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    [Video-1] JFK - Case for Conspiracy (Part 1)      
  President Kennedy on the cover of Time   "This is Robert Groden's fascinating video documentary JFK - The Case for Conspiracy Part 1 (1993) which is the answer to tens of thousands of requests for his optically enhanced films and photographs of the actual assassination and the investigation and cover-up that followed. Groden has been considered the world's leading expert on the photographic evidence relating to the assassination of President Kennedy for nearly forty years. Presented here for the first time are the incredibly clear films of the murder, mastered from Groden's original material. This tape truly presents the case for conspiracy. Everything from the Presidential party landing at Love Field in Dallas, as well as the whole route of the motorcade through downtown Dallas, Dealey Plaza, the assassination and on to Parkland Hospital where the announcement of the President's death occurs. The reactions of the press, secret service agents, and crowds at Parkland Hospital are shown. Eyewitness testimony, rare and exclusive interviews with the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. Utililizing more than 200 films of the motorcade and the assassination this video contains exclusive photographic, medical, acoustic, ballistic, and autopsy evidence. Groden's films are the best proof of the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. Now see the truth for yourself! 1h 45 min. long. A must see for everyone." [100:40]  









      [V-2] The Great Zapruder Film Hoax  
  The Great Zapruder Film Hoax book cover   Photo analyst Jack White demonstrates that the famous 8mm film of the JFK assassination taken by Abraham Zapruder was altered and parts of it fabricated".The 47 year old Zapruder Film has been proven to be a hoax! With the advance of modern film editing technology, the trickery through editing and special effects has been revealed. The main reasons manipulations were used were to 1) cover the fact that 25 named witnesses saw JFK's limo come to a complete stop for around 3 seconds during which time the fatal head shot(s) occurred, and 2) on Z frame 313, which shows the moment of the fatat head shot(s), the special-effect of spray painting of blood splatter could have been and was added-- and on Z frames 314 and beyond the special effect head injury blob could be painted on to show the lie of the head shot(s) coming from the rear-- from the School Book Depository and Oswald. Also, JFK's back-of-head exit wound was painted black on the 35mm film to cover his exit wound. This completely contradicted the Parkland Hospital autopsy testimony, photographs and X-rays, etc. [57:26] (Read the 500 page book that covers this same material in much more detail called, "The Great Zapruder Film Hoax: Deceit and Deception in the Death of JFK" by James H. Fletcher, Ph.D. (2003).  
      [V-3] JFK Conspiracy  
  Oliver Stone   In this substantive video, Oliver Stone, the director of his Academy Award winning movie "JFK" provides penetrating analytical analysis. He is joined by intelligence experts, medical technicians and Dealy Plaza witnesses. [1:33:35]  
      [V-4] JFK- The movie  
  JFK screenplay book cover   JFK- The Movie (1991) - Low Quality High Compression - Kevin Costner - Oliver Stone - WalKnDude - [3:09:07] Left, is the 500 page screenplay book cover which includes not only the 200 page film screenplay, but also and additional 300 pages of national debate from speeches and writings of Oliver Stone and his detractors, et al.  
      [V-5] Executive Action - The Movie (Part 1 / 9)  
  Executive Action - the movie poster   "Executive Action is a term used by the CIA starting in the early 1950s to refer to their assassination operations. These operations were often conducted by the CIA's Division D, a subsection of the agency's Directorate of Operations. "Executive Action" operations by the CIA ranged from an attempt to kill Fidel Castro using a cigar injected with Botulism toxin to a purported plan to kill rebel leader Che Guevara." (wiki)
Category: Entertainment. The movie stars Burt Lancaster.
Tags: kennedy johnson cia magic bullet warren report oliver stone lancaster geer ryan conspiracy oswald ferrie shaw banister ruby jacqueline garrison mcnamara bishop cabell dulles dallas vietnam fascism coup d'etat arlen specter de mohrenschildt hosty" [10:43] (Be sure to watch the other 8 parts... the entire movie!)
      [V-6] Conspiracy Files - The JFK Assassins  
  Thom Hartmann   "A bullet's bizarre trajectory-a grassy knoll; A suspect shot to death just two days after a president's assassination. Was it a plot by a national or international agency: the CIA, the FBI, or the KGB? Find out who had the most to gain -- and to lose. If copyright becomes an issue on this video upload, it will be deleted immediately. Please rate and comment". Thom Hartmann, America's top progressive talk-radio host contributes. Also, Jim Marrs, the author of "Crossfire" one of the main books upon which the director Oliver Stone based his movie "JFK" (1991). [59:59]   
      [V-7] JFK George Bush Sr. C.I.A. CIA Link Conspiracy  
  George H. W. Bush   "Movie proving George Bush Sr guilt in JFK assassination. keywords: nazi nazis catholic church catholicism skull and bones alex jones 9/11 911 conspiracy revelation bible christianity judaism death hell heaven society of jesus black pope masonry freemasons opus dei club of rome bilderberg cfr bohemian grove council of foreign relations order of death inquisitions crusades monks bishops cardinals knights of malta knights of columbus george bush cia fbi kgb mossad ustashi alberto rivera jack chick tony alamo chiniquy avro manhattan anti-catholic 666 mark of the beast verichip microchip inplantable chip iraq muslim jewish jew zionism protocols zion weishaupt loyola, borgia, reformation, luther, martin malcolm x mohammed islam buddha seven day adventist pentacostal baptist apostle." [1:30:27]  
      [V-8] The Men Who Killed Kennedy (Part 6)  
  Cmdr. Wm .B. Pitzer: Murdered because he had damaging JFK autopsy photos and videos showing a frontal temple entry wound, etc.   "The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a video documentary series by Nigel Turner that originally aired in 1988 in England with two one-hour segments about the John F. Kennedy assassination. The United States corporation, Arts & Entertainment Company, purchased the rights to the original two segments. Three one-hour segments were added in 1991. A sixth segment was added in 1995. Finally, three additional hourly segments were added by the History Channel in November 2003. The ninth segment, titled "The Guilty Men", directly implicated Lyndon B. Johnson. Within days, Johnson's widow, Lady Bird Johnson, more of his surviving associates, ex-President Jimmy Carter, and the lone, living Warren Commission commissioner and ex-President Gerald R. Ford immediately complained to the History Channel. They subsequently threatened legal action against Arts & Entertainment Company, owner of the History Channel. "The Guilty Men" segment was completely withdrawn by the History Channel. Also during the series, French prisoner Christian David named Lucien Sarti as one of three French criminals hired to carry out the assassination of Kennedy, when he was interviewed by author Anthony Summers. This claim is one of the most strongly investigated theories presented on the show". [50:49] or [46:03] (Be sure to watch the other 5 videos in this great BBC documentary!)  
      [V-9] LBJ Benefited the Most From JFK Assassination  
  LBJ & JFK   "LBJ benefited the most from the assassination of President Kennedy. We now know without doubt that the Zapruder film was forged, the autopsy photographs do not match the X-Rays, Witnesses at Bethesda and Dallas' Parkland hospital both say the back of JFK's head was blown out. Who had the power to alter evidence like this and then seal it until we are all dead? Only LBJ and FBI Director Hoover. This is the darkest day in American History and the repercussions continue to today. These lies won't go away until the average American when hearing the name of Lyndon Baines Johnson thinks, oh yes, the VP who killed Kennedy and hijacked our legal system, the government and the press to to disguise a banana republic coup into a murder mystery. There's no mystery here: LBJ killed Kennedy with a simple scheme: Set up one of the players who was trying to kill Castro and use the organization to kill JFK. Oswald was just like he said, a patsy who was supposed to die on Nov 22. Jack Ruby had to kill him two days later. A simple story that they aren't going to tell you the answer, they can't. The U.S. Government will forever be tarnished by this lie, along with the press and our corrupt legal system. It was a simple murder. Stop believing the hogwash that we'll never know for sure. IT Was LBJ". [10:51] (Be sure to watch the other parts of this documentary!)  
      [V-10] I Shot JFK  
  Files on JFK bookcover   "I shot JFK. On the eve of the 40'th anniversary of the JFK assassination, confessed assassin James Earl Files tells of his role in THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY. The Story of a man who fired the fatal shot from the Grassy Knoll. His confession is compelling evidence for the government cover-up that Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA in collaboration with Organized Crime. "Knowing the truth about the Kennedy Assassination is understanding America today." - Wim Dankbaar (Read the 400 page book that covers this same material in much more detail called, "Files On JFK") [1:50:06]  
      [V-11] (Dan) Rather's Question: Was the Warren Commission wrong?  
  Dan Rather   "In this video I show that the last two shots were fired 0.7 seconds apart which shows that there was more than the one shooter than the government has repeatedly said. To prove that is true, I show for the first time ever that the last two shots identified on the police radio by acoustic experts actually did capture the sound of the shots. It has never been identified before that John Connally was shot after President Kennedy, I identify the exact moment the bullet hit John Connally in the back by noting his head snap downward. With witnesses saying the last two shots were BANG-BANG, the acoustic analysis of the Dallas Police radio showing the last two shots were bang-bang, and then I show those times coincide with the Zapruder film. And we now know that the movie JFK got it right too, the shot to Kennedy's head was fired from in front of the car. Later, I'll show you this is a mystery because it is a government secret. Said another way, the government has been lying to you for nearly a half century. You'll simply be awed by the way our government has lied. This is the start of the journey to truth, be patient, you'll soon know the rest of the story! Bill Charleston" [10:57]  
      [V-12] JFK Movie Sneak Peek  
  Jim Marrs   "In this special bonus feature, watch a sneak peek of Alex's upcoming documentary about the JFK assassination. The video includes interviews with Jim Marrs and St. John Hunt, the son of former CIA operative E. Howard Hunt who confessed to being part of a JFK hit team before his death last year. Marrs and Hunt discuss a myriad of evidence pointing towards a wider conspiracy behind the assassination as they visit the Grassy Knoll in Dallas, Texas. Marrs highlights the secretive meeting on the eve of the assassination where Lyndon Baines Johnson conspired with other elitists to ensure those "God damn Kennedy's would never bother" him again." [19:11] (Jim Marrs was the famous and renouned author of "Crossfire", one of the main books upon which Oliver Stone based his movie "JFK")  
      [V-13] JFK: The Mysterious Death of Number Thirty-Five (Part 2)  
  JFK tracheoscophy which made the small entry wound look like an exit wound   Part Two: "Truth by Committee" Researcher Pat Speer examines the Warren Commission's creation of the "Single Bullet Theory". Directed by Braddon Mendelson. Copyright © 2007 Noisivision, Inc. All Rights Reserved. [14:16] (Be sure to watch Parts 1 & 3 also!) [Left, bullet hole entry wound to JFK's throat from the front showing the 3" Parkland Hospital tracheostomy that was cut in the same spot-- days later giving rise to the Bethesda Hospital myth or lie that the wound must have been an exit wound from the back! At Parkland Hospital 1/3 of his brain was missing, so JFK was probably killed instantly. But they waited until the priest arrived at 12:55 p.m. to pronounce last rites which must be done when the victim is still alive. The priest assurred Mrs. Kennedy that Jack's soul had not yet left his body and that therefore the rite was valid. He was officially pronounced dead at 1:00 pm.]  
      [V-14] The Kennedy Assassination, Beyond Conspiracy  
  JFK's shirt bullet hole wound   (Personal note: Beware of the BIG LIE of the evidence shown here about the Single Bullet Theory. The autopsy report at Parkland Hospital clearly stated that JFK's throat wound was a 1/4 inch small circlular bullet entry wound from the FRONT. That hole was then changed to a 3 inch incision for a tracheotomy. It was later perceived by the Bethesda Hospital autopsy personel that it looked like and must therefore be an exit wound! The two military men who performed that hack autopsy had never performed an autopsy on a human being before!) "Forty years after President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot on November 22, 1963, over 70 percent of Americans still believe there was a conspiracy to kill him and that the suspected assasin, Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. Utilizing modern technology, computer animator Dale Myers created a digital simulation of the only known film of the murder, a 16 mm home movie taken by Abraham Zapruder, a bystander that filmed the fatal shots. Then Myers matched this digital film to a three dimensional computer model of Dealey Plaza which he created that reconstructs the plaza exactly as it appeared at the time of the murder. The resulting digital animation allowed Myers to recreate the exact view point from any perspective within the plaza at the moment and finally provide concrete evidence of whether or not Oswald was a long assasin or if an actual conspiracy consisted. Also examined is new evidence discovered years later on an audio tape from an open police microphone at the scene and other theories that circulated including Communist ties and mob involvement in the assassination". [1:28:58]  
      [V-15] JFK Assassination Magic Bullet Test (Part 2)  
  JFK's jacket with bullet hole   (Personal note: Again, as mentioned above, beware of the BIG LIE of the evidence shown here about the Single Bullet Theory. Here, JFK's back wound was placed around 3 inches too high. Upon analysing his blood-stained shirt, coat and back, it was determined that the bullet entered between his 3rd and 4th vertebrae, not higher just below the neck as is shown in this demonstration. Furthermore, the autopsy report at Parkland Hospital clearly stated that JFK's neck wound was a 1/4 inch small circlular bullet ENTRY wound from the FRONT. That hole was then changed to a 3 inch incision for a tracheotomy. It was later perceived by the Bethesda Hospital autopsy personel that it looked like and must therefore be an exit wound! The two military men who performed that hack autopsy had never performed an autopsy on a human being before!) "The firm (Anatomical Surrogates Technology) sets out to test whether the single bullet theory, as laid out in the Warren Commission Report and the HSCA report, is indeed feasible and correct". [5:19] (The other parts of this documentary are also entertaining, but nevertheless based upon the false premises stated above.)  
      The crime scene: Elm Street, Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, 11-22-1963, 12:30 p.m.   
      Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas   Courtroom model of Dealey Plaza with Jim Garrison played by Kevin Costner  
      Above, Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas-- the site of the Kennedy assassination on
  Above, courtroom scene in the movie "JFK" wherein a model of Dealey Plaza is analysed by Jim Garrison, who is played by Kevin Costner.  
      Parade route through Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas   Dealey Plaza from the air  
      Above, the infamous North Grassy Knoll, Dallas, Texas-- looking from "D".   Above, Dealey Plaza from the air (1967).  
      JFK wound #1: a shot to his throat just above his tie knot from a front-right angle.  
  JFK movie shooter behind the picket fence   Grassy Knoll, Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas   Behind the Grassy Knoll fence  
      Above, the infamous north grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza     Above, behind the picket fence on the North Grassy Knoll-- looking from "B".  
      JFK disappears behind Simmons freeway sign... sitting upright, waving to his right.  
      Z200- JFK above Simmons sign pole   Left, Z200- just before JFK disappears behind the Simmons freeway sign- at the top-left of the left pole at the top of the sign. Notice that he is sitting upright, not slumped over that the single-bullet theory would require.   z200-JFK close up   Left, Z200- closeup of frame to the far left. Notice how far JFK has turned his head to his right... around 40 degrees, as is represented in angle A in the above illustration of the limo. This appears to be his maximum angle of head-turn during the parade.  
      JFK emerges still sitting upright. He has been shot in his throat from the front.  
      z225-JFK emerger from behind Simmons sign   Left, Z225- just as JFK emerges from behind the Simmons freeway sign at the upper-right edge. He has been shot from the front while behind the sign. According to accoustical analysis he was shot during Z210.   z225- JFK emerges from behind Simmons sign- closeup   Left, a close-up of Z225 at far left. Notice that JFK is reacting to being shot in his throat by bringing his arms up in a defensive mode and probably looking in the direction from where he instinctively thought the shot was fired... his front-right. Notice that he is still sitting upright, not slumping over.  
      JFK wound #2: To upper-right of his back... 5" below his collar- not to the back of his neck!  
      JFK's frontal bullet hole throat wound   JFK's front throat & back bullet hole entry points must have been horizontal!   JFK's back bullet hole wound  
  JFK's shirt bullet hole wound   Above, JFK's wound #1: the circle in red shows the location of the bullet hole wound to his throat fired from his front.   Above, illustration showing the relative positions of JFK's bullet hole wound to his throat, and the bullet hole wound to his back. They were on the same horizontal level. If the shot from the back were to have exited his throat, which it did not as it was clearly an entry wound, the bullet would have had to travel in a horizontal path. Because of the 20 degree inclined path to the 6th floor Depository, JFK would of had to have been very slumped over at the time of the supposed shot. But he was not. He was sitting upright. See photos above.   Above, JFK's wound #2: green circle shows the location of the bullet hole to JFK's upper back. Notice that it is not at his neck, where Gerald Ford of the Warren Commission placed it! The sniper's nest in the 6th floor of the Book Depository was at a 20 degree incline path from JFK's bullet hole in his back! Therefore, the Single-Bullet-Theory is a big lie!  
      Representative Gerald Ford arbitrarily fraudulently changed Warren Report's JFK "back wound" to a "back of the neck wound" to fit false single-bullet theory.  
  Rep. Ford writing   Ford changes Warren Report on location of JFK's back wound  
      JFK wound #3: Z313: The fatal head shot wound spray-painted on just one frame!  
      Zapruder frame 313   Z313 enlarged  
      Above, Zapruder film frame Z313, the infamous head shot. The blood spray has been painted on this one frame-- evidence of special effects manipulation. (If you are sceptical now upon reading these words, feel free to verify them yourself by clicking on the Z313 link above. Then click on the foward arrow and the following frames, Z314, Z315... etc. , show no atmospheric blood/brains residue wafting above/behind Dear Jack and his Limo). Expert photo, physics, and technical analysis has concluded that is would have been absolutely impossible for the blood spray to dissipate in the space and time of only one frame, [1/24sec.]-- it would have lingered and wafted in the air for several frames, perhaps even a dozen frames according to with a team at M.I.T. Mass. [Local wind speed and/or limo speed = 0 mph=stopped!   Above, closeup of Z313 at left. 19 physicians and witnesses at Parkland Hospital testified that there was an exit wound in the back and lower part of JFK's head at "A". Notice how this area "A" has been painted black to cover evidence of such a wound! Also, notice that in area "B" supposed brain and blood has been spray painted on. This spray dissappears in the very next frame which is an impossibility according to technical experts!  
      JFK's fatal headwound covered up: changed 180 degrees by the Secret Service.  
      Z312: the frame before the fatal head shot   JFK head wound sketch showing possible bullet paths   JFK autopsy   JFK's frontal fatal head wound plaster cast  
      Above, Z312, the frame just before the head shot. Black paint has already been applied to the forth coming wound area in the back of his head so that the black paint would not be so apparent in Z313 and on-- to cover the exit wound of a shot from the front!   Above, this sketch of JFK's head wound shows that he was a shot from the front [Z313] above. The bullet could have changed course on empact from the orange to red line. Few bullets travel straight upon hitting dense matter.This sketch is consistant with the autopsy at Parkland Hospital.   Above, same photo as below-left rotated an additional 45 degrees to show the actual angle of JFK's head at the moment of the fatal shot from below-front-right. [By the way, I created these perspectives by using Illustrator to draw the lines and ovals, and Photoshop to rotate the photos like the Tell-A-Vision program CSI.]   Above, this plaster cast illustrates JFK's frontal fatal head wound that took place in Z313. Notice that the angle that JFK's head was tilted in the frame before, Z312 at the upper-left, would have been more consistant with the shot coming from the storm drain than the picket fence on the north grassy knoll.   
      Below, circled "V" shows the entry point of the fatal bullet shot fired from the
of the limo.
      JFK Parkland Hospital autopsy photo   JFK autopsy   JFK back of his head exit wound illustration noted by Dr. Crenshaw   JFK head exit wound  
      Above, autopsy photo of JFK at Parkland Hospital.   Above, same photo but rotated 90 degees vertical.   Above, Dr. Crenshaw drew a black border on this illustration of the back of a human skull to denote the precise location of JFK's exit wound, (located inside the red oval).   Above, illustration of the head exit wound drawn at the Parkland Hospital autopsy.  
      Below, 19 Parkland Hospital autopsy witnesses testified about the location of JFK's exit wound at the right-back of his head.  
      Witnesses showing the location of JFK's fatal head exit wound  
      JFK's head shot [with a 95%+ probability] came from the storm drain at his lower-front-right. "Warren Commission 2" surrendered and admitted in 1973 that an additional 4th shot from the Grassy Knowl was at least a 98% probability. What % would, on the average, qualify for "proof beyond a REASONABLE DOUBT? 11 out of 12 jurors would equal 91.66%. And since a Capital case requires a unanimous vote on behalf of the typical jury of 12, then can we not logically presume that any evidence that raises the threshold above that of 92% would convict the Warren Report's members of Chicanery, Desception, Obfuscation, Propaganda, and Lies of a Satanic and Deluded spiritual frequency. G.O.D. [The Great Open Democracy] has revealed that the U.S.A really began its SECOND CIVIL WAR on 11-22-1963, just as the firing on FORT SUMPTER began the first Civil War on 4-12-1861. But like a frog in a kettle of cool/warm water about to become hot/boiling, the frog and the American Masses will probably not realize it until it is everlastingly too late. God bless the family of the late Sen. Wellstone who Cheney subliminally threatened a week before his fatal plane crash... "You better watch your backside!" Therefore, get involved, get active... tag, you're it!  
      Sewer opening on Elm Street   Manhole cover Dealey Plaza   Both left, storm drain access and slit for the sniper's nest. The vertical opening in 1963 was 3" higher. The city paved Elm St. since without removing the previous surface-- to render the nest less probable! Right, the exit of the same storm drain behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll... how convenient!   Sewer opening behind picket fence at Dealey Plaza  
      Below, Z314: The frame just after fatal shot-- orange wound painted on the frame! The real exit wound hidden with black paint! Parkland autopsy witnesses agree.  
      Z314   Z313 possible 3+ bullet paths  
      Above, Z314 the very next Zapruder film frame after JFK receives the fatal head shot from the front. "C" shows the probable trajectory of the bullet in an upward inclined angle consistant from it being fired from the storm drain. (See illustration above right... the green line of fire.) Expert photographic technical analyists purport that this and subsequent Z frames were manipulated by painting over the original enlarged Z frames. In oval "B" a large orange blob was painted on to give the appearance of a head injury from the back (Oswald in the Depository). In oval "A" black paint has been painted over the real exit wound to JFK. These manipulations turned the trajectory of the bullet 180 degrees: from a real and factual shot from the front, to a false and mythical shot from the rear.   

Above, possible (3+) bullet paths in Z313 from the sewer storm drain, the picket fence on the grassy knoll, and/or the Depository.

In my motion picture, Dealy Plaza in Dallas becomes a National Monument, with the Federal Government taking over the Book Depository Museum of Big Lies and Single Bullet Nonsense. The Twin Towers site in NYC also becomes a National Monument. after dawdling over the slow pace of construction of the New Freedom Tower

      Below, Moorman's "Badgeman" photo shows a sniper at the grassy knoll shooting at JfK's head!  
      Mary Moorman's famous "Badgeman" photo with closeup insert   Note: badgeman could have
fired at the same time
as a shooter
in the storm drain.
Acoustic analysis is consistant
who testify
that the two shots rang
out almost simultan
  Badgeman in Moorman's photo shooting JFK  
      Above, is the famous "Badgeman" photo by Mary Moorman which was taken the instant the fatal headshot was fired from the grassy knoll. Notice the puff of smoke just below
Badgeman's right cheek.
    Above, closeup of the photo of Badgeman at left.  
      Mary Moorman standing on Elm Street  
      25 witnesses testified that the limo came to a complete stop for around 3 seconds during which time JFK was shot 1-2 times in his head. The SS (Secret Service) manipulated and edited the Zapruder film to cover this fact and other facts like the direction of the head shot(s): coming from his back, rather than truely his front.  
      Mary Moorman standing on Elm Street  
      My answer to the above question: This Muchmore photo was obviously taken several Z frames after Moorman's photo. Simply look at the relative position of the man in the red shirt standing on the steps in the background. In the the Ms. Moorman "Badgeman" photo he is positioned above the steering wheel of the limo with his arms down; in the Muchmore photo he is above the trunk of the limo with arms raised-- showing a physical, excited reaction to both hearing and seeing the fatal headshot that happened several Z frames earlier. This photo also shows strong evidence that the JFK limo stopped. In fact, the following limo almost runs into the suddenly braking lead limo. They are only 1-2 feet apart! Notice that the SS agent has his right hand on the hood of following limo, and his left hand about to grab the rear stand-rail of the lead limo! In some videos you can see the brake lights come on as the lead limo brakes to a stop! This is also why the motorcycle cop on the left has traveled so far along the left side of the limo-- he was not anticipating the stop! The "stop" is primarily what the manipulation of the Z film tried to cover.  
      Below-left, the Zapruder film shows Mary Moorman standing on the grass. There is photographic proof that she was really standing on Elm Street. See above! This is additional proof that the Z film was edited to cover up the "3" second limo stop.
      Z303 Moorman standing impossibly on the grass!   Mary Moorman placement test  
      Above, Z303 clearly shows Mary Moorman standing on the grass when the limo drove by. This is a visual lie. She was actually standing lower, on Elm Street. This provides further proof that the Z film was edited and manipulated   Above, shows one of the main tests that prove that the Z film was manipulated and is a hoax. In the Z film, frames 289-316 show Mary standing on the grass when the JFK limo drove by. But she testified that she had stepped onto Elm street when the limo drove by. She took the famous photo of JFK just as the fatal head shot was fired-- Z frame 313. (The blood spray in Z313 is not apparrent in the "Badgeman" photo because the blood spray was painted on after the Z313 frame was bumped up from 8mm to 35mm. It was then bumped back down to 8mm and the manipulation was cleaverly concealed. 25 named witnesses testified that the limo came to a complete stop for 3 seconds during which time the head shot was fired. The SS wanted to cover this embarrassing fact of the limo stopping. This is why the film was edited-- to show the limo continuing at 8 mph without slowing down or stopping. Watch this video to see how this test and many others were accomplished.  
      Below, solid black left sprocket areas proves Z film was spliced and manipulated.  
      Zapruder film frame 209   Left, is Z209. Notice the proof of a splice in the film-- the area between the sprocket holes on the left is black! Compare this with Z313 and Z314 above. JFK is shot in his throat from the front perhaps through the windshield from the picket fence or another spot providing a horizontal bullet trajectory.   Zapruder film frame 341   Left, is Z341. Notice the proof of a splice in the film-- the area between the sprocket holes on the left is black! Compare this with Z313 and Z314 above.  
      [V-16] Watch interview with Col. Fletcher Prouty by clicking here.  
  Book cover by Fletcher Prouty   Col. Fletcher Prouty, the author of the book at left, was represented as the character "Mr. X" in the movie JFK directed by Oliver Stone. He was played by the actor Donald Sutherland. This book was one of the two main books that Stone based his movie on. He read around 20 books on the assassination to prepare for writing his screenplay.  
      JFK's throat wound could have come from his front left if he turned his head left.  
      JFK- From the other south Grassy Knoll  
      Above, the longer red line-- shows the possible line of fire of the frontal shot that hit JFK in the throat. In all of the numerous books, articles, and Internet sites that I have studied, this theory has never before been proposed. The shorter orange line originates from the storm drain sewer opening on the south side of Elm Street. I have already explained this theory above. But, there is one big problem with that theory and that is the vertical angle. If one were to follow the projected path of the bullet from JFK's throat through the hole in the limo windshield, located to the left/driver's side of the higher rear view mirror, the bullet would have originated in a slightly upward vertical origin because Jack's throat wound was just above his neck tie knot... and this was lower than the windshield hole. Consistant with this scenario would place the shooter in the other twin grassy knoll directly south of Elm Stree, across Main Street, to the other parking area in Dealey Plaza along Commerce Street! Here, the shooter would have the perfect angle consistant with JFK's throat wound, both vertically and horizontally. The shooter probably used a rifle with a scope, but, while aiming for Jack's head, did not take into account the extra distance and simple gravity-- which pulled the trajectory of the bullet down from his forehead to his throat! The angle and resistance of the supposed bullet-proof glass could have slowed-down and deflected the trajectory of the bullet downward also. I must admit that it has never been verified that a through-hole was made when the bullet hit the windshield. Maybe the windshield was, indeed, bullet proof. In that case, then he was hit in his throat from a bullet fired from his front-right, but by a different assassin than the Z313 headshot shooter... because the bullets were different: The Z210 being a non-exploding bullet; The Z313 being an exploding bullet. [Thanks, Google Earth!]  
      JFK's 1/4" front throat wound could have come from several different angles:  
      JFK limo  
      Above, from angle A to angle B, is the probable angle of vunerability for JFK to have been shot in his throat from the front. Angle A reflects the most that he turned his head to the right as he traveled down Elm Street. Angle B just misses the windshield frame of the limo, assuming that the windshield was, indeed, bullet-proof.  
      Below, silencers for rifles and guns were available to the CIA and SS in 1963. The 4 shots recorded by the dictabelt in Dealey Plaza that fateful day could have been
only the tip of a hegemonic iceberg. [There is evidence of 14 shots,wounds, and/or stray bullets on that fateful day.] To learn more click here on Silencers 1963.
      Isn't it hypocritical for the Christian-Far-Right to tolerate Flush Limboff with his titilatingly immodest chicks?   Right-top, silenced M-1 .30 Caliber Carbine, circa 1963

compared to the regular G. I. issue, circa 1963 (Right-bottom)
Silenced rifle  in 1963  
      Should Bill O'Reilly get away with his recent joke about the kidnapping and poisening of Speaker Nancy Pelosi?   Right, silenced Springfield M1903A4, circa 1963 Silenced remmington rifle in 1963  
      Here is the truly hypocritical Mormon convert Glenn Beck on the cover of Time. Should he be disfellowshipped or excommunicated from the Mormon Church by former Stake President & Bishop Mitt Romney on live national tell-a-vision?   Right, high Standard .22 Caliber Silenced Pistol, circa 1963 Silences 22 pistol in 1963  
      The Assault Weapons Ban needs to be reinstated and expanded to include silencers,
scopes and exploding hollow-point bullets! Only ethical military personel should have
access to these! Were some of the current, more sophisticated weapons, shown below, availiable to the CIA or Secret Service in their developmental stages in 1963?
      Sean Hannity dressed as a nazi fool. I heard that he wants to have started a 'National Pistol Association'!   Right, current silenced pistol gun 11mm silencer  
      Lloyd Blankfein, CEO Goldman Sachs- the largest casino on Wall Street   Right, current silenced rifle Jerico rifle silencer  
      Sen. Mitch McConnell, minority leader of the greedy and selfish NOpublickCAN'TS   Right, current silenced shotgun Shot gun silencer  
      Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, John G. Roberts   Right, current silenced rifle Modern rifle with silencer  
Next:"Operation Revearse Engineer" [the Z film]: the limo stopped in the kill zone on Elm Street for around 3 seconds, say 25 named witnesses-- This makes 2 dozen adult, educated, honest, sincere, patriotic, peace-loving citizens and friends!
  Tom Hanks in "Charlie Wilson's War"  

Preferably, use the original 8mm Zapruder camera or a twin model, and educate the public on 1) how easy it would have been in 1963 to show the JFK limo traveling through the kill zone at 10 m.p.h. tank speed (like the Z film does) and thereby covering the 24-witnessed fact that the limo came to a complete stop for around 3 seconds during which time JFK was fatally shot in his head by means of an assassin.... waiting for the erection of the umbrella signalling that the very next car is the target vehicle.... hiding in the distant-lower-front-right Sewer Storm Drain . 2) Show how easy it would have been in 1963 to have used special-effect spray paint on a 35mm bumped-up copy of 8mm Z313 to depict blood-impact spray. [The blood splatter spray only plays for only one frame, Z313, and that is for only 1/24 of a second-- a complete disregard to Einstein and Newtons laws of consistant Gravity. The blood-spray, if it were not a figment of the SS imagination, would have wafted in that close, local vicinity for at least 5-10 frames, depending on the Wind and Temperature.] 3) Apply the big-lie painted-on yellow-orange headwound bubble in Z314, and continuing frames, to the front right of his head. 4) Apply black paint to the back of his head to cover his real exit wound. 5) Perhaps, this could be staged and filmed at the same Rochester Film Editing Studio in New York City where it was actually done for real by the Secret Service for Time-Life in the week following the assassination in 1963. If not, we'll just recreate that theatrical stage set. [Did you know that the CEO of Time-Life, inc. in 1963 was a retired officer of the Pentagon, CIA, and NSA!!!!????] [P.S. Also, Gen. Cabal, First Secretary to CIA Chief Alan Dulles, was fired a few days after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, because one of them, or both of them.... ordered our US Air Command in Nicargua to STAND DOWN and not take out the entire Cuban Air Force of 3 old impotent Mig Jet Fighters donated by the dictatorial Soviet Union. And he/they ORDERED this WITHOUT THE CLEARANCE AND PERMISSION OF OUR BELOVED AND RESPECTED PRESIDENT, JOHN F. KENNEDY! And, furthermore, the Mayor of Dallas at the very time of the assassination was none other than the factual, real hereditary brother of.... Mr. Cabal. What a cabal!]

There are so many advances in assassination research technology that have occurred since Oliver Stone's great 1991 movie JFK that need to be covered in another movie! I just read that Tom Hanks [pictured top-left in "Charlie Wilson's War] has recently purchased the film rights to the book "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy" by Vincient Bugliosi. This future film will probably just reinvigorate the original Big Lie of the Warren Report. We really need to have Mr. Stone, or someone with his perspective, to come out with another movie on J.F.K. to provide a counter-weight to the 50th anniversary-2013-Tom Hanks-Bugliosi-Oswald-did-it-alone myth! I herewith pledge 69% of my time, energy, research, designing, illustrating, Script-Writing, Story-Boarding, and Voice-Over talent to turn this solemn project into a respectful celebration and respect for Uncle Jack's life and inspired memory.]

Please e-mail me, Art Earthmann, [pictured-left], at if you want to participate in this //ScriptPlay/ScreenPlay/ShortSubject/FullLengthMotionPicture. It's time to mobilize! Get YOUR GOD behind you so that your actions will be patriotic, true, righteous, progressive, liberal, independent, Democratic, democratic, and smart. Our new goal in education should be to double America's average IQ of 100 to that of an IQ of 200! Simply read, write, draw, think, listen, speak, debate, sleep, sit, stand, walk, jog, run, sprint, and pray twice as much! (This means 2 times more industrious manic sexy human female mannekins in bikinis!) Now that our beloved and courageous pentagon military are permitting young 18 year old ladies/women/females/girls, et al, to join our Submarine Fleet Whales... let's have the first newly christened submarine be named the "USS Francis Perkins"! She was the master-mind behind the New Deal. In my future film I will have female and male cadets have wet-dreams about her because she will be played by either Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Scarlette Johanssen, or_____________________________!?

Thank you for your interest, time and patriotism, And may God bless President Obama, and the righteous members of the House, Senate, Supreme Court, and.... righteous We the People.... here in America the Beautiful. Glory be unto the only true God of this entire Planet called Earth.... "Jesus Christ God". Even so, Amen and Awomen!


Winston Churchill, younger
Art Earthmann, profit
      [V-16] President Barack Obama State of the Union Address  
  President Obama on cover of Time   Left, President Obama as FDR on the cover of Time magazing. This is his first State of the Union Address, in full [2010].  
Let's put FDR on the TEN DOLLAR BILL, and make a movie or a TV series about FDR like "West Wing" to help BHO (President Obama) get reelected in 2012! [If the economy does not improve enough... Mitt Romney will be elected!]
  FDR on cover of Time  

Let's put FDR on the TEN DOLLAR BILL. The present occupant, Alexander HAMILTON, was never a president of the USA, only a Secretary of the Treasury. His great economic progressive ideas on manufacturing in 1791 provided more than 200 years of leadership towards a healthy robust protectionistic 20%-50% import tarriff for America. But, Reagan, Clinton, and the Bushes undid practically all of that progress so the U.S. now has only around a 2% import tarrif. No wonder our country is so low on money! So, since our leaders and citizens respect Hamilton so little now, let's reflect that without hypocrisy... by putting him on the DIME and by putting the greatest progressive economic president of the 20th century, FDR, on the 10 DOLLAR BILL... !
      [V-17] The Plot to Overthrow FDR in 1933
  Gen. Smedley Butler   "A documentary on the business plot of 1932, in which a group of private financiers sought to depose FDR and impose a fascist government in the United States." / "The "Business Plot" (also the Plot Against FDR and the White House Putsch) was an alleged political conspiracy in 1933 wherein wealthy businessmen and corporations plotted a coup détat to overthrow United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1934, the Business Plot was publicly revealed by retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler testifying to the McCormack-Dickstein Congressional Committee. In his testimony, Butler claimed that a group of men had approached him as part of a plot to overthrow Roosevelt in a military coup. One of the alleged plotters, Gerald MacGuire, vehemently denied any such plot. In their final report, the Congressional committee supported Butler's allegations of the existence of the plot, but no prosecutions or further investigations followed, and the matter was mostly forgotten. On July 17, 1932, thousands of World War I veterans converged on Washington, D.C., set up tent camps, and demanded immediate payment of bonuses due them according to the Adjusted Service Certificate Law of 1924. This "Bonus Army" was led by Walter W. Waters, a former Army sergeant. The Army was encouraged by an appearance from retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler, who had considerable influence over the veterans, being one of the most popular military figures of the time. A few days after Butler's arrival, President Herbert Hoover ordered the marchers removed, and their camps were destroyed by US Army cavalry troops under the command of General Douglas MacArthur. Butler, although a self-described Republican, responded by supporting Roosevelt in that year's election. In a 1995 History Today article Clayton Cramer argued that the devastation of the Great Depression had caused many Americans to question the foundations of liberal democracy. "Many traditionalists, here and in Europe, toyed with the ideas of Fascism and National Socialism; many liberals dallied with Socialism and Communism." Cramer argues that this explains why some American business leaders viewed fascism as a viable system to both preserve their interests and end the economic woes of the Depression." [42:59] We need a film or TV series like "The West Wing" about Franklin Delano Roosevelt-- About the attempt to assassinate him in 1932 just before he was elected to his first term, and about the attempted coup de'tat against him in 1933 by a cabal of Wall Street billionaires. Perhaps it could be called "The East Wing"!
      [V-18] The Crash of 1929 ..........................[The Crash of 2008 to be added later!]  
  Crash of 1929 graph   "Originally produced in the mid-1990s, this film remains the most authoritative account of the Crash of 1929, and includes rare testimony from the people who worked on Wall Street at the time." [53:30]  
      [V-19] "The Woman Behind the New Deal: The life of Francis Perkins, FDR's Secretary of Labor and His Moral Conscience"  
  Francis Perkins, Secretary of Labor under FDR   "The current financial crisis is widely described as the nation’s worst since the Great Depression. With the comparisons to the 1930s has come a renewed focus on the New Deal, the government initiative of social programs and public service jobs launched by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. A new book argues that no voice in the FDR administration was more influential in shaping the New Deal than Labor Secretary Frances Perkins, the first-ever woman cabinet member in the United States. The book is called The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life of Frances Perkins, FDR’s Secretary of Labor and His Moral Conscience. We speak with author Kirstin Downey." [includes rush transcript] [59:05]  
      [V-20] 9/11 Conspiracy- Part 2  
  Randi Rhodes   Plane about to hit WTC on 9/11  
  Twin towers on 911   "The most amazing [video] evidence compiled i have ever seen to prove a 911 conspiracy that is totally and absolutely shocking!!! a must see!!!" Above, a plane about to hit the second tower. Left, the explosion just after the above plane hits the tower.  
      [V-21] Pentagon 9/11 Witnesses - The Smoking Gun - Conspiracy Revealed  
  Stephanie Miller   Pentagon 9/11 Lines  
  Too small Pentagon impact hole   "Citizen Investigation Team presents - The PentaCon: Eyewitnesses Speak, Conspiracy Revealed. The “Smoking Gun Version” featuring quadruple corroborated testimony showing beyond a reasonable doubt that the plane flew on the north side of the CITGO station completely contradicting the official 9/11 story. This simple fact makes it impossible for Flight 77 to have toppled the light poles and damage the building as outlined in the ASCE report. A Documentary with groundbreaking testimony that sufficiently proves the 9/11 official story false. There are many aspects of 9/11 but this movie focuses specifically on the events as they happened at the Pentagon - Flight 77 - American Airlines 757 AA77. This testimony was obtained by Citizen Investigation Team in a persistent effort to find the truth in light of a myriad of questions. We contacted as many previously published eyewitnesses we could obtain numbers for and we canvassed the neighborhoods of Arlington on foot in a quest to find unpublished eyewitnesses. Our goal was to establish the final flight path of the plane before it reached the pentagon as seen by the eyewitnesses. The results are devastating as we now know for sure that the plane could not be what damaged the Pentagon. We will soon release the much longer “Researcher’s Edition” which will feature many more eyewitnesses and take a comprehensive look at the many other dubious circumstances surrounding the Pentagon attack" - Investigate 9/11.« [1:19:38]  
      [G-22] Pentagon Reconstruction Graphics 9/11.... [10 Million Patriots March on Pentagon Planned... to force the release of the 24+ Pentagon camera videos of the moment of impact of the flight that supposedly flew into the Pentagon. .  
      Pentagon 9/11 graphic  
      [V-23] : Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura: 9/11- Thermite explosives & BYU physics professor, Stephen Jones, Ph.D.  
  Jesse Ventura   "Jesse Ventura steps into Americas most controversial conspiracy by challenging the 9/11 Commission Report and searching for evidence that the September 11th attacks may have been an inside job. At the urging of victims families, he finds witnesses who claim the towers were brought down by explosives, the missing black box flight recorders were actually recovered and ground control knew the hijackers were in the cockpits before the jets took off." [44:35]  
      [V-24] BYU Physics Professor Steven E Jones: 9/11 Thermite Explosive Found  
      "Dr. Steven Jones discusses the evidence that points to the use of thermite and/or thermate in the demolition of the WTC complex on 9/11. This clip is from "9/11: Birth of Treason" and the whole documentary is on Google Video." []  
      [V-25] Dr. Jones, above, lectures further on a YouTube series [Part 6]  
  Dr. Steven Jones   "Thermate (Aluminum Sulfur Iron Oxide) shown in large quantities in WTC dust. X-EDS (X-Ray Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) analysis shown with discussion of other WTC anomolies showing official story of WTC collapse is incorrect. Steven Jones gave a lecture at University of Texas in Austin as part of the Project for the New American Citizen's conference called 'Rebuilding America's Scenses (Exposing false-flag terrorism to prevent a new 9/11). In this talk is a never-before released X-EDS (X-Ray Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy) analysis of WTC dust taken from the scene showing conclusively the presence of thermate (a hotter reaction than thermite) in iron sphericals. He shows the presence of Sulfer, Aluminium, and Iron in the exact concentrations used in Thermate reactions. This, according to Steven Jones, explains how molton steel was found in the debris since office debris and even JET-A fuel is not capable of melting steel. He is able to scientifically rule out other possibilities (including the torches used at ground zero during cleanup) and even shows the orange glow of the dripping steel that was videotapes pouring out of the WTC towers just 5 minutes before their collapse. This is POWERFUL evidence that thermate was used to bring down the towers during 9/11. REOPEN the 9/11 investigation! Order the re-analysis of the WTC dust and do a check for thermite and thermate AS IS REQUIRED BY LAW (NFPA 921)." [10:00] Be sure to watch the other Parts of this great series!  
      [V-27] 9/11 The Birth of Treason [Part-2] NORAD Stand-Down Order on 9-11-01  
  NORAD War Room  

"This stunning new documentary provides the most comprehensive view of the evidence which proves 9/11 was an inside job. Also contained are the most recent and most in depth interviews with Dr. Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice. Dr. Jones covers his recent exchanges with NIST, freefall speed of the towers, and his research into Thermite/Thermate explosives. Kevin Ryan goes in depth about being fired by Underwriters Laboratories for blowing the whistle on data falsification. Also Interviewed:

Ellen Mariani : 9/11 widow currently under gag order for her lawsuit against United Airlines Kevin Barrett: Muslim, Jewish, Christian Alliance/ Truth Jihad radio program on GCN Michael Wolsey: 9/11 steering committee board member and 9/11 visibility podcast, as well as Northern Colorado 9/11 Visibility. Joe Calhoon: Academy Award Winner for his assistance in the Documentary Panama Deception. Green Party Congressional Nominee.

And Others! Subjects covered: False Flag Terror, WTC Bombing of 1993, Controlled Demolitions, NIST Report Lies, 9/11 Commission Cover Up, NORAD Stand Down Order, Put Options, WTC Building Seven, Thermite/Thermate, Prior Knowledge, Motive, and a message for the Church and Nation." [10:04] Be sure to watch the other Parts of this great series!

      [V-28] TerrorStorm - Part 1/12  
  Alex Jones  

Throughout history, criminal elements inside governments have carried out terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them. TerrorStorm reveals how, in the last hundred years, Western leaders have repeatedly murdered their own citizens while posing as their saviors.
Category: News & Politics
Tags: alex jones terrorstorm history of government sponsored terrorism false flag terror new world order population control

      [V-29] Uncounted-- The Movie Trailer [2004+ Electronic Vote Counting Fraud]  
      If you have difficulty downloading and watching this entire Documentary... please rent it from your local Video Store! [In my movie, watch all of the DieBold Fraudulent Vote Flipping Machines rounded up and put in a dozen piles at a dozen major cities in the Sate of California... , and, at the same time of day, 3 p.m.-- all of them torched by a flame from the Olympic Torch! [This shouldn't be compared with the Book Burning in Germany in the 1930s because that was an evil cause, and this, My Cause, is a good and brilliant cause for our Great Open Democracy (GOD).]  
      [V-30] Uncounted-- On The Documentary! [2004 Ohio Bush Election Fraud]  
  Fraudulent Diebold voting machine   UNCOUNTED exposes how American voters were cheated during the 2004 and 2006 elections – and why this can happen in any election.
UNCOUNTED is an explosive documentary that shows how the election fraud that changed the outcome of the 2004 election led to even greater fraud in 2006 - and now looms as an unbridled threat to the outcome to any election.
This controversial film examines in factual, logical, and yet startling terms how easy it is to change election outcomes and undermine election integrity across the U.S. Noted computer programmers, statisticians, journalists, and experienced election officials provide the irrefutable proof. In Florida, computer programmer Clint Curtis is directed by his boss to create software that will ‘flip’ votes from one candidate to another. In Utah, County Clerk Bruce Funk is locked out of his office for raising questions about security flaws in electronic voting machines. Californian Steve Heller gets convicted of a felony after he leaks secret documents detailing illegal activities committed by a major voting machine company. And Tennessean entrepreneur, Athan Gibbs, finds verifiable voting a hard sell in America and dies before his dream of honest elections can be realized.
UNCOUNTED is a wakeup call to all Americans. Beyond increasing public awareness, the film inspires greater involvement in fixing a broken electoral system. As we approach the decisive election of 2008, UNCOUNTED will change how you feel about the way votes are counted in America. (2007) 7 min
      [V-31] Republican IT Specialist Dies in Plane Crash-- 2004 Ohio Vote Count Fraud-- 100,000+ votes routed to server in Tennessee to flip election to Bush!  
      "A top Republican internet strategist who was set to testify in a case alleging election tampering in 2004 in Ohio has died in a plane crash. Michael Connell was the chief IT consultant to Karl Rove and created websites for the Bush and McCain electoral campaigns. Michael Connell was deposed one day before the election this year by attorneys Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis about his actions during the 2004 vote count in Ohio and his access to Karl Rove’s email files and how they went missing. " [49:14]  
  Gulf oil rig explosion/fire/spill   [V-32] CLEANUP SOLUTION to Gulf Oil Platform Spill  

Look at how these new chemicles and powders cause the spilled oil to COAGULATE thereby rendering the oil easy to collect and dispose of.

NOTE: Find out the big four news events that have all occurred on APRIL 20: 1889- Adolf HITLER born; 1993- Branch Dividian Complex in WACO, Texas incinerated with 82 killed; 1995- Murrah Federal Building in OKLAHOMA destroyed by explosive(s), and 168 killed; 2010- BP OIL PLATFORM EXPLOSION off Louisiana explodes causing the death of 11 workers and the worst oil spill disaster in World history. I loudly proclaim that this explosion was a conspiracy. Six CEOs were on that platform earlier in the day celebrating their success at meeting their compulsive DEADline for pouring the cement 3 days too soon. In fact, a heated argument was on-going when the explosion occurred in the background. A Haliburton executive was insisting that BP not follow the prescribed steps and tests and throw the switch prematurely. This celebration was another "mission accomplished" type event, but this time on Hitler's birthday. George H. W. Bush's dad, Sen. Prescot Bush, supported Adolf Hitler's early war effort, and fascism is more popular with "NoPubliCan'ts". Democrats like Socialism better... like FDR's Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, et al. [ Frankly, I quess that the most likely suspects in this explosion were: 1) the KKK, 2) Chavez of Venezuela, 3) Middle-Eastern Islamic Pro-Palesteinian terrorists: ex. Hamas, Al Queda, Taliban, 4) Castro of Cuba, 4) North Korea. [Think about it-- President Obama is "black (dark brown).... and oil is black (dark brown). This disaster and the economy will cause Mitt Romney to be elected in 2012 and 2020... with Obama elected again in 2016. Now, let's see how prophetic I am!]

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