on the temperature, etc.]

I will be holding the above image, inserted in the plastic cover of my 3-ring binder, above my head for two or more hours in front of the Chinese-Mann Theater in HolyWould, CA from 8-10 pm on Saturdays! (When I'm drawing, my customer/model will be holding the binder over her/his head, hopefully.)

On the other side of my binder will be an elegant line drawing I drew of Marilyn Monroe! Just be ready to pretend that it is 1504 a.d. and that I, that is, Da Vinci, is looking for his "Mona Lisa" to draw... again.

I often have my two red director's chairs with me, but, if I do not have them, we can just stand five feet apart for 5-60 minutes. What fun, it's like experiencing a time-warp of 508 years!

I will be drawing women, ladies, and girls for free, although tips are welcome, and men and boys for a donation of [between] $2... if you are unemployed, $20... if you earn less than $20.000 in a year, $200... if you live in the HolyWould Hills, $2,000... if you live in Beverly Hills, $20,000... if you are a millionaire, and $200,000... if you are a billionaire. Talk about a sliding scale!

[Secret: When the female poor beg me for a dollar, I often say, "O.K. I will not give you a dollar, but I will temporarily hire you as a model for a few minutes as long as you let me draw your 5"x3" portrait right now!" I do the same for male beggars but am more careful and alert to the vibes I get from the client, store, neighborhood and time of night.]

I have clients, patrons and models that fly into HolyWould from all over the World mainly to be drawn by me. I get thousands of hits a day on this Website. People realize the economic as well as the spiritual and aesthetic value in art. [Dream on!]

For example, Picasso drew Igor Stravinsky in 1920 in simple pencil line that he later inked, on a 12" x 9" sheet of paper. Igor was wearing a suit and tie and sitting in a wooden chair. His upper 3/4 clothed body was shown. Incredibly, this same drawing sold at auction at Southby's in New York City in 1984 for a whopping $1.2 million! So now, all I have to do is become as famous as Pablo, and you, my future client, has to do is become as famous as Igor and we will both grow richer together!

Furthermore, I might add that after I draw you, I will sign my name backwards with caligraphic virtuosity like Da Vinci wrote. He was involved with military intelligence and didn't want spys to be able to read what was written if one of his Top Secret papers accidentally got misplaced. His intelligent grasp of engineering and physics enabled him to dramatically improve the effectiveness of the Catapult, a weapon that hurled bolders against castle walls. He enabled his team to double the size of the bolder, and double the distance from the castle wall so that the incoming flaming arrows would be less accurate.

In conclusion, I might reveal that my usage of the blue plus-sign is to subliminally suggest and lobby for USA Medicare For All, from birth to grave. Of the top 34 industrialized nations on this planet, the USA is the only country that does not have an effective medical safety net. If the Supreme Court blows Obamacare out of the water, the best backup would be Medicare For All. The infrastructure is there and the main task would be the rate of phasing in the entire population. Perhaps, we could lower the threshold of age 65 by 15 year increments every four years. Skilled accountants will have to work these details out.

Even if Obamacare is upheld intact, the ultimate goal should be Medicare For All which is an even more altruistic and pragmatic a healthcare program.

When people ask me where is the money going to come from to save healthcare programs, I simply ask them to look at the derivatives market. In September 2008, the time of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the Gross Domestic Product of the USA was $15 trillion; The GDP of the entire planet Earth was around $65 trillion; The supposed GP of all of the derivatives and related financial instruments in 2008 was, and still is, around $900 trillion. Food for thought: Why not tap into this bottomless pit and use it as Feed for the Fed?! The Dodd-Frank Bill did nothing to control the excesses of the derivatives market, and therefore we are doomed for an eventual double-dip depression!

There is plenty of money around. The problem is that the super-rich are controlling the flow of those liqued assets called the capital of Capitalism.

The Reagan & Bush Tax Cuts both need to be repealed. The top tax rate from FDR 1933 to Kennedy 1962 was 91%, and then Reagan had it lowered to 28% from Kennedy's 70%. Closing the tax holes are as critical as the rate, as Kennedy reasoned.

San Francisco is the only city in the country that already has Medicare For All of its occupants; Vermont is on the brink of becoming the first State to provide Medicare For All, with Massachusetts providing a close variation.

Single Pay Health Insurance began in one district in Canada and then spread throughout that country. The same could hopefully happen in this country.

The "RAPEpubliCONS" in North Carolina are pushing to get a law passed that permits the involuntarily probe the vaginas of pregnant women trying to get an abortion in order to subliminally pursuade them to not get that abortion. Some of those redneck states are still living in the Dark Ages, and it is important for us to act quickly and pre-emptively.

Only 4 more states are needed to pass the Equal (Women's) Rights Amendment to the Constitution. It lost steam in the 1970s. With the wind now at our back, now is the time to get it passed as the 28th Amendment to our Constitution!


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Where Your Taxes Go!
If you make $50,000 a year, you pay:

@ $466 a year for Defense
@ $4* a year for Natural Disaster Relief (FEMA)
@ $19* a year for Unemployment Insurance [The Senate came within one vote (59) to overide a Republican filibuster to extend this (U.I.) for 1.3 million; Vote again soon, Chairman Reid!]
@ $74* a year for SNAP (Food Stamps)
@ $7* a year for Welfare
@ $44* a year for to Government Workers (Retirement and Disability, Civilian and Military)
@ $236* a year for Medicare
@ $6,000 a year for [indirect] Corporate Subsidies [This is 174 times that paid for Unemployment Insurance! Examples: $243Billion a year to Big Oil - Exon, Shell, BP; Wall-Mart, etc.]
@ $____ ** a year for Social Security?

Are you sure you've [upset] the right people?

In 2012: $689Billion was spent on Defense & Military Programs!

From: Thom Hartmann TV program THE BIG PICTURE/
2-10-2014 @ 53:48 The White House Tax Receipt of 2012: Two parents with one child

[ * : I have rounded these monetary figures to the nearest dollar]

[ ** : Not included in above White House Report-- just curious!]


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Drought: Use 36-inch Pipelines!


Letter-To-The-Editor: The Los Angeles Times "Gov. Sells Water Program" by George Skelton, 2-24-2014, A2.

[Submitted 2-28-2014 by Art Earthmann, P.O. Box 1223 Beverly Hills, CA 90213, E-mail:, Phone: 310-581-8060,

Dear Editor,

Although Mr. Skelton's eloquent article had many great ideas, I would like to disagree with what he proposed as the most important segment. Skelton feels that Gov. Brown's "intensely controversial" $25-billion plan of "boring two 40-foot-wide, 35-mile-long tunnels under the Sacramento-Joaquin Delta" would be too controversial, costly and environmentally intrusive-- that a smaller tunnel should be built.

But I submit that in the short term, since time is of the essense, why not simply build above ground 36-inch diameter overland pipelines 35-miles long at this area in question? It would take around twenty 36-in pipelines to equal the flow of two forty foot tunnels. But the practical advantage is that once the first 36" pipeline is completed, the water could flow immediately. Then, build the second 36" pipeline nearby and parallel to it, and have the water flow in those two pipelines immediately. Keep building more lines until you have the needed flow of twenty 36" parallel pipelines!

In the long term, additional 36-in above ground pipeline could be added later with water pumped from existing and enlarged dams and reservoirs to the entire Central Valley which is 450 miles long, 90 miles wide, totaling 42,000 square miles.

Imagine one 400 mile pipeline transversing the vertical north-south axis of the Central Valley at the center. Now, add a horizontal grid of three 50 mile pipelines at 100 miles apart to the vertical axis. This would equal another 150 miles of pipeline. Therefore, the total miles of initial single 36" pipeline would be 400 miles vertically, plus 150 miles horizontally, equaling 550 miles of pipeline. Additional parallel pipelines could be added to increase the volume later... but after the water is already flowing!

A pipeline could even bring water down from super wet Oregon dams and reservoirs!

For an example of an already well conceived pipeline design, simply study the proposed single line 1,600-mile 36-inch diameter Keystone XL Fracking Pipeline, some of which has already been built, to transport dirty tar sands coal/oil sludge from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada to Nederland, and Houstan, Texas. [Obama should veto this project which would end up exporting the oil mainly to China, and leave the pollution and waste at the refineries on the Texas coast. That 36-in [Keystone] Pipeline would better serve our country if it carried priceless water to the Bread Basket of America, the midwest post Dust Bowl States.] However, it could also provide a proven workable design of a single line 36-in water pipeline for California's emergency drought!



Carlsbad CA Desalination Plant

"Published on Jan 4, 2013
The Carlsbad Desalination Project will provide San Diego County with a locally-controlled, drought-proof supply of high-quality water that meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards. After ten years of planning and six years in the state's permitting process, the Carlsbad Desalination pipeline has now received final approvals from every required regulatory and permitting agency in the state, including the California Coastal Commission, State Lands Commission and Regional Water Quality Control Board. A 30 year Water Purchase Agreement is in place between the San Diego County Water Authority and Poseidon for the entire output from the plant. Construction has already started and is expected to be complete in mid-2016."

To watch the accompanying video to the above introduction, CLICK on the link below! [YouTube 9:44]

P.S. George Skelton, in a great Los Angeles Times article 2-24-2014 A2, revealed that "desalination costs $2,000 an acre-foot, perhaps 3-4 times more than dammed fresh water". Also, the above mentioned $1-billion Carlsbad Project is a privately owned plant. It will be the largest desalination facility in the Western Hemisphere when it is completed in 2016. Furthermore, "desalination plants uses lots of energy, spews greenhouse gasses, and can kill fish."

So, I still insist that Governor Brown's top priority should still be that of building hundreds of miles of above-ground water pipelines to help ease California's emergency drought ASAP!


With this historic drought here in California it's high time to our State government to build a desalination plant in the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port, and in the San Francisco Bay! I suggest these two locations for security reasons-- they will be more protected from potential sabatogue or tsunamis. Like a very long straw, water could be drawn horizontally -then vertically from a debth of up to 3,000 feet like the plant in Kona, Hawaii depicted here in this video. The claim is made by that company that the added cost of sipping water that deep into the ocean is worth it because of all the extra minerals that are gathered. That plant shown below is one of the largest and most advanced in the world! [Be sure to watch Part 2 on the second link once you get to Part 1! YouTube 6:16]

Watch this incredible video! CLICK on the link below! [YouTube 3:27]




California Water Bill - H.R. 3964


It's Storage & Transport, Not God... Stupid!


Congressman McClintock (R-CA-4) is a co-author of the California Water Bill H.R. 3964. The legislation was passed by the House of Representatives on February 5, 2014. The Congressman spoke in support of the measure on the House floor:

HR 3964

February 5, 2014

Mr. Speaker:

"California’s drought is NATURE’S fault. Our failure to prepare for it is OUR fault.

In California, the Democrats have not only obstructed the construction of new dams for the past 35 years, they’ve also actively sought to tear down existing dams.

They have substituted conservation for desperately needed storage, and now that we face drought, we find our meager reservoirs are empty and we’ve already exhausted our conservation option.

Worse, in the first years of this drought, 1.6 million acre feet of water was dumped into the Pacific Ocean for the care and amusement of the Delta Smelt, when that water was desperately needed to support the threatened human population. That water was taken from Central Valley farmers who now face extinction.

True, we cannot make it rain. But we can take measures to increase storage capacity, reinforce existing water rights, and assure that we never again must face a crisis of this magnitude.

This bill allows for the expansion of Lake McClure by 70,000 acre feet; gives local water agencies the ability to store additional surplus water at New Melones; sets deadlines for additional storage; and authorizes local water districts to partner with the federal government to expedite expansion of Shasta Dam and Los Vaqueros Reservoir and move forward with Sites Reservoir and Temperance Flats.

And it reverses the policies that put the Delta Smelt ahead of the needs of thousands of farm workers and millions of consumers.

The people responsible for these policies say that this steals water from Northern California. No, it does not. This is surplus water that would otherwise be lost to the Pacific Ocean.

This restores the bi-partisan Bay Delta Accord that guarantees the water the Delta needs while restoring a portion of the excess to the Central Valley. That accord was shattered when Central Valley water was expropriated for the Delta Smelt in 2006. This bill simply restores that agreement, while making provision to increase the overall supply.

The other outlandish charge is that this bill overrides state water rights. It does exactly the opposite. It specifically protects state water rights against infringement by any bureaucracy – local, state or federal. Since the 14th Amendment, it has been a legitimate function of the federal government to protect the property rights of every American and that’s what the opponents object to. Indeed, the Northern California Water Association endorsed these provisions precisely because they strengthen state water rights.

We have listened to the environmental left for four decades now, and we now can see where it has gotten us. It is time to reject these voices and return to common sense and the proven policies of abundance that produced the prosperity we once enjoyed."

To watch Rep. McClintoch address the House giving the above address, CLICK on the link below!

P.S. There were 16 co-sponsors to this grandiose Bill and all of them were Republicans.

I, personally, am still of the opinion that the smarter plan would be to build hundreds of miles of above-ground water pipelines to immediately ease California's emergency drought. Why did the Republicans leave out this idea ?!


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ChemTrails Killing Honey Bees,
Birds, Fish, & Human Beings ?

ChemTrails (Chemical Trails from Jets in the sky) may have been responsible for a lot of the mysterious disappearance of one third of the honey bee population in the United States in the past seven years.

Just look up in the sky and see the strait-line cloudlike remnants of the massive chemical spraying that has been launched during this past decade.

Snowden, the NSA leaker, says that the main purpose for the ChemTrail program is experimentation to control global warming/weather change to prevent food famines from

San Francisco, California, has only experienced 3.95 inches of rain in 2013. This is the lowest amount since records began 164 years ago!

The California Central Valley produces around 8% of the food in the United States, and it is estimated that a third of the produce could disappear from grocery shelves if this trend continues, i.e. the California and national drought, and the disappearance of honey bees which are needed for pollination.

CLICK on link [A] below, to see how alarming this ChemTrail program has become. [YouTube 8:08]



"The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed.

By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: who is doing this and why. With the release of this video, all of that has changed. Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water — all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 — and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure."

And now, for a great comprehensive ChemTrail Documentary (2010) CLICK on link [B] below! [YouTube 97:45]




"Published on Aug 19, 2012
People around the world are noticing that our planet's weather is dramatically changing. They are also beginning to notice the long lingering trails left behind airplanes that have lead millions to accept the reality of chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Could there be a connection between the trails and our severe weather? While there are many agendas associated with these damaging programs, evidence is now abundant which proves that geoengineering can be used to control weather. In this documentary you will learn how the aerosols being sprayed into our sky are used in conjunction with other technologies to control our weather. While geoengineers maintain that their models are only for the mitigation of global warming, it is now clear that they can be used as a way to consolidate an enormous amount of both monetary and political power into the hands of a few by the leverage that weather control gives certain corporations over the Earth's natural systems. This of course, is being done at the expense of every living thing on the planet.

CLICK on link [C] below, to watch the brilliant sequel to the above documentary, "What Are They Spraying", above, and watch "WHY ARE THEY SPRAYING?", below!
[YouTube 1:12:56]



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Weather Wars

In this futuristic science fiction motion picture see governments manipulate the weather for militaristic and political advantage.

This past weekend the world experienced the horrific tragedy of the most powerful hurricane in the recorded history of planet Earth, the Super Typhoon/Hurricane Haiyan as it pulverized the Phillipines.

An alarming incident took place in the Pacific Ocean just north of the island of Guam which may have caused the eye of the Haiyan hurricane and its spiral arms to begin to form! Global satellites photographed what appears to be a Microwave Pulse on November 1, 2013 just a week before the resulting Typhoon/Hurricane Haiyan hit the Phillipines.

Could a hurricane be accidentally or deliberately caused and steered into the present-day crippled nuclear Fukushima disaster site causing a global doomsday? It certainly could in my motion picture!

The manipulation of the weather has been a U.S. Pentagon project for decades, with other powerful countries also involved is this research, including Russia and China.

Could Hurricane Sandy have been deliberately created and increased in size and steared into the New York City area a week before the 2012 presidential election to suppress the voter turnout in that Progressive state and area and thus increase the chances for a Romney and Republican victory? Was not Hurricane Sandy headed on a parallel course northward along the Northern Atlantic Coast towards Maine, when it suddenly turned west into New York? Would not a sudden high pressure area over Greenland have caused said hurricane to move west? Could not the 3.6 million watt ionispheric heater called HAARP have caused that high pressure area. Yes, it could have! Did not such a high pressure area over Greenland suddenly appear? I don't want to spoil the plot for my future movie, but, it you are alert and informed, you will probably get my point!

Voter suppression has been a rapepublicon tactic to help conservatives get elected for decades. They have been up to this bag of dirty tricks since the uncivil Civil War! Just look at all of the recent red-state laws that have been implemented in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan et al to make it more difficult for the poor, unemployed, elderly, and students to vote.

Perhaps more Democrats need to arm themselves with assault rifles and glocks when they try to vote... especially when the rapepublicon tea party jerks like to flash their rifles so much at their demonstrations! Indeed, lets organize The Democratic Rifle Association (D.R.A.), since the National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) has already been so bullied by the rapepublicons! Is this what happens in my movie? []

Paul Weyrich, the godfather of modern right-wing Think Tanks infamously said in Dallas in 1980, "How many of our christians have what I call 'The Goo Goo Syndrome, Good Government'? They want everybody to vote. I don't want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people. They never have been from the beginning of our country and are not now. Our leverage in elections goes up as the voting populace
goes down

Ronald Reagan and Jerry Falwell also spoke at this meeting!

To watch Weyrich make his fascist statement, CLICK on
link [A] below. [YouTube :41]

I personally believe that rapepublicon 'Think Tanks' should actually be called 'Feel Tanks', because they are mostly based
on Emotion rather than Reason.)

The probability of the Weather War scenerio above is quite remote, but not impossible. At least it has the quite entertaining potential in science fiction films, if not in present-day scientific fact.

I have inserted the following link to some astonishing recent scientific research that has been going on for decades now, which could provide some sound evidence that the deliberate manipulation of weather for political and military purposes may be further along than the public has hear-to-for imagined or known.

See these theories become more real and surreal, and used in my future film "Weather Wars"!

Please CLICK on link [B] below, on the possible governmental rogue man-made creation of typhoon/hurricane Haiyan... the largest such storm in Earth history!


Also, CLICK on link [C] below, to view the secret Pentagon weather weapon manipulation program, HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

[YouTube 8:57]

[Part 2] [HAARP, ChemTrails, Earthquakes, RainStorms, Droughts, Tsunamis, Hail Storms, Hurricane Creation and Path] CLICK on link [D] below. [YouTube 20:37]

CLICK on link [E] below! [YouTube 4:04]



Polar Vortex... Man Made ?

After viewing the above two videos on geoengineering and weather manipulation, you should be open to at least the possibility that since HAARP can alter the path of the northern Jet Stream, it could also eventually, if not currently, alter the path and intensity of the present day Polar Vortex. During this past week, today being 1-8-2014, more record low temperatures have been set in more states in these United States than any week since such records have been kept... that is, since the 1880s!

HAARP Pooned Humanity - We Are Being Exterminated - Scripted Doom!

"Published on Mar 17, 2013
Extinction Level Methane Releases Caused by Geoengineering Chem-trails - further evidence of intentional genocide : High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is connected to chemtrailing, microwaving the particulate at night further escalates the warming trend, and between chemtrails and Haarpoons, if it hasnt already reached the tipping point, as methane is releasing into the atmosphere now, continuing either program will eventually release trillions of [tons] of methane from frozen underground and undersea deposits making the planet burn up like some apocalyptic horror story. The kicker is that this is all avoidable! Stop the chemtrailing, stop the microwave and Haarp type facilities, (and end the wars... and gmo... and other agenda 21 crap...) Yikes theres a lot wrong in the world."

For these astonishing revelations about HAARP, CLICK
on link [F] below ! [YouTube 19:39]



CLICK on link [G] below, if you have level 007 security clearance! [YouTube 19:43]



Too Big To Fail



"HBO Films presents a searing account of the 2008 Financial Crisis. TOO BIG TO FAIL, based oon Andrew Ross Sorkin's bestselling book, provides an in-debth look at the intersection of Wall Street and Washington and how their decisions impact Main Street. Mixing real-life personalities with a gripping countdown to economic disaster, Oscar-winning director Curtis Hanson creates an explosive drama capturing how the U.S. economy was brought back from the brink of collapse."

"Engrossing" The Wall Street Journal
"Every performance is spot-on" New York Post

William Hurt | Edward Asner | Paul Giamatti | James Woods

And now, for an indebth look into this most profound 98 minute video, CLICK on the link below! [YouTube 19:07]



The Crash of 2018



Thom Hartmann book lecture and signing of his new book,
"THE CRASH OF 2018: The Plot To Destroy America -- And What We Can Do To Stop It."

"Published on Dec 5, 2013
Looking at American history, Hartmann, host of [the great daily TV/Internet program] The Big Picture, sees that roughly every four generations, catastrophe strikes. To avert the next economic and social disaster, he urges us to reject the destabilizing profit motives of corporations, and embrace the ideals of democratic civil values that once defined the nation.

Founded by Carla Cohen and Barbara Meade in 1984, Politics & Prose Bookstore is Washington, D.C.'s premier independent bookstore and cultural hub, a gathering place for people interested in reading and discussing books. Politics & Prose offers superior service, unusual book choices, and a haven for book lovers in the store and online. Visit them on the web at"

Please CLICK on the link below to watch Thom's profound video lecture! [YouTube 58:52]


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with Michio Kaku


Published on Jul 18, 2013
"As the prestigious scientific journal Nature notes:
Shortly after a massive tsunami struck the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on 11 March 2011, an unmanned monitoring station on the outskirts of Takasaki, Japan, logged a rise in radiation levels. Within 72 hours, scientists had analysed samples taken from the air and transmitted their analysis to Vienna, Austria — the headquarters of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), an international body set up to monitor nuclear weapons tests.
It was just the start of a flood of data collected about the accident by the CTBTO's global network of 63 radiation monitoring stations. In the following weeks, the data were shared with governments around the world, but not with academics or the public.
The attempted cover up of the severity of the Fukushima disaster is nothing new. Governments have been covering up nuclear meltdowns for 50 years, and the basic design for nuclear reactors was not chosen for safety, but because it worked on Navy submarines ... and produced plutonium for the military.
(Indeed, the government's response to every crisis appears to be to try to cover it up; and see this.)
Today, Yomiuri Shinbun reports (Google translation) that the U.S. knew within days that Fukushima had melted down:

The subject of evacuating the US citizens was raised in the early hours on March 16 (local time). The US ... already knew about the unusually high temperature of the reactors from the Global Hawk data, and determined that "the fuel has already melted".

The US high-ranking officials wanted to evacuate the US citizens [Tokyo] but the local officials including Maher objected, as "it would severely undermine the US-Japan alliance"
(The Global Hawk is an unmanned aerial aircraft)." YouTube article that accompanied the video below. [13:33]

Now, please watch the most succinct and alarming interview on this disaster that I have yet found! CLICK the link below!

Fukushima and the End of Humanity with Michio Kaku


For the best moment-to-moment documentary on the Fukushima Disaster, CLICK on the YouTube link below! [44:47]

Fukushima: Seconds From Disaster


Fukushima dumping 300+ tons of radioactive table water into the Pacific Ocean daily!

Published on Aug 31, 2013 [Quoted from YouTube]
"Where do I begin? Expect MORE leaks of highly radioactive water from the hundreds and hundreds of on site storage tanks built piss poor. The entire Pacific Ocean to be fully contaminated in 6 years? Qualification on that story, not sure they are using the right map on that one.. Trouble to remove the Highly Radioactive Damaged spent fuel rods in (simply reactor spent fuel pool #4 ALONE) that contains approx 14,000 Times the radiation from the single Hiroshima Bomb. Pacific Ocean already Boiling?... You'll just have to see this report to believe all the problems they are having. Not to mention, they are mistreating employees... so they are also going to run out of workers. It's suggested TEPCO step aside and let the government handle the ongoing crises. The problems they face seem insurmountable to overcome. Too many to even list.... WAY WAY WAY TOO MANY. (way to many to edit today, too)"

CLICK on the link below to watch this urgent YouTube video! [14:58]


P.S. I have studied dozens of other YouTube videos on the Fukushima Disaster and encourage you to do likewise. Fukushima must be regarded as a much higher global emergency than any single episode concerning Global Warming/Climate Change, etc.

The entire site including all six reactors must be totally entomed in concrete like Chernobyl a.s.a.p. Gorbechev mobilized 500,000 thousands of the Soviet army and populace to do this, and so should the new Prime Minister of Japan.

Too much of the decision making is being left to the private for-profit company TEPCO which oversees the site. Very serious face-saving and conflict-of-interest issues remain with that company! Chernobly was entombed in a concrete and steel sarcophagas shell within 240 days after its disaster. Fukushima does not yet even have any architectural designs for any of its 6 reactors being prepared for entombment after 2.7 years!

International community... mobilize now, or else!



Chernobyl Destroys Europe
... Almost !


Published on Apr 20, 2013

"The Chernobyl disaster (Ukrainian: Чорнобильська катастрофа, Chornobylska Katastrofa -- Chornobyl Catastrophe) was a catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine (then officially Ukrainian SSR), which was under the direct jurisdiction of the central authorities of the Soviet Union. An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere, which spread over much of Western USSR and Europe.

The Chernobyl disaster is widely considered to have been the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, and is one of only two classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale (the other being the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011). The battle to contain the contamination and avert a greater catastrophe ultimately involved over 500,000 workers and cost an estimated 18 billion rubles. The official Soviet casualty count of 31 deaths has been disputed, and long-term effects such as cancers and deformities are still being accounted for."

[Now, please CLICK on the YouTube link below to watch this most informative documentary! 1:32:59]



OP: Nuclear Bank Shot

In this motion picture, see what happens to the corrupt immature dictator Yung Goon of the country of Whorea... when a rival tries to poison him, but fails to give him a lethal dose, thereby causing him to go crazy with paranoia and lose his mind... instead.

See Chairman Goon fantasize that his God, in His Infinite Vengance, contemplates that any people that would name a city that subliminally rhymes with FUCK-A-SHE-MA[MA] desearves to be punished like the Old Testament city of Sodom (sodomy) and Gomorrah (gonorrhea). That must be the latter-day city of Fukishima, Japan, Goon muses.

See him play table pool military politics by using the Pacific Ocean as his Pacific Pool... table. See his goons plant a Hydrogen Bomb inside a mothballed unmarked submarine and towed to and hidden in the same earthquake fault epicenter that triggered the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011.

See his goons put ten less powerful Atomic Bombs inside ten other mothballed unmarked submarines and have them towed to the major fault line epicenters where the top ten aftershocks occurred on that fateful day in 2011 so as to effect similar suppossed aftershocks.

See Chairman Goon use the Fukishima coast of Japan as the 'bank' of his 'bank shot'. As in a game of table pool billiards, see him 'shoot' the pool ball east by triggering another 9.0+ earthquake, which results in destroying all six reactors, including the already severely crippled and leaning Reactor #4.

See his pool balls collide with the other balls called 'radiation' to bounce back west and pollute the entire Pacific Ocean so that practically all of the sea life is liquidated for decades to come.

See the resulting wind currents carry the radiation west towards America so that the entire west coast from Alaska to Mexico must be evacuated, similar to the evacuation of large portions of the population of Ukraine, Russia and Europe after the Chernobly nuclear accident of 1986.

See the mad man of Whorea attack his enemies of America, and Japan et al, by having said earthquake/tsunami appear as an Act of God using water, wind and radiation to mask the real penultimate causation.

See Operation Nuclear Bank Shot... a horror movie and a whore film... destined to create history! Rated PG-8 and four stars!


P.S This motion picture 2-minute pitch will be shared with the Pentagon and it will be given 40 days and 40 nights to respond and offer pragmatic suggestions. This monumental screenplay/film will be green-lighted as it is herewith wrtten, if no response or one of 'thumbs up' is henceforth received.

General Prophet Godd, protagonist.

P.S.This Pitch is TOP SECRET AND BOTTOM SACRED... so please do not tell Steven Spielberg about it!

Oliver Stone, on the other hand is... O.K.

Thanks, A.J.E.


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Will John Roberts agree to play the part of J.F.K.?  

J.F.K. : The Rest of the Story

  President Kennedy
See what J.F.K. Assassination Research and other sources have revealed since the release of Oliver Stone's great film, JFK in 1991:

1) The Zapruder film was edited by the SS to cover the fact that the Presidential limo came to a complete stop on Elm St. for 3 seconds, during which time Jack was shot in the head from the lower-front-right (the Storm Drain). A Tell A Vision X Files episode was aired years ago. Check it out!

2) At Rochester Studios in New York City the film was doctored after the Super-8 negatives were enlarged to 35mm. You can even see the brush strokes of black paint where they changed the red blob of bloody brains at the back of his head to appear as unremarkable black hair! They also added an orange blob of paint on each Head-Wound-Frame to make it appear like an exit wound on the front of his head and face!

3) The shot from the Grassy Knoll was from a 22-calliber rifle which hit Kennedy in the front of his neck. The entry wound was a hole the size of a pencil eraser and the doctors did not even bother to find the bullet an inch or two inside of his neck! Then they enlarged the wound for a supposed tracheatomy even though he was already dead. This also made it appear as if it were an exit wound! This my have been done in the heat of the moment, without any evil alterior motives. Then again, a SS agent in the operating room and part of the conspiracy, could have whispered into the surgeon's ear... "why not use that hole for a tracheotomy?"

4) There was also a bullet hole on JFK's upper back that was not discovered at the Dallas Parkland Hospital because the attending physicians did not even turn his body over as he was already dead!

5) Future President, Gerald Ford, changed the location of this wound by writing in the phrase "of his neck" above the typed line in the finished Warren Report draft... "the [bullet] hole was located in the back 'of his neck'." He did this without any authority or physical evidence, but so the magical Single Bullet Theory would become less contradictory and more consistant with their fradulent, lying logic of that Single Bullet Theory.

6) The autopsy done at Bethesda, MD hospital the next day had a biased agenda to counter the autopsy done the day before at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX. They manipulated the photographs and skull of the president to reflect a shot from the back, rather than a true, factual shot from the front. They actually surgically removed a large portion of skull from another cadaver and had it placed and stitched into the exit hole at the upper-back of his head to hide the large exit wound which 19 Parkland physicians testified was there during their autopsy the day before!

For more clues... visit my comprehensive "Conspiracy Page" of this website As an Internet Video Link Critic, I surveyed over 300 links related to my Conspiracy Page subject matter. I chose only around 10% or 30+ to present to You The People. All are rated 5 stars [*****] except V-14 & V-15.... which were TOO well-done multi-million dollar big lies and fascistic propaganda. The public needs to be alerted not to fall for this bag of video magic tricks!


P.S. Will the present Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John Roberts, agree to play the part of Kennedy in the upcoming movie? My casting director sure thinks he looks like Jack and even has his charisma. He would need to wear a Kennedy toupee though. My Art Director assures me that only blanks will be used as America travels down Elm Street in Dallas once again!


Note: Also, in my movie...Texas will be divided in half at 32* North latitude, with the northern half renamed, "Southwest Massachusettes", and the city of Dallas renamed, "John F. Kennedy City! Elm Street and the surrounding area near the School Depository, etc. will become a National Monument.

The large tree through which Oswald supposedly shot JFK, was removed because the branches and leaves were becoming more and more dense, causing the visitors at the 6th floor museum to comment more and more... "it would have been impossible for anybody to see a moving target through that dense foliage"! That tree will be replaced by a huge plastic tree, rebuilt to the specifications of that original tree!

Usually, when a street is paved over again, the previous paving is removed... but not with Elm Street. They deliberately added another layer of pavement over the previous layer of pavement so that the horizontal "window" of the Storm/Sewer Drain would be a lot thinner... so that the public would be more prone to contemplate... "There is no way that an assassasin could fire a rifle through that narrow slit!" Well, in my movie, Elm Street will be repaved again, but this time according to specifications consistant with its vertical height providing a very easy shot through the Drain Window at the time of the tragedy on November 22!

Life size bronze sculptures will be installed denoting the placement of all major theorized actors, Zapruder on the pedestal, JFK et al in the limo, the 22 caliber rifle shooter behind the picket fence on the Grassy Knowl, Oswald sitting in the lunchroom drinking a soda, an unidentified shooter kneeling at the window of the 6th floor of the Book Depository, and, very importantly, the man in the Storm/Sewer drain from which the fatal head shot came will also be represented with a bronze sculpture. Also, Umbrella Man, who signaled to the Storm Drain Shooter that the next car carried JFK.

To see a realistic enactment of this latter scenario, see the dramatization of the TV series X-Files, and click on the link below!

This 1:10 film segment is back on the Internet, but if is still blocked, simply Google...XFiles: JFK storm drain shooter

To view some new astonishing scientific physical evidence of Tom Wilson that the JFK fatal head shot did in fact come from the Storm Drain, click on the link below!

The shot from the Grassy Knowl was fired a few seconds earlier and hit JFK in his front center throat leaving a clean hole the size of a pencil eraser, the size of a 22 caliber bullet. That hole was enlarged for a supposed tracheotomy, even though he was already dead. A possible reason for the enlargement was to make it look, not as the true entry wound as it was, but like an exit wound to help support the fraudulent Single Bullet Theory!


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Humans On Path To Extinction!


From the daily Newsletter (Wed. 11-27-2013) of Thom Hartmann, I quote the following:

"The next mass extinction could be closer than we think...

emissions in the South Central US are nearly five times higher than previously thought. According to a new study from Harvard University, there is way more methane being pumped into our atmosphere, and that means a much larger effect on climate change. Overall, total US methane emissions are one and half times the EPA estimates, because the agency was using an invalid method for calculating methane in our atmosphere.

The EPA used a so-called bottom-up approach, which estimates methane release by guessing what one cow or one natural gas field emits, and then multiplying it by the number of those sources. This new Harvard study measured that amount of methane actually present in our atmosphere, and then traced it back to regional sources. The study's lead author, Scot Miller said, 'Most strikingly, our results are higher by a factor of 2.7 over the South Central US, which we know is a key region for fossil-fuel extraction and refining.' He explained that they will continue to research the discrepancy between their study and the EPA estimates, so that they can fully understand the impact of fossil-fuel mining on methane emissions.

Methane is an extremely potent greenhouse gas, and it is causing a rapid increase in global temperatures. And, many experts believe that it was responsible for the Permian Mass Extinction, which wiped out nearly all life on Earth. Not only do we need to understand how much methane is in our atmosphere and where it comes from, we must work faster to lower these exissions. If we don't, it could bring about the next mass extinction. To find out more about the Permian Extinction, and how methane emissions could bring about the next one - go to ... ."

Click on the link below! And then click on "Watch Video"!

Note from me, Art: Also, visit Thom has a great daily Internet show called THE BIG PICTURE and a daily 3 hour radio program. He has been the top-rated PROGRESSIVE Talk Radio Host in the US for a decade now, and is also the author of more than 20 books, including his recently released prophecy, THE CRASH OF 2016: THE PLOT TO DESTROY AMERICA--AND WHAT WE CAN DO TO STOP IT.

Don't forget to sign up for Thom's free great daily newsletter!


To see Thom Hartmann at his best on his T.V. show THE BIG PICTURE, please CLICK on the link below and see how much income disparity there has been during the past 30 years between the top 1% and the bottom 90%! [YouTube 10:26]

If this episode is blocked by the Rich et al, simply Google...



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Lightning Strikes Boner?

Shots Across The Bow
Of The U.S.S. Boner?


Shots Across Boner's Brow?

How Many Shots Does Boner Need?

[Are we talking about shots of liquid RapePublicCon poison...
alcohol, canon balls,
or something more Current?]


What would George Washington do if he and two dozen other famous resurrected human beings landed by flying saucer in Washington D.C. now?

In this movie, see where Speaker "Boner" probably gets his inspiration for his policy of "NO COMPROMISING"... even from ADOLF HITLER'S Triumph of the Will Speech/propaganda film. [Simply Google: Hitler Speeches - YouTube. There you will see and hear Hitler using that most telling of phrases... "keinen Kompromiss angehen"... "without compromise". (scene begins at 1:33:00 [concept spoken at 1:34:43 -- 1:35:04] of the total length of 1:44:27)] Click below to watch the scene by sliding the time bar forward to 1:34:43!)

Note: By the way, I am not a neoNazi. I despise what they stood for, and presently despise what the present day RapePubliCon Tea Party Fascists stand for! Now watch Hitler the Hitter, their propaganda hero:

See Boner give treasonous economic comfort and aid to the evil government of Red China, et al, by his stubborn intoxicating intransigence as the supposed loyal and patriotic leader of our House of Representatives.

In my movie, see the Monarchy of England purchase 51% of the stock of the Walmart Company and rename it "The New East India Company"!

Currently, the six main families of Walmart (the Waltons) own more wealth than the bottom 42% of the entire population of the United States, i.e. 133 million of 317 million population combined! This is more dangerously lop-sided than the class imbalance extant during the American Revolution, our Civil War, our Robber Barron Era, or the Roaring Twenties which preceded our Great Depression and World War 2!

See General Washington mobilize his military forces once again and cause the Tea Party RapePublicCons to commit political suicide and self-destruct, like the Whig Party of the 1850s!

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Operation: OverAllah

Op: No-Fly Qusayr
The Sad Ass Assad
Peace Drums... or else!
The Peace Force
666 Snipers
The ProChrist
[Survey: Email me on which title you like best!]

UPDATE: Of course, the best solution in Syria would be for Assad to follow the suggestion of Kerry, Putin and Obama... to destroy all of his deadly chemical arsenal under international supervision!

President Obama, if the above, "Plan A", does not work out in a timely and sincere, non-delaying manner, you should bomb Syria for the recent genocidal 1,400+ dead in that sarin gas attack... but only if you first decimate Bashir Assad's present favorite presidential palace and most government buildings upon which he bases his evil power. This could be called the beginning of "Plan B". Since this struggle is also a propaganda war of symbols vrs. symbols, what would be a better symbol for Obama to hit, than Assad's literal throne and palace! Just think: the 1,400+ gassed to death were civilian and non-military targets... and the Presidential Palace is, technically, also a non-military target! Then, wait a few days to take the national and world-wide opinion polls... then make the next move in this geopolitical, 3-dimensional chess game of "Chicken World"!

Too many of the rebels are just as demonic as Assad, and they have also used poison gas... and a rogue element may have caused this tragedy, just to frame Assad.

Furthermore, according to CNN, the delivery systems used in this attack were not governmentally sophisticated, but homemade... so as to suggest a rebel causation... and, therefore, not caused by Assad! Then again, Assad could of had this batch of Sarin and its delivery systems be home made so he would not be as suspected of this crime.

More evidence, more time, more diplomacy please. Even the head of the Joint Chief of Staff, Army General Martin E. Dempsey said that... "this is not a time-sensitive issue... that we could wait a week, or month," etc. Perhaps the General will eventually have the rhetorical precision to add an "s" to the word "month". Yes, the decision to bomb Syria could, indeed, wait MONTHSss!


Is the most strategic city in Syria, now, the City of Qusayr... pivotal for it being the main gun smuggling route into Syria from the Mediterranian Sea. It is located just north of Damascus near said Sea and 30 miles from the Lebanon/Syrian border.

Armchair Generals are theorizing that this is rapidly becoming the "Waterloo" of the rebel revolution in Syria, and therefore, Assad will ultimately prevail. This must be corrected by, first, implementing a no-fly zone over this territority west of 28 degrees west longitude... inotherwords, the western one third of the country. On the downside, it is estimated that such a zone will cost around $2 billion a month to implement!

This will cover the main population and political power corridore that includes the southern city of Damascus (population 5 million), Qusayr (population 30,000), and Halab (Aleppo: largest city in Syria with a population of 2.3 million and located 300 miles north of Damascus near the border with Turkey).

The No-Fly Zone in Iraq served its purpose very well. We, and as many Middle-Eastern Allies as possible, should enforce the soon to be emplemented No-Fly zone in Syria!


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65 Puppy Team Four                


In this motion picture the Code Name of the Operation will be known as:"PUPPY TEAM 4". Why? Because 4 will fit in a car... better than 6, and, puppies are more user-friendly than seals.

We will be scaling "Derivative Cliff"! Think Normandy Cliff... but located at Planet Heaven Studios, and on location at ____________ !

[The bull's eye of the target location is Top Secret and Bottom Sacred!]


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The Shock Doctrine

The Shock Doctrine
is a book written by Naomi Klein in 2007 and then made into one of the most revealing documentaries on the economic causes of wars ever made. It is an absolutely required study for anyone truely interested in knowing the subliminal undertoe and current that propels nations to adopt and perpetuate their War Inc. mentality.

(2009 -- 78:38 -- YouTube)

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Corporate Fascism:
The Destruction Of The Middle Class

"A new kind of fascism has taken over America: the merger of corporations and government whereby corporate power dominates. With the emergence of ever-larger multinational corporations -- due to consolidation facilitated by the Federal Reserve's endless FIAT money -- the corporatocracy has been in a position to literally purchase the U.S. Congress.

A result of the corporate purchase of Congress is that many of the nation's "laws" have been re-configured to benefit WE THE CORPORATIONS, rather than WE THE PEOPLE. "Laws" like NAFTA and GATT resulted in the outsourcing of the U.S. manufacturing base and the destruction of the Middle Class. This is nothing less than the 1 Percenters abusing the 99 Percenters. Known as "monopoly capitalism," "crony capitalism," "mercantilism," "globalization," "the new world order," and/or "free trade" -- this is NOT your Grandfather's capitalism."
(2011 -- 1:41:52 YouTube)


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OP: Dove Drones

In this movie, see a new type of Drone invented and revealed by the Guardian Angel of the Protagonist, even the resurrected Earthian, Leonardo Da Vinci, who now lives on The Planet Heaven in The Reason Galaxy.

This Drone is not a "Reeper Drone" which delivers instant death. Instead, when the evil terrorist mastermind, "The Dilldough Bombher" is located in her black limo driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles with her "Gang of 6.66" a Dove Drone descends like a Stuka dive-bomber in WW2. [The ".66" refers to one member of her team that looks like she is 6 months pregnant... but she is really... (sorry, this "Operation" is Top Secret and Bottom Sacred!)]

But, instead of blowing the limo to Hell, the Dove Drone flies a horizontal parallel flight path that results in it staying just a couple of inches above the limo at 123 mph!

Then, eight metalic belt-arm-claws are quickly extended and hook beneath the limo, preventing the hood, trunk, and 6 doors from opening!

Ms. Eve Evil just keeps driving until she runs out of gas, or, the Mother Drone provides another peaceful solution that results in all six parties being closer to being brought to arrest and trial.


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Operation Trubrary

In this motion picture, see the main library in the villiage of Peyton Place become so economically stressed that the local city government decides to close and sell the library and parking lot. But, a millionaire steps forth and offers to buy the property, yet still maintain it as his "Home is a man's Castle". Part of the final agreement is to have a 10' x10' moat filled with water, and spiced with two medievil draw bridges! The main study/reading room of said library becomes his living room! Complete strangers waltz in and out of his home every day from 9 AM to 9 PM! The new Landlord changes the name of "LIEbrary"/"TRUEbrary" : "Library to Trubrary!

Sometimes language evolves like a pool/billiard game, and words evolve from, perhaps pragmatic beginnings, but end up accidentally in a linquistic dead end Cul de Sac. The word "library" is such a word. This ironic evolution may have been conspired by the aristocratically controlled wordsmiths, like the CEOs of the unabridged dictionary market, especially the O.E.D. Perhaps, by using the present word-spell "Li(e)brary" the masses are being subliminally conditioned to becomming more easily lied to, especially big-lied to!

See the Library of Congress changed to the
Trubrary of Congress!


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Pope Mary Cathy
Pope Leonardo Michelangelo
Pope Jesus Peter
Pope Peter 2

Pope Lolicka Elvira


In this movie, "Pope Mary Cathy", see the first female Pope installed at the Vatican! Why these two names? "Mary", because the central female character in Catholic Mythology is the Virgin MARY... a convenient homonym that subliminally suggests that one should also... marry a virgin... and, marry a "Cathy" for the second first name of the new Pope: "Cathy-lick/Catho-lick! I cannot think of a better A-List actress to play this part than "Miss Intellectual Gravitas" herself, Merly Streep... or, perhaps, "Miss Emotional Gravitas", Angelina Jolie.

In this movie, See the new Pope select his first name from Leonardo Da Vinci (Reason, Science Logic, Anatomy), the Grandfather of the Italian Renaissance... and select as his second first name (the more important, subliminal sirname)... from the famous Father of the Italian Renaissance , Michelangelo Buonarroti (Emotion, Mythology, Propaganda, Lewdism).
These two artists have been more responsible for the cultural and historic success of the Roman Catholic Church than 2,000 years of most of the 266 Popes, combined. Wouldn't it be great if they were to, finally, receive this full measure of respect?

In this movie, the new Pope choses as his new name, Pope Jesus Peter. It is astonishing to me, that, after two thousand years, a Pope has yet chosen these two. Logically, this name would have been, in fact, the bridge of authority from the Church that Jesus Christ started to that of the supposed first Pope, the Apostle Peter.

In this movie it is revealed that no Pope has yet to even choose the name "Pope Peter 2". It is because the real, true, valid priesthood link of authority was, in fact, broken... and the Catholic Church admits the impasse without even trying to fix it! How easy it would be... and so few sheep of said flock would even notice!

In this movie comedy, see the new female "Pope Lolicka Elvira"played by Cassandra Peterson, the original "Elvira" TV star. This will, hopefully, not lead unto Witchcraft... but, instead, unto WhichCraft... a person should pursue in life!

See Elvira ride her broom at a height of 50 feet slowly along the entire length of the 70 feet high Sisteen Chapel, and, cause all of the more than 100 penises painted thereon... to become aroused... some 75% full-monty! Yes, the entire Ceiling and Alter Piece becomes a Holypourn Party!

Learn that Jesus Christ did NOT turn water into wine, but, instead, turned wine into water! But, the Catholic Pharisees changed those scriptures to help the struggling wine/vineyard industries in Italy and elsewhere, of which the Catholic Church was heavily invested centuries ago and since. Christ was for total alcoholic sobriety. Using wine in the sacrament encourages the sheep that wine, beer and alcohol in general, including whiskey, etc. are permissable and even encouraged. (50,000 persons die each year in the USA from alcoholic caused traffic accidents! The Master Plan continues: Then, by more masses using alcohol (rape juice), more will roam (Rome) from the straight and narrow path, sin more, feel more guilty, and then, hopefully, pay more in tithes and offerings to atone for said evil!
See what too often goes on during the Top Secret and Bottom Sacred... Ass Mass of the Rectum Rectory!

Also, see the true background of the New Testament scripture: "Do not think that I came to bring peace on the Earth. I have not come to bring peace, but the sword." (Matt. 10:34) This text was changed by the Catholic Pharisees to justify the Crusades and Inquisition. Fear Masses for mass hypnosis. Stations of the murder weapon, the cross. Why not have the 12 Issues of the Sermon on the Mount, spoken by Christ? Emphasize more what principles He died for, and less emphasis on how He died!

In all of these potential real or surreal movies, keep in mind that the primary goal of any of these senarios is to provide inspired energy to cause a revearsal of the Papal Decree in 800 A.D. -- that Catholic priests could no longer marry. Indeed, a coup de tat occurred then, wherein the homosexual priests wrested control from the priests who believed in or practiced marriage and the raising of a family. Hopefully, the New Pope will promptly correct this greatest fault-line in the Catholic Church!


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U.S.A. Immigration:
Medieval Joust...
Left Top vrs Right Top

THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY PRESENTS AS ITS TOP ISSUE TO THIS DEBATE: REMOVE THE ILLEGAL CHEESE, THAT IS, INDITE, BRING TO TRIAL AND INCARCERATE ALL EMPLOYERS WHO ILLEGALLY EMPLOY ILLEGAL ALIENS. How many employers have been sent to trial and jail for breaking this law? Probably, the same number of Derivative Speculators et al who have been brought to trail and jail in the Wall Street 2007-8 crash: zero! President Obama, fire your Attorney General Eric Holder!

With regards to the Savings & Loan scandles of the 1980's: at least President Reagan brought over 4,000 to trial... resulting in over 1,000, including Charles Keating, going to jail.


THE FENCE PRESENTLY SECURES ONLY AROUND 600 MILES, LEAVING 1,400 MILES OPEN. MEANWHILE, THE CONSERVATIVE LEADERS OF THE BORDER STATES of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico CONTINUE TO DRAG THEIR FEET by throwing more sand onto the machinery of pragmatic governmental border fence security, safety and health.


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White Cars = Safer Cars!

    Exception: With winter snow --
Yellow or Red Cars, etc, would be safest at night!
There are 47% more fatalities at night in black or dark cars, than white or light/bright-colored cars!
How did Ralph Nader miss this fact?

Scene 4, Act 1

Munich, Deutchland, August 16, 1995, [15:04] bei dem Pinokotec Museum Gallery:

Ein weiss mann, ungefahr funfzig, mit eine zwei monate alte bard, steht auf dem sidewalk in der nahe den Strasse. Eine alte Frau mit weiss harre trefft vorbei, approaches ihn und fraght:



"Warum motion Sie mit ihre arm?"



"Ich renne fur Chancelor den Deutchland".



"Aber, was mit ihre armen gestures gibts?"



"Die centralle planken von meine platform sind Safety and Health. Es gibt mehr traffica accidente warhend des nachten mit schwartz und dunkel farben wagen, dann alle die anderen wagen suzammen gestehlen. Deswegen, wird es besser sein wurden, wenn die leute weiss, oder bright farben wagen, fahren wurden! Gelb ist auch gut, orange, und red. Red ist sehr wichtig, weil, von all die zwei hundert Landen auf diesen Planet, ungefahr 75% die farbe rot in ihre flagen haben. Es ist, by far, die am meisten unifying farbe in den ganzen



"Genau, Sie haben es wider getan!"



"Jawohl, Es war ein weisser wager, deswegen habe ich mein recht arm gerade aus horizontal gestehlen... und der wagen als es passieren... specific example von respect fur den safety von der farbe den wagen benutzt zum zeigen!"



"Aber diese Zeite haben Sie etliche untersheid mit ihre arm getan!"



"Javohl. Jener wagen eine red wagen was. Deswegen, habe ich mein rechtiger arm zu dem square gezeicht."



"Sehr interresante! Warum haben sie a voll bard, aber es gibt keine harre unter ihre nose?"



"Das ist eine birthmark. Harre hat niemals dahin gegrown!"

**** Intermission ****

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Operation Light-Red First

In 1938, President Franklin Roosevelt was not only re-elected to a second term... his leadership caused there to be an enthusiastic 80% Democratic Party plurality which was elected in both the Senate and the House! How did he accompolish this great feat! Mainly, by having his Community Organizers concentrate on those congressional races that were barely lost, i.e. voted Light Red in that District in the previous election. Also, they put this program into high gear a year early! [Re-examine the careful, clever Congressional House chicanery of the RapePubliCons in 2010: they changed the State Level Rules concerning the limits of Gerrymandering, such that, even though the Democratic Party Candidates had more than a million votes over RapePubliCon candidates, the latter maintained a majority in the House of Representatives! That was our "Dunkirk" moment! But, the Democrats will wake up, and win the House back... right?!]

A good place to begin this national "Operation Community Organize", was at the Public Libraries. There, The Bottom Feeders nurse their wounds and societal circumstances. I find that most of them are lonely and hungry for friendship, education, and a good job. Of course, there are the losers there to, the jerks that remove the lock from the men's toilet stall, and are proned to senseless violence. We need to install more security cameras at all public libraries, have a security guard present at all times, and install toilet doors like those at the city jail... whose latch is impossible to remore, and which door makes a real loud "clang" when it closes shut... just like in a jail. Just maybe some of those subhuman rats will behave themselves more if this were the case. At the least, I will implement this idea in my film!

Most of these non-crazy homeless-unemployed persons could be hired to carry posters on 4 mile hikes through HolyWould or AnyTown, USA! The best day to hold these ralleys was on Sundays when the schools were closed, and therefore, their lecture halls and auditoriums were rented out at, let's say, 15:00 to 21:00. After larger Free Speeches and smaller Free Discussions and Debates, the group would journey on a 4-mile march.

Personally, I like to hang out at the Hollywood Public Library at the intersection of Sunset Ave., and with the entrance to the ample parking lot on Detroit Ave. This "Trubrary" is around 10 years socialogically and architecturally ahead of the one on Ivar St., and around 10 years socialogically and architecturally behind the Trubrary in Santa Monica. Behold, this is HeadQuarters! Well, also 24-Hour Fitness near the ArcLight Cinema on Sunset Ave. and Vine St. also in Hollywood, CA.

And then, for desert, I visit a different Christian Church, and others, almost every week here in the city of Sex and the City! What better way to Community Organize than to visit every church in the HolyWould Voting District and get to know as many pastors and sheep as possible! I attended the Hollywood Baptist Church last Sunday and what a circus that was. The pastor rants on and on about how we should all take the Bible's Book of Revelation... literally! These poor, emotional, mindless yet sincere, souls!

I told the Baptists that I was producing a full-length motion picture wherein Jesus Christ comes back to Earth and chooses as his twelve Apostles, one from each of the top-twelve Christian Denominations... and the Baptist Faith, by sheer numbers... not reason or doctrine... would qualify as one of the top twelve.

In the year of 1937, while the RapePubiCons were gloating over the power and wealth of their Billionaires and Millionaires ... the Democrats were already busy for that entire year... stirring up the troops like a General turning into a pom-pom cheerleader before battle. We The People need to have this pragmatic chapter in US History repeated in 2013... the similar parallel non-presidential year, before the congressional elections of 2014. So that, in November of 2014 those RapePubliCon Light-Red Districts that were so carefully plowed, planted and watered, and will, then, be ready to be harvested unto the hue of The Democratic Light-Blue Districts, and secure again... an 80% Democratic Party majority in both the Senate and House in 2014!

Also, the Democrats need to find the leadership skills to counter the 2010 Gerrymandering of Congressional Districts that unethically secured a republican majority in the House of Representatives, even though the Democrats received millions of more votes!

Realistically speaking though, in order to get to an 80% plurality, it will be necessary to have the US economy as Depressive in 2013-14 as it was in 1937-38. So, if our economy does take a severe turn for the worse, with another Wall Street Crash and resulting Depression #3... just look on the bright side: This may end up being a Blessing in disguise!

Forward March... Forward Organize... Forward Think!


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The "More-Floor-Speech Rule" Bill
Abolish The Word "Filibuster"
"Operation Target Boner"

Sen. Boehner cries!     2012 Gold Medal USA Rowers   Detail

At the upper left, see Sinator Boehner cry! At above right, see the USA rowing 4 team boners right after they won the Gold Medal in the 2012 Olympics in London, England, British Isles, Planet Earth, Earthic Solar System, Trinity Galaxy, G.O.D. Universe!


Sceen 4, Act 1

In this Film, see the term "Filibuster" stricken from the Congressional Lexicon of Current Usage! See it replaced with the more informative and clear-thinking term "More-Floor-Speech"... which has only three syllables instead of the more cumbersome four syllables.

[Leader Reid has postponed the vote on the "Filibuster Rule" until January 22, the day after President Obama's State Of The Union Address. This way, the Emotions of the Senate Chamber will all be Hypnotized unto Group-Think and Group-Feel Conformity! The Think-Tanks and the Feel-Tanks of the RapePubliCons will not be able to counter, and will become as helpless as the ______ Forces at Dunkirk! These also, however, will be able to escape.. for a while!]

There are presently two main Filibuster Rule Bills that provide change to said rule. Only one is serious and pragmatic, and that is the Bill sponsored by Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Tom Udall (D-AZ), and Jeff Merkley (D-OR).

The tokenistic Fig Leaf offered by Senators Levin (D-MI), and
McCain (R-AZ), should be folded into a paper airplane... and (bleep)!

The term "Filibuster" must have come from RapePubliCon