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  Where should the Pentagon really spend its money? Stay tuned... and I'll tell you!  
  The Future Permanent Hubble-Moon-Station
Three cheers for the resurrected Hubble telescope!


Pie Rats

The New Spike Missile!  

We need to install a permanent space station on our moon. Ideally, it would have a Hubble-quality telescope as part of that station. By using the moon as its tripod, the telescope, we'll call it "Hubble-2", would be able to penetrate into deep space even much better than the newly referbished Hubble telescope that is in orbit now. We'll call that one "Hubble-1".

In photography, three variables principally contribute to the clarity of a photograph of a distant subject: 1. the quality of the lense, 2. the quality of the film or pixle resolution, and 3. the stability of the tripod.

Presently, Hubble-1 is orbiting the earth at a speed of 17,500 miles per hour. That is alot of camera movement. By using our moon as a tripod, Hubble-2 would improve on its penetration into deep space... exponentially!

Maybe it will even be able to zoom in on the image of God lighting the penultimate fuze that ignited the Big Bang 14+ billion light-years ago!

Dream on!

And there it is, in glorious wonder, our beloved Hubble telescope. Perhaps, NASA could just transport it to our moon rather than having it dumped into the sea when it gets too old. I'll bet it would be alot cheaper to keep repairing it at a new moon station, than building and transporting a new Hubble-quality telescope to the moon!

Anyway, this works in my screenplay/movie!



SOMALIA PIRATES...Lets build the World's smallest unmanned remote controlled submarine possible! Have it equipped with one torpedo, which it may or may not launch. (The sub could be a "kamikaze sub" and be the torpedo itself.) It would have a periscope with a live video feed, and an engine that could propel it fast enough keep up with and eliminate Somalia pirate boats by remote control and guidance. If we need the prototype to go twice as fast, just double the length/size of the engine/sub. You've heard of guided missles... now you've heard of guided mini-subs!

In my screenplay/movie this operation totally solves the Somali pirate problem within 40 days and 40 nights!

Remember now... this operation/movie is top secret... so please do not contact Stephen Spielberg, et al...!

Thank you.

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After lobbying President Obama for several months about the need to have the Pentagon build a mini-drone, they finially did it! (Then again, maybe I'm just psychic.)

The above pictured Spike missile/drone is only the size of a loaf of French bread and only costs $5,000 to make. Perfect for taking out $50,000 trucks, or $5,000,000 tanks and aircraft!

Note: Be sure to see the award-winning 2007 movie, "Charly Wilson's War" starring Tom Hanks. It's about one member of the US House of Representatives who single-handedly caused the defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in 1986-89... primarily by the smart use of small weapons. Too bad we don't have more geniuses in congress today like Charly Wilson!


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