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Earth & moon at night The Planet Heaven
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From Scene 70...
of the Screenplay:
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Background: A UFO approaches the bright far side of the new moon and lands. After a while, it continues its journey towards the distant dark blue circle. Scintillating dots sparkle like diamonds, ever increasing in size and brilliance as they get closer and closer. What are they? Which dot will they focus in on? The dots are cities. The city is the New Jerusalem of Zion..

Christian Moreman, Jr. stands behind a podium with several microphones in front of a spaceship that just landed on the football field at the University of Jesus Christ in the center of God the Father City, Next to the Flying Saucer are standing several anthropomorphic beings levitating around two feet off the ground. They are: God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary, The Apostle Paul, The Prophet Abraham, Eve Adam, Buddha, Nicholas Copernicus, Michaelangelo, Di Vinci, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Joseph Smith, Jr., Brigham Young, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight David Eisenhower, Anne Frank, Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandella, and, __________________, female human, and, ____________________, male human. This totals 30. (The prophet Mohammad, and Allah, remain aboard the Saucer, and out of sight, so as to remain humble, more mythic and coy. An additional group of 4, 2 humanesque males and 2 humanesque females, can be seen levitating around two feet off the floor, and horizontally moving about the spacious, surreal interior of the Saucer. An audience of around 4 thousand has gathered in the square with rapt anticipation. Dozens of television and radio crews have set up their field-camera-antennae-trucks at the periphery of the Inner Saucer Circle. Reporters are speaking to their assigned television station cameras. The morning sun begins to appear. It is the First day of April.... SunRise Surprise!

[This scene is to be directed by the World's most powerful, spiritual, moral, ethical, mysteious, majestic, magical, entrepreneurial magician, ever, namely, Sir David Copperfield. This will ultimately same me huge production costs, because I won't have to pay for the special effects of having the Beings levitate two feet off the floor; Copperfield will be able to accompolish this by simply waving his magic ______________!]

Christian Moreman (CM)
"My name is Christian Moreman of television station KGOD-444. I am broadcasting live from God the Father City. This flying saucer, behind me, landed here around three hours ago, at 3 a.m. this morning. This group of beings in the white full-length Ballet-tights with white cape or robe -- have just emerged from within. Incredibly, they are all levitating around two feet off the ground while standing upright, etc. Some of them look very familiar. Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, but two of them are beckoning me. It looks like they would like to approach this podium."

CM walks stage left without attempting to shake hands, touch or embrace any of them. Two of the Beings hover/shift to the podium from stage right, and both maintain their position of levitating around two feet above the ground.

God the Father (GF)
Addressing the audience and raising His right forearm in the direction of the other Being standing next to Him on His righ. He speaks.

"This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!"

GF hover/shifts a few feet stage left, and the other Being hover/shifts to behind the podium from stage right, while also levitating around two feet above the ground.

Jesus Christ (JC)
"Inhabitants of Planet Earth: I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, even the Son of My Father who is standing here next to Me, and who just introduced Me unto thee. We bring you greetings from the Planet Heaven of the Trinity Galaxy. Some of ye may have noticed that our SpaceShip landed on the far side of your Moon just before we arrived here. This brings up a subject that I would like to discuss with you, now.

For thousands of years, mortals have pondered the meaning and significance of the design, orbit and placement of the Moon. I, under the direction, power, and authority of My Father, created this moon of this planet Earth. This moon is a parable of a "human skull in the sky"! I even created it gray like a gray skull. Also, I put a face on it like the face of a skull. I even made thy moon-skull always face towards this planet as it rotates around it as a constant reminder of Our omniscient and omnipotent power!

And know this: If the inhabitants of this planet do not behave themselves and repent of their evil, genocidal, warlike, pornographic, profane, and swearing ways, We will let Our Archenemy, the Devil, Lucifer, The Great Satan, even Belzebub, cause thy planet to eventually look as cratered, ugly, dead, and lifeless war-scapes, as this moon-skull in this sky. For verily, it is a constant reminder of this forboding possibility, unless ye repent.

So be diligent, Earthpeople, and do First Things First! Repass the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty & the Stratigic Arms Reduction Treaty, S.T.A.R.T. (Atomic/Hydrogen Bomb Dismantling Treaties)... forthwith! Maybe this will postpone Our wrath until the magical year 3-2-1-0 a.d.

If any of ye doubt My power, just recall how perfectly I created thy solar eclipses! Have ye noticed how concentric the circles of thy sun and moon overlap! Just reflect on this divine mathematical precision: the reason this geometric wonder works is because I made thy sun 400 times larger than thy moon... but, I also placed thy moon 400 times closer to thy sun! Now, rejoice and appreciate the additional faith that this continuous miracle should issue forth from thee!

Also, know this: This Universe has always existed eternally in the more pessimistic past, and will continue to always exist eternally into the blessed and less optimistic future!

And so, Earthpeople, relax, repent, and rejoice in thy opportunity to experience mortality during this great century on one of Our favorite planets in this everlasting, unending Void called... Space!

It has been widely written that I said that "I came not to bring Peace to the World, but the Sword." I never said that. I said the exact opposite... that "I came unto this World not to bring forth the sword, but Peace." Pharisees and Sadducees in Pre-Catholic times manipulated it so that the Inquisition would have a scriptural, logical, rhetorical cornor stone upon which to build that madness and uninspired cruelty. My Apostle Paul said My Will so eloquently: "If ye have not love and charity, ye are less than the dust of the Earth."

Even so, Amen and Awomen."

JC and GF hover/shift towards the UFO. As they approach it, the Space-Saucer's entrance opens and they enter therein. The portal closes behind them. Then another being of the group of aliens hover/shifts towards the podium, and upon arriving there, speaks:

Nicholas Copernicus (NC)
"Please excuse Them, brothers and sisters, but they feel oblidged to continue to attend to millions of still unanswered prayers.

My name is Nicholas Copernicus. I lived on this glorious planet around 475 years ago. I was one of the first mortals to theorize that this planet Earth rotates around the Sun. Centuries ago, common knowledge and wisdom was that the Sun rotated around this planet.

In fact, the Catholic Church became very upset with my theory because it negated its' cosmology of having this planet being the center of not only the entire universe and heavens, but also the center of this yet only partially discovered solar system. I was a victim of the ruthless and bloody Inquisition and was placed under house arrest by Pope Paul III, forbidden to write about my theories, or even speak about them.

I did manage to secretly, extensively clarify them though, and my book was published shortly before I died in the year 1543. [I was born 400 years later, in 1943!]

It wasn't until the year 1875, more that 300 years later, that the Catholic Church finally admitted its mistake and confessed that this Earth does, in fact, rotate around the sun.

Our Savior, Jesus Christ, has asked me today to share some more knowledge about your Moon. There are presently around 140 moons in this solar system, and all have been named by astronomers save one moon, and that is the moon of this planet Earth. It is the Will of the Lord that your Moon be given a name and a blessing, and the name that it is to be henceforth known is... the name, "Democracy".

It is also His Will that this moon eventually becomes the another Territory of the United States of America, and then, eventually, even the 51st State thereof.

Furthermore, a permanent Space Station shalt be erected on the Moon, and its architecture shalt contain a Hubble-quality telescope, called "Hubble-2". Photographic clarity is greatly influenced by the stillness of the camera. Your Hubble Telescope is presently circling this planet at a rate of 17,500 miles per hour. That is a lot of camera movement. Even so, it is capable of penetrating into deep space a distance of around 14 billion light-years. We will call this telescope, "Hubble-1". By using the moon, "Democracy", as a tripod, Hubble-2 will be able to penetrate into the vastness of space much further and clearer... exponentially!

The best place to put Hubble-2 would be the top-edge, or any edge, of the moon, so it can photograph this planet, live, and also be able to spot any aliens that may approach its Far Side.

This edifice shalt be called "The Moon Temple" or "The Temple of the Moon, 'Democracy'."

Only righteous astronauts who do not drink caffeinated coffee, etc., will be given permission to enter this sacred scientific edifice.

A minimum of four astronauts shalt continuously occupy The Moon Temple ... even two men and two women, thereby providing a congenial conversational sociological group. This way legal occupancy can continuously be maintained so that no other nations of planet Earth can legally lay claim to any of the moon's real estate.

Remember how one of the greatest of all the Presidents, Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the Democratic Party, arranged the Louisiana Purchase with Napoleon in 1804, which doubled the territory of the United States. To keep it under US control it had to be continuously settled, developed, and occupied.

This precedent also applies to keeping the moon "Democracy" exclusively part of the United States of America, even its 51st State.

Therefore, go forward and mobilize the resources of this great nation and carry out this Will of the Lord!

I herewith bless this planet with the prompt potential of enduring peace, prosperity, and happiness.

And I do so in the Name of Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer, Amen, and Awomen.

NC hover/shifts back to the group of other space travelers.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, standing upright, hover/shifts forward and takes his place behind the podium, cocks his head, raises his right hand and index finger... and his bright eyes scan the thousands before him.

Dissolve to 70% Grey, // Stop //

(To be continued... in the theaters.)

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